Your Weekly Tune Up For April 2nd – April 8th, 2019!

Hey, there! Ready to Play with your Essential Self, Guides, Angels & Quantum?

Tune Up Play Instructions:

Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 from the Card spread (below) to reflect a specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). Your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is there for you, too!
💥💛💥 💫

That’s it! Ready, set…& g-o!

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If More Than One Number Pops Out, That’s Great! Your Essential Self Has Unlimited Answers For You!

Alright! Have your number(s)? Scroll on down to your revealed cards to see what your Essential Self has for You this week!

Quantum Leaping Card Readings, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Intuitive, Medium, Angel Cowgirl, Angel Lady, Quantum Leaping CoPilot, Quantum Leaping, Colorado, Angel, Spirit Guides, Quantum
Did #1 Pull to You? This Is For You, Then!

Have you been feeling a bit split inside? Are you finding yourself thinking that if you do what you really, really love, you might lose respect, acceptance, regard, money, position or something else? That perhaps many gains you’ve made will be lost & irretrievable? Are you irritated or frustrated that you can’t seem to stop clinging to that which you don’t desire at all anymore, anyway? And are you wondering what’s at the core of all of that attachment to such drudgery & dreariness? Yes, you are hearing your Essential Self very clearly; you are spot on: It’s Ego. If you don’t catch it for what it is, ego will convince you at any & all turns that you are in danger whenever you decide to let go of the control. It will be your fear chauffeur if you let it.

“The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.” ~ Pema Chödrön

Anytime you think you are less connected or cut off from your whole, powered up abundance — emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, etc — ego is holding your reins or steering wheel. We recommend communicating with your ego as soon as you feel any such tightness with, “can’t afford”, “not enough”, “not reality”, “can’t because ___” or any other such lack self-talk. Respond, “Ego, I understand you’re here to keep me out of danger; however, I am safe because I know I’m an Infinite Being connected to Allness. There’s actually plenty for me & everyone else to live our desired realities.” Or feel free to get really firm: “Ego. Lay off. I’m not following such illusion anymore. I’m following my power right on through to my whole desired reality. I don’t believe in such lack or limitation anymore. And I’m dumping off any & all resistance forevermore. I am landing my desired reality & I will live it all.” Or the Cut-to-the-Chase version?: “Ego, back off; Intuition, what say You?” While ego is sourced in limitation, your intuition is directly connected to your Essential unlimited Self. In fact, we actually see your intuition & Essential Self as One unified Light with no separateness. Hold up. Did you believe that ego was only about grandiosity, loftiness or some kind of undesirable & maniacal superiority? Yes, that’s what has been taught over & over to those in form, generation after generation. We actually see that ego most tends to convince humans that you are very small & finite on your planet. That you don’t have enough of what you need to live your most ideal life. That you aren’t enough. Such inherited & repeated lack mindsets have created & recreated so much illness, dis-ease, rage, hopelessness, & misery. From our perspective, the actual meaning of “hereditary” is just this: Beliefs & thoughts that have remained unchanged generation after generation that then create patterns of either great wholeness & expansion or great fragmentation & diminishing. Consider generations of musicians within the same family. They have all carried their love for music via their thoughts & beliefs & have continually shared them to their offspring. Now consider “hereditary” cancer or other such illness, condition, or dis-ease. The thoughts or beliefs at the core being passed from one generation to the next there are not those of the ability or power to heal. It appears to those mindsets as “fact” in those carried-on patterns, that health is something fleeting, unreliable, unsafe, & as unable to personally direct as a flag flying in hurricane winds.

“We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, calm place within us: the realm of the soul.” ~ Deepak Chopra

