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If #1 called to you, this is for You!

Additional Messages From The Quantum:

Hooo weee & wowza, Ladies & Gentleman! It appears that quite a number of people in form on the Earth plane are believing they cannot change their present undesired circumstances. That they have committed to contracts, leases, jobs, careers, marriages, partnerships, etc for which there is no exit or early termination, regardless of the misery or disempowerment they & others are living because of their perceived “obligation”. Etymology of the word, obligation? Yep: “Binding”. That they feel their hands are tied, are locked in, “have no choice”, or are opting for some other self-limiting beliefs. First, those in the Quantum are clear: The only person that can ever have you absolutely imprisoned or stuck is yourself. There is always a way through & out. Second, that it can be a very handy excuse or cover up to tell oneself that there is no other way at this time. It requires no letting go to the desired life change you say you want. Third, complaining may seem to be a way to get one’s voice heard; however, it tends to get very little to shift. In fact, there may be no other greater distraction from one’s purpose & presence than to decide to stay in the complaining mode & remain a victim of one’s life. Projecting your power outside of yourself in this way leads you very far & fast away from your Essential Self. You are not a victim of any situation unless you allow yourself be. Nelson Mandela is popping in from the Quantum with the reminder:

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” ~ Nelson Mandela

And from a physical prison — a wings’ clipping many could not even imagine — Mr Mandela remained free inside himself. How do we know? He never projected his own power for feeling badly or good outside of himself, even during those extreme prison circumstances. He didn’t wait to be physically free of those walls & cell to be truly free. You don’t need to wait, either. There’s no waiting in Aisle 1 & Only You. The leap for you this week, then? Decide that you’re not letting the gimmicks you’ve created, i.e. distractions & excuses, keep yourself in the drab & muck. That to keep operating with them, as “rational” & “logical” is already feeling rather crazy for you. Or maybe you feel as if you’re going out of your mind holding steady to that which is void of life for you. You can definitely justify & validate any decision as “reasonable”. However, it may be time to ask for whose reasons are you living what you are. If those “reasons” are bringing you to feel captured in a life you partially dislike or maybe even wholly hate, are you really in charge of your own life? Who might be? If you’re sticking to your current reality because of what you think others around you want, question whether your unhappiness is really what they would truly want for you. And are you sure it’s for them? No one gains anything from anyone else being in misery, depression, anxiety, stress, or other slow frequency state. If you’re unhappy, you’re not radiating an impact that will help others leave limitations behind. If children are watching you hold tightly to your self-directed limitations, they may begin to believe they have them or must have them, too. That it’s, “Just the way life is.” While you may have been taught or heard often that sacrifice is a part of life, think of those who stated this “fact” to you. Have they been living their peace & joy all of their lives?  Or have they had many “reasonable explanations” for why they didn’t get to live their dreams? Just as with reasoning, it is possible to explain every choice towards being or remaining powerless, too. So what’s your Essential Self & Quantum somewhat exclaiming for you this week? And maybe not just “somewhat”? Tee, hee. To build your new, cozy, awesome, loving, peaceful, exhilarating nest & soul home from which you will be able to awaken & truly fly, it is time to blast out those self-imposed blocks! Yessss!! Catch your thoughts every time you have one that resembles, “I can’t do anything about this; it’s just the way it is.” Is it? Your Essential Self says the truest statement is, “It’s just the way I create it.” The split second you can recognize that you, indeed, create it all, is when you immediately begin to face & own it. And then you’ll decide if you, with your own free will, accept & agree to keep it the way it is or allow for the leap. Draw back those fingers pointing outward to anything “out there” that you thought was causing your unhappiness & revel in your knowing that only you have the power with your joy & peace. Or any other feeling or thought. See all that already exists that can make its way to you now because you decided to let it in. The more you can acknowledge & appreciate what you do love in your now, even if it’s as simple as having hot water for a shower or a coffee or tea to drink, the faster all that you desire can & will arrive. You can’t get to joy from absolute misery. First, recognition & the feeling of those joy aspects are necessary. Why? Because misery & joy are opposite end frequency states, & without allowing in one or the other, they cannot be. It’s not about you having to manifest anything, either. All is already here. It’s about whether you can let what your truly want in or not. And you have to want the joy more than the misery. Sounds ridiculous? That everyone would pick joy? Nope. Not if the misery is feeding or validating some belief or thought for those choosing it over happiness. Choosing? Yes. As loved ones who’ve passed often share, they wished they would have known that Everything is a choice. Every thought & every feeling. And every reaction or response to them. No matter how buried or hidden the choice was to be perceived as, “The way it is.”, it always exists. So if you knew in the end, (or when you see your life movie review), that deciding in favor of your joy would serve so big, would you go for it?  Why not choose differently Now, instead, then? Because your joy does serve absolutely Everyone. And Everything. Imagine That Immeasurable Blessing from You by simply allowing your Real Deal Happiness. Now Imagine That lasting for Infinity. Because It Does. All you have to do is Decide. That You Get To Be Here as You. Yes, You Do. It’s Your Birthright. Let yourself leap through to this. To. You.

