11 Ways to Shift Your Frequency from Despair to Hope to Joy

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You Can Shift Your Frequency from Depression to Joy
  1. Get Grateful.

Keep a daily written Gratitude List of 11 things for which you are grateful. It can be for the simplest or most intense reasons: They’re your reasons, so you choose — as long as you can feel really good & without shame, guilt, resentment or any other dense, heavy feeling about whatever they are. Expressing Gratitude is the most powerful way on the planet to unblock stuck flow of any kind. Plus, it sends a message to the Universe that you are ready to feel more of that good feeling. You cannot be in a state of gratitude & lack at the same time; they are of completely different frequencies. Despair is a state of very stuck, locked-up energy. Joy is often a state of inexplicable pouring-in bliss, laughter for no reason, & grins simply because they relax you & others. Putting things in writing helps to share your message in all realms; thus, your thoughts will be picked up multi-dimensionally where there is much more assistance available to you to help speed up your desired shift towards more & more happiness.

2.  Let It Go! 

Check in & ask yourself & your Angels & Guides if there’s some habit, job, relationship or other facet in your life that has hit a dead end for you that you may not be allowing yourself to see. If so, get really honest with yourself. Ask, “What is the Truth for me about ________? It will always reveal itself to you. The planet doesn’t gain by you remaining in Anything that means utter despair for you. Children will tell you all day long that they just want to see their parents, teachers & any adults they encounter happy & having fun. Managing life daily from despair means that everywhere you go, you are offering & representing disempowerment as a way to live & give. Your Angels & guides will tell you quickly that it is no way to live. Or give. That joy is your birthright & their steady commitment to your life. Will such a shift call for change? Even huge changes? Yes. But what if the changes keep getting everything better for Everyone? Because they will. It helps no one to remain disempowered. Your powering up will help many others around you to do so, as well. Just start. Remember, you have a lot of invisible assistance, & the more you open to you deserving to feel really good, the more that can arrive. Be Brave! Ask your Angels & Guides for Their speediest suggestion for dumping off misery & increasing your Joy ASAP. Then, listen. Yes, it’s on you to act on their recommendation. If They could do it for you, they would. Really. They will never stand in the way of your free will, though. It’s called Free for a reason. You Are Truly Free. Never forget that.

3.  Go Play!

Get quiet with yourself & ask if there’s something you remember really wanting to do as a child for which you never had the opportunity. It could have been having your dad or mom pull the car over to ride that swing in the park you saw from the road. Or riding that mechanical horse at the grocery store. Or playing outside & cleaning the house at night, instead, because it was a beautiful day. Then, find a way to do it or something very similar. If that horse couldn’t support you, there’s always a fair carousel…or a real horse!  Playing is one of the fastest way to shift frequencies. It helps free up stuck energy & can unblock old, unrealized & even forgotten joy aspects for you, as well. Sometimes, despair can just be that you have disallowed all that brings you joy in your “should”s, “have to”s, & one of the greatest self-limiters: “I don’t have a choice.” Oh, yeah, you do! In fact, you have a gazillion. X’s Infinity. But you’ll have to give yourself the option of having one, first…Only you negate or give yourself that permission. You choose.

4. Add a New Passion.

When was the last time you did something new & thrilling? *Notice: The word was “did”; not “tried”. Remember when you were a kid & you said, “I am going to ride a bicycle!” You probably didn’t say, “I think I’m going to try to ride a bicycle…” Even if you fell down a few times, you knew you were going to ride that bike — because your gut said it was going to be so fun to do so! Guess what? You still have things you really want to do! Despair can keep the energy so low & stuck, though, that even thinking about what they could be may feel exhausting. So don’t. Don’t think about it too much or, especially, too “hard”. Inspired ideas arrive daily & lightly on the wings of your Angels & guides; it can be even more beneficial, speedier & easier to NOT think…& instead, listen to your intuition & Them. You might be very surprised how many ideas come in — & some you thought of at age 3, 7, 15, etc…But you were “too young”. You couldn’t drive to that other state you wanted to see, just because. Now you can. They wouldn’t admit such a young person for international dance lessons. Now they will, though. Home gym equipment — well, it just wouldn’t fit in the house or wasn’t in the family budget back then. Pick up a great piece of used equipment or ask on social media if anyone is wishing to get rid of theirs to create space. You can even do as motorcycle & other enthusiasts do & position it in your dining room if you want. Who says you have to have a dining room table? Break some of those rules that don’t fit who you are. You have kids? Many would rather jump on a recumbent bike than have that extra chair no one really uses anyway. Plus, what a great way to teach your kids about unlimited joy than by tossing out limiting rules that aren’t serving your family?

