11 Ways to Quantum Leap Your Reality

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You Can Quantum Leap to Live Your Desired Reality

11 Ways to Quantum Leap Your Reality

  • “Quantum Leap”
  1. an abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another, with the absorption or emission of a quantum.

    2.     a huge, often sudden, significant increase, change, improvement, breakthrough, or advancement in something.

    “Quantum”, Latin, “How Much?”

So how much do you really want to leap & change your reality? There are Infinite ways you can. Here are 11 Ways…Just to begin… If one seems to leap towards you or lights up, start with it. Your intuition and/or gut may be giving you a sign of what would be simplest for you to begin leaping to your desired reality…or it to you. Go with It.

1. Create Your Quantum Leap Board.

Often called, “Dream Boards” or “Vision Boards”, I began calling them Quantum Leap Boards when I noticed this: That many people were feeling defeated by their perception of their current reality & that of the distance, time, matter & speed between it & their desired reality. Quantum Leaps occur within & throughout the Infinite where no such limitations or rules exist. No worries if it doesn’t make sense. Or it’s too (something) to wrap your mind around at this point. — The Idea of all of that endless, unrestricted limitlessness. It doesn’t matter; you really don’t have to get it to be able to do it. Have you ever thought about how a light turns on in your home? Most people can’t see or know what it takes to create electricity…And, still, when you go to flip a switch, you expect & accept the light as it floods your room. When you purchased a car or truck, did you ever force yourself to figure out the mechanics of it before you let yourself drive it? You probably decided that you didn’t need to know how it worked to have a lot of fun moving anywhere & everywhere you wanted to go. Quantum leaps may be most effectively thought of in that way: If you don’t dwell so long on how they do what they do, you may find yourself leaping a lot farther & faster than you ever imagined. Just as with turning on a light or driving your new vehicle, expect & accept that you do get to create your reality however you wish. A Quantum Leap Board is a great place to begin. Be sure that after you collect & attach pictures & words of your desired reality, you hang it in an area that you’ll see every day. I recommend using poster board & tacks, as then when something suddenly isn’t quite “It” for you anymore, you can easily remove it & replace it with a more accurate, preferred image. Daily images & words in pictures before your eyes are super powerful. Ask any advertising or marketing genius. With your quantum leaps, though, you’re selecting what you want to create & manifest with your own mind imagery & creative power. You’re literally deciding for a new model reality that more accurately fits your own current ideas of what that is…& what you desire to live.

“Our consciousness and awareness, which includes our choices as to where we place our focus, alters the paths of our lives, and creates a split in reality, leading to the creation of two or more worlds at any moment in time.” ~ Kevin Michel

2. Get Still & Quiet Somewhere. Meditate. Visualize. Project. See. Smell. Feel. Hear. All of It. As Clearly, Literally, & Tangibly As You Can.

Remember when you were a kid & you regularly thought about different things, people or places you wanted to have in your life? Even if you dealt with very challenging circumstances, you probably still thought — even daily — of a reality & things you knew you would love. Do you remember the first time you gave intense thought to learning to ride a bicycle, tie your shoes, or to have the weather be great the next day for hiking or swimming? That was a form of directing your energy through active meditation or visualization. You organically & super naturally saw your desired reality — Sailing along on that bike; achieving those tied shoes, swimming or hiking in the woods. You didn’t question whether you deserved it or even if you could actually do any of it. You just got excited & saw yourself doing all of it. When you clear or have your mind void of any impossibility & give your desired reality your undivided, “Yesssssssss!” energy, you’re declaring where you absolutely have your amped-up, preferred reality. The images, sounds, smells, etc feels so “real”, that it may even seem as if it’s already happening. It is. And if that doesn’t make sense now, maybe it will later, once you come to experience your concurrent lifetimes & realities. When it gets really fun & exciting is when you consider something that you currently think is completely outlandish, so far-fetched that you ALMOST can’t believe it can happen — & you still direct that, “Of course I will!!” energy to it. Think like that fearless child you were…& still have within you. Your desire for that fun, peace, thrill, etc was waaay stronger than any perceived obstacle; you didn’t really even spend any time, energy or space on any “impossibility”. You just held your desire firmly & excitedly in your mind. You were quantum leaping into that absolute everything-is-possible space with no conditions, reserve or doubt. You can again. Remember, your first investment is all about sending out your personal recipe of the What that you desire; the How & perfectly dishy reality will be handled by the Universe…if you let It.  Will you need to take action at some point? Sure. Yet, you may be surprised how exhilarating & energizing the action actually is. Bet that once you rode the bike, you went for a loooong time! Desired reality action is much like that. For many, it is the easiest facet of the creating & manifesting. It’s dropping the self-doubt, lack & limiting beliefs & moving into your completely powered-up self that may enlist the most focus, time and/or energy. You may be able to go & go once those illusions are cleared because your joy pumps you up as you live it. Applying your energy invokes more energy. Maybe you’re wondering how any of this is different than praying. Maybe if you look at the energy of praying, you’ll see what I see: To me, it most frequently sends out asking & requesting energy; meditating appears to me as receptive, ready-to-receive-answers-solutions-directional energy. So, simpler put, one energetically is asking, the other is receiving the info that’s arriving. Feel free to do either or both. Neither needs to conflict with your religious or non-religious views. Always apply what resonates best with you, of course; anything that doesn’t, will only create resistance — which is the hugest blocker of them all for creating, attracting or taking action for anything. Both asking & opening to receive directional ideas are essential components to activating & allowing your reality to be as you most desire. If we don’t ask, how does the Universe meet us there? If we don’t open to receive, how will any of it land in our hands? And, boy, does it want to land. Because you in your joy serve all & that energy imprint & impact only amps up the frequencies around you. Soon, your friends, business associates, & maybe even some family will want to know what you’re doing so they can change their realities, too. You will be able to share how tangible quantum leaps really are. Because you’ll be vibrantly living & leaping, over & over again. 

