Your Weekly Tune Up For April 16 – April 22, 2019

Hey, There! Welcome to Your Weekly Tune Up! Ready to Play to hear what your Essential Self has for You? Here’s how it rolls if you haven’t yet played:

💥💛💥💫 Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 (below) to reflect your specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). Your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is right there for you, too!💥💛💥

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What Number(s) Pop Out for You? If More Than One Does, That’s Great! Your Essential Self Has Never-Ending Answers For You!

Have your #(s)? Fantabulous! Scroll on down to see what your Essential Self has for your Quantum Leap this week! Happy Leaping!

Attune To You Tuesday, Your Weekly Tune Up, Quantum Leaping Card Readings, Quantum Leaping, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Intuitive, Medium, Quantum Leaping CoPilot, Angel Cowgirl, Angel Lady, Angels, Spirit Guides, Quantum, Intuition, Understanding, Ego, Oneness, Unity
Did #1 Light Up For You? Then This Is Your Message From Your Essential Self!

Are you finding yourself in irritation, frustration, & anger or bewilderment in regards to your focus of inquiry? Have you been questioning why others are acting the way they are? Have you been wondering why some opt to continue down their same paths, making the same choices day in & day out, while complaining & exclaiming how unhappy, unfulfilled, or ill they are? Do you hear yourself judging, belittling or condemning them & their lives in your mind? Is it feeling just plain yucky to think with all of that separation & division of, “What’s wrong with them?”, “I’m right; they’re wrong.” Or, “What’s their deal? Why can’t they just figure it out? That expecting it all to change without changing it inside of them isn’t going to stick!” Ahhh. Yep. That ego can get a bit lofty, can’t it? It’s easy to see what is calling out for healing & transformation in others, isn’t it? You might be thinking, “No, no, no! I’m just trying to understand them & how they think so that I can be more patient & empathetic.” Did you just hear ego laughing mischievously? Yes. Because if there’s even a quark of judgement about how others are doing their lives, it’s not real empathy or understanding that is being offered. Ego’s still involved with one of its favorite tactics of dividing & separating humanity from its own true Oneness.

“We have to confront ourselves. Do we like what we see in the mirror? And, according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage, we will have to say yea or nay – and rise!” ~ Maya Angelou

As long as people are assessing how others are living & giving it some kind of “wrong” review or critique, they are holding themselves in some big gap of “wrongness”, as well. This crevice away from one’s Essential Self can be brought to the forefront via noting such critical eye projections onto others.

“The sense of being a separate, egoic self begins with the astral, not with the physical, body. The soul is individualized spirit.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Have you ever noticed that very young children in many cultures speak with other children with one hand on their own heart? What did you feel when you saw it? Have you ever been in a conversation or witnessing one where things escalated & you suddenly found yourself putting your hand on your heart? Did you leave it there? Did you see an actual shift in the dynamics of the exchange? Then, somewhere along the way, have you been told that you don’t live in the “real world”? That, ‘You have to get a tougher skin!” Or a “thicker” one. Or that you’re, “Too soft.” So maybe you toughened? Or left those arenas? As we see it, as do your loved ones in the Quantum, all of that language comes from those who decided to shut down a bit. They believed that they had to stop caring as much. They were told that if they kept on letting things matter that much, that they’d be “eaten alive by the world”. We would say that the thought that there could ever be too much kindness & compassion on your planet is an illusion. And it comes from ego that has that incessant drive to separate & divide you all away from your knowing that uniting is empowering for all; whereas, looking on with, “I’ll never get them! We’re nothing alike!” divides & disempowers all. Even you, yes. That is, anything or anyone that you keep away in a “too different”, loathing, or unloving way, you keep within you –against yourself. That lessens your connection to your Essential Self which then leaves you less connected to your own whole power.

“When people get taken over by the ego to such an extent, there is nothing else in their mind except the ego. They can no longer feel or sense their humanity – what they share with other human beings, or even with other life forms on the planet. They are so identified with concepts in their minds that other human beings become concepts as well.” ~ Eckhart Tolle 