5. Connect with New, Amped-Up People.

If you’ve found that your main circle of people is made up of primarily slow, dense energies, i.e. steady complaining, hopelessness, sarcasm (re: internalized, repressed anger), depression, despair, etc., commit to going to new places where you can meet new people. Maybe you’ve always wondered about that wine & painting class. Or that bike ride that donates to a cause that resonates with you. Or that community softball tournament. Those cheers have your name on them every time you walk by & you know it. A friend who believes he/she will be “getting by” or “have depression” for the rest of his/her life will probably not help you shift & lift to more joy. Especially if he/she is in joy about the depression & receiving some kind of pleasure, nurturing, or care-taking with it. No need to judge him/her or figure it out; however, in your compassion, you can still opt for something different for yourself.  So if you really intend to live with your inner joy on again, putting yourself in the frequency of other people who see life as exciting, ever-changing & fun could be essential. You can always send your greatest intentions for joy back to those past circles. You never know when one of those friends or family members will suddenly decide that life has to be so much more fun than he/she is experiencing in that moment &, like you, choose to change up some things, too.   

6. Adopt an Animal, Foster One, or Volunteer at an Animal Rescue.

The gift of animals is that they tend to love you no matter what. Even if you’re in the depths of any emotion, they will find a way to show you that you matter. That they need you. And all humans, regardless of their path, feel most alive when they know they are needed & that they matter. Animals find a way to encourage you to be present & attend to them in one way or another. They love it most when you’re doing that while enjoying being alive. Maybe it’s because they already know that if they are here, they matter. They know that their purpose is to be…Whoever & however they are in this moment, right here & now. Maybe that is what they set out to teach humans as soon as they’re embodied here. Even if you are unable to adopt or foster, you will feel the frequency shift your first volunteer dog walk. Doesn’t stick? Go again. What’s the best that could happen? You realize you really do matter. And that no matter what, you’re on purpose, regardless of how little you may be perceiving yourself. Animals will never see you that unimportant. They will do all they can to show you that such thoughts of smallness & valuelessness are illusions. If you let them, they will show you that You Matter. Simply Because You Are Here. You Mattered When You Arrived. Actually, You’ve Always Mattered.

7. Add a Part-time Job, Business Opportunity or Volunteer.

If you’re finding yourself in some kind of rut, getting up 5 out of 7 days with a dread or thud, punching that time clock, eating without really feeling hungry, doing the same exercise routine without your desired results, watching the same depressing news morning, evening or all day, most likely there’s not much joy in your schedule. Consider adding an extra stream of income or locale where you can offer a service or talent you have. You’ll find that in such arenas where people feel nudged to serve a bit more, the frequency is speedier. Just like you, “getting by” or “just making ends meet” isn’t enough for them to feel vitally alive. Being around present, ambitious, driven people will inevitably raise your own score for yourself. Passionate achievers don’t feel so fulfilled if they’re not helping others believe in themselves at the same time. You may not have even known you could raise your roof so high. Step out of that rut & feel your flow, instead. There’s a lot of your Joy in being swept along in your own vibrant blaze, living fully alive more than 2 days of the week. Yeah, that sounded ridiculous already, didn’t it? 2 days out of 7?! No way! Bye, bye, rut! Hello, amped up life!

8. Learn to Meditate or Practice Another Essential Self-care, i.e. Yoga, Quantum Leaping, Meditation, Tai Chi, Outdoor Time, Sport, etc.

Extreme fatigue & complete lack of energy for much of anything are common with despair. As beings full of vital energy, depression means that a ton of energy is very blocked throughout the body & mind for the person experiencing it. Practices such as meditation, quantum leaping, yoga, tai chi, physical sports, & being out in nature where all moves can really help clear such blocks. Depression is of a very slow, dense frequency. The more energy you give it, the more it will hold & block you. So any amount of redirecting your energy away from it will help shift your frequency. When you allow your energy to move — even if seated or laying down while meditating — your frequency will automatically shift out of those slower dense ones, too. You may be surprised by how much power & say you actually do have…just by redirecting your mind & body. Reclaim your mind & body. You can any day. You get to live.

