King Arthur : And How To Help An Injured Animal You Find

Hey, Animal Loving Friends,

On Monday night, my mate and I had an experience that we wanted to pass on to you, just in case you ever find yourself facing an injured animal emergency.

Maybe what we discovered will help you to know what you can do, too.

We were on our nightly walk, when a cat walked back and forth in front of us several times. 

He/she then carefully positioned in the grass, signaling to us.

It was clear that he/she wanted us to notice a form that was on the border wall that encircles the lake. 

I said to BJ that we had to go back to see what it was that the cat was indicating.

We returned to shine our phone flashlights on the form.

Gazing back at us, was a drenched, scared cat.

This determined boy was clinging to the top of the border wall, hanging above the water by his two front legs. 

We moved swiftly, quietly and calmly towards him. 

Not knowing if the cat was feral or if he would let us, BJ lifted him carefully out as mama cats do, by the scruff of his neck.

Within seconds, it was clear that his back legs were not functioning. 

Both cats’ Angels and guides had already piped in with some messages and images about what happened; so our guts had already been tipped off that an injury was involved.

We waited a few minutes to see if the cold water had numbed his legs. 

Having gone through some years of chiropractic school, BJ felt along the spine and legs for noticeable bone trauma. Nothing appeared broken.

Even his back paws responded to reflexive patterns.

Other than the blood on his front claws and pads from his wall climbing attempts, we found no other blood. 

BJ gently picked him up off the rocks to move him to a grassy area while we discussed what we needed to do.

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Ohhh, Our Hearts!

This gentle, sweet boy was exhausted. He must have been attempting to get up and over that wall for quite some time. 

He kept pulling himself up on his front legs, pulling his body forward to stay close to BJ. He even placed his very tired head on BJ’s shoe. 

Quiet for most of the time, once in a while he softly cried. He was pleading to not be left there.

We knew that there was no way that he could fend for himself or be safe without his back legs functioning. 

By pure syncident, a lady had approached us on our first walk that afternoon to introduce herself to us.

She not only had her own beloved cat; she had also adopted a cat in the neighborhood that had been left behind by a resident 4 years ago. 

Since the extra cat was attached to her own familiar, beloved territory, the lady visited and fed her daily there.

We’d happened to exchange contact info just a couple of hours before because, as a doctor of naturopathic medicine, she was keenly interested to learn more about the light tech we wear. 

We reached out to her to see if she knew of any emergency animal clinics for cats that would be open after office hours.

She immediately invited us to her nearby home to offer the very wet cat food, water and a cozy beach towel while she hunted for such a clinic online.

Cats, Animals, Injured Animals, Injured Pets, Rescue, Emergency Animal Clinics, 24 Hour Animal Clinics, Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, VetTechs, Veterinary Staff, Angels, Arcturians
He Was So Accepting And Quiet While We Searched For An Emergency Clinic
Cats, Animals, Injured Animals, Injured Pets, Rescue, Emergency Animal Clinics, 24 Hour Animal Clinics, Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, VetTechs, Veterinary Staff, Angels, Arcturians
“Why Aren’t My Back Legs Working? Please Help Me.”

Within minutes, she found such a clinic and we headed back to our air bnb to grab our car. 

I know a bunch of you know that cats and cars are often not a great match. — Especially with unfamiliar cars, people and places. Completely understandable, of course. 

Just in case, BJ grabbed an extra towel, for any sudden fear-induced scratching kind of events.

This little boy did nothing of the sort. Although mostly quiet, he did let out some very distinct, “Whyyyyy?” yowls.

We knew this sweet boy was confused and sad about his back legs. And about what had happened to him and why. And who were we?

For me, this is about the only time it is incredibly harsh to be an intuitive channeler.

Some visions and messages of Earth events are just really painful to see and hear. 

And some humans have very little to no regard or care for their and/or others’ animals. 

His eyes expressed everything. It was gut and heart-wrenching, to say the least.

I explained to this little guy what we were doing and why; that we had to deliver him to some extraordinary care. That we’d probably have him there by 11:11. P.M. 

