Your Weekly Tune Up For March 12-March 18, 2019!

Hey, There. First, apologies that I missed last week’s Tune Up. A beloved horse friend of mine passed. I was there for his passing & personally, I find it necessary to take some time to be very still & quiet for souls’ transitions.

Sage, a very gentle, wise gelding, inspired Messages From The Horses by asking me if I would record him & the other horses as they shared their messages for all things life. I’m in the process of uploading & releasing those videos, along with messages from alpacas, dogs, etc via my YouTube channel & Website. If you’d love to hear from our planet’s animals & what they are suggesting for our human collective, please feel free to stop by there.

This was Sage’s message on Worry, for example, if you’re nudged to hear:

Alright, then. Now, back to Your Weekly Tune Up:

Ready? Let Your Gut Point The Way. If More Than 1 Number Lights Up For You, That’s Great, Too!

💥💛💥💫 Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 from the picture above to reflect a specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). Your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is right there for you, too! Have your #(s) in mind? Great! Scroll on down to see the message(s) your Essential Self has for Overcoming You this week!💥💛💥

Did #1 Call to You? Then, This Is For You!

Perhaps you’ve been feeling guided to begin anew, to ditch some old ways & even to let go to quite a big rebirth in you. Or maybe you did recently take a major leap in favor of a new beginning that was calling to you strongly. Yet, things seem overwhelming & even your thoughts for this change that keeps nudging you onward feel exhausting. Have you ever done a headstand, handstand, or simply hung your head down over the edge of your bed or couch to change your perspective for a bit? After all, the etymology for “overwhelming” is “to turn upside down” or “to overthrow”. Your Essential Self is suggesting that it could be very beneficial to consider a different way of looking at the new reality aspects that are having that pull for you. Take it all in stages. Write each aspect & step down — especially the ones that seem mind-boggling or beyond your (current) know how, “time”, or energy availability. Did you know that when you write things down, your intentions don’t only go out multi-dimensionally like thoughts? By putting those ideas into form (writing), they gather more magnetic energy for those both in & out of form who align with the frequencies of those thought vibrations. What does this mean? Think of your written intentional to-do & to-be lists as invitations you send out for helpers. You might be very surprised how quickly you sense a number of us with you while also meeting those in form who are ready to accompany you, too. Simply, we in the Quantum & those in form can leap in to assist you so you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself! Feeling bogged down by it all? That’s the best time to gift yourself a break. If your chi (your vital life energy) isn’t in it, stop & go do something else that connects you stronger to it. Ever noticed that when you “made” yourself do something you just weren’t feeling good about doing, something gets broken, not done to your inspired liking, or even winds up taking double the time, clean up, or repair? Whenever you go against yourself, more blocks will often appear. We hear so many humans say, “Well, if I don’t do it now, it won’t get done.” We giggle about that. Because it’s actually the opposite. If you were to do everything when your chi was on & up for each task, you’d be amazed by how much & how many things you could actually accomplish. And if certain things never have that pull, we recommend hiring it out or doing an exchange with someone who loves what you don’t & vice versa. Yes, some people actually love doing laundry while others love orchestrating tax returns. And if there are some projects you really loathe doing, it’s high time to consider that whatever they are, they really don’t have to be in your life. You don’t have a choice? Well, you know the answer to that. That’s victim speak. The main reason those in form challenge themselves to cast off the old & head for the new is to leave victim thoughts, mindsets, & realities behind. So what about your leap this week? What keeps people believing they dread or fear change? You got it. It’s all of the perceived unknowns & uncertainties — at the beginning.

“Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.” ~ Carl von Clausewitz

Or if you tend to be a kicking & screaming risk-taker — (one who goes for it, no matter how scared, because everything else feels like half-living) — then you might face uncertainties regularly. Here’s the fun part of this leap, then. Your beloveds who’ve passed are here to tell you to please let yourself enjoy those unknowns. How & why? They are the magic & mystery that support your creative endeavors. They leave space for entirely new construction whenever you decide something just isn’t it for you. If all was absolutely concrete, it would it be super challenging to alter anything — especially on the fly when you’re guided to change things up fast. If it was so rigidly set in stone, we know you’d be very bored. We see those who believe in “facts” (that all came from strong, repeated perceptions) & “the way it is”; they end up missing out on miraculous solutions & events that would have them in so much more joy & peace. So this week it’s about considering that you can embrace those unknowns for the way they are expanding you & your reality. Do you remember as a child how excited you were to run out in the rain with an umbrella? Or without? What it felt like the first time you didn’t fall over on your bicycle without training wheels? Finding those Easter eggs? Meeting your first puppy or kitty? You weren’t afraid or dreading the lightning, balancing upright, colors or cracks on those eggs, or whether the animals would hurt you. Can’t remember any of that? Quantum leap back further, then — even to another childhood existence. Because you didn’t always fear the unknown. You were actually very excited about it. It meant new friends, new towns, new conversations & new experiences. And the most important part of this leap that we wish to remind you, is that you are co-creating every single year, month, day & second. So to want to know the precise outcome of your unknowns is to discount & obliterate your keen abilities to create what you desire most — all along the way. If we were to put it in a reminding affirmation for you to attach to your vehicle or house mirrors, we’d suggest, “I Create”. Or “I Am Creating All Of This.” Or one that we really love because of the thrill & joy vibes, “I Get To Create All Of This!” Then, if things feel like they’re crashing or burning or falling apart at any time, you can gaze at that declaration of yours once again. You get to uncreate, create or recreate any of it, anytime. Even rocks are forms of spinning energy; nothing is “hard”, “permanent” or”fixed” as you might believe it to be. Or may have believed it to be before your quantum leap this week towards your more fluid, flexible reality & Self. Ready, then? Go flow & glow! It’s on You. Along with your great company, both in & out of form — if you desire, of course. We’re into the revving up, too. Sometimes you can hear those extra tones of ours with yours when you sing or hum. We figure overtones may sound more fun than overwhelm. Just letting you know we’re here to assist. Always. Infinity.

The Quantum

Did #2 Light Up For You? Then, This Is For You!

My, my! You(r), you(rs), too! We in the Quantum are noting a reoccurring theme here for the collective this week, especially if your intuition pulled you to #’s 1 & 2! Yes, it is Spring on your planet, a season of much change, too. What does Mother Nature do during this time? She flexes so that all can bend rather than break while flora & fauna is still a bit rigid & stiff from the Winter. Thus, you are being encouraged to do the same. Perhaps you found as your form stiffened with the colder season, your mind did, as well. Maybe you curled up & hunkered down & didn’t uncurl & stretch back up all of the way, yet. Did you find yourself studying or learning a new craft, skill, art, music, body practice, job, joy, career or other life role? Was any of it frustrating or exasperating for you? Did you berate yourself for not getting something faster? Your Essential Self is here to remind you that if you let go of the hardness against yourself, you’ll allow for more flexibility within yourself. And that gentleness will open you to faster, easier absorption & integration of all that you learn. We also recommend forgiving any & all teachers you met along the way who instructed you with their rigid “right way” flairs. They were taught to believe that inflexibility provided specificity & clarity; in this (their) way, students wouldn’t get lost coloring outside of those (their) lines. You’re an explorer. There’s a part of you, maybe even an immense space in you, that knows that you can never really be “lost” or “wrong”. To find yourself, you know you only need return to You. And that it will always be right for you. Indeed, everyone came to your planet to discover & adventure as they decide with their own free will — & then to share those experiences to help ease the way for others. They just forget sometimes that this is the purpose of learning. What’s your leap, then, this week? See where something you have learned could assist another in his or her journey. Note when you see others struggling with something for which you could offer your guidance or help. Trust that you learned what you have to help others remain in their own desired flow more regularly. If you find yourself hesitating to share what you know, ask the Essential Self of the person(s) whether your offering would be wanted, welcomed, or appreciated. You may hear a very clear, resounding, “Yes!” Sometimes, the answer is, “Not yet.” Many were taught in your systems of instruction that to receive assistance is to display, admit, or announce weakness. Thus why you may have offered suggestions in the past & been received with great defensiveness. You might be surprised, though, that there are many who would love to receive of your knowledge. They sense that you won’t be condescending or impatient with them. Even sometimes the simplest or easiest tasks or projects for you are quite challenging for others. Go forth this week & watch for openings to assist. Teaching & learning are happening in every experience under your sun; it’s just how all is presented that then frames up whether those learning enjoy or dread the adventure from unknowing to knowing. We are asking you to step into your natural teaching talents & skills to provide your wisdom when you see it sought this week. And then just remember how you would have loved to be taught as a child. Or love it now. Ask your Essential Self how, with each encounter, you can best present your information for easiest receptivity by the recipient. Learning is individual, so go with your gut instincts on how to share your instruction uniquely each time. You feel what your Earth calls “introverted” at times & don’t feel like providing what you know? That’s ok. We just ask that you let go of being selfish with your gifts & purpose as often as possible. We understand if your teeth just gritted or your body tightened; we do, though, see introversion as one source of great selfishness on your planet. Imagine if some of your most favorite guides, coaches or mentors of your life had stayed silent & withheld their teachings & wisdom from you. Such a challenging road others are experiencing right now. You can change that with them.

