Your Weekly Tune Up for February 26-March 4, 2019!

Hey There! Ready to Play?

Intuit & select #1, #2, &/or #3 to reflect a specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). Your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is right there, too, for You!

Without Over-Thinking It, (Ego’s Filter), What Number(s) Call to You?

Ok! Ready with your Number(s)? You may note the additional cards with #1 & #2. Sometimes those in the Quantum & your Essential Self add extra cards to their messages, slipping them in with the base or top card. The (2) little white cards are in Spanish, so for those of you who may not currently speak it, translation is provided. Scroll on down to the Card(s) you selected to see what your Essential Self has for Still-Standing You!

#1 Called to You? Exxxcellent! Here It Is For You!

“Knowing yourself deeply has nothing to do with whatever ideas are floating around in your mind. Knowing yourself is to be rooted in Being, instead of lost in your mind.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Have you been feeling that no matter how much you do, you’re being misread, underestimated, undervalued, taken advantage of, &/or misjudged? That you’re not really being seen for who you are or what you bring to the table, either professionally &/or personally? Do your days feel to go by in a bit of a fog? Maybe there’s a hovering thought of, “What’s the use? I just can’t seem to make headway here!” Your Essential Self is suggesting that it may be time to pause & get more connected to your Be-ing. That in all of your do-ing, much out of fear of losing ground, not doing or being enough, or some other “not enough”-ness, you’ve gotten less connected to your Self. When you’re further away from you, others will have more of a challenge connecting with you, too. Give yourself a break from all of the doing & bring yourself back to just being. Gift yourself a time out asap. Get still so that you can hear yourself. A bit of personal time for you may be essential to discovering where you could be holding back key facets & genius aspects of you. Check in to see if you’ve just gotten very good at ignoring or denying what you really desire to live. Keeping yourself “super busy” can be a great tactic ego utilizes to keep you running away from yourself. And if you’re running at Mach speed, you may not be available for those authentic communications you desire with others, either.

Translation of the little white card in Spanish that popped out with the Base card?:


When we meet someone and connect with his inner light, we allow the most fluid communication to take place. Be it with words, with gestures, with a smile, or through silence, the communication that arises from the Soul radiates interaction and synchronicity in our life.”

So what is your Essential Self recommending this week?: To allow yourself your clarity, rather than avoid or deny it from yourself longer. Since the etymology of “clarity” is “splendor, radiance, glory, splendor”, to keep yourself in any illusion is to deny yourself of your own light. Eek, yes? How can others get you if you won’t let yourself get you in all of your brilliance? If you’re thinking that it’s going to be so much work to make that leap, it will be. We in the Quantum see it differently. Allowing yourself such clarity will ease your journey in a myriad of ways you may have never imagined. The getting clear doesn’t have to be so taxing or burdensome, either. In fact, we see it as a decision. It’s a decision to dump off anything that isn’t you — & all that feels to weigh down your moving forward. Remember back to when you were a kid & things blocked your path, whether you were on a tricycle, bicycle or out walking in the woods. Did you grimace, swear & tell yourself that it was going to be such an effort to remove the obstacles? Or did you just move the rock, pick up the twigs, or push the extra toys out of the way so that you could keep going? Maybe you even ran into them & laughed, remembering the bumper cars at the fair or watching the interesting art that blazed out from the impact. Did you know? Earth scientists have recently discovered that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in a person’s brain — unless it is done with Play, in which case, it takes 10 to 20 repetitions. Aaaahhhh. Isn’t it interesting that clearing one’s path becomes such drudgery & is expected to be soooo hard later in life? Why? We note the propensity for so much to be made into “work”, once those in form lose sight of & connection with their inner child. We also see it become so, the more those in form deny themselves of how, with whom, & where they really desire to live. The more numbing out there is, the foggier & heavier it feels. We then hear the complaint of, “I don’t get this! They’re not hearing me! They don’t get me! Clearly, they don’t value me.” Because they can’t. How can others hear, value, or get you if you’ve faded away from your Essential Self? They can only see you where you have you. That dimmer switch has to go if you are ready for all to really see you. All that is happening to you “out there” is simply a reflection of where you hold yourself. If you’re staring into any mirrors, discounting & devaluing you, what you radiate then to others is that lack image you’re carrying of you. They might even think that you’re regarding them with the same perspective & eyes. Thus, we suggest that you get extraordinarily honest with yourself this week. Catch any thoughts that you must have to do more (more ego’s “not enough”-ness), & let yourself come back to being. Be direct with yourself of where you are dodging you & using lackluster relationships, career, or other “problems” to blame for you projecting yourself away from your power. Instead of holding excuses for why you must remain in your unhappiness & undesired reality, face yourself all of the way. Then allow yourself to register what has to go & what you get to let into your life finally. We don’t see what you desire to let in as “hard” or “deep work”. Because it is, at its core of cores: Letting You In. And you are not “hard” or “work”. At least if you decide that you get to return to You all of the way. In all of that uncreating & creating can be lots of play & laughter. Those aha’s can keep you giggling for days. Sooner than later, you may even be quizzing yourself, “Um. Why was I making this so hard for myself? Why was I so hard on myself?? And then I ended up being hard on others, too! Uggg!” If it’s full of hardness, dullness, drudgery, pain, illness, dis-ease, etc, it’s really Not You. We would love those in form to get this. Because then you are truly free. To Be You. The leap, then? Dump off those illusions that you’re better off avoiding or denying you of You. Or it will keep feeling hard & miserable. You deserve to live. We mean really & truly live. Everything else is something you were told was “reality”, “the way it is”, “or how it happened to land for you.”  Well, here’s the kicker. Since back then — or even if you’re still accepting such beliefs now — you’re actually co-creating it all for you. If it’s not what you love, then your Essential Self is urging you to get on it & get in with you. Hear yourself. You’ll even hear what direction or actions to take next if you really listen to you. Your Essential Self is your energy prior to any & all forms in which you exist right now. The plethora of wisdom you carry from all of those lifetimes of experience is infinite. You do have your answers. Just be sure to ask yourself questions & then listen. You’ll know if your answers are coming from your Essential Self, Guides, Angels & We in the Quantum as they will only help you to empower you. If any of them jet in that would lead you further from yourself & your authentic peace or joy, they’re not from Us. You don’t have to be afraid of these Big Truths of You. They are there as signposts & directional signals to your most lit up, amped up life. Once you let yourself live it, then you will see that others can really get & value you, too. And that it can begin anytime. Today, even. Because we see you, perfectly clearly. Oh! And we see you think. A lot! We actually encourage you to not overthink this. The mind can take you out of your being You. Just Be. Now, that’s a dedicating practice for your racing Earth world, eh? Tee, hee. Give it a go. Or stay, that is. Right here, right now is where You really Are when you are Being You. Blaze On, Light One! We adore & treasure you. Now, please let yourself recognize & accept your whole being, so all can. Especially You.