The Quantum

If #2 lit up for you, this is Part 1!

Additional Messages From The Quantum:

Have you been feeling a bit blocked in your love life? Are you sensing that there might be something a bit stuck or rigid in your perspective that is calling for more flexibility or letting go? Or  that in order to let in the big love you desire, that there may even be a need to completely dump off of old tapes regarding love relationships? That maybe those squashing, half mast dream beliefs or thoughts about love aren’t really yours somehow? And that they’re not really serving to bring you closer to the magic you know, from your Essential Self’s unlimited perspective, does so exist? You’re correct. Any limiting love ideas were not yours originally. Somewhere you saw or heard others downplaying, belittling or condemning “how love is”. You began to believe it requires “hard work”, “sacrifice”, or “giving up some things”. What? Why? When love — when it’s really love — expands things? It’s un-love that decreases or diminishes. In order to live the big love you imagined possible (before you were convinced it was fantasy or illusion), your Essential Self is suggesting that some holds need to be released on your end. Maybe you’re thinking, “But, wait! I’m ready for this! I love Love! It’s just that it keeps showing up & disappointing me! It never lasts! Because people are jerks! Or they turn out to be! Super exciting at times & then it just thuds out!” Or, “Well, we had so much magic at the beginning; the love seemed so strong. However, my mate isn’t what I thought. He (or she) needs to change & isn’t going to do so. He (or she) isn’t showing up for me how I need & will never get there. I was warned it would be this way by my (Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Uncle, Teacher, Therapist, Sister, Classmate, Friend, etc).” Stop. Catch yourself. You’re starting on one channel of fun & thrill & then switching to a channel of yuck & over & out — literally choosing the swing of your own programming pendulum. However you declare it is or will be is what has to show up for you. You paint the picture & the picture then arrives as you created or are creating it.

