“What Happened to Your Weekly Tune Up?”

Hey, There!

Just wanted to pop by in case we’re not connected on social media & you’re wondering what happened to Your Weekly Tune Up. I haven’t fallen off the planet; though, ssshhh, I may have leapt off & back on it a couple of times by now. Hee, hee.

Have you ever had a strong nudge get a lot stronger suddenly — either by those in or out of form? One day I will share how this nudge was specifically expressed. It was so unexpected, & for days over its direct hit landing, had me busting into laughter. Still does. For now, let’s just say it was impossible to ignore due to its explicit delivery! It will definitely be remembered by yours truly forever! Hey, sometimes you have to get nearly conked on the head by a coconut (or maybe by an Aries loca nut like me?) before you finally say, “Uncle! Uncle!” to those insistent calls, right? So here’s what’s happening!:

Did You See This Coming? My Eyes Were Probably Squeezed Too Tightly Shut For Some Earth Time. Tee, Hee.

Yeah-ya! That’s right! A Book! Ok, feel free, several of you! — Go right ahead & say what you’re thinking: “It’s about time!!” I will just be o’er here giggling. Because this suggestion has not been what you’d call quiet or rare for quite a number of years by some of you. Hee, hee. As soon as those Brilliant Ones in the Quantum say The Book is complete, I give you my word(s) that I will share it! I’m hugely excited about its topic & content! For those who know me, you know I’m all about making any of what I guide, super Earth-tangible! I’m asking those A-list Assistants in the Quantum to help me to create it as such!

I also wanted to share another super fun, up & coming event, slated for July 7th, 2019!:

Woo, Hoo! Yes, I Am Available For These! Thank You!

I am thrilled & honored to be invited for this! As soon as it’s available online, I will share those details, too!

Yes, my Quantum Leaping Angel Talks are still in full (s)wing! No time-outs, there, as they land just too much fun & too many real life results to go on hold! I’ve just recently added 1/2 hour & 1 hour Guided Quantum Leaps Only for those of you who love to get right to it! With these, we jump into the Quantum, dump off the blocks I help you see & we land in your Desired Reality regarding any aspect of your life. Whether it’s about money, love, health, career, purpose, loved ones who’ve passed, etc, we will bust out those blocks & help you jump more & more of your Desired Reality right back into your Now. You may be surprised by how much fun you can have blasting out even unknown blocks so as to live more & more as your Whole, Empowered, Co-creating Self!

Ok! Soooooo…You knew this was coming, didn’t ya!: Tag! You’re it! If you’ve been sensing a nudge to let go to Something that you’re here to serve up to the world, it’s your turn! Consider yourself tagged! Now, you may be thinking, “Ahhh, it’s easy for you! You don’t mind putting yourself out there!” Well, here’s a secret: I’m actually waaaaay more comfortable assisting others to free themselves up to all of their Essential Self gifts, glory & purpose! Putting myself in the spotlight — Not so much! Yep. I’m actually not as “extroverted” as you may think. At some point, though, you may get informed rather loudly & clearly by those in the Quantum that, “It’s not about you! Quit shrinking back or playing smaller or invisible, thinking your light could ever hurt anyone!” Or you hear from a very wise friend, “Many maintain that they are ‘introverted’; thus, they say they can’t show up for certain things. They’re actually using ‘introversion’ as an excuse for being very selfish with their gifts. I know. Because I am very comfortable being quiet & by myself, too; yet, I also know that I’d be being very selfish not to share my purpose with others.” Brilliant, eh?

So you breathe deeply & decide to leap, jumping out of your own way. You then also bounce out of the way of your guides, Angels & loved ones who’ve passed. They love to come through you, too, to assist you in your endeavors. Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a risk-taker. Well, as those in the Quantum gently ask, “Wouldn’t you rather let go to the risk than live a life of just getting by?” That could get very drab & dark after awhile. And what if you are left forever wondering if you could have made that difference in others’ lives to face & walk through their risks, too? You casting off any dimmer switches could absolutely bring others to do the same. Watch carefully what happens, too. The actual risk probably isn’t what is so overwhelming, after all: It’s the resistance in front of it that may be the actual block, eh? Intuit the source of all resistance. Yep. You know it: Fear. Make friends with it & comfort it & you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be your archenemy. You might even end up holding its hand & walking on through with it to the other side where the answer is clear: It’s time to face & love on the fear. So that you can get out of any self-imposed purpose paralysis & keep going. The planet is waiting. You are, too, yes? Take yourself off of the Not Enough Yet bench & choose to get into the I Am All Here game for good. Then we can cheer each other on! And On, On & ON — all of the way — with nothing switched off, asleep, or shelved anymore of your Whole Self. Thank you for allowing yourself to really, really Be. How do you get the courage? Just as the origin of the word, “courage”, cor, means “heart”, then it’s really about deciding to let go to the Real You, right? And determining to dump off anything that is blocking You? Ready, then? Set Your Intentions! And Go! It just takes starting. Start one shelved aspect of yourself today. Remove those Heart & Spirit shackles. Therein lies your actual endless courage. You may be surprised by how much unforeseen momentum gets behind you & with You, too. You are not going this alone. You were born for it. Set Yourself Free for It. Today. Now would be exxxcellent, Yes! After all, it is only in your Now that you actually change your “future”. Oh, yeah, you so can! You know that more than anyone. There is no substitute or replacement for You. Infinity.

Much Love & Big Hugs,
Jeannie Marie & The Quantum Ones

Wings Up!


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