The Quantum

Did #2 Jump Out For You? It’s For You, Then!

“You are not meant to bear that which you find unpleasant; you are meant to change it.” ~ Mike Dooley

Have you been longing for some healing for yourself or another? Or maybe wishing that things could be healed between you & another? Or maybe you’re having vehicle challenges, & would love it to be running well again. Seems impossible for miraculous healing to occur in so-called “inanimate” objects? Tee, hee. We can see where it could seem so, as so much instruction lends itself to those limiting beliefs. However, everything is made up of spinning particles of energy that those in form then cast their perception “facts”, defining things as “solid”, “fluid”, “invisible”, etc. For those who are open, we can send such healing energy through or around them to their beloveds, homes, work places, & yes, vehicles, too. We have to be asked or invited to do so, though; we don’t override humans’ free will. Perhaps you are strongly feeling that you’d love to leave a situation & in a very healed, all-love way. The Big Gun, Archangel Raphael, is a superb cohort to have with you in your intentions. If you don’t feel connected to any Guides or Angels, that’s fine, too. We in the Quantum are big-time fans of your free will & forever go with what you decide. The leap your Essential Self is suggesting for you this week, then? Merely to stretch your mind a bit to allow for the “impossible”, “far-fetched”, or “miraculous” to soar in for whole healing towards your area of concern or question. To consider that just because you’ve been told something is “impossible” or “not reality” makes it only that for the person who tells you so. It is their truth & they’re not wrong in it. Meanwhile, you can hold the truth you desire to see happen & it can. This is how two in form can have absolutely different truths & still be “right” with them in their own lives & creations. You’ve probably met 2 people who responded the same exact way to an event they acted upon together; for 1, nothing got fixed. For the other, the situation was completely fixed. What was different? It came down to what each believed the outcome would be. One felt it couldn’t be changed & the other knew it could. Their focus & energy landed with their thought & voila, they were both right. Neither lied. They just enacted & created their own truth. We in the Quantum see many arguments, feuds & even wars on your planet sourced in these truths that differ from one to another, one city to another, or one country to another. Ego loves to say that there’s only one right way. That the truth is the truth. We have seen much disempowerment from those who pursue rigid, limiting ideas of what’s “truth”. This week, your Essential Self recommends considering that Anything & Anyone can heal. When things aren’t running, people are ill or with dis-ease, or situations are occurring of break down, breaking apart, etc, we see (4) prominent aspects involved:

  1. There are internal blocks to the flow of wellness & ease.
  2. Letting go of what isn’t serving all involved is being called.
  3. Letting in of more for one’s expanded desired reality is being nudged.
  4. Until frequencies of self, other people, objects, animals, etc are in sync, bumpy, no-fun roads with lots of detours & dead ends (confusion, fighting, depression, blaming, technology/electrical breakdowns, illness, dis-ease, upset, etc) may keep occurring.

