Your Weekly Tune Up For March 19-March 25, 2019!

Hey There! Ready to play Attune to You to receive your messages from the Quantum? Simply:

💥💛💥💫 Focus on a question, wish, or concern you have right now in your Current Reality for your *Essential, Original Self. Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 (below) to reflect its theme & message (base card). Your Essential Self’s recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is right there for you, too! Have Fun With Your Endless Lands of Possibility!💥💛💥

*This is your (Energy) Self prior to any form that is connected to your Infinite, Is-ness & All-ness existence(s). It is your Quantum Self that knows no lack, limitation, or resistance.

If More Than One Number Pops Out For You, That’s Great, Too!

Do you have your number(s) that your gut intuition nudged to you? Then just scroll on down to the number(s) you selected to see what your Essential Self’s messages are for you this week!

If #1 Called to You, This Is Part 1 from the Cards’ Books.

Have you been knowing that something’s gotta give? Something has got to change for you? Maybe you’re at the finish line where you know that it has to change inside of you first. Aaahhh…A tricky tracky nudging fierce path it has been, perhaps, to get you to your here & now? Well, first, we want you to know that we are never testing or tricking you. That’s what those in form do to themselves as some kind of intense checks & balances practice, it seems. We would actually recommend that you don’t “work at it so hard” or “push yourself” in that dreading, begrudging way. Because you just end up adding more resistance than letting go to what you absolutely do desire to live. When you push (against) yourself, you counter-intend any fluid letting in or allowing of that which you do desire. You block others who may be able to assist you in your ease & flow, as well. It’s really ego that keeps you pushing so hard. What if you considered that it’s just time to shed some unwanted layers that are causing dams in your life? That you can simply let go of that old skin that no longer fits you at all. Imagine how easily your life could change from here on out. What if each time it felt so stuck, unfulfilling & unhappy, you just knew that it was time to let something go again that wasn’t keeping up with your transmuting frequency? We would say that the more stuck you feel, the more you are gripping, holding & attempting to remain in control of that old skin or old life that no longer is you. Maybe you are feeling that those around you are not being straight up or honest with you. That you have noticed quite a bit of disguise or deception in your periphery that may be really bugging you right now. You have been wondering, “What’s real here?! I don’t even feel very real anymore!” Even if you have been clutching furiously to that old-skinned life, you may still be awakening to a sense of falseness via those “other people” projections. You have very cleverly planted them in front of your eyes, heart & mind. Then, you could clearly see where you are holding yourself in some very strong illusion, rather than let yourself move forward in the direction of your very real Desired Reality.

#1’s Part 2 from The Cards’ Books.

How does it feel when those in form hold themselves in illusion or a life that is not true for them? We see it show up as illness, upset, depression, anxiety, insomnia, dis-ease, addictions & often much emotional and/or physical pain. Deciding to live your truth in all areas that are important to you frees you from all of that. What’s the leap your Essential Self is sending to you this week, then? Consider that by allowing yourself to shed one or more aspects of your current life, that you will be able to drop in & catch faster & faster where you are letting anything remain that isn’t you. Anything that doesn’t feel good is a signpost. If you don’t listen to you, those signposts will get as blazing bright as flashing neon directional cues. They’re all doing their best to lead you back to you. What do we mean? Any nagging, recycling, or intermittent pains or illnesses are there on behalf of you. They are akin to the fearful stray or rescue dog or cat who shows up at a significant passage of your journey to receive your attention & tender, loving care:  They are there to reflect back to you that it is time to love yourself all of the way. — Even before you let yourself shed your old ways that feel to be drowning, suffocating, shackling or choking you, yes.