“The gradual recognition that what we think may physically influence what we observe has led to a revolution in thought and philosophy, not to mention physics.” ~ Fred Alan Wolf

3. Join a Yoga, Martial Arts, or other Mind/Body Practice. See a Professional Who Can Assist You in Your Leaps, i.e. Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Intuitive, Acupuncturist, etc. Many Modalities are Available. Choose One That Resonates with You.  

Everything you do to reveal to yourself that there is so much more possible for you than you ever imagined will inevitably lead to quantum leaps. Those who engage in a mind/body practice, with that new-found mental & physical flexibility, strength, stamina, & consistent energy flow, suddenly realize that many of their previous limitations no longer exist. Often they even disappear without the person realizing they’re going or gone until later. With your dwelling on such alternate experiences, alternate realities can be created without any intense, heavy, or painful lift-off. With such practices, allowing change without unconscious or conscious resistance can happen because the mindbody is enjoying the expansion. And if you can go there, practicing with your mindbody, you’ll find yourself quantum leaping to other aspects of your new reality, too. Just as with strengthening your physical muscles, the more you practice with your quantum muscles, the stronger they will be to facilitate your leaps, too.

“Choice is what presents us with a multitude of paths, because choice creates a flow of electrons through the brain in a manner that inexorably leads to quantum superposition, and the many-worlds that are the inevitable result.” ~ Kevin Michel

4. Activate an Art. Draw. Paint. Imagine or Get a Tattoo.

If you began to design your desired reality regularly via some kind of art medium, you may be astounded by how speedily you are actually living it. Even if you in your current now think it’s an absolutely ridiculous idea, think of that scene in Mary Poppins when she was in the park with her artist chimney sweeper fan & the 2 children. He painted a scene of their desired reality…& remember? They jumped into it together. Have you ever seen a piece of art & then suddenly met the artist…or found yourself in the location of the painting while traveling? If you have always wanted to travel to a specific country, state, etc, absolutely post pictures of it where you can see them often! You might be surprised how many people did land their dream destinations…beginning with some art, a poster, or another physical material affirmation of their desire to get there “one day”.  Anything, even at its inception of creation, gathers energy. This includes the thought of it. When you put it on paper or skin, you are immediately sending out extra strong signals to the Universe of reality facets you love or desire. The Universe actually doesn’t hear, “No; not that.” It matches energy to the energy you’re sending out. When it’s on paper, it gathers even more energy. Consider that bringing anything to form gathers form as it’s being created. So be sure to create as much as you can of that which you DO want. Your reality is yours to create, though, as you wish. There is no “wrong” art or “wrong” reality. Or “wrong” Anything, really. The beauty of the Soul experience is that you arrived with Free Will. You’re in charge. Are there some big A-list Assistants available to assist? Sure. Yet, it’s your choice if you want to know Them or let Them help you. No matter what, your Free Will & You get to design your reality. Your quantum leaps are yours.    