He actually fell asleep in my arms with the most peaceful look on his face.

Cats, Animals, Injured Animals, Injured Pets, Rescue, Emergency Animal Clinics, 24 Hour Animal Clinics, Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, VetTechs, Veterinary Staff, Angels, Arcturians
Oh, My Heavens. Somehow This Sweet, Gentle Boy Trusted Us And Fell Peacefully Asleep!

Both BJ and I, without saying it aloud to each other, were wondering if he was deciding to pass right then and there.

“Oh, please”, I asked him silently. “Don’t go. Let’s see if you can heal first. We’re almost there!” 

I don’t think BJ or I could handle one more animal passing in our arms at this time.

And we so wanted to see this brave boy, with all kinds of chi yet, receive the care he so deserved. 

As soon as we drove into the clinic’s lot, I felt a sense of relief and assurance for this little boy.

I knew he would receive great care here. Especially when I felt the Angel tingles immediately.

Plus. The car clock said 11:11. “Gateway to the Heavens” timing. Perfect. 

We Never Knew This!

The staff was very kind, attentive, caring, compassionate and quick to take action. 

While still in my arms, they checked to see if he was chipped. Nothing pinged. 

One of the staff gently carried him away to be seen by the veterinarian. 

We asked the assistant if we could be notified of his progress. 

She responded that, because he isn’t our cat, it’s illegal for them to provide us with any information regarding him.

It was a l-o-n-g night for yours truly. My brain was full of this sweet, hurt boy.

Sending energy to his resilience, strength and full recovery. 

Sending that his life in front of him would be as loving and gentle as he is.

Tears fell over what he had been through. Yeah, they still do.

Don’t you sometimes wonder why animals haven’t just given up on humans?   

The next day, I asked BJ if he would call the clinic. — Just in case they could share anything after he asked for the specific veterinarian’s name to give to the family, if we were to come across them.

After seeing this little one’s file, the lady returned to the phone with a happy tone.

She shared the clinic’s procedure regarding the animals that are brought in by those who rescue them.

That, “No, no, no!”: They only euthanize if there is a life-threatening illness or injury. 

After they have nursed them back to health, they are chipped, neutered or spayed if necessary, and then are fostered until they are adopted.

That they are paired up with no-kill shelters and rescue organizations with sponsor donors and fosters.

And that they are very careful to never return an animal to a home where there is evidence of neglect and/or abuse.

Thank heavens more and more laws are in place for such service providers.

Though she couldn’t say anything specific about this sweet boy, we felt we had received confirmation of what we were both getting, intuitively.

That this little amazing boy is still alive. Yaaaaayyyy!!

Perhaps all of his nerves and energy will realign and he will easily walk again with all of his legs one day soon. 

We know that he is receiving fantastic care, love, and probably many kisses and cuddles. 

Those gold eyes. Wowza. Perhaps one of his caregivers has already fallen in love with him. 

I said to BJ that we should name him to give him more, “I’m still here!” leverage.

That he is so handsome and has so much dignity and grace that he certainly needs a non-foofy name. 

BJ said, “How ‘bout, ‘Arthur’?” The neighbor lady who found the clinic for us added, “King” to it. Perfect. King Arthur he will forever be to us. 

Here’s to your new life, King Arthur!!!  

So, please, animal loving friends. If you come upon a wounded animal, consider using your favorite online search engine, calling and delivering him/her to such an emergency care facility. 

It only cost a little gas to deliver King Arthur to safety, recovery and healing.

And does it really cost anything when they are pouring their gratitude and grace right back into you?

A huge shout out and thank you to all of you animal lovers, caregivers and specialists! 

And to you amazing energy senders who are instantly available and on it when we reach out to you! Thank you so much!!

It takes a world to take care of our planet and its incredible, indelible animals! 

Much Love, Big Hugs, and 1,111 Thank You’s,

Your Angel Cowgirl, Jeannie Marie Blaha , and her Cowboy Superman Nerd, BJ Bronstad


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