Your Weekly Tune Up For April 23rd – April 29th!

Hey, There! Welcome to Your Weekly Tune Up! Ready to play with your Essential Self, Guides, Angels & Quantum? Not connected or have no desire to be in touch with anything outside of yourself? That’s perfectly fine, too! Just tune on into yourself & jump on your own Quantum Leaping surf board, then! Here’s how:

💥💛💥💫 Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 (below) to reflect your specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). Your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is there for you, too!💥💛💥

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Is A Number Jumping Out for You? Or Numbers? Excellent!

Ok! Have your number(s) in mind? Brilliant! Scroll on down to see what messages are for you this week!

Quantum Leaping Card Readings, Attune to You Tuesday, Your Weekly Tune Up, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Intuitive, Medium, Quantum Leaping CoPilot, Angel Cowgirl, Angel Lady, Colorado, Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Quantum, Quantum Leaping, Quantum Jumping
Did #1 Call to You? Great! An Extra Card Leapt Out to Clarify That Quantum Leap of “Deeper”!

Have you been determined to be more present for your life? Are there some practices you’ve taken up that are helping you to be more in your here & now? Have you been noticing that the more present you get, the less a bunch of that outer world stuff seems to matter or gets attached to you? That all of a sudden, what seemed so significant or bothersome a year ago or even yesterday just drops away faster & faster from your vision & experience? Are you finding yourself grinning & laughing more & more for no reason or logical explanation? That the constant outer attainment or rushing around is just not it for you anymore?

“Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time — past and future — the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.” ― Eckhart Tolle

Maybe you are even questioning a whole lot of what appeared to be your ID in the past. Are you catching & seeing where, without the drive to project it outside of you in order to see you, all seems to have gotten a lot quieter & more consistently peaceful? Great on you! You are really in the midst of dumping off all that isn’t you. You may be feeling clearer & much less bogged down then, too. Perhaps you’ve discovered that there is no more powerful & effective place to co-create & be fully alive than in your now. What is your Essential Self recommending, then, as your Quantum Leap in your presence? Why not go deeper & wider? What we often observe is that there has been a strong illusion taught for centuries to those in form regarding presence & your now; that you are lacking something & therefore need to keep pushing on yourself to fill up those perceived holes. Thus, many learn to run away from or escape their presence so that they don’t have to face & walk through what they believe are immense chasms of “wrong” or “not enough” that they were taught. Yet, we see that the escape, denying or ignoring leads to momentary relief, and most often, much anxiety & depression.

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past, if you are anxious, you are living in the future, if you are at peace, you are living in the present.” — Lao Tzu

This mindset rife with lack beliefs was passed down, generation after generation. Earth advertisements are just one clear example of this: They thrive on telling you that you cannot be happy, young, vibrant, successful, in love, wealthy, healthy, etc, unless you buy into something “out there”. You arrived whole. It is actually that much of your Earth experience is to dump off all that is not you at all. Once you come to this & see that any & all limiting blocks were not yours to begin with, the pull & thrill to keep going deeper to eradicate all of them get stronger. Suddenly, numbing out, escaping or fleeing just don’t offer the same fleeting reprieve anymore. It doesn’t feel so scary to jump & keep casting off of all that isn’t you because it feels better & better & lighter & lighter. Maybe you’re wondering, “Deeper? Which way? What now?” Your Essential Self touched on that 2nd card to explain:

(See the translation below if Spanish is not your first language this time ’round):

“Una gran fuerza comienza a emerger en nuestras vidas cuando reconocemos que la seguridad y la felicidad son cualidades del Alma. Nuestra fuerza reside en permitir que esas cualidades fluyan a través de nosostros, dándonos la habilidad de seguir adelante con una profunda seguridad interior.” 

Translates to:

“A great force begins to emerge in our lives when we recognize that safety and happiness are qualities of the Soul. Our strength lies in allowing those qualities to flow through us, giving us the ability to move forward with deep inner security.”