What’s the leap your Essential Self is suggesting for you, then, this week? Put all of your intention towards understanding — especially those with whom you’d say you have the least ease. Instead of quickly jumping to any divisive conclusions, decide to seek out some flicker or spark of where you are in alignment. You’re thinking it impossible with some? Then it will be. Tee, hee. Yep. You decide. Observe where you get really snagged. Ask yourself what is really getting to you. If it doesn’t make sense or you’re thinking, “Yeah, but that’s not in me. I don’t act like that.”, go deeper. Polish the mirror in your mind. What bugs you the most? Maybe you’ll hear yourself saying to yourself, “I can’t stand how they’re getting by with the bare minimum! In fact, they’re not even carrying their whole load & then others get dumped with it!” Or, They’re so entitled!” Or, “Why can’t they see how they’re affecting others?” Or, “Wow, they really seem to get off on acting like that!” And, “Maybe I’ll just quit caring as much, too!” Next up? Check in. Are you feeling that you’ve got yourself on hold in some area of your life? Is there a secret, nagging voice inside of you suggesting that you’re being lazy for not moving forward towards more of your desired reality? Are you worried or mad that you may be negatively impacting people with your own discontent? Or pretending or ignoring that precise acute sense of your current life in some way? Are you getting a charge somewhere when you “put someone in his/her place”, feeling as if you “have every right(ousness) to do it!”? To attempt to stop caring as much is to squash your own heart. Sure, it’s doable. Your Essential Self suggests another idea, though. When you can make peace with those you’ve condemned — maybe just in your mind — you free yourself to care & love your whole self, too. This, in turn, can alter your entire trajectory. As you pivot, you’ll note that you can bump into the same people or others with those same current actions & decisions & feel nothing but understanding with them. How could this be? It seems waaaaay too far-fetched right now? Your Essential Self suggests beginning with just this week. Every time you feel yourself reacting with divisive, separating thoughts of others being “wrong”, leap back to you. Give yourself understanding for wherever you’re dividing away from you & calling yourself “Wrong”, “Not good enough”, “Not enough”, “Lacking ____”. Then, send out that understanding to those you’ve held those thoughts against. It doesn’t matter if you think of it days later; time doesn’t exist in the Quantum, so whatever you create or activate in your Now bounces back & forth through “time”. If you’re really gung-ho regarding this leap, we suggest giving thanks to those who are challenging for you in your mind. Look at the huge blessings they are offering to your growth & evolution! “Yeah, right!” you might have just said. Hee, hee. Yeah, we understand. It doesn’t always seem so in the present when it is happening; however, you can even look back one week from now & you’ll note that because you decided, a bunch of somethings did get altered. By You. Which is where & how they always do. We’re just here to cheer you on & accompany you in all of your free willed decisions. No matter what they are, yep. If we were to break it down very simply, we’d say, “Don’t like something ‘out there’? Return to you. See what else in your here & Now is calling for care, healing & love. From (t)here, you’ll never wonder why others are doing what they’re doing unless you’re asking their Essential Selves, Guides & Angels to expand your understanding. After all, the etymology for Understanding is, “To stand in the midst of; to stand among.” It’s much easier to get & really see others for who they are rather than what you think they should be when you decide to stand with them instead of against them, isn’t it? And after hearing the answers from their Guides, you’ll probably just feel compelled to send out love, care & kindness, instead of anything else. Because you’ll see that they, like you, were once told some diminishing, disempowering ideas about how much love they are & can be. Hold less back out there, hold back less of You, here. Inside to out is how it travels. In fact, that can be one of the greatest adventures of your in form existence. Ask any of your loved ones who’ve passed. None of them will tell you that they wish they would have created “more boundaries” or held back their love more. They’ll tell you that there’s this quest to keep amping it up or, more spot on: To allow yourself to connect with your greatest voltage of it. And that you don’t have to wait until you’re out of form & with them! See what happens as soon as you think, “I Understand.”, every time you’re thinking, “Why are they doing it like that?!?” Or, “Why are they acting like that?” Watch how fast your frequency shifts from those slower ones to the much speedier ones. Yep; it doesn’t feel so good to hold distaste for others. That sour, acidic flavor is being held against oneself then, too. Leap. Leap to Understanding & jump it back into your Now. That’s where the magic can happen & unforeseen new results, solutions, resolution & peace, peace, peace can activate. You’re the designer & artist. We’re standing right with you, oohing & aahing over your ongoing masterpiece practicing. Since you’re Infinite, it’ll never end, anyway. So enjoy all of your repainting & canvas splashing to the hilt! We do! What an extraordinary artist you are, Brilliant, Colorful One!

The Quantum

Attune To You Tuesday, Your Weekly Tune Up, Quantum Leaping Card Readings, Quantum Leaping, Angel, Spirit Guides, Quantum, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Intuitive, Medium, Angel Cowgirl, Angel Lady, Quantum Leaping CoPilot, Colorado, Intuition
Did You Feel Nudged To #2? Read On To Receive Your Essential Self’s Message For You!