The Finito for #2

The further you go down the rabbit hole to catch any counter-intentional thoughts, the more you will see that those minimizing screens of love were never yours to begin. Soon, you may even hear the voices of the people who told you that love wasn’t all that grand. And that you shouldn’t expect too much. Or that your expectations are too high. Or that “Oh, that’s just young love; it’s different when you get ‘older'”. Or that, “That wild in love feeling you have at the beginning doesn’t last.” Or, “Oh, it’s normal that the magical feeling goes away.” Or, or, or. Who says? You don’t have to carry those low-light torches or dimmer switches forward unless you want to do so. By observing where you have yourself caught in expecting less than, you can uncreate those lack-filled thoughts that may be paralyzing your love leaps. By removing the clouds, you will allow for much more clarity, too. Your discernment for what you truly desire can then broaden its brush to include all of the aspects; thus, rather than having your watering bowl of counter-intentions dumping & washing them out in waves before they can meet your creating mind, your true desires get to land & be in your planting fields. Your leap, then, from your Essential Self’s perspective this week? Check your love perceptions as they arise in your thoughts to see if they’re really serving what you Do desire in a love relationship. If they’re counter-intentional in any way, declare with enthusiasm & determination, “Delete!” Or “Backspace & rewrite!” Then, inject what you DO desire back out to the Universe so that It can be created with you, instead! If you hear yourself saying, “Yeah, but ____ (whatever negating love thought stream), quickly remind yourself that you’re counter-intending yourself & that you’d like to restate it so that you create what you do want, instead. Be light with yourself as you ride the roller coaster with those racing thoughts & beliefs. Laughing shifts your frequency faster than most any other action you take. So laugh & hug that somersaulting mind that gets a bit mixed up sometimes due to past love lack recordings from others. You get to record your own version. With all of your own preferred tracks & lyrics. Can you expect too much of Love? How? It is, in its real live state, Infinite. As Are You. So dump off those old broken, scratched records. If you’re a re-user, you can always make a mobile of any & all of those past limiting love beliefs, and let the wind blow away all of that lack illusion. Tee, hee. See what I did there? Yep. You can transmute anything, just as Snake does. Everything dark can become light & all music serves. Just have to remember that you’re the composer of it all. Especially when it comes to your Love. Let It Be. I mean, really Be. That means, BIG! Because if you hold it back, second-guess, hedge, block, or predict its disintegration or ending, it will meet you there. Open wide. Yes, that will be necessary. If you partially open, only a partially open Love can walk through to you. If you let yours be of the Magnificence that It Is — All of the Way, Opened Wide — then It, that grandly, will be able to meet you there. Here. Yes. Anything else wasn’t really your scrunched, clenched or gripped belief originally, anyway. Expansion Is. Or you wouldn’t be here ready to do it with your Essential Self cheering you on today. By the way, Love, when it’s allowed to be together, doesn’t add as one plus one; it actually multiplies exponentially & heals & transforms forwards & backwards through all of your current & concurrent existences. So you can imagine how powerful & Big it can actually get if you open & let It. Even Bigger Than That. Grand openings are exciting to see, hey? As they can be to direct & play, too. By You & Your Allness. Let go to your whole Love & you will let others who wholly Love to love you, too. Kabamb! We just heard another piece of the limiting, “protective” (re: defensive, deflecting love) armor fall away! Yay, you! You are making way. For All of You. Then, Everything Can Happen. And will. And Is. P.S. We love your bold courage. Keep on, Keeping On, Brave, Resolute One! We can see your grand heart openings from here…

The Quantum

If #3 nudged you, this is Part 1!

Additional Messages From The Quantum:

Have you been feeling a bit reclusive about your essential gifts, talents, vision, creative pursuits &/or insights? That by the human responses (or lack, thereof), you’ve been feeling inclined to hide away a bit? Has it seemed that, regardless of the amount of energy you’re investing, your offering is just not being received in the way you thought it might? That retreating to be a secret agent for it all could feel a bit better & not so disappointing? Ahhh…Yes, we’re noting that many in the collective are facing this currently. Pioneers do need to take breaks to restore & refill their vessels, especially when they may not be receiving a return on their energy output. It’s in the stillness that brand new creative insights & directional cues can reach you most easily, so the quiet is ultra powerful, as well.

And the Finito of #3.