What if you knew that you were born fearless & with all of the perseverance you would ever desire so as to be who you came here to be? That your strength & power have never waned? That it is only your connection to them that has lessened at times? What if you knew you are utterly & wholly safe to be you no matter what you’re doing or where you are? Your Essential Self is encouraging you to go That Deep this week: To recognizing that all that you are has always been & now to please return to your knowing of this & to You. How can you most easily facilitate this for yourself? Yep. You’re on it: Get as present as you can & keep leaping back to your now with all that you desire.

“The future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

You cannot get more connected to your Infinite Allness than by being in your Now. All that you’ve ever created began with a thought you had that blazed directly out of your imagination. Look around you right now. See all that you love & maybe don’t love so much in your current reality. Once upon a time you imagined it with you. Whether you intensely desired or feared it, it arrived. Why? Because wherever you put you strong feeling & imagining, either for what you don’t or do desire, you create. What happens so often by those in form is that they’re sharply focused on what they don’t desire to happen. When those default setting designs show up, there is often bewilderment, frustration & even the self-affirming declaration of, “See. Yep. Life is horrendously tough.” Are we speaking of a need for relentless positivism? Not at all. We just urge you to keep going towards you — rather than away from you — so that you can be in strongest connection & knowing with what, for you, feels good & alive. Therein lies your purpose & everything you came into form to live. We don’t see the unburying of you as that which is most exhausting. It is the resistance you place in front of yourself to really see, accept & receive all of the love you are that births so much illness, dis-ease, immense fatigue, hopelessness, anxiety & depression on your planet. So go forth towards yourself further this week with your fuerza or strength. It is always with you. Come back to your Now. There You Are. As are We. We celebrate you all along the way, not for achievements inasmuch — although we rally with you for those, too —  as your beingness. That is the greatest offering you could ever present. Present, presence, presents…Aaaah. See the direct correlation? There is no greater gift you could give. Than. You. Thanks for delving so earnestly so that you can let go to your true dazzle. Shine Away! And in your Here, too. Discovering You never felt so great, hey? Yep. It’s meant to be fun & akin to taking a trip to your most ideal destination. Happy Travels! Oh, yes they are just as Mind-blowingly Possible & Ever New as You. Infinity.

The Quantum

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Did #2 Light Up for You? Superb! This Is For You!

Have you been receiving some nudges to stop rushing or cut some of the busyness? Did something call to your attention as a sign to take a pause & breathe? That you’ve been a bit over-scheduled or over-committed & leaving very little room for recharging & restoring? If you’ve been noticing erratic forgetfulness, “mis-takes”, illness, “accidents”, or even emergencies occurring in the midst of your recent reality, your Essential Self is suggesting that you may have become less connected to your center & presence. Even if it seems you can’t, a reprieve from that intense pace is being recommended as the best reboot & return to center that you can give yourself.

“It’s very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. Not only does it help prevent the onset of many illnesses that develop through chronic tension and worrying; it allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

What does it for you to feel peace or return to your easy flow? We in the Quantum see that you have so many different modalities available to do so. It may only mean just a few minutes a day for you of slowing or stilling the static. We do urge that you invest in a practice for relaxing your mind & body every day. Are you thinking that you don’t have time for such? Rushing from one thing to another is a form of distraction away from oneself. It can keep you from having to face & walk through some aspects of your life that hold deep unhappiness for you. Pushing & rushing stem from not feeling that you are doing or being enough. Those are rooted in ego’s lack illusion of “I am not enough.” We understand, then, that it can feel scary or overwhelming to get out of the noise-canceling race car & walk through the woods to hear yourself, instead.

“Relaxation means releasing all concern and tension and letting the natural order of life flow through one’s being.” — Donald Curtis

Running away from you only feels safer for short spurts. You might have even started to notice that you seem to be putting out a lot of fires & being that “go-to” person to whom everyone unburdens their own life chaos. By focusing on fixing & rescuing everything out there, perhaps you haven’t had to see or feel those crackling fires or infernos inside. Your Essential Self is recommending that you attend to you now so as to add oxygen to your desired creations, rather than burning yourself away from them further.