“No one knows what you have been through or what your pretty little eyes have seen, but I can reassure you ~ whatever you have conquered, it shines through your mind.” ~ Nikki Rowe

Embrace your courage. Be bold so that those you assist can become great helpers & teachers for others in their futures, too. Your Essential Self is urging you to share. Then others will, as well. This not only unites those with whom you encounter. It ripples out to the whole world. You are all there to accompany each other. No one is there to go it alone. Such struggle is unnecessary. Besides, the more you teach, the more you will learn. How? We love to come through you with added information that you may wonder how it came out of your mouth or writing. Maybe you’ll go research to see if you’re being accurate about something you didn’t think you knew before. Tee, hee. That’s the fun of the Quantum. We are connected to the Allness & Absolute. So you can ask us & your loved ones who’ve passed & we’ll be there to answer you. Infinity. How ’bout that for “learning”? Or is it that you are all really remembering? That’d surely remove any illusion of stupidity or that anyone is “dumb”. Consider remembering all that you’ve known forever & see what happens. In the meanwhile, this week, share away. And thank you for being generous with You, Lit Up One.

The Quantum



20190309_134448_20190310015003986 (1)

Did #3 Pop Out For You? Then, Read On!

Have you been feeling a bit ignored or abandoned in your requests for assistance? That maybe those in the Quantum, i.e. your Angels, Spirit Guides &/or Loved Ones who’ve passed, have gone off to do other things, instead? Or that you’ve been assisted to this point in your life & then dumped off for some reason? That your A-list quantum assistants are tired & need a break? We want you to know that none of that ever happens! Remember, we’re a part of the Infinite field of energy where there are no limits, no lack & no resistance of any kind. We can be in multiple places, lifetimes, & fields at all times. There’s no such thing as running out of energy or getting exhausted here. So if you’ve been told that your spirit guides had to get substitutes for you at any point because they were fatigued helping to lead or keep you safe & in joy & peace, that was untrue. Dump off that person’s filter on our actual infinite nature & capabilities asap. If you ask, you do receive extra guides whose gifts & purposes are specific to something particular you’re doing. For example, there are guides whose area of expertise is assisting during vehicle crashes, fires, floods, lost people, animals & other sudden emergencies. There are also excellent tax, accounting, attorney, law enforcement & all-around super techie guides who love to pop in to ease the way. Often, they are someone you know or met in form. As long as you invite, your life guidance & helper “regulars” will continue to accompany & assist you in every single moment of your life. So then you may be wondering why you feel that you’ve been asking & asking for help & the desired reality aspects you’re intending just aren’t coming true for you. What is your Essential Self recommending for this?