Any of the above sound familiar for you or some beloveds? We include that there are quite a number of those in form who actually love being ill or with one upset after another. What? Yes. At some point, they equated all of the upheaval, hospital time, doctor visits & diagnosis after diagnosis as a way to feel cared for & loved. That all of that attention means that they must still matter then, too. Many even think & declare that they “should” get sick, since they pay so much money every month, insuring their plans for it. You may think that ludicrous. From our perspective, though, we see their pleasure & glee for those sickness assessing appointments as you might feel for going for a massage appointment, bicycle ride, or canoe trip with your family or friends. It can be beneficial to know whether you or another really desires to heal so as to avoid helping to create more resistance. The leap that your Essential Self is suggesting this week, then? To consider that nothing is “the way it is”, “terminal”, “reality”, or “set in stone” — until you say it is. You can look back & see where you’ve uncreated blocks in your life & created yourself anew to let in happier, healthier, more peaceful times. You can do this again. Anytime. When the suffering no longer is linked by you or others as more pleasurable for some reason, & the desire to enjoy one’s whole life & whole person is stronger, each will create for that, then.  That could begin today. There’s no “time frame” required or “average time” for deciding in favor of one’s whole life. It can happen in one glimpse & one pull towards the Essential Self’s joy. It’s in everyone. And every being. We in the Quantum want to be sure we’re clear: There’s nothing “wrong” with you or anyone else who chooses to remain attached to suffering. There just hasn’t been a return to one’s wholeness. Yet. All get to decide. We’re just here to assist when asked. If you knew you are co-creating it all with your own free will, would you decide any differently? In the meanwhile, consider that all is not limited to what meets your physical eyes. — Especially when it’s your mind that casts each perception of what you’re “seeing” to your physical eyes; the physical eyes, themselves, are not the seers. Observe if what you let yourself see gets altered in any way, knowing that. We’d love you to see more of you, especially. Because then you’d know that you can heal anything & help others who desire that, to do the same. You are limitless. You may have to re-mind your mind of this, here & there. That’s ok. For now, let your leap lead you to those exciting, Everything Is Possible terrains. Because It Is. As Are You, Brilliant Co-Healer. Yeah, You Are One. Just entails that you Let You Be. Wholly & No Holds Barred. And then you can feel us hugging you, too. Every healing step of the way, whenever you feel you need some. Anytime, Anywhere. Yes.

The Quantum

Something About #3 Called Your Name? This Is Why…

“No one in your shoes could have done better than you’ve done, with where you began, what you had, and all you’ve been through. No one.” ~ Mike Dooley

Has your view over your life seemed a bit dull or dim? Have the colors appear to have gone out of it? Has your daily approach gotten a bit too routine or same old, same old? Maybe you’ve already begun to consider where you can switch up a few things. Or perhaps you’ve taken some action towards some new experiences you may not have adventured yet. Still, something feels off or that you’re missing the fun, somehow? First, are you selecting those currents containing those joy pulls for you? Or are you making yourself “try” to do something new because others told you that, “It’d be good for you!” or “You’ll love it! You gotta do it!” — when they aren’t you? Stretching yourself to new frontiers is always a great way to gain new perspective & bubble some new oxygen in your body & being; however, if those frontiers don’t really call to you, they’ll just end up feeling like any other schedule or “should” practice you will have no thrill keeping. And probably won’t. Consider that you’re in the middle of a leap where you’ll be meeting new people with these new horizons when you land.

Translation of the little white card in Spanish that popped out with the Top card?:


When there is company there is no domination. The parties in the same situation unite their skills and talents to create a shared goal. Walking together towards that goal, aware of the process that implies, is the true company in which opposites discover that they are absolutely complementary.”