“I’m a big believer in quantum physics, which says that the universe is more incredible and mysterious than any of us can imagine, which is my way of saying, ‘Anything is possible, including Angels.’” ~ Caroline Leavitt

5. Take Music Lessons with an Instrument You’ve Always Wanted. Play One. Sing. Compose.

Much of music is of a very speedy frequency. You’ll always know by how you feel during & after you leave a concert. Really, even before you actually hear it, too, since the frequency of it will arrive to you before you probably arrive to it. Many people feel a surge when they purchase their tickets — even months in advance. No drugs or alcohol are needed to feel the following, in case you thought they may have caused such sensations: During concerts, does your mind travel to vast possibilities you may not have thought for some time? Do you find yourself thinking about what that music could do for some specific person, animal, dis-ease, community, country, world, war, or planetary situation? Do you feel somehow weirdly connected to a lot of people through your whole bodymind? And then maybe even wildly, inexplicably united “out there somewhere” with even more people? Now, imagine what you can do when you’re writing the music, playing the instrument, invoking that connecting, limitless state for & with others. If you’ve already stood in a choir or played music with others, you’ve probably even felt your frequency shift up during that time with them. It is not unusual at all for musicians & composers to quantum leap to all kinds of concurrent realities while practicing, performing & composing. And because audiences readily join & move with them in their jumps, they can take a lot of people with them. Imagine that outstanding cosmic impact, Cowboys & Cowgirls!  If you haven’t already leaped in this way, you can too, now. Just your permission to that thought for your desired reality is Enough. Where your thought goes, energy is already framing things up for you. All thought is energy. Actually, Everything Is Energy. Here, or “out there” in the quantum fields, everything that exists has that absolutely, wholly in common. Even if not everyone Knows it…Yet.

“It’s highly refined stuff—holding to one’s purpose and focus, but also intuiting the value of being a piece in a larger design and evolution. The balance between these two rhythms is where and when true harmony is achieved and magic happens. Often, just the release of the obsession for personal preferences and to personally gain opens the door.” ~ Darrell Calkins

6. Clean Out Some Clutter. Any Clutter. In Your Home, Office or Mind.

Clutter blocks flow & traps dead chi/life force energy. Thus, it makes for dense, heavy space where movement is very inhibited. Heavy frequencies & dense energy can get attached to it, too. Where you find a lot of clutter, you may feel confused, heavy-hearted Spirits, illness, depression, financial hardship, worry, stress, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, heartaches, & other slow frequency circumstances. As soon as you clear even a drawer or closet, you will often feel an immediate lighter, more vital, amped up sense of things. If you’re feeling any roadblocks or stuckness anywhere in your life, take a quick glance around your surroundings to see where the energy may be entrenched in your home, office or mind clutter. You may notice that the clutter is in a space that relates with direct alignment to some area of your life that has felt stuck for you. As soon as you begin to clear it, you may also notice that not only does that area improve, but that your mind feels clearer & more peaceful, too. That you’re more able to focus & concentrate. That you no longer feel agitated or impatient. From that open, cleared, alive space, quantum leaps can happen much more effortlessly. Think of a road in the middle of construction with all kinds of equipment, signs, materials, holes & bumps here & there. Can you let your mind leap there, or do you have to really do everything to concentrate on keeping your car, passengers & construction workers intact & safe? Clutter is like that; it pulls on your focus & energy & keeps your attention trapped by what’s undone, needs repairs, & no longer carries any joy or peace for you (& maybe never did), rather than on a new reality model for yourself. It can usher in a mindset of “just getting by” or “barely making it”, too, because it holds you in a fixed, frozen state rather than in any kind of flow allowance. It’s inactive or dead for you & it will hold you much more inactive than you’re able to go, too.  Decide to get the clutter & old, unused reality out! Set yourself free so that your leaps are light & full of energy.   

“Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.”  ~ Kevin Michel

7. Leap Before You Sleep or As Soon as You Wake Up…& Daily for Speediest Landing…Only If It Feels Fantastic, Though. No Should’s. 