9. Skip a Numbing-Out Tool You’ve Been Using for 15 days. Or 11. Or even 1.

Ever notice that there’s something very disempowering about numbing out or checking out? When we use any kind of tool, i.e. booze, various smoking devices, medications, etc — if we’re really honest with ourselves — we’re projecting all of our power to feel good (or even just ok) on that tool that has nothing to do with our internal chemistry, mindset & wellness. Those are just tools outside of ourselves…& kind of broken ones, too, as they don’t really “fix” or “heal” anything. According to many who’ve healed themselves of depression, such tools are effective only for masking & delaying the pain awareness of what is really internally bothering or making a person sick. So how will they ever really serve any of us long-term for consistent, internal peace, happiness or joy? And then invoke full healing, recovery & reclaiming of Our Selves? *If you take medications, be sure to consult with your physician about lessening your prescriptions while you’re on your own path to empowering yourself & raising your frequency. Consider checking out a health recovery center near you to help you while your whole chemistry is adjusting to your clearer healing system. Originally, meds were never intended to be used lifelong or to be mixed with more & more, causing more chemistry upset & symptoms to occur. You can reclaim your whole body & mind. Your power for your own self-driven, real peace & happiness is within You.      

10. Take Up & Follow Through with One Gift or Talent You’ve Been Saying You Know You’re Meant to Do & Share.

When you were little, you may have dreamed of playing the guitar, piano or drums. Or singing. Or custom-building a motorcycle or car. Or painting, drawing or sculpturing. Or planting a flower or herb garden. Or speaking another language. Or…Well, you get the gist. You arrived with gifts & talents & probably easily remembered them back then. Then life happened with more & more rules, tight boxes & time frames. In order to unblock & release yourself from your self-squashing depression, allowing just one of those dreams to finally live through you may turn out to be your exact answer. Think you won’t be able to do it, even if you try? Don’t try. Just decide that you’re doing it. You’ll be amazed by how teachers, mentors & other talented, gifted people seem to spring out of the woodwork to urge you on. Remember to tell only those who are dreamers & creatives themselves about your new endeavor. Always hold sacred your dreams. As many supporters as there are, there are just as many well-meaning doubters & nay-sayers. Or more. Because there are many people on this planet who are not living their dreams. Don’t let that stop you. You go. For the sake of your happiness & joy. And then when you circle back ‘round in yours, a few of those nay-sayers may suddenly believe they can find their courage & power to reclaim theirs, too. Your Joy serves Everyone. Yes, Really.

11. Go Help Another.

According to the Angels & those who’ve passed, depression is primarily comprised of repressed, internalized purpose. And what is at the core of all humans‘ purpose? To serve. In their own unique, customized, personal way. But, yes, definitely in some way. Ask your depressed beloveds if they feel they are offering all that they are. You will receive some very sad, “No”’s. And that false idea that, “I don’t have that much to offer.” If you ask, you’ll hear their false beliefs that they’re not enough, worthy or deserving. If you ask more, you’ll find that they know very little about how much they actually matter. Because they haven’t embraced or allowed their purpose to be…At least not all of the way. It could be due to past paralyzing trauma or pain, along with a myriad of other demolishing factors. I once asked a dear Tibetan Buddhist friend what her community would suggest to someone who felt very stuck in depression — especially when most depressed people have very little energy. She softly said, “You must encourage them to leave their house. Most people, when depressed, retreat. They stay in their house & away from people. That is opposite of what is needed. It does no good & will not lift depression. They will feel better as soon as they help another. It is very important that they leave their house & help others. Then their depression will not stay.” It seemed so clear, given that despair is of such a slow, dense frequency, & helping others immediately amps up the frequency of the giver. Why? Because love & care are of a much speedier frequency than depression. Wouldn’t it be amazing if counselors, doctors & therapists asked their clients/patients with depression of their take on their purpose?…& then of any limiting & lack thoughts surrounding it? What if we could begin to alleviate & eventually eradicate depression simply by helping to shed light on a person’s purpose?  Think of the happiest people you know, though. What is their common theme? They’d probably tell you that helping others is what drives them. That they only feel more & more amped up as they help more. If you’re just releasing yourself from depression & reclaiming your power, start small. You don’t have to be offering your purpose 24/7. You don’t even have to know what your purpose is. You decide what it is, after all. Your Angels, guides, loved ones who’ve passed & Source/Creator Energy get behind you, no matter what you decide it is. Until you know, just offer what brings you Happiness, Joy, Excitement, Peace & Laughter…Therein lies Your Purpose. You share It & you will only be helping others come into Theirs. And then You get magnified. Because Your Purpose does That. It Magnifies Itself & Your Light for this planet…And Elsewhere, too. You Matter & You Have a Right to Be Here as You. You Will Help So Many…Simply as You.

Welcome to Your Multi-dimensional Life.

Welcome, Welcome…to You.

Love for You,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels 

Wings Up!

Fly Up (to Top of Page)  


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