11 Signs You May Be Raising, Know, or Are an Earth Angel…

1.  Your infant can be often found in the sunniest spot of his/her crib, smiling during naps, arms & hands overhead, stretched towards the light.

2.  Your little one seems to capture attention, gazes & wonder everywhere you go together. Even before he/she begins speaking, people stop in their tracks to comment about his/her easy, open nature, sparkly eyes or happy smile at the grocery store, parks & gatherings.

3.  From very young, your child seems unreserved & with little hesitation or fear. He/she enjoys walking right up & joining circles of people, whether adult or of children. However, he/she will leave most circles of bickering, complaining, gossiping, sarcasm or any kind of intentional meanness very fast. Quite often, first he/she strongly encourages everyone with a, “Why can’t we all just get along?” If things don’t shift towards “peace & harmony”, your child probably opts to quietly leave. He/she considers it a waste of time & energy to be involved in fighting that “just makes people madder & more separated”. He/she finds such interactions exhausting & void of any “fun learning where everyone gets to feel better & better”. He/she will frequently feel the nudge & need to align with new friends every year.

4.  You can’t remember a time when your child wasn’t attending to people, animals, birds, even insects, bringing them food or to a safe spot, “so they won’t starve, get killed or die because they’re scared.” He/she may seem to cry unusually hard when sharing accounts of witnessing any kind of mistreatment or harm, even if he/she didn’t “know” the person, animal, tree, etc to whom it occurred.

5.  At times, your child is most at peace & content alone, outdoors in nature, “talking with the animals because they aren’t mean to each other to prove something that’s not even important or worth anything.” He/she may tell you that outdoors is the easiest & speediest place for him/her to clear heavy energies like fear, anger & depression that get attached at times from others.  Even when deeply hurt, you may see your Earth Angel choose laughing over crying to release things that pain him/her. You’re often astonished by how he/she gets right back out there to help or love on people even bigger when, given most people’s response, you might expect a “processing” time. Your Earth Angel will tell you he/she feels much better helping by loving even more, rather than retreating after being hurt. That dwelling on what didn’t feel good is “a waste of time & energy”. That “everything just gets heavier & gets even more stuck or ruined”, & that it’s just not for him/her.

6.  Your child doesn’t seem to get overly excited about or attached to food and/or sees it mostly as a time to come together to talk about the adventures & discoveries of the day. You might even laughingly tell your friends that he/she seems to be photosynthesizing outdoors instead of needing to eat meals to stay nourished, strong & energized. If any lower vibrational topics are discussed or debated at the table, i.e. politics, gossip, news, violence, hopelessness, desperation, drugs/medications, family fighting, addictions, etc., he/she may complain or mention a “tummy ache” & that he/she “is not hungry anymore”. He/she may be the first child to ask at each meal, “May we please be excused & go play outside?”

7.  As your child reaches dating ages, you note that he/she may choose to hang out in small groups or date here & there. He/she seems to get very involved with each mate at the get-go; however, though steadfast loyal & dedicated, he/she actually often sees the relationship as a temporary adventure to help his/her mate shift towards more joy & life. If speedier frequency choices aren’t made by the mate, he/she may suddenly break off the relationship — of course, with as much gentleness, mindfulness & care as Earth Angels are determined to serve. Thus, the actual break up may take some time; however, once it has been decided as the “right thing to do for both of us to grow”, it can be done in one, albeit very deeply thought-out, breath.

8.  Don’t be mistaken. Your Earth Angel child, though very loving & kind, when necessary, has the ferocity of a lion, the solid stance of a panther in a tree & the tongue of a rattlesnake: If he/she see any person, animal, or smallest facet of nature being needlessly or intentionally hurt, teased or bullied, he/she will stand up & voice the absoluteness of respect & dignity for all living things. Don’t worry; he/she is rarely attacked or hurt for his/her stance as Earth Angels inherently know how to bring various energies together through Oneness. Thus, those confronted usually feel an unexpected non-judging care pour through the strong, firm awareness being offered. If they block it, they then usually respond like the puppies in a litter who’ve just been bitten on the ear by their mama to wake up & check themselves for recent behavior or action & may sulk away. Your Earth Angel may say, “I’m sorry I had to come at you this strong, but all of this stuff, you’re just acting out; it’s not really you or who you are. It’s an old story; get rid of it. Just Be You. That’s what this planet needs…Not more garbage actions towards each other.”