Your awake frequency is speediest when you first wake up or right before you fall asleep. Those times, then, are excellent for blazing your thoughts & pictures of your desired reality. You may find that you even dream of the reality landscape you are designing for yourself. When you dream, your frequency is even speedier. Makes sense, then, that dreaming is profoundly powerful, too, from a co-creative aspect. In some cultures, it is common for the elders to call their young into a circle after they’ve awakened to ask of their dreams. They feel that the children have been given the answers in their dreams for their future quantum leaps & realities as a community. Personally, I have found that pre-sleep leaping has brought about the most profound results. Because I am being called to help Angel clients, friends, & family with their leaps, I actually quantum leap with them. According to the Angels & Creator/Source Energy, it can be very helpful to assist in the leap, especially at first, when there may be the most built up mindbody fortress of doubt, lack, limitation & other heavier-frequencied thoughts. I quantum leap implementing primarily (2) actions: Either I leap with the person, animal, country, planet, situation, etc, or I leap the illusion away from them. For example, I might leap with a person to their new reality of a deep lifetime soul love with another. Or leap with him/her to a reality of full healing. Or maybe it’s with him/her to a graduation or certification of some kind. Or help leap a dog who is passing to his/her next reality. (So far, all of my dogs have chosen to go this way…&, boy, do they show their thrill for such an adventure! They’ve even wagged their tails & excitedly barked right before they breathed one last time in this reality.) On the other hand, if I sense that the person, animal, etc is carrying around an illusion of lack, attachment/addiction, powerlessness, limitation, cancer/cancerous thoughts, unworthiness, or other slow frequency aspect(s) (which never are of one’s authentic, essential self), I leap that illusion away. An example of this would be for someone, perhaps, who carries guilt & shame from some past experience & thinks that it somehow makes him/her unworthy of living a full, vital, healthy life. In this, I quantum leap those heavy, dense illusion thoughts away from the person. Shame & guilt, for example, are human creations & conditions & hold some of the most super-weighted down frequency on this planet. They are not of the Divine/Source Energy, nor are they of the essential self of any soul, now or ever. Now, about what it looks like to quantum leap?  Or where exactly I am leaping the illusion? By the way, about that: You cannot hurt or harm quantum space by leaping heavy frequencies to it; you see, heavy frequencies are illusion. So what you are basically doing is sending them back to the Truth, where they can return to their Original Essence of speedy frequencies. Thus, your leaping of them is very, very helpful. — For all people, animals, plants, planets & far beyond the cosmos, itself. For me, I see, hear, smell & feel where I am leaping. That new/next/other reality doesn’t feel any less real than this one. Actually, it often feels more real, because each soul’s essence is really all of that potential, unlimited presence & reality. This so-called reality begins to feel very small, constrained, & contained…& not all that real in many aspects that we’ve been told or educated. The more you leap, the clearer all will become. Again, your quantum muscles are no different than any other muscles: The more you access their strength, power & stamina, the speedier you will know your leaping is creating absolute results & outcomes that will be shown to you again & again. To honor & respect free will, it is best to ask either the person or the soul of the person, plant, animal, etc, if he/she would like such assistance. Whenever energy is utilized or applied for egoic, self-serving ways, those slower, dense frequencies may attract & activate more heavy energies & frequencies. Such quantum leaps could backfire then too, in a sense, back to the person who is investing slow-frequencied intentions. How do you know whether a soul is giving you permission? When you ask, do you feel or intuit resistance? That’s a No. If you don’t get a straight answer, Yes or No, that’s still a No. Free Will means that souls get to be ready when they are for their fully empowered reality; not when you are. Ambivalence means No. Maybe not forever, but for now. And if you override their wish, you’ll probably end up creating more resistance. — For yourself, too. Thus, you may co-create more delay with them. Wait, instead. Be patient. Love on them with all of your gusto in the interim of the quantum leap from their old reality to their new one. Thirdly, you may hear a resounding, “YES!” — Because not only will that soul be responding, but you may also be hearing from his/her Spirit Guides & Angels who very much want their person to live in his/her most powered-up reality. I find it best to ask people if they really want to heal, feel better, land in love, be free of an addiction, etc first. Animals, children & nature tend to really want to feel good as fast as they can; adult humans, on the other hand, can get very attached to their suffering & lack. Maybe they actually love going to the doctor on a regular basis because they’ve equated those ill health visits to love, attention & care. Or deep down they’re still mad at a parent & are afraid they will cast that rage at a new partner…So they’d rather wait on love for now. Or they’re actually enjoying being angry or worried every day & don’t believe peace would give them the same adrenalin fix or sense of purpose. Or feel that their drugs or meds are what hold their power to their peace of mind, health, kindness, creative pursuits, ability to keep going at Mach speed, production, etc. By asking, you honor that they get to feel how they choose to feel. One day if they decide they want to feel more & awaken to more of their awareness, then quantum leaping with them can go full speed ahead, no holds barred.   