So the leap your Essential Self is encouraging for you this week?: To keep catching & facing where you may be letting ego confine & restrict you, keeping you from moving forward towards your desired reality. It may even be that you suddenly start chuckling when you hear your ego saying that your already planted seeds haven’t led to anything. That you just need to “face reality” & give it up as your efforts haven’t been recognized, appreciated, acknowledged, or proven fruitful; thus, they must not be worth much or anything &/or aren’t really wanted. Offset this by reminding yourself that who you are & how you are succeeding has nothing to do with any projections outside of yourself. You are really not some ID that others define. Unless you decide to lessen your connection to your power & your Essential Self, you will continue to evolve faster & faster. The frequency states of your joy, love & peace do that with you. So drop any rigid ideas of what your results have to be in order to know that you’re achieving. Let go to your knowing that what led you in the past may not be what is leading you now at all. — Especially if you’ve never allowed yourself to take various paths & actions for your joy & love of them. Do you hear from your loved ones in the Quantum who’ve passed? Have they ever told you that they wished they’d done less of what they loved & more of what others thought they “should”? Probably not, as there is no “should” in the Quantum. That’s another Earth self-squashing directive that gets shoveled onto many from one generation to the next. Lastly, please consider this: There is nothing to prove to anyone — especially to yourself. Why? Because You already Are. You already Exist in your Allness. It is more that you are casting off all that isn’t You. You arrived Whole. You’re just reclaiming that You. And the speediest way we know to do that is to be & do what you love as much as possible. It is always possible. Any other belief is a limiting one. Keep catching & releasing them. So you can keep leaping & playing through water, air & much more. You’re onto something Huge here. Because you keep coming back to your heart’s fierce, indefatigable cues. Yeah, we see it. And You. Please keep seeing You, too. Any fog is just fear. Walk on through, dear. There are lighthouses watching over & cheering for you. Everywhere. Blaze On, Beloved!

The Quantum

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Did #2 Light Up For You? This Is It, Then, For You!

Have you been questioning whether you really want to be connected to all of your acute intuition? Has it seemed that if you really allow what you know to be, that you will have to let go of some people or environments that don’t align with those speedier frequencies of yours? Are you hesitating with some of your innate soul gifts? Is it feeling as if it may end up being a lonely or isolating road for you if you decide to open all of the way up & set them free? We are urging you to cast those self-imposed, constrictive blocks away. You may have noticed that when you shackle yourself, heavy obstacles appear in your way; i.e. diminished health, broken sleep, depression, anxiety, or a general sense of a quicksand pulling you down & out of your desired frequency state. Your joy, peace & excitement for the new, on the other hand, make for a much more accurate GPS system, according to your soul & it’s ever-on awareness.

“Every human has four endowments – self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.” ~ Stephen Covey

Your insights, or your sights to your within, provide you with uninterrupted, undeterred clarity. All that is needed for you to receive them is to be in your Now for them. They are those blazes & tingling signals that are there to help indicate which way really allows for your whole you. When you don’t feel you can be authentic, your insights will demonstrate where you are downsizing yourself rather than letting go to your full expansion — no matter where, with whom, or what you are doing. Have you noticed that when you disregard, ignore, or repress them, you feel off track? Maybe you’ve even gotten sick or injured doing so. Illness & physical discord are vivid markers, too, that are there to help you decide to steer in a different direction. So what does your Essential Self recommend for any holding back you may be facing? Or any thinking that it is being caused by something or someone outside of you?

“No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for ‘we’ are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.” ~ Louise L. Hay

