2018 Preview as Messaged by the Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones Out of Form, & Creator

So what do the Angels, Guides, Loved Ones out of form, & Creator say is in store for 2018? Well, they asked me to first highlight their view of 2015, ’16 & ’17 to give you an idea of the immense distance & trajectory you may have already traveled!:

2015 & 2016 : The Years of Huge Moves! So many people moved and/or traveled across country, state, or city, letting go of even lifetime homes & locales. The feeling you once had of “home” may have suddenly & completely changed. And staying where you were just didn’t fit, resonate, or give you your joy & peace anymore. Careers & jobs had to be left for peace of mind that led to some exciting new terrains. You may have found yourself in an utterly different position and/or direction that took a bit of breathing through. You decided that your happiness was worth waaay more than staying rooted down just to avoid changing a locale or job that felt so off. Risking all of those unknowns was intensely worth it, though, in the end, yes?

2016 : The Year of Realizing All of the Deception & Illusion. Perhaps you noticed throughout that year that much that had been presented to most of us as “trustworthy”, “guaranteed”, “sure”, “reliable”, etc was not the case at all. That much that we had been taught regarding certain institutions, organizations, systems, & much more was not real at all. That they were actually rife with deception, theft, outcome rigging, corruption, greed, & much lying. And you noticed that all of that busting out of huge layers of deception even made its way into community, partnerships, & family, as well. This may have brought you to so much awakening that you decided to alter much or all that you had originally planned for yourself &/or your family. You may have decided that from then on, you would rather know the Big Truth about all, than be blind-sided by those artificially-wrapped, “nice” stories of illusion ever again. Perhaps you decided that those false power entities would never again convince you that you are ever powerless, either. What an empowering year, true?!

2017 : The Year of Standing in Your Truth & Speaking It Out Loud with All of Your Will & Courage. Did you feel consistently guided to speak up & out for those you felt were being attacked or hurt in some way by others? Or to speak up for yourself?

Did your gut tell you that it was no longer an option to participate with those choosing in favor of their denial & self-deception by silencing yourself? That you could no longer pretend or accept that all of the illusion was fine when your knowing kept reminding you that it was disempowering to do so? Perhaps you were surprised by a strong physical reaction or illness when you attempted to overlook & accept such patterns of lies & illusions. You may have had a feeling that once you decided to see & know the Big Truth about all, that remaining checked out or silent would affect so many more people than you. It was the year to take a stand whenever you were guided to do so. And you did. Yesssss! Huge high ether fives to You!!

Steadfast Frequency
Remain Steadfast in Your Frequency

2018 : Ok, ready? This is the Year to Remain Steadfast in Your Chosen Frequency. You have opted out from all of the rescuing or enabling, realizing that assisting others to remain disempowered will never be truly helpful at all. By doing all necessary to root up into your preferred frequency state, you will be able to impact 1,000’s — & 10’s of 1,000’s of x’s further than you ever have. When you were attending over & over again to those who had no intention of powering themselves back up, you probably noticed that it was super challenging to maintain your chosen frequency. Each time, you may have felt yourself tank & then need hours or days to amp back up. Your energy was literally getting vacuumed up & consumed.  They felt great with you around them. You so didn’t. Why were you expected to join those slower frequencies & “just deal” with them when they wouldn’t raise theirs to match yours? Ahhh…Good Question! So those in Spirit, as well as the Angels, Guides & Creator, want you to know that you do deserve to have your own “real home” in your own chosen frequency. Wherever you feel most lit up, empowered, & on purpose, remain there. Do whatever regular practice you love that makes this absolutely possible & immediate for you. Yoga, meditation, hiking, hula-hooping, mountain climbing, singing, drumming, horseback riding, etc. — It doesn’t matter what it is; only that you remember to stay in charge of & on with your powered up Self. Get creative as soon as you feel your frequency start to slip down. Draw, paint, write, garden, plant trees, or do anything with your own hands. This can help shift you back up fast & help you to maintain your super-on, co-creative energy, regardless of what other waves in the fields go by you. You will notice that whenever you get creative, any malaise, upset, irritation, exasperation, depression, anxiety — in you, &/or that you’re picking up from others — will go flying off into the quantum. — No worries: All that you let go to the quantum gets transmuted back to light. All good for the entire planet. Especially good for you & all you encounter!  You have a whole vibe tribe family ready to join you, too. Just allow yourself to Be there as consistently as you can. Every day even. Infinitely even. You get to feel that awesomeness of finally Being in your most safe, amazing, extraordinary, pizzazally, peaceful & joy-filled Home. Yep, you already know where it is…It’s where You Are. Essentially & Originally, You.

You are so treasured.

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie & the Angels

Wings Up!

January 1, 2018

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