Quantum Leaping Card Readings, Attune to You Tuesday, Your Weekly Tune Up, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Intuitive, Medium, Quantum Leaping CoPilot, Angel Cowgirl, Angel Lady, Colorado, Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Quantum, Quantum Leaping, Quantum Jumping
And This Is Part 2 for Your #2 Selection!

As you choose the practice that adds more peace & calm to your each day, note where it may seem as if even more drama is ensuing. You might think that there’s even more coming at you for which you “have to” find a solution or solve for others. Remember that rescuing does not help, other than that it helps others to become more disempowered. It tells others that they are not capable, smart, or strong enough to handle their own lives. And rescuing also comes from the ego & its love for control. We understand that it also gives those who’ve become less connected to their purpose a sense that they have one, then, along with believing that they are then loved or lovable. What ends up inside rescuers are extensive layers & piles of resentment, anger, grief & many unresolved heart matters as they race from one person to another to “help”.

“No matter what the situation is, no matter how chaotic, no matter how much drama is around you, you can heal by your presence if you just stay within your center.” — Deepak Chopra

You may be questioning whether you need to step it up 100 knots or that you’ll fall behind. That’s all ego pushing on you again with that “never enough” slow frequency state of lack. This week, your Essential Self is recommending that it is time for You. That only in the quiet & stillness with you will you get clear & free of the past or current dramas that are simply reflecting inner turmoil, fight & discontent. The more peace that you return to inside, the less any drama “out there” will ping your radar. Even if it does, you may find yourself observing it without getting swept up or bogged down in it.

“Our best decisions are often what we choose not to get involved in.” — Doug Cooper

Suddenly, you’ll notice how much freer & lighter you feel. Less & less strife gets attached to you with less & less battle inside.

“Conflict cannot survive without your participation. ” ~ Dr Wayne Dyer

See how much easier it is to respond & attend to all of your life when you come from your relaxed, peaceful state. Even one week from now, you may notice that things just can’t get to you as they did only 1 week ago. If you find yourself getting sparked or impatient, that’s your indication to step back in & breathe into your Essential Self’s peace that never goes away. You might go away from it at times, yes. You can always leap back, though. Enjoy your unflappable, glistening experience, hey! It’s never too late or the wrong time for your peace. Happy leaping to & with it. It’s always there for you. Just Like Your Essential Self. And You. Infinity.

The Quantum

Quantum Leaping Card Readings, Attune to You Tuesday, Your Weekly Tune Up, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Intuitive, Medium, Quantum Leaping CoPilot, Angel Cowgirl, Angel Lady, Colorado, Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Quantum, Quantum Leaping, Quantum Jumping
Something Nudged You to #3? This Is For You, Then!

Have you been wondering what it’s going to take to reach those current end goals you have? Has it seemed that you’ve made headway, yet all doesn’t appear to be landing as you’d love? Or has disappointment, frustration & maybe even pain appeared to set you back & away from your dreams further? Have you been feeling more confused than ever, as if you don’t even know (re: trust) what you really want or what would bring you joy anymore?

“When most people set out to change their lives, they often focus on all the external stuff, like a new job or a new location or new friends or a new romantic prospects and on and on. The reality is that changing your life starts with changing the way you see everything in your life.” ~ Mark Manson

Your Essential Self arrived this week to remind you that where you choose to direct your focus & attention holds all of the power of what you’re creating. This means you hold all of your potent, co-creative power. You’re thinking, “Yeah, but I can’t control how others act or behave!” Consider that a blessing. Imagine the burden of that when just directing your own focus can entail the energy & practice it does. Dwelling on or judging how others are utilizing their co-creative power is a clever distraction by ego away from what you’re doing with your own.