Are you thinking, “Wait. How could my preferences be getting in the way of my Abundance? I’m being really specific! Isn’t that what it’s all about?” Check in with your preferences. Do you spot any limiting ones? Are there areas or aspects that you’ve deemed essential that were actually derived in fear? When you consider your preferences, do you hear yourself responding with any, “Yeah, but ____.” As in, “I’d really love _____ ; but the reality is ____.” Or, “I’ve always wanted _____; but I was told it doesn’t generally work out that way.” Or, “What I’d really love is ____, but I’m not _______ . All of those are saying, “Yes, Universe! I’d love that! But, No. It’s not possible, so I’m deleting it right now from my co-creative intentions & plan.” The Yes-but’s are your powerful counter-intentional waves that crash against your intentions for what you really do desire. We in the Quantum generally see that it’s not that humans are thinking ridiculously grand dreams for their lives; although, we’d love to see that, too. It’s that they’re cutting themselves short & holding themselves to much smaller lives than they could be creating. We understand that this is due to much instruction & learning that convinced them of illusions of “impossibilities”. You don’t arrive to your form existence thinking or creating that way, though.

“You have as many options as you give yourself.” ~ Kasie West

So what if your preferences are keeping all too small for your desired reality abundance? How might you be able to spot it? Here are a few Earth examples we see rather frequently: You might be holding yourself to a job or career that you don’t really love as it provides you with what you say you prefer: “At least it pays the bills.” Or that you can’t leave it until you land what you really prefer, which will include a huge raise. With that last one, we ask you to consider that if you’re not allowing abundance into your now, leaping to it in your future could be very challenging. In other words, if you’re not allowing yourself to be fully valued now, what you’re sending out to the Universe is that you are fine not being valued or are ok with what you’re magnetizing right now. That’s a preference that could be holding you back. What about abundance in health? Maybe your preference is to only start eating empowering foods & implementing empowering activities with which to activate your physical form when you can get it all into a fixed “diet” or “routine”. That “right” scheduling preference could be strongly limiting your abundant health.

“The spoon’s color does not change the soup’s taste.” ~ Matshona Dhliwayo

What if you began today by adding or subtracting 1 element or action that you know is deterring your abundant health? As your energy increases, you may find yourself pulled towards more & more abundant health decisions completely organically & without “making an effort” or “working on it” — unless you’re attached to not feeling good. Many on your planet are for all kinds of unworthiness & attention reasons. That’s fine, too. That’s a preference for getting attention or love in that way which does cut off or push away the abundant health possibilities. What about abundant love possibilities? If you hear yourself talking yourself out of its abundant possibilities, remind yourself that you learned any & all lack regarding love. In other words, your preferences may have been created up in beliefs of loss, hurt, harm or another perceived limited love framework. Any thoughts of that it has to be a certain way in order for you to let it into your life are preferences that are downsizing what could be. What if no one in your family lineage has experienced the huge love reality you truly desire, yet might be negating as possible? How would you have learned or come to such expanded preferences of love? And spiritual abundance? What if you are the pioneer in your family who has already experienced frontiers that others perceive as you thinking your “better than” or “special”? So you’ve been downplaying or maybe keeping silent your connection to your Essential Self, Angels, Guides & Quantum? Your preference to hold your light back so as to make sure no one feels badly around it & you may be holding you back, most of all. And that’s an infinite amount of abundance, if we are to be utterly straight up with you.

“In the quantum multiverse all eventualities are possible. Which means, paradoxically, that all eventualities are inevitable. They have also quite possibly already happened. Make of that what you will, not that your will has much to do with it. Because here’s the thing. If you believe that consciousness is an accumulation of memory; if you believe that you often know what’s going to occur either through some animal instinct or a human subscription to fate, then you are a walking and talking embodiment of everything happening all at once.” ~ Emma Jane Unsworth