Yes, you know it already. To allow & accept your power as the whole light that you really are is what is calling to you so intensely. If you are afraid of your purpose, remind yourself that you were taught that fear somewhere along the way by others who feared their own. All fear is learned & not you at all. You can unlearn it, too. What if, by allowing yourself to move towards it, you actually find your human circle grows by leaps & bounds? Or that other essential beings, such as animals you’ve longed to be around, suddenly start showing up in one form or another? What if you discover you have never felt so free & filled up? So this week, instead of holding your tongue or silencing who you really are in some other way, when you feel that strong nudge to contribute, do so. Might some people get offended, mad, threatened, put off, sullen, etc? Sure. However, if you’re serving up your purpose with your win/win intentions, as you do, it can hurt no one. And those that get upset with empowering suggestions & ideas are simply feeling fear. It’s not towards or about you at its core, either. They are afraid of their own power. They fear what it might mean. That they could be & aren’t yet offering theirs to humanity, the animals & the planet. The more those in form run away from themselves, the more threatened they feel towards others who are lit up & empowered. Ahhh. Did you notice we said that they feel this fear towards others? Yes. And we mean this. Fear & threat are derived in oneself; once you decide to no longer be afraid of all of what you are & the power you hold, you will notice that you no longer can be “made” afraid by anyone else. And your drive to help others know their actual power will be stronger than ever. Your knowing that you are absolutely safe to be powerful will compel you to lead others to their own knowing, too. Any rejections of it from here on out may not stop you, as you will see that if you let them, you will be less able to show others their infinite possibilities. We often hear from the Earth plane & those in form, “I know I need to get out of my own way!” We would suggest switching that to, “I am getting on my way now.” Or even more directly, “I am on my way now. I give myself permission to Be on my way, Here & Now.”  You do know what that way is. Your way. You may have kept knocking yourself out of it due to others’ limiting beliefs & teachings that you took on as your own. You can dump them off anytime. After all, they will never live your life for you. Only you do that. Who will live your purpose & add those one-of-a-kind prisms to your planet if not you? Breathe. Deeply. Out with the fear. In with your Joy & Peace. They are innate in you & are your birthrights as a soul. Isn’t it time to quit giving them up to live others’ ideas of what’s divinely right & perfect for you? Invite your bold, courageous Essential Self & any other guides & presences you’d love to accompany you solidly through this. They are always with & within you. How can you hear & sense them? Keep leaping into your Now & out of the “past” & “future”. They exist in your Now, so you won’t miss them, anyway. Regrets, shame, guilt & other such super slow frequency emotional states are a way to dwell in the past; fear, doubt, hesitation, dread & other similar slow frequency states are of the future & a designing of an undesired reality. All of those slower states are powered by ego only. Your powered up purpose has nothing to do with it or those. So drop any ideas that if you really live your purpose, you will hurt anything or anyone. No one can truly be hurt by your authentic, whole Self. And nothing serves the whole planet & all other realms more. Let it really be & see what happens. Yes, you are ready. Or you wouldn’t have been drawn here today. Did you just hear that? Yep. It really does all boil down to letting yourself be. Let Your Self Be, Beloved. All of the Way. Now, Now & Now. And then Now, again. Let. You. Be. After All & All, You Are Your Purpose. Isn’t that grand? We see You as so. Now You Can, Too. Light On, You!

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Did It Seem That #3 Nudged to You First? Part 1 From Your Essential Self is Here for You!

Have you been questioning if you’re really, “on the right path”? Has it seemed that just when you think you know where you’re going, some incredibly challenging obstacles rise up?

“A stumble may prevent a fall.” ~ Thomas Fuller

That irritating & maybe even crushing doubt has kept seeping in intermittently? Are you wondering if all is ever going to feel certain & solid for you so that THEN you can be at ease & peace? Aaahhhh. First, we want to highlight something about your Earth plane experience: It is ever-changing. It will never remain truly the same. For those for whom it appears that it does, it is due to their own controlling of their routines & patterns. And it can become a very dull & drab existence. For those who thrill in the continuum & its projector of so much learning & experimentation, there will be even more & speedier change. It’s being invited. You may not remember how often or how many times you’ve called it in. So with this most recent roller coaster ride, think back to right before it. Or within 15 days prior. You did cast out your, “I need a change!” fishing pole. Your Essential Self & we saw you. Then, you caught this current influx that may have you a bit confused, perplexed, or frustrated, hook, line & sinker. Perhaps you’re wondering if you can actually handle it. Or if it’s going to get away from you. This may seem to be opposite of what to “do” about it due to what those in form are so often taught with new beginnings or hints of new; however we recommend this: Let it go. Let yourself go. In order to expand into yourself & all that you are more & more, this is what occurs each time. You actually let go to it. If you’ve been talking to yourself &/or others of how upset you are that it’s just not turning out at all as you planned or wanted, then r-e-a-l-l-y let go!

“Complaining is one of the ego’s favorite strategies for strengthening itself.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

You see, you’re in the middle of a leap. There’s part of you that’s still hanging onto some old ideas of what you believed was possible — while more of you is deeply yearning to get going to more! You’re ready to live those infinite possibilities of which your knowing is clearing nudging you. How do we see depression for those in form? It is simply the depressing of one’s true Self. It is a state whereby those in form are deciding for their resistance & against themselves & their whole lit up existence. It is a conditioning of internalizing, ignoring & denying one’s Self to Be. When it is called “hereditary”, it is that the depressing of Self & all of those beliefs & thoughts have remained stuck & unchanged, passed down from one generation to the next. So, yes, you can change all that you desire that is “hereditary” by changing your thoughts that you give yourself. The longer those thoughts have been sculpted & cemented in, yes, the more sturdy & staunch you may need to be to cast them out, once & for all.