“When we allow distractions to wobble us away from ourselves, that’s when our intuition starts to fade and our focus dulls.” ~ Tara Stiles

Thus, your Essential Self is recommending that, if you feel a bit stuck &/or fatigued with your progress, consider with eyes wide open where you have your focus. What’s exceptional is that if you weren’t happy with how yesterday turned out or how tomorrow looks right now, they have no bearing on what you’re landing right now. You only create in your now. Therefore, it is in you now that you can alter tomorrow’s results. And yesterday’s, too, in all truth. You’ve seen beloveds &/or yourself uncreate all kinds of undesired road blocks, to include illnesses that are termed “hereditary”. Thus is how it is infinitely possible to uncreate & recreate the future & past. What’s different from those who don’t? Yes. You do already know this. It chisels back to the thoughts each person thinks with great passion. Or fear. Excitement. Or dread. Anticipation. Or anxiety & hopelessness. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Yeah, but I can’t help or change how I feel right now. So how can I leap a different reality into my now that I desire more?” This is something we hear often in the Quantum. We assure you of this: You don’t have to change how you feel. There’s no need. Only your thoughts & where you direct your focus have to change tracks. It’s how you think of everything that determines how you feel; not the other way around, which is so often believed by those in form. The more you regard how you’re thinking about anything & determine whether those thoughts are powered up towards your desired reality, the more you will let go of those that aren’t. Unless you are very attached to suffering or being miserable because you don’t believe you deserve your happiness, you will decide to redirect your focus & reclaim your ever-creating power.

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” ~ George Herbert

This week, & maybe beyond if it feels good, follow your Essential Self’s recommendation & pay clear attention to where you hold your thoughts. Consider how sacred they really are since they create your entire reality. This is why we suggest that you share your greatest aspirations only, only, only with the other powered on & up people you know or meet. Covet your dreams with the honor & brilliance that they are. And that you are. Let no slow frequency mindsets downplay or diminish your knowing of where you are going with them. The more light with which you surround your dreams, the faster they can leap into your now. It’s really not even about manifesting them from our perspective. Your thought already did that for you. In fact, everything has always existed & thus, we would consider “manifesting” more that you just let the idea become real or connected to your existence. We understand that that can be a challenging concept, as there is so much lack & limitation taught on your planet. It actually is, though, most about letting those dreams of which you’re thinking & feeling into your life. Furthermore, Intention is even speedier & more powerful than thought. So each day, set your intention engines to go; then declare that you are letting your desired reality into your now. You don’t even have to know all of the details. We love handling those. Instead of focusing on the “how”, focus on the “what”. The “how” will rise up easier & faster the clearer your “what” is. If you’re realizing that there have been many dreams from which you walked away before seeing them all of the way through to your finito line, consider that what was propelling you was just the illusion of fear. Of failing. Of not being good enough to live that much happiness & peace. Of not being able to do them once you achieved them. Of letting others down whose dreams they weren’t. Or of letting some loved ones go even; as your dreams reflected where they are denying their own, leaving them scared, mad, resentful or bitter. And you know you’re not here to help add more resistance to those in fear of their infinite possibilities. Ok, then. Ready to release yourself from all of those shackles that really didn’t serve them or you? Exxxxxcellent! Reclaim the power of your direct focus & shine it all of the way back on what you know, know, know in your gut you are here to create. You are that perfect person for your visions & all of that passionate, alive feeling you have for them. No other could ever live them out as you can. Now, you will. Souls are one-of-a-kind & are never duplicated. Why is it so important to let yourself off of all of those hooks that you were taught or learned? It’s simply that if you hold yourself back, others watching you will believe that’s all they’ve got, too. That they are limited, too. That lack illusion holds entire planets in slower frequencies. You arrived for a very different reason. You know it. Note how all seems to gather more & more alignment & ease as you direct your focus with such great care. Keep leaping, darlin’. And then remember to keep leaping all of that passionate feeling & clear vision right back into your now. You’re on magic fire. Let your rocket be. No matter how quiet or robust you decide that it flies with you. So-called Invisibility is very fun; however, just make sure you’re not hiding, hey. There’s no substitute for all of your light visions. Or for any of that in form, tangible joy ride you get to have with them right now. Infinity.

The Quantum

Alright! There You Are! Hankering for some help with dumping off any health, money, career, love, relationship or purpose blocks that are standing in front of your Desired Reality? Join me for a Quantum Leaping call & together we’ll discover & get rid of what’s holding you back! Love some immediate How To’s? Check out my YouTube Quantum Leaping videos! Happy Leaping & see you next week!

Big Love & Hugs!

Your Angel Cowgirl out of Colorado,
Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!



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