“The more we delve into quantum mechanics the stranger the world becomes; appreciating this strangeness of the world, whilst still operating in that which you now consider reality, will be the foundation for shifting the current trajectory of your life from ordinary to extraordinary. It is the Tao of mixing this cosmic weirdness with the practical and physical, which will allow you to move, moment by moment, through parallel worlds to achieve your dreams.” ~ Kevin Michel

8. Write Out & Describe Your Quantum Leap Reality in Full, Juicy Detail. Or Read About One You’d Love First. Then Write Yours.

Pull out a piece of paper — or a notebook if you’re a big, ol’ daring dreamer — & write out Everything you can think that represents your desired reality. Cover all areas of your most ideal reality with as much specific detail as you can. If writing it out in paragraphs seems like too much work, make a list, instead. Just be sure to put your spiciest, lit up words in your list, too. This is about giving yourself permission to see, accept & invest energy right before your eyes in what you absolutely do desire. Describe all in the Now. Ex: “I am living in Hawaii with my hubby & 2 kids.” Maybe your hubby & 2 kids haven’t arrived yet into your life…Or they have & that’s your desired reality with them. Omit any “not _____ “ or “but no ____”, etc. Ex: “I win a million dollars, but no friends bug me for loans & my phone doesn’t ring off the hook with donation requests.” With any “I want this, but I don’t want _____!”, as fast as you’re investing the energy of what you do want, you’re then dipping it all in heavy counter-intentional energy. If you’re not sure what this looks or feels like, think of a time you asked someone if they wanted to join you for something & they went back & forth for so long that you laughed & said, “Forget it. It’s clear you’re really not up for this. No worries.” The Universe receives that same energy read & responds similarly. Catch any negating thoughts as you’re writing out your desired reality. Before computers & the delete button, there was White Out…Imagine carrying it with you & Whiting Out any self-negating statements that you hear in your self-talk…or that you say to anyone else about yourself. Don’t worry; the Universe LOVES all of those papers with White Out atop all of the diminishing, disempowering thoughts, words, & actions. Really. All get A+++ X Infinity. No exaggeration. You may see where you’ve been prohibiting your desired reality to get to you by disallowing it as fast as you’re declaring it. Or even faster. Remember, the Universe only hears, “YES! This!” because wherever your focus goes, energy begins to flow. So deleting & uncreating any lack or limitation thoughts as fast as they arise when you’re writing your reality will already launch you in your quantum leaps.

“Readers probably haven’t heard much about it yet, but they will. Quantum technology turns ordinary reality upside down.”  ~ Michael Crichton

9. Check in with Your Food & Beverages. Hold Them Before You Buy Them. See If Your Quantum Leap Reality Frequency Matches Your Current Nourishment Choices.

“When you view your world exclusively through the lens of science, your prescription will never be strong enough.” ~ Jay Nichols

The more amped up your thought food & body food are to match the frequency of the reality for which you’re aiming, the more effortless & speedier you’ll find your quantum leaps. Hold food & beverages in your hands before you put them in your cart — just as you would shop for clothing, guitars or anything else —  to see if they are going to deplete or invoke energy for you. Everything is energy, as has been proven scientifically time & time again. So hold food & drinks at the grocery store before you buy them; if you feel a “thud” of any kind, you know: The item is probably not going to give you energy for your travels. Spending your money on things that not only don’t amp you up but also cost you your energy is one of those double whammies that won’t add up to your desired reality most likely. It’s not as challenging to sense as you might be thinking right now. It’s really no different than a decision between purchasing a car with a hole in the gas pipe that leaks into your car or one that has a new muffler. You could still buy the car with the gas leak. Is it your desired reality, though, to be bombarded by chemicals getting into your skin, hair & belly? Toxic chemicals, in general, are of a very heavy, dense frequency. Anything that harms or disempowers us, is. So, do yourself a favor. If you’re taking big-time care on what’s going into your mind & how you’re directing it, do the same with the food you put into your bodymind every day. As you get clearer & speedier-frequencied, you won’t even be drawn to any item that doesn’t empower you or amp up your energy. Soon, you’ll start catching yourself thinking that some of those old reality foods don’t even look like food. Because a lot of them aren’t. You’re worth that extra $1 or $3 for the chemical-free, speedier-frequencied version. So is your desired powered-up reality.

