How To Use Your Favorite Books for Your Quantum Leaping & Intuitive Guidance

Have you ever considered that your gut, intuition and/or Angels, Spirit Guides & Loved Ones out of form helped steer you to the books you have? If not, go take a look at your personal library. Maybe you’ll have some aha’s as to your collection’s diving timing & why each book landed in your life when it did. Even the “school” ones. Maybe you have sensed this. Or you always allow yourself to see what books light up for you before you purchase them. Maybe you’ve already put them into play in the following way:

1. Looking at your own library selection, see which book lights up for you now. No need to over think this. It’s really no different than walking through a grocery store & having 1 particular apple type draw your attention over the others. Or walking through a motorcycle or car lot & swearing one very specific one has your name all over it. That’s your Spirit nudging you towards that which inspires thrill for you. Your Spirit is directly connected to your joy. It’s connected to all of your frequencies, actually; it’s just that it will do everything in its power to guide you towards your most peace & joy, as this is how your soul is most alive & thriving through this Earth realm (& elsewhere). And your joy serves everyone you encounter. Whether or not the grumblers you meet & those hanging on to their suffering know it or not…

2. Take that book that called to you & hold it in your hands. Or put it on the top of your head. Or your belly, legs or feet. It really doesn’t matter. Your connecting to it & it to you is the aim.    

3. Consider a Question, Concern, or Desire you have regarding your Current Reality for which you are seeking some guidance. Hold it in your mind for a few breaths…Just long enough to be really present & real with it.

4. Now direct your thoughts to your Desired Reality & give your energetic focus to that which you DO want to see manifest regarding your question, concern, or wish. “Do” is capitalized, as it’s essential that you allow yourself to leap out of any worry, doubt, hesitation, or self-negating lack or limitation slugster-slow frequencies. This is so as to allow yourself to shift to your speedier Desired Reality frequency. Maybe you’ve noticed that the more you worry or doubt, the more you feel things slowing down. That they even somewhat paralyze your thoughts, actions & even gut & intuitive instincts. If your Desired Reality regarding your question seems unclear, that’s ok, too. As long as you’re intending a great outcome — even if you don’t know exactly what that would be for you — you’re allowing the energy of the shift to land. That’s enough for a new answer, solution or reality to arrive to you. After all, everything — everything — you’re living right now was once just a thought. Whether you invested your unintentional or intentional energy into your thoughts back when, they brought you to your today. You co-created it all. Isn’t that a relief? Because it means you get to co-create it as you wish from here on out, too. And start again as many times as you feel that nudge of, “Hey. Reboot your thoughts for a different outcome.” So why not give it all — even your thoughts — your conscious intention of what you DO want to manifest? You may decide that any illusion of being a victim drops away as you let go of living in any kind of default mode. And that your whole life is waaaay more fun. And powered up.     

5. Ready? Have your Desired Reality aspect(s) solidly in your mind? Ok, let your fingers find the page you’re meant to read that can highlight what is needed for your Current Reality to become your Desired Reality. Flip through until you hear or sense a “Stop Here!”. Or set the book down on a surface & split it as you would a deck of cards, allowing the book to open as your intuitive fingers “shuffle” through the pages for a few seconds.

6. Once you’re looking at the two pages of your open book, is there a particular paragraph or sentence that appears to jump out at you from the left or right side of your book? Go with it! Maybe you’ll be laughing at how spot on the message is before you even finish reading. Or maybe it won’t seem to pertain to your question at all…at first. It can serve to rewrite what caught your eye in your own handwriting & put it where your subconscious mind can munch on it for a bit. Why? Because your handwriting is unique to you, your Soul & Spirit. Thus, whenever you write in your own handwriting, you connect to yourself more directly. You also bring whatever it is that you’re writing into your now, tangible reality. Energy & form can gather around it then, as this is a physical form reality. Maybe you’ve had 15, 30, or 50 years of thinking a certain way & there’s a rippling wave of new consciousness sparking your attention…You sense an awakening of sorts happening, but the full gist of it is not yet in your, “I get it!” mind. And by putting anything into your own handwriting, you also send a message out to the Universe that you are open to guidance from those in the Quantum, Spirit, Angels, Source, the Universe, etc, as well.  This is because your soul imprint is unlimited, timeless, infinite, & able to connect with all lifetimes, loved ones, & other brilliant helpers, too, in the concurrent realms. If the sentence, paragraph or page seems like a dark or heavy answer, consider the light in it mirroring itself for you: Perhaps your Spirit is really aiming to bring something to your attention, such as revealing some illusion, lack or limitation you may be believing or thinking is true or “fact” about you. Even if you’ve been instructed otherwise, there is nothing that cannot be changed. It’s only our minds that decide that something is, “just the way it is.” It is only that way until we allow it to be something else. Your Spirit will forever call you to your most amped up, lit up life for You. Whether or not you listen, sense, or receive the nudges is entirely up to you. You get to choose whether you really even want to be happy & at peace, too. There can be much pleasure in pain for humans. Suffering, or a victim mindset, if it has been perceived to bring attention, care & love, may be quite a reality to decide to shake off. Just remember that you’re free, though. Free to live this Earth experience, however you wish… & do.

Ok. So what was my book nudge for the day? Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East & West”, translated by Daniel Ladinsky, lit up for me.

Book Image of Rumi Love Poems from God
Rumi Love Poems

I requested a message for the collective & for anyone who “happens” upon this post today & this is it…

Otherwise, The Darkness, by St Thomas Aquinas (1225 -1274)


have a cause.

We need those don’t we?

Otherwise the darkness and the cold gets in

and everything starts to


My soul has a purpose, it is

to love;

if I

do not fulfill

my heart’s vocation,

I suffer.

Have a feeling about why you landed here today? Any Angel tingles? Tee, hee…It gets to be quite a giggler when we start to notice how we’re always creating & attracting precisely what we need at any given “time”. Enjoy all of your tools you find that assist you in your quantum leaps & connection with your intuitive guidance! It can be rather incredible to discover how much assistance is readily & eagerly available, whether from our own guts, intuitive natures, guides, Angels and/or Creator/Source Energy. Familiar with the saying, “Less Is More”? You may find that less thinking & thinking (i.e. the low-frequencied rationalizing, judging, defending, proving, competing, etc from the ego) may lead to just the bending & flexing you need to allow in more of your Desired Reality. That you may feel an easing up of your whole life. That you’re no longer pushing against or forcing things (& yourself). That rigid thinking about your actual possibilities only adds & attracts a lot of resistant energy & others who are resistant, too, right into your path. The more flow & less resistance you have, the more energy you’ll find you have to give to that which calls to your own passionate purpose. You’ll see that you keep meeting others, too, who decided to be as awake & as powered up as possible for those frequency shifts all along the way. And all of that could start with grabbing a book that’s suddenly lit up for you off of a shelf? Well, you never know until you do anything you do for You & Your Spirit, right? Create It as Fun as you Desire & Happy Travels!

Big Love & Hugs!

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

Fly Up (to Top of Page)

*If you, too, are drawn to the book, this link, Love Poems From God: Twelve Sacred Voices From the East and West , will take you directly to my Amazon affiliate site. It’s one of my favorite go-to books for laughing while receiving messages for more quantum leaping & intuitive guidance!



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