Part 2 of #3 is Here For You.

First, the energy of prayer, to us, is of asking for help. If you love receiving very direct solutions & answers, we recommend meditation. And the leap, then? How do we see visualization? It’s bringing yourself into all of that Being for that which you desire!  In other words, if you have been praying for a new job or career, your Essential Self is suggesting that you visualize yourself in it! Doing It! Being It! See yourself in your ideal hours, locale, driving commute time, with like-minded people going for the win/win success! And, of course, with those paychecks coming in with the exact amount that you desire. See that money landing in your bank account. Feel the thrill of looking forward to all of your career time. The feeling is essential, by the way.

 “It may seem a bit backward for some, but the first step one might take towards rearranging the present circumstances of their life is to stop dwelling upon the present circumstances of their life.” ~ Mike Dooley

If you can’t feel yourself feeling good in whatever you think you desire, you won’t magnetize it — on purpose. You will attract something else that, for whatever reason, still feels better to you. The unhappiness, suffering, or devaluing you feel will make no sense to you until you figure out your attachment to them. Why do people switch out one illness or dis-ease for another & stay sick for years, for example? Somewhere inside, they do have happiness wrapped up with the ill health. We usually see that they felt starved for attention & acknowledgement when they were very little. That seeing doctors & nurses on a very regular basis gives them that feeling of nurturing, care & that their existence matters that they yearned to hear from their dads & moms (& then teachers, bosses, & other adults). So seeing & feeling all of your desired reality aspects & quantum leaping them into your Now as often as possible is you purchasing your ticket & getting on your plane to your new destination. What do we see so many do? They stay standing on the ground they’re in, staring at all of the areas where the grass isn’t growing, the mud & cracks are near their shoes, & they walk away, believing those sunflower seeds they planted will never bust through & bloom anyway. When we hear those in form ask, “What the heck is it going to take to succeed in this?!”, we send the answer we see as most crucial: “Don’t give up! If you don’t give up, you will succeed!” And, actually, failure is a limited Earth belief. There’s no such thing. You’re always evolving. So even if you give up, you don’t fail & it’s not “the end”. Your existence is actually Infinite. Once energy is created, it always exists; therefore, as you are all energy, you will always exist. Thus, anything that eludes you in your current existence that you may really, really, really, have wished to see through to your idea of success, you will tackle (or more correctly: are tackling) in a concurrent existence right Now. This can make it supremely fun for you, as imagine how many talents, gifts & areas of expertise you are holding right now. Think it’s absolutely far-fetched? Consider a child who goes to the piano & begins to play Mozart — at age 3 — with no prior lessons. Or a little one who, at age 5, paints extraordinary works of art — with no classes. So another idea to ponder according to your Essential Self is to consider that even your concurrent existences can help you with this matter for which you’ve been asking. Say there’s an aspect of it that really scares you or has you in huge doubt that you’ll be able to do it. Leap & see where you do know how to do it. Here’s the secret with all that you love to adventure & achieve: You already do know how to do it; the pull is so strong because you have very fond memories of doing it before. It’s just calling you back to more of what you love. And, thus, to more You. We love that. And You, especially. All of You, with All of Your Spectacular Gifts, Talents & Full On Purpose. Keep On, Keeping On! Did you just hear that music? Yeah, that was us serenading You in all of your reclaimed Answers. Let them in this week, hey? Oh! And one last idea from us…If you feel that you must give up, please just remind yourself of this: That you’re actually letting go to let in something even better. Did you know you’re always upgrading & raising your bar? Yep. You’ve got this. And we’ve got You. Infinity.

The Quantum

Ok, that’s it! How did your Essential Self do with you? Feeling guided to have a bit more assistance with your quantum leaps to dump off any blocks in front of your Desired Reality? I’m here to accompany you in those adventures! I’ve lots of You Tube How-To videos, too, in case you’re nudged to get more going asap.

Happy Leaping!

Much Love & Big Hugs!

Your Angel Cowgirl out of CO,

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!



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