So in this quietly stepping back, what is your Essential Self nudging as the leap for you? Consider that this time is for checking in to see where your own beliefs & thought streams may be getting in the way of your receiving. Have you been muscling through, taking all kinds of Earth action, while, perhaps, leaving your own trust in your desired outcomes behind? Has your own faith in your creations waned a bit due to perceived weak return on your energy investment? Have you had irritating or frustrating thoughts that maybe the world isn’t ready for what you’re serving? Do you have any counter-intentional thoughts that resemble, “This just isn’t happening! I must have to do something else. Something more.” All of those thoughts go out to the Universe as, “I must not be enough. I am not enough.” And then not enough keeps showing up. How do you leap to more than enough? Get grateful. Gratitude & lack cannot exist together. One is pure abundance & the other has none. Yeah, it can seem so buggy or maybe even fake to come up with things for which to be grateful when you’re not feeling it; however, as long as you stay in, “Not happening.” mode or frequency state, nothing can. Or anything that does won’t last, because your mirror reflecting out is saying it doesn’t belong in your world of perceived here & there lack. Soooo tired of the lack? Start by doing anything that registers that you are open to receiving on your end, i.e. caring for your body, mind & Spirit. If anything feels like more talking yourself out of your gifts, beating yourself up or criticizing yourself for anything in any way, catch it & stop it. Get outdoors in nature. Whatever stills the put-down chatter in your mind, do that. Get active to get the blocks out of the body as well as the mind. The brain, after all, is throughout the body; not just in the head. Doing something physical can help loosen & clear the blocked energy passageways. All stuckness, emotional or physical, is blocked energy. Meditate. Get on a slide or swing on a playground. Doodle. Draw with no plan in mind. Bring home the most gigantic box of crayons or acrylics available. According to those in the Quantum, the fastest way through depression, anxiety, stress, or other super slow frequency states that can feel like energetic paralysis is to get creating. Often, it can be most helpful to have no idea(s) as to what to create. Just allow your Essential Self to lead you. If you derive joy, peace &/or comfort connecting with your Angels, Guides & Loved Ones who’ve passed, ask them to help direct your creative endeavors, too. With their big picture view, they’ll only select paths that match you exquisitely. Getting your juices flowing will buoy your belief . It can even invoke your absolute Knowing that you are on your most right path for the 1-of-a-kind Soul that you are. Those in the Quantum are piping in right now: Due to your evolution, your audience will change, as well. Perhaps you are in the middle of a leap of this nature in which your new recipients haven’t found you, yet; or they have & will approach in their own Divine Timing. Just stay vigilant about any counter-intentional thoughts that can reduce your momentum in the direction of your Desired Reality. They can water down your best efforts, washing out the colors of your offerings. And they can definitely flip your receiving magnet to its opposite, where you end up repelling that which you most desire. If you get really quiet, you may even hear those in the Quantum cheering you on. Or your Essential Self. Because when you are doing & being what you came here to be & do, those who really get you will always encourage, support, & receive you. And guess what? Those in the Quantum never lie. It’s only on the Earth plane that people lie because they believe they can “lose” something. Those in the Quantum know they are connected to the Infinite Allness & Everything, so there’s no such thing as “losing” anything. Thus, if you want to know if your endeavors are to be kept on, ask those in the Quantum while bypassing any potential naysayers or well-meaning doubters in form on the Earth plane. Those “invisible” fans will never talk you out of your purpose. And they’re really good at helping you to believe in & know…You. How do they sound? Or look? Much like those wide open faces & eyes who greeted you in form when you were first born: Absolute Acceptance. Awe. Wonder. Thrill. And Pure Love. Yep. Leap to see yourself through the eyes of your child self to renew that marveling gaze. Remember your wonder. Especially all of it for you from those original others. We’re still in absolute wonder of You here. Please keep going with your stealthy, dedicated self. When you feel exhausted, stop. Restore. And during the rest, listen to yourself to hear where you may be holding yourself back from receiving. Leap to the Quantum & ask us or your Essential Self for clues. You may be astonished to find out that you’re holding onto old contracts that may not have even been yours; you just signed them over to you too help out a parent or other loved one, thinking it would lessen or lighten their lack experiences. Dump off any of those lack contracts; let them transmute back to light. This will only amp up your planet. Thank you for Everything you’re doing to make such a difference. Please let yourself receive, too. It’s essential to your whole well-being & to all who are watching, so that they know to do so, too. We are glad to see your Earth’s people shifting their perspective on the importance of valuing all beings in all kinds of endeavors & purposes. You are on the leading edge of this. So your busting through those ancient lack beliefs is serving far more than yourself. Ask for support. Invite in assistance. You are nowhere near alone in all that you’ve undertaken. Ask. Open. And then please let yourself Receive, Receive, Receive, Brilliant One.


The Quantum


And there it is, straight from your Essential Self & Quantum to you! Feeling guided to receive some assistance in your Quantum Leaping & connect stronger to your Essential Self & maybe even your Guides, Angels & Loved Ones, too? I am thrilled to help you face & dump off any lack, limitation & resistance blocks so that you can leap all of your Desired Reality’s greatest dreams into your Now! Let’s book your Quantum Leaping Angel Call!

Happy Leaping!

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!