Quantum Leaping Card Readings, Quantum Leaping, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Intuitive, Medium, Quantum Leaping CoPilot, Angel Cowgirl, Angel Lady, Colorado, Potential, Dance, Angels, Spirit Guides, Quantum
If You Selected #3, This Is Part 2 for You!

If you are in a state of frustration, irritation or maybe even deep, unrecognized & suppressed anger regarding your object of inquiry, giving it a bit of a let go could help you begin to oversee it with your big picture eyes. If you’ve been expecting specific outcomes or results, check in with yourself to see if it’s really ego attempting to control the current unknowns. Has impatience with yourself projected itself onto others around you while you’ve been thinking that others are really just getting to you? At your job, at home, in traffic, at the store, bar, event &/or elsewhere, does it seem that all are out to irritate or ruin your day? That’s when you know your whole Self is calling you to return to You. When things are really getting under your skin, it’s that your skin is pinging you & wants you back to your inner home. Then what is your Essential Self recommending for you this week? To let go & get easier & more gentle with yourself because: It’s absolutely ok to not know where you are exactly going or where those results or answers you desire are right now. You haven’t been there, yet — at least not this go ’round in your current form — so how you could you be “there”…until you are? Tee, hee. We hope you giggle, too. Think back to when you were a very little person. Did you ever ride a swing, go down a slide or hang onto a merry-go-round with all of your might? Did you decide that there was no way you were going to get on any of them until you knew exactly what it’d be like & what would happen? Or did you just think that it’d be fun to find out as it was all happening? Yesssss….That’s how we recommend that you begin to consider all new beginnings, new relationships, new careers, new homes, new family members, new communities, new travels, & anything else new. The potential for all of those events to be grand will be much more expansive if you decide to let go of the reins & all of that control. After all, the etymology of “potential” isn’t “limit”, “cap”, “ceiling” or other regimented, set amount. It means “power”, “that which is possible”, & “able”. So do you have a top to where you can go with all of this? Not really. Besides, you’re Infinite. Thus, with whatever you believe you’re not achieving, dump off that heavy pressure & pushing on yourself: You will never “run out” of “time”. That’s a funny linear concept put forth by the Earth plane to keep those in form rushing like robots on steroids.

“It’s not about beating the other guy. It’s not about having more than the others. It’s about being what you are and being as good as possible at it without succumbing to all the things that draw you away from it. It’s about going where you set out to go. About accomplishing the most you’re capable in what you choose. That’s it. No more and no less.” ~ Ryan Holiday

Here’s what we would love you to think about regarding letting go of this current situation that is in mid evolution & one gargantuan leap: When you do loosen & set free the grip, you allow in helpers. Assistants with other beneficial talents & gifts can then walk through that space you just opened to stand with you. Not only does allowing such an alignment with you ease the way; it also lets everyone & every being involved know that their purpose & service matter. On your Earth plane, so many feel very little value for their presence. Therefore, when you let go & include others in your travels to more unknowns, all get to benefit from all of that pioneering & exploration. In addition, it shows others that they don’t need to have all of the answers to leap to new horizons. In fact, that it may be far more exciting as many more unexpected opportunities rise up along the way. Grip less; let go more. In this way, you will not restrict your potential or cut off all of the miraculous solutions that are available every single Earth day. Besides, control is ego’s illusion of grandeur. The less you determine that you need it, the more astoundingly & easily your life will lead you through its exquisite flow. In you, there is this river. All that is called of you with it is to decide to get in & ride your canoe. Let go of the oars once in awhile & float along. You’ll get to see all that actually accompanies & carries you that way. Life is but a dream, hey? Row & Rest. Row & Watch. The Rowing is the Action. The Letting Go to all of the different currents is your Being. The rocks & boulders are gifts, as they actually help you know when & where to turn your rudder for most direct flow in your current. Your Current, Now Reality. And the water & breezes? Well, that’s us. And You, too. Powerful You, Just Being. Sail On, Grand Opening One. We’ve got you. And You Do, Too.

The Quantum


Alright! That’s it for this week! How did your Essential Self do with you? Love more assistance in Quantum Leaping to your Desired Reality? Join me for your own one-on-one block-bustin’ Quantum Leaping Angel Call! Feel free to check out my You Tube channel for plenty of How To videos, too! Happy Leaping!

Big Love & Hugs!
Your Angel Cowgirl out of Colorado,
Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!


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