11 Strong Suggestions You May Have Heard or Are Hearing from Your Angels & Guides…

1. “This isn’t fun for you. You have unlimited choices for where you can & get to show up As You. You are 1111% Free. Oh, Yes, you actually can Go!”

2. “If you’re not in Joy with this (career, home, relationship, habit, addiction, etc), you know it is your birthright, choice & decision to change it out. You’ve deserved your Joy since…Forever, Yes!”

3. “Regarding those allergies, illnesses, or ‘hereditary’, ‘pre-disposed DNA’ dis-eases that keep showing up & maybe are even getting worse for you or your family…Would it be easier if I told you that you’re carrying around fear & other internalized slower vibrational energies like unworthiness, shame, guilt, rage, bitterness, resentment, victim, etc.? Ok, you &/or your family are carrying around a ton of these dense, heavy energies in your cells. ‘Hereditary’ & ‘pre-disposed’ just means there are some heavy, limiting thoughts & beliefs that have been passed down, generation after generation. Give yourself permission to begin to see yourself as powerful & cleared of all blocks for take off, instead. Yes, right now. This will serve your whole family. If you need help clearing out the fear, we’ll give you specific ideas and/or guide you to those who can assist you…”

4. “Did you think We’d help get you to here & then just dump you off? We’re here. Now, get present, clear out the static, numbness or checked-outness & listen…”

5. “Why are you watching or reading that? It’s tanking your sense of how life is & you feel miserable every time you see it. When you feel complete hopelessness & despair, you know you’ve little to no energy left for actively directing love & compassion. Depression is of a very slow, dense, even stagnant vibration; your love is speedy, light & action-packed. You can’t give more love from fear or despair; whereas, you give easily & effortlessly from your love frequency. Turn off & away from all fear-perpetuating, limiting illusion; give it no more of your focus, time or energy — so you can do & be You with all of your own personal light switches fully On.”

6. “Where do you have yourself, dear, that you keep attracting harassment or attack? What are you radiating out to others from your energy fields? Where are you picking at or attacking yourself? Where are you not trusting you? When did you first feel unsafe? Do you see that you’re projecting that lifelong fear & anxiety out to the Universe so others who were also raised up with fear approach? Let’s clear the fear & unworthiness now…You are so deserving of Loving Kindness — from others…& especially from Your Self.”

7. “Call us in, call us in, call us in. We don’t go up against your free will. We wait for your invite. And then we answer right away. Ask, open & receive. Listen, watch, see & feel…Then let go of any doubt or illusion that maybe you’re the one person on the planet with no guides or Angels messaging you…Yes, laugh about that idea & any other lack or limiting beliefs! Because these Spirit realms are not very serious. Just know that we match you as per your soul requests, so however you do life, we’ll do it with you.”

8. “You’re not doing anything ‘wrong’. It all just is. You get to do it your way. You’re not getting it ‘wrong’. You never have. Besides, no matter what, we’re here to assist…all along Your Own Personally-Chosen Way.”

9. “Oh, you just saw yourself repeat that pattern that doesn’t serve you. Exxxxcellent! You can change it anytime. And that’s Forever. Yes, Laugh Big! It helps shift things as it gets rid of stuck or blocked energies. And then send out a big blaze from your light sword. Yeah, you can see it. Bye, bye pattern! It’s not really yours or You, anyway. Decide to let it go…”

10. “Why are you pushing or rushing? Since energy is infinite & you are energy, you are infinite. If you don’t get that done today, there will be other days. You know this. In form or out of form, you will keep completing things…& then you’ll conjure more up to do anyway. You’ll always create more goals for yourself because you’re fascinated with the trip. Enjoy the journey!  Cast off the, ‘But I’m not enough because I haven’t done ____ !’ self-degradation & demolishing…It was never yours originally anyway. Besides, you’ll keep creating many, many, many destinations! Remember, You’re Infinite!”

11. “Yes, you do get to do your life in joy, drudgery, depression or in any other way. It’s really your choice. Only yours, actually. However, We would encourage you that if you’re going to do it, keep opting for the path that is most lit up for you. You get to evolve however you do it. We see you impacting many more people in very empowering ways when you allow & live your own customized, full-on Joy.”

Your actual guides & Angels will never condemn you, negate you or call you “stupid”, “inept”, “loser” or send you any other disintegrating, limiting or lack messages. If you hear such dialogue, those aren’t your Angels. That’s your ego keeping you small — Oh, yes, it does do that. On purpose. You won’t need it as much when you let yourself expand & light up to the Truth of You. It knows that. No worries; you can love it all along the way & it will evolve with you, too. You may also have the limiting & lack beliefs of loved ones, teachers, & even friends sailing around your mind; you can cast them out, too. No one gains by you settling for what You Aren’t. Listen to anything that has your powered-up back for your most Joy-infused life. — That goes for not only your guides & Angels, but also for your embodied friends, business partners & family. You have no limits, so no need to register or internalize anyone else’s. Go forth! Enjoy! Have Fun, Have Fun, Have Fun! Yes, you get to do that whenever & as many times as you decide. You’ve a lot of A-list Assistants who will definitely accompany you in It!

Yay! You’re Hearing Yours!! Now, let yourself follow Their guidance so you get to Enjoy Everything Even More!

Jeannie Marie  & the Angels

Wings Up!

Angels, Guides, Suggestions, Signs, Messages
You May Be Hearing These Suggestions from Your Angels, Guides, & Loved Ones Out of Form…

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