Maybe you wouldn’t have met this new company through any other area of your life than in this new art class, community choir, tree-planting event, dog rescue walk, blanket-making effort, or some other launch of yours towards more of your Essential Joy. There’s much magic & power in whole groups of people uniting & creating together towards the same intended vision. You may even find that none of it feels like “work”, either. You in your lit up, amped up Self are living your purpose. You be-ing, standing in your is-ness, offering up You, are more on fire for your life than in anything that you could “do”. The questions we soar in from the Quantum when we hear you thinking, “No matter what I do, it just isn’t happening!” is: Do you trust You? Do you love you as you are? It’s really not whether others will love or trust you or want what you have to offer. It’s whether you do. Consider that every time things feel a bit stagnate & confining for you, then, that you are ready to explore new arenas again. Every discovery you pursue “out there” in the world is an inner one, too. Think back to a time as a child when you were experiencing something for the first time. Or maybe it was even your 22nd time, yet you kept gazing with your eyes of wonder, peering to see if there was something you missed or didn’t see the last time you were doing it. Now, take those eyes with you as you are leaping & landing your new voyages. Notice how much less trepidation, fear, or dread you feel. Remind yourself that you can be just as excited today for all that you have yet to experience as you were as a child. We would love to see you anticipate as you did then, rather than fear or angst over the changes. What you call ruts, are just that: They’re those deep holds of resistance you have over your ability to move forward with ease, fun, & excitement. If you’re thinking that you’re too tired to discover anything new, that’s the sign of how long you’ve been disallowing your desired life. And you. The longer you take action from resistance, the more exhausted you’ll feel. Maybe you’ve been chiding yourself to “get motivated”. That is speak for pushing on yourself towards that which you don’t really desire to do or be. It’s when you let yourself take inspired action that all of the juices flow & you’ll feel your energy cylinders on all systems go. Perhaps you’ve gotten comfortable with being exhausted, feel that it’s “normal”, or “just the way it is” for you. Consider that you have denied yourself of your strong connection to your Essential Self & of who you really are & desire to live & be. No better than your now to decide in favor of some new discoveries of You! The next question we ask you to consider this week is, “If I find that I desire much more than I thought in order to really be me, will I allow myself to be there?” If you don’t, that’s where you create more resistance; that state has been given all kinds of Earth ID labels, such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, & more. We even hear those in form declaring such states as permanent with, “I am _______.” You aren’t any of those. Those are frequency states in which those in form are disallowing their authentic Essential Self happiness. No soul was created without it or peace or joy. Decide this week, then, that you will let go to one new discovery to add to your life. It doesn’t mean you have to take a trip to Tuscany. You might, though, if you’re drawn to do so. Or you might create a quantum leaping vision board with a picture of it, if it’s calling you. Drive down a road you haven’t. Introduce yourself to a neighbor or co-worker with whom you’ve not yet spoken. Stop at that bookstore that has lit up for you a number of times; walk in & see what book shines from the shelf for you. Spin the pages, stopping when your intuition says, “Regarding your next discovery, here’s your message!” It can be great & rather wow-ing fun to let us & the Universe help direct you back to your Original Self. You didn’t arrive to this planet bored, unfulfilled & unhappy. Thus, you can always discover your way back to You. Even if you’d say you have no clue what you need to do that would make for a happier life, decide that you deserve to live it. You aren’t the one person of the current 7,714,576,923 Earth population who signed up for a miserable, lackluster or even ho-hum life. You allowed yourself to get comfortably uncomfortable there. Some kind of pleasure has gotten linked to the ug drama. No matter. Whatever you’ve created, you can uncreate, too. You may have to decide that you no longer will hold endlessly onto pain, for yourself or others. That you’ll note it when it arises & then keep moving towards your freedom. From there, you will really help others. Every time we see another person in form realize that they get to live their whole, healed, powered up life, we cheer. Oh, yeah, you’ll hear us! And your loved ones who’ve leapt out of form, too. You might swear they’re even louder. You may have known them better so they do their almighty best to keep you posted & celebrated for all of your gargantuan leaps. Time to go discover some new extraordinary lands, ok? Yours! And You! Have Fun, Most Of All! You Get To Live, Hey! Yeah, we mean it. So. Do. You.

The Quantum

And there it is, straight from the Quantum & your Essential Self to You! Still feeling a bit blocked or thinking you’d love some extra assistance to land your desired reality? I’d love to help! You might be surprised how fast you can dump off what’s in the way once you know when & how it actually originated! With your guided quantum leaps with me, you will do so! You may find that you really can enjoy all of your awakenings & moves towards all of your desired reality aspects! Whether it’s about money, career, purpose, relationship(s), health, family or something else, we will leap to see together what really is possible for you!

Love the Cards you’re finding here? I share my basket’s many decks on my website in case you’d love some tools at the ready in your own home or office! I’ve compiled a list of those in Spanish , too!

For Free how-to’s, check out my YouTube Channel. And feel free to send me any questions you’d love to see covered in video! Your clarity seeking helps others, too!

Much Love & Big Hugs out of Colorado!

Your Angel Cowgirl,
Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up, Y’all!


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