9.  When you ask your child what someone was wearing to identify that person at a gathering, school event, etc, he or she will probably say, “I don’t remember her clothes. But remember? She was the one who was really nice… She smiled the whole time she talked to you & she touched you on the shoulder…Oh, and she had quite a bit of bright green around her — It looked kind of like a flying magic cape…You know. You probably felt it, too. You mean that color??”

10.  All the way up, people tell you, “You know, your child really is an Angel…” — That is, if you’re open to hearing it. Otherwise, they’ll just tell him/her as a token of remembering, acceptance & acknowledgment — sometimes with great surprise in their words & on their faces as they’re saying it. Friends, business partners, even passersby in other countries, etc will suddenly ask or talk with him/her about Angels or give him/her Angel things, “because you remind me of Angels”. Or, “We see Angels around you all of the time.”  You may wonder why or how you’d be raising an Earth Angel. You actually chose the experience. Even if you don’t remember or aren’t aware of it, you put out the call & he/she accepted it very willingly & happily to be here with you.

11.  Your child considers clocks, rigid schedules & strict rules very silly manufactured instruments used to limit, shrink & keep humans much smaller & restricted than they are meant to be. Thus, your child may have big challenges with set bedtimes, 9-5 schedules, class knowledge he/she knows will never be needed or applied, or regimented daily chores. He or she will tell you that all will be taken care of & done at the right, perfect time & that you shouldn’t get so worked up or hard on yourself about sticking to a concrete, set in stone plan. What if you’re needed to be available to save a dog from being hit by a car instead of making yourself do that project that has you completely frustrated or stuck? What if the inspiration you were needing arrives Because you went & played “to free up all of the energy?” What if it’s sunny today & going to rain tomorrow? “Why don’t we do the laundry & clean the house tomorrow then, instead, when it’s pouring outside?” (Unless you hang dry your clothes, that is, outside on a line. Yeah, she/he may not think of that right away in the urge to help you free up your energy).  Your Earth Angel child will let you know in one form or another from birth on that Freedom is of the utmost importance for him/her…How else will he/she be able to attend & serve so many people? Earth’s confines just don’t make sense for him/her. In fact for your Earth Angel, you will find that the freer you allow him/her to be throughout life, the more she/he will be able to impact…And this is a great gift you brought here that you get to share with the world. You invited him/her to come here through you to assist 1,000’s & 10’s of 1,000’s to live more Joy, Peace & Love…Or you just discovered that You are the Earth Angel your community called in to serve. Enjoy! Because that is what Earth Angels do. And they leave all that isn’t with a bit of blazing light to amp things up when that community, business, family or friend is ready.

So now it all makes sense, perhaps, in a weird sort of energy or aha! way…For you raising Earth Angels, knowing some, or realizing you may be one, you know this list could go on…forever. There’s really not much “normal” or “mainstream” about these Earth visitors.

The most powerful gift you can give your Earth Angel child is your acknowledgement & receptivity for the way he/she does life in order to be fully alive & embodied in human form while here. And he/she will show you, it’s all worth doing via some very determined Joy. As with all children, embracing Who They Are is the best parenting you can provide. If you are dedicated to amping it up to the hilt, verbally express how proud you are & that you believe in them — regardless of whether you completely understand or get how or why they do what they do. They will thrive even more with your support behind them. As with all children, the more you openly believe & support them, the fewer limitations they will face & go through. They will arrive much faster to live what they came here to be in full while being fully supported by the Universe. Your message of, “I get you. You get to be fully supported as you. You can be as successful as you intend to be As You.” will take them farther then any other school system. Enjoy the Joy they send to you every day of their lives…They get that some parents say, “You just come on too strong. Your energy is soooo big.” And that the parent will retreat. They really just want you to experience the most freedom & expansion through Peace, Love & Joy — as you can allow, of course. Their mission is simple: Embracing You as You. And then celebrating You in any way they can that’s comfortable for you with the World. If they feel you retreat, they will direct energy your way very quietly & from a distance so as to not create more resistance by you. Earth Angels will tell you, resistance is the most exhausting energy on the planet; they have no desire to be a part of increasing any more fear for anyone or anyplace here. So if you want to have a blast with your Earth Angel, just be open to ever-expanding, fascinating learning, adventure, laughter & living in Joy. Shelf any regimented rules on how things “should” be. These invisible-winged types will then get to help you knock your limiting socks off…which could help you soar lighter, faster & higher, too…

Big Love & Hugs, 

Jeannie Marie & the Angels 

Wings Up!

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