“Ironically, many of the institutions that run the economy, such as medicine, education, law and even psychology are largely dependent upon failing health. If you add up the amounts of money exchanged in the control, anticipation and reaction to failing health (insurance, pharmaceutical research and products, reactive or compensatory medicine, related legal issues, consultation and therapy for those who are unwilling to improve their physical health and claim or believe the problem is elsewhere, etc.), you end up with an enormous chunk. To keep that moving, we need people to be sick. Then we have the extreme social emphasis placed on the pursuit and maintenance of a lifestyle based on making money at any cost, often at the sacrifice of health, sanity and well-being.” ~ Darrell Calkins

10. Declare Your Quantum Leap Reality to the Skies, Nature, Plants, & Animals. Watch for Affirmations & Signs. Nature Strives for Optimum Frequency via Peace, Growth, & Vital Life.

Humans have become less & less connected to nature over time & thus, less connected to themselves. Nature resides in all of us. It’s a part of our instincts, chemistry & wellness, just as with all other species. One of the quickest & most-effective ways to clear blocks, physically, mentally & emotionally, is to get out in nature — Literally, getting oneself back to one’s own nature. Scientifically, it’s been shown that even getting outside 20 minutes/day can make the difference for not needing anxiety, anti-depressant or sleep meds. Due to its ability to manipulate light waves, being in electromagnetic radiation activity day in & day out via TV’s, computers, cell phones, gaming systems, radios, etc can deplete energy rapidly. Nature’s frequency, left to its organic state, aligns itself with light & regularly amps itself up with it. Thus, taking ourselves out to it — even if it’s just sitting with our backs to tree trunks — can provide immediate lifts to our own frequencies. Remember looking at clouds when you were a kid & watching for different forms & words in the skies? Did you stop? Why? Raising one’s eyes up has also been scientifically proven to raise mood & mindset. It may have something to do with the frequencies we’re observing, whether we’re currently familiar with them or not, as we look up. Look for signs for your current queries or conundrums. Ask for answers. Note the animals, skies, etc that “happen” to visit you after you send out your questions. Even before you go outside, leap to the reality you desire, i.e. encounters, alone time, specific affirming signs you’re wanting, etc. How many times has nature brought you to stop in your tracks, stand in awe, & breathe? All of that spikes your frequency up. Hasn’t happened lately? Don’t have “time”? That’s not really true. Because you’re leaping where there are no time rules or limitations. And to connect with your quantum world & reality, you will need your nature along for the ride. Besides, all of your instincts on awakened mode by your permission will assist you Everywhere you go…Inside & Outside.       

“All the scientific data suggests that what we perceive has an effect on matter as we view it. We are co-creating this universe as participators. So if we are looking at the smallest sub-atomic particles and/or the edge of the universe we bring about the act of creation just by observing hence we will never find the smallest subatomic particles or the edge of the universe as we are co-creating reality. I can sum up my research by stating that the very act of observation creates reality.”  ~ Gabriel Iqbal

11. Catch & Flip for Your Quantum Leap Reality. Catch any Worry or Anxiety Thoughts. Turn all of Them into their Opposite: To What You DO Want to See Happen. Flip Your Light Switch to On, Instead.