So what’s your Essential Self recommending for you this week? Cue in & investigate your preferences wherever you feel you are not living in your full abundance possibilities. You know where you feel the lackluster shimmers. Go there. See where it may be time to update & s-t-r-e-t-c-h your preferences to include All that you Do Desire. The instant you decide that you deserve more of the life you can envision with all of your greatest dreams, you allow your preferences to shift. With Preferences etymology of, “To carry in front of”, you can see why they are akin to torches you are lighting for the Universe to match you with what you do desire. Holding onto those old limiting preferences that don’t fit you is sending out the magnetic power in your energy field flipped backwards. Think of what happens when you flip magnets to their opposite. Yep. They repel each other. So allowing your preferences to match your lit up self will only propel towards you the abundance you desire for all areas of your life. We love this for you! It means you are allowing your real life connection to your Quantum nature as it knows only Infinite Abundance & its Allness. Upgrading & upsizing is exactly where you are, says your Essential Self. That’s why it was getting so uneasy & unhappy for you. You knew it was time to let go of that which was keeping you smaller & more held back than you came here to be. No matter what anyone has told you, there’s no such thing as, “Sometimes, you’re just too much.” Never let such a fearful statement or definition by another dim your light ever again. You didn’t come from us & the Quantum to cap off your abundance or your purpose, which fly wing in wing, by the way. We regale you in your Allness every day, in all truth. So dump off any squashing preferences that you agreed to carry for someone else & get on with your glory. You do get to live. And right now is the most perfect time says your Essential Self. Ready? Of course you are. Out with the old; in with the new. Our preference is You. All of You. Infinity.

The Quantum

Attune To You Tuesday, Your Weekly Tune Up, Quantum Leaping Card Readings, Quantum Leaping, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Intuitive, Medium, Quantum Leaping CoPilot, Angel Cowgirl, Angel Lady, Colorado, Quantum, Angels, Spirit Guides, Intuition
Did #3 Jump Out For You? Bueno! You’ll Note The 2nd Extra Card In Spanish. Extra Cards Pop Out At Times To Explain Further. Scroll On Down For The Translation.

Have you been asking yourself, “What is it that I’m just not getting? I feel like I’m doing all the right things, following my guidance, taking risks, etc, & yet things aren’t changing! What’s the deal?” Have you been letting go of old behaviors, actions & thoughts that just aren’t it for you anymore, & yet you still feel a bit stuck? Does it seem in some ways that you’ve been tackling even more obstacles & challenges than before you began to excavate all of those lack & limitation land mines? And, yet, even with the deep doubt or fear that may have risen with the dropping or crashing away of that which isn’t you, you’ve kept on. Does it feel at times that you can’t even explain to yourself why you must keep going — regardless of how insane or ridiculous your path currently or just up ahead seems? Congratulations!! We in the Quantum are cheering you on as you are connecting stronger & stronger to your Essential Self, soul, Spirit, purpose & your absolute Allness! Please keep sending out those calls for assistance! You are never, ever alone. Unless you ask to be, of course, & then we don’t really leave you. We just move back a bit so that you don’t fear your own power or feel any kind of push from us. We’re not here doing that. So why are there (2) cards for the leap your Essential Self is recommending for you this week? Many humans in form tend to be very self-critical & so we sent along an expanded view of what illusions may be holding you back in regards to your object of inquiry. Illusions can “endanger” (as it’s perceived on Earth) a person’s journey temporarily only. Nothing is actually permanent, fixed, or concrete. You are an Infinite being; thus, you have your infinite landscape to discover & choose over & over what you do desire to experience, produce, achieve & be. So to clarify the type of illusion we & your Essential Self are spotlighting:

“La plenitud de la creación solamente desea afluir hacia vosotros: ¡aceptadla!” card translates to:

“The fullness of creation only wants to flow towards you: accept it!”

Ahhh. Did you feel that? Yep. The next step to activate all of that which you’ve been co-creating with such determination & resilience is to Open to Receive!! So many on your planet were guided very well how to give. Very few were shown how essential it is for remaining connected to your Allness current to Receive, Receive, Receive, TOO. Where it may be getting kinked up is in any counter-intentional thoughts you’re harboring still. You may believe that you’re absolutely open to receive; yet still thinking thoughts of, “Yeah, well it’s not happening.” Or, “What more do I have to do?” Or, “I must not be doing enough, yet!” All of those thoughts shoot you back into a lack frequency state of “Not Enough”, & that you are not enough; thus, not enough keeps arriving. Above all, are you allowing yourself to Receive You all of the way? Aaahhh.

