11:11… Are You Truly Helping to Empower or Disempower Another?

11:11… To your knowing of whether extending your hand will truly help empower or disempower another in his/her current reality choices. Your gut & intuition are always on, so check in. Ask, “If I help, will my assistance lead to a more powered up life for this person, or does it just stick a band-aid of rescue & enabling onto his/her chosen patterns of self-sabotage?” There is much programming that “being loving” means running to rescue others when they are in the midst of their own chosen victim habits, patterns, & addictions. Actually, the most unloving thing we can do is substantiate others’ disempowerment by standing in their self-deception & illusion with them, nodding along with the complaining, excusing, & defending downward spirals. If we decide to rescue, we contribute to their disempowerment, too. That’s no different than adding sugar to a gas tank that already has water in it. It only adds to more — & often more intense — challenges down the road for them. So, instead, consider sending the intentions of love, peace, ease, etc via your best thoughts. See them facing their mirror square on & discovering that their Truth will not debilitate or destroy them. That, by looking towards themselves with open, clear eyes, they get to experience how it leads to the most freedom they may have ever felt or known in their life. You might be surprised by how, when people are finally allowed to fall all of the way down with their disempowering choices & repercussions, they actually don’t. They finally can get a glimpse that it is on them to change things up. That they do have a say & that they can create differently whenever they decide. Until they begin to love themselves, they can’t perceive your gestures as love, anyway. Your help becomes just a temporary “fix” until they create the next “problem” or drama right into their lives. Depending upon what you were told love is, it may feel a bit awkward or mean to quietly retreat at first during such disempowering performances. Just remember that every single soul arrived with his or her power all of the way on. The most beneficial action we can take is to keep reminding each other that we can & get to reconnect all of the way to our own power again, whenever we each decide. Already know what the most powerful energy is on the planet? Yep. It’s love. Not rescuing. Or enabling. Or ignoring, denying or covering for. Those just make a victim out of you, then, too. Because, as science has shown, no unlike vibrations or frequencies can hang together for very long before one has to shift to the other. And if the recipients of your giving have no intentions of empowering themselves in their current reality, you will be the one to join them in that very slow frequency of victim. What does it feel like? It shows up as doubt, confusion, second-guessing, hopelessness & a vast amount of stuckness. Statements such as, “Well, change is hard.”, “It is what it is.”, “I don’t have a choice”, “It’s hereditary.”, “I’ve got my dad’s/mom’s/grandmother’s/dog’s genes.” & other self-negating comments are the norm. For the sake of demo-ing how one’s power can get projected onto anything & everything outside of ourselves, the dog was mentioned. Tee, hee. Because it can get to that level of cop-out. Helping a person who chooses steadily to remain a victim feels like dumping your energy into an immense, insatiable vacuum. What happens when you extend your hand to those who are actively choosing to empower themselves further & further?  You will probably feel a hike in your own energy. Why? Because those who know they are co-creating everything, don’t take or expect to take others’ energy when they are being assisted. The main difference, then? Co-creators give & receive — & often give of their energy & essential nature simultaneously while they are receiving. Those who choose to be victims of the lives they’ve created for themselves, give (& sometimes not) & take. They take & take & take. Big-time. They may return your gestures & favors with a bit of water from that hamster dropper; however, it is often on their terms, schedule & frequent need for you to stop your life for them. There is no stronger ego than in that of a victim mindset. At times, they will even offer you generous gifts; however, note that those gifts are really “If’s”. — IF you continue to rescue or enable, then the gifts arrive. That pattern connects you to a distant relative of love, & really, it isn’t love at all. If you bow out to attend to your own life, the communications lessen. Or those that arrive have that oh-so-familiar acidic flavor of, “I am bent on making you feel guilty for not rescuing me.” — Even sent to you by their “friends”. Because victims tend to run with victims. It’s the like vibe, frequency thing. How can you get off those hooks? Decide to do so. Know that when you do, you really are acting in the most amount of love possible. There is nothing more unloving than holding people to their small, ego-driven lives by constantly seeing & attending to them there. And there is nothing more loving than showing up & assisting when they are ready to stand up, step up, & move forward with their own power. Most importantly, this world is in a massive awakening. There is much call for being actively involved in being a part of the re-empowerment designing, collaborating & co-creating. You in your full-on power are needed to assist in this great quantum leap for humanity, the animals & the entire planet’s care. With your decision to return to & remain on with your power, you will reach & assist 10’s of 1,000’s. No joke or illusion. You probably wouldn’t be reading this right now if you weren’t already hearing the call to stand in your Big Truth, too. What is your Big Truth? It’s your Essential, Original Self in all of your unlimited, infinite glory. It’s you prior to form & any conditioning or programming that may have convinced you that you have any limits or that you are lacking in any way. It’s you knowing when to extend your hand with help that empowers, or not at all. Because all of that 0 victim quantum is You. And You Are It. So, let go of all beliefs or thoughts that said your love was here to let others take, take, & take from you. Let in your new inspired ideas straight from the Knowing of your Essential, Original Self. That your love is your superpower. And rather than help hold anyone down in their limiting & lack beliefs, it truly came with you to only — only — help empower. Wings Up, hey!

You Are Wondrous.

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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Extending a Hand Through the Skies



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