Angel Message in a Dream

Most nights before I sleep, I practice a Kung Fu meditation. I was taught it by a lovely man from Vietnam one afternoon in the middle of his heavily-trafficked store. We’d spoken of his teaching me & one day, after our schedules hadn’t freed up together for a couple of years, he insisted that it was time. He plunked down on the floor of his business, patted the floor next to him & proceeded to show me, as naturally as if we were seated in an ashram. After walking me through it, he asked that I share it with as many as possible due to its healing, empowering benefits.

As Divine Timing would have it, yet quite surprising to me, no customers entered his store during his entire teaching. For me, while I apply the meditation to direct energy to others, it has also launched very vivid dream recall. The Angels love it. They had always given me messages to share with others; now, it is super easy to remember them so that I can write them down word-for-word as soon as I wake up & then share…as they nudged me to do with that one very strongly that morning.

Frequently, the Angels give me messages for those whom I’ve not yet met & far ahead of human time. This particular one in a dream happened 8 days ago. I’ve not yet met this person — at least not this particular lifetime. I didn’t recognize him in my dream…yet. Maybe I will not meet him in the physical. When you read Their words for this gentleman, perhaps something in them will be for you today, too:

“Passionate purpose is not something for which you have to keep practicing or preparing; you just do it. It’s time to do it. You are ready.” ~ The Angels

So if there’s Something that drives you, leads you, pulls you, nudges you & gives you monumental Joy as you share it with others, Just Do It.

No need to hesitate anymore. Just Do It. Your purpose is what you decide. No one — not even your Angels or Source Energy — decide it for you. Once you decide, there’s no need to get all caught up in beliefs or thoughts of hard, exhausting work around it. Or that it will require studying & researching for years, getting a degree in it, etc. Imagine me attempting to get a college degree in what I do…Tee, hee. In fact, whatever ushers all of that “hard, heavy work” for you isn’t exactly your purpose. The one exception of when it could be very, very hard is: You have old messages & tapes playing, believing life is hard work & that you aren’t worth as much if you produce, share & achieve in Joy. So you make it hard for & on yourself. If that doesn’t feel so great, you know what to do. You get to change your perception & thoughts at anytime — any year, month, or moment. In talking with Angels, spirit guides, & those beloveds who’ve passed, the last thing in the world they want you to believe is that you have to suffer or do hard, hard work to live your purpose. The freer you feel, the more joy you radiate & spark, the more energy you actually have. And That — That Fireworks display & sonic-barrier busting out of You & your Spirit — Is Your Purpose. This is not to say you won’t invest mountains of energy into your purpose. Or that you’ll be done with your purpose at 5 p.m. Or on Friday with 2 days off between. But this I know with Absolute Certainty: When you’re on your purpose, you will experience seemingly unending reservoirs of energy…The kind that keep your mind riveted on how you can serve your purpose bigger & reach more people, animals, the planet, etc.  So decide what It is. And then let no one talk you out of it, tell you it can’t be done, etc. How can you not do You??  Of course you can! No one else is what You Are.  Just because they’re not ready to do what they came here to do & be, doesn’t mean that or they need stop you. Those closest in? Or your biological family? Yep. They may understand it even less than people you hardly know. Or are just meeting. No worries. Just keep going. Just Do You. In It, you will Know you have landed in Just Being, too. And then no matter what is happening “out there”, you will be affecting with all of the best you possibly ever could. There is no other way you could be more powerfully impacting than You remaining steadfastly lit up, amped up, & powered up as… You. 

I Believe in You. Infinity.

Wings Up!

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

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