“The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one. Letting the ego-illusion become your identity can prevent you from knowing your true self. Ego, the false idea of believing that you are what you have or what you do, is a backwards way of assessing and living life.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Do you hear yourself thinking, “C’mon! Let’s be realistic! In order for this to happen, I would need ______ (money, better body, more health, extra time, younger age, different job/mate/career/home/etc)!”? If so, you’re jet-setting yourself back into your lack mode & frequency state. Need statements tell the Universe that you think you are lacking. Lack will inevitably keep showing up, then. We see lack & limitation as some of the most monstrous illusions ever taught on your planet. They endanger more people than any other illusions as they diminish a person’s connection to his/her soul & all of those Allness possibilities. We apply the word “danger” here, by the way, in its original meaning: “difficult to deal with; arrogant; severe”. Yes, it is ego that keeps those illusions so wildly & fiercely going.

How do we see that you can shift this to its 180 degrees out of those illusions & into your whole, real abundance fastest?

“Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things.” ~ Rhonda Byrne

Stop. Right now. Take a look around you at any & all that’s in your life that you love in this moment. It could be that you currently feel love towards your mate, a child, a pet, a tree, a book, that you are still imagining & quantum leaping to your dreams, or that your eyes can read this from your Essential Self. All of this you co-created right into your now. There’s nothing more powerful that can keep the momentum going towards where you desire to go than gratitude & appreciation. We see it as the strongest energy you can infuse towards your dreams. Why? Because it is the 180 degree turn from lack; it is its exact opposite. And you cannot be in a frequency state of lack & gratitude at the same time. In fact, as soon as you have a thought or intention of gratitude, you blaze yourself right up & out of lack simultaneously. Thus, your Essential Self’s suggestion for your leap this week? Get grateful! Every time you note your thoughts dwelling on what’s “not working”, “not happening”, “not healing”, or any other “not” “problem”, leap to your redirect by giving thanks for something(s).

“All problems are illusions of the mind.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

It doesn’t have to be for a million dollars in order to let in a million dollars, either. Although, leaping your desired reality, & whatever it is for you, into your now as often as possible, is immensely & infinitely effective. You can start with that coffee, lunch or other gift someone gave you. Or that you gifted to yourself. Gratitude acts exponentially via all energy fields, to include all concurrent realms & past, present & future, as well. You literally leap more of what you love right into your now when you give thanks for its presence with you in your now. Here’s a little observation you can do: Think of those you’ve met who complain frequently. Have you ever noticed that they also speak to their misfortune regularly, rather than to what you might regard they’ve had & lived as great fortune? You can meet people of all different money, love, health & other perspectives. What you may notice is that those who give all of their energy & focus to what they believe they’re missing, keep believing & talking of their missing it. Even if what they perceive they are missing shows up, it doesn’t remain because they keep repelling it back out of their lives. They’re regularly flipping their health, money, love, career, family or other magnet to its opposite by passionately supporting their lack perceptions of those areas in their lives. Of course, they may not be complaining at all; yet all of that passionate energy they’re laser-beaming into those areas of perceived lack will continue to magnetize more of its accumulation, absolutely. So a simplified version from your Essential Self to remember easily to do daily this week? And maybe beyond? Tee, hee. :

  • Ask; Send Out Your Intentions & Thoughts For What You DO Desire as Your Reality
  • Open
  • Receive, Receive, Receive — Especially: YOU!
  • Get Grateful; Give Thanks As Often As You Note How Glad You Are For Anything; Maintain Your Stance of Easy Gratitude; Watch What Happens In Others When You Express Your Thankfulness For Them Out Loud; Then Watch What Happens When You Write Every Night of 11 Things For Which You Are Grateful! That Exponential Effect Will Reveal Itself Consistently To You.
  • Repeat

We see your Earth form existence as being able to be one of an adventurous thrill ride practice. Yep. Practice. You arrived as your Perfect You. The rest is just practicing all that derives raw & pure joy, peace & thrill for you. Keep letting go of all that isn’t you, so that you can just Live You! You’ll never have more fun or abundance through any other means. You in your Joy are the most abundantly magnetic you could ever possibly be. Did you catch that endless ROI on You? We Did! We’ve got you. And You’ve Got You, too! Always, yes. Do you know the biggest key to your Abundance in all areas of your life? Just Receive You. Decide that you get to live & Receive You all of the way. Then you will be able to receive anything & everything else you could ever desire. Infinity.

The Quantum

And there it is! And there are You, according to your Essential Self, hey! Desiring some assistance & dumping of blocks to your Desired Reality? Join me for a Quantum Leaping Angel Call adventure! Or check out my YouTube channel for various How To videos for Quantum Leaping your topmost desired aspects into your Now!

Happy Leaping! See You Next Week!

Much Love & Big Hugs!
Your Angel Cowgirl out of Colorado,
Jeannie Marie

Wings Up!


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