Worry & anxiety are of extremely heavy, slow, near-freezing frequencies: They take our current state & put it in semi-paralyzation mode. Solutions & answers don’t arrive during anxiety & worry; it takes raising our frequency even slightly to say, hope, before an answer to a current worry arrives. Why is this? Because when we place any lock-down on our flow of mindbody energies, we also block the doorway for intuitive messages & potential help from others; those seen or in the unseen. Think about the word, “preoccupy”. It literally means, “seized beforehand”…So your mind space is captured & held. How can anything else occupy or land in that mind space, i.e. resolution, answer, or solution? And since it means “seized beforehand”, then worrying is about expecting the worst — beforehand. Think about how much & what kind of energy is collecting & growing prior to anything actually manifesting, then. It’s sending out the thought that you expect your reality to land badly for you & others. It’s only when we switch up from those frequencies that we will be able to see, hear & sense clearly again in order to receive answers we seek or to which we wish to leap. Until you flip the switch in you up from worry or anxiety, wait to decide anything. Anything you do from or in fear you can look back on & see that you probably wouldn’t have made the same decision if you’d been feeling your absoluteness about it. This is not to say that some leaps might not feel a little scary — especially if you’ve gotten comfortable with thinking that you somehow deserve to remain in lack, limitation, or victim. Before now, you may have thought your day just went along, things & people happened in it, & that you really had little to no say in any of how it rolled. Maybe you even blamed others regularly for things not working out the way you wanted or planned, or for having “a bad day”, week…or years. Well, imagine this: Just thinking about how you are ready for a different reality with a whole lot more fun, joy, peace & Everything conspiring in your favor begins your quantum leap consciousness. You’ve already started! Isn’t that grand? How hard was that? About that “hard” mindset: Everything will be as hard or as fun as you make it. Where did we get into the mindset that only hard work produced results & a reason to be proud??  Hard is another one of those heavy, dense, slow-moving frequencies; fun is speedy. Have you ever made a decision about something that felt really charged up for you & once you did, things just kept falling, almost magically, in place? Whatever & wherever you give your permission, you’re allowing that relationship, career, business, property, location, etc to gather energy for you. Flow is always present because energy always is; it’s whether we allow or resist it with our free will permission that makes the difference in how “hard” or “fun” our leaping realities will be. So, the next time you have a worry or anxious thought, think, “If I were to think the opposite, what would that thought be?” Contrary to what’s been indoctrinated into many of us, worry does not energetically mean or send care; it sends energy to the outcome of what you DON’T want to see arrive for yourself & loved ones regarding love, finances, career, health, etc. It’s literally creating the blueprint & map to a reality you don’t want for yourself & your loved ones. So catch & flip them! For example: “I’m so worried about my friend who was just diagnosed with cancer.” Catch that! Flip it as fast as you can to, “I am seeing my friend healed. I am so happy & grateful for his healing!” Affirming a desired reality in the Now is a super powerful quantum leap. People have healed themselves of cancer without chemo & radiation in 2-3 months. Science has proven that cells can be injured & killed, yet their memory remains. Thus, it makes logical sense that we need to attend to & even alter the slower-frequencied memories that were created & left behind in some way to fully uncreate or clear any malaise or loss of health flow.

“When you view your world exclusively through the lens of science, your prescription will never be strong enough.” ~ Jay Nichols

Every time you catch a worry, anxiety, anger flash, etc & flip it to what you DO want to see happen, you are deleting & uncreating heavy-frequencied memories that could lead to illness, upset, & undesired realities. One day, it will be common knowledge that this is in no way a linear reality where we can do nothing about the past or future while we are in our now realities. We will absolutely know that we can leap into our pasts & clear events, trauma, strife, & much more, creating a very different now. Some of you may have already begun to do this. It doesn’t really make sense that we know that we change our future realities by the thoughts, words, & actions we’re implementing now, & that we can’t do the same with our pasts. Essentially, this is what those working with cellular level healing are doing. And that doesn’t seem so crazy or spooky anymore. Now, we can all do it. As soon as we have the thought that we can & give ourselves permission to clear & amp up, we are. Now. Enjoy your Quantum Leaps!!  Enjoy the knowing that you are one incredible being connected to a whole big bunch of others who are also ready & on it, co-creating their quantum leap realities, too. And when you get those nudges, whether intuitively or logically, to go, go, go, do! Take your exhilarating actions to your desired reality! Remind yourself frequently that you are limitless & infinitely equipped to land any reality you desire. If you are really eager for change fast, there is a beautiful extra way to add quantum leap reality velocity: Express gratitude. Silently, or out loud, it doesn’t matter. There is no greater momentum builder on this planet than gratefulness. It is of a super speedy frequency. Every time you express it, you’re letting the Universe know that you love that which is in your current space & more to match it will arrive. Like vibrational energies do that. Say, “Thank you!” as often as you think of how good you’re feeling. Watch how fast more of your quantum leap reality arrives every time you do. Ready? Set those voracious quantum thoughts firmly, & Go!

“Laughter has got to be the single healthiest activity one can perform. Just think how healthy you would be if you could sincerely laugh at that which now oppresses you. I’ve mentioned before that one good measure of someone’s depth of spirituality is how long it takes before they become offended. Imagine laughing hysterically at the criticisms, complaints and impositions you receive. At the least, you’d be breathing well.”  ~ Darrell Calkins

Much Love & Big Hugs!

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

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