“There’s no matter here you can’t re-matter into love.” 
Laurie Perez

The more you face yourself with full throttle honesty regarding what has to go in order for you to allow yourself to live in joy & peace, the more you will note that more & more super authentic, very alive people keep entering your life. And the faster & faster you will recognize when you fall any distance away from your most real, alive life. The shedding will keep getting easier. You won’t fear the change(s) as much, as you’ll know that they’re really all there for you for better & better & more & more fun. One day you may even laugh with any illusion you discover for which you are masking or diminishing yourself. We recommend it. Laughing, that is. It shifts your frequency up faster than most actions of your planet. It’s not about getting harder, heavier & darker on yourself because you’re holding some kind of quiet (or loud) lie over yourself. Illusion isn’t a flaw. Or a weakness. It’s simply not You. Catching & casting it out is merely de-cluttering You. It need not be all of that “hard work” of which so many in form speak. Do little kids think of allowing change & letting go of what isn’t their desired reality as so much hard work? Not until the adults around them tell them that it has to be that way. Otherwise, little tykes think, “This isn’t fun for me. I’m going to go over there & do that, instead.” And they don’t believe they “should” stay where they are, unhappy, or that they don’t deserve to be happy — until an adult tells them otherwise. If you are thinking you have no clue today what it would take for you to be happy, see that you have piles & piles of what’s not you on top of you. You’re just far away from the answers currently because you have been doing what isn’t You for a very long time. Start dumping off those piles by allowing yourself to shed what doesn’t feel good, one by one. This is where it does call for being really, really honest with yourself. If you can de-clutter closets of that which no longer serves you or is actively being applied within your life, you can de-clutter you with such lightening thrill & vigor, too. If you have overstuffed shelves, closets, refrigerator(s), garage, etc, then you know it’s high time to release it all so that you can rediscover You! Those buffers you carried to avoid or deny You no longer have anything to do with what you most desire. What might that be? To just be, do & live You! The call is loud, hey? And we’re with you all of the way. We’re just glad you heard & answered! We can’t wait to see you accept & embrace Extraordinary, Real, Epic You! Let Go & Leap, Dear One. Your Ever-lovin’, Infinite Truth of You Is: You.

The Quantum 

Did #2 Light Up for You? This Is #2’s Part 1 from the Cards’ Books.

Are you feeling caught between this way or that way with a decision? Do all options seem ambiguous or not quite it? When you visualize potential outcomes, do the results seem unclear or not that exciting? If you close your eyes & look where the light is brightest for you either way, does it seem that all has a bit of a dimmer switch in place? Your Essential Self suggests waiting, then. It’s either not the best timing or you don’t really desire it all of the way to see it through, yet. All information may just not have been revealed to you or you may not be seeing the big picture of it all for you at this time. Consider something for which you know you’d say, “YESSS!” without one breath of a hesitation. We suggest something that you feel would free up your life in various ways, i.e. a sudden, surprise large cash deposit in your bank account. A free trip to anywhere in the world. Or to the moon. Another day off in your week for more play. More energy to invest in your favorite physical, artistic or creative activity. The opportunity to see & talk with a beloved who has passed over a cup of coffee, beer, wine or your favorite reuniting beverage &/or food. If any of those give you pause, cast them out. Stick to the ones for which it would be an absolute, certain, “YESSS!!!” Now, return to the decision you are thinking you must make. If there’s not that strong, uninhibited answer sailing through your mind, consider waiting to make it. This prevents your ego from pushing you into something that you really don’t want. Or maybe it’s just too scary right now. Ego loves to keep those in form very small, too. Maybe you just need more Earth time to let yourself expand into more of your certainty & confidence. Or you’re feeling guided to follow some signposts outside of your own thinking & ruminating.

“Sometimes the only way for me to find out what it is I want to do is go ahead and do something. Then the moment I start to act, my feelings become clear.” 
― Hugh Prather

#2’s Part 2 from the Cards’ Books.

So what’s the leap this week from your Essential Self regarding this? Yes, do watch for signs outside of yourself — especially if or when you feel doubt & fear around it. We recommend checking in & allowing yourself to face whether you’re a) afraid or b) knowing it isn’t it for you. How can you tell? Fear gets things foggy & stuck; knowing is that voice that says, “It isn’t for me.” Even if there’s fear disguising itself as knowing, then the knowing will still be honest & say, “Yeah. I’m just afraid of all of the unknowns.” Or, “It feels like I’d fail in it right now; so I’d rather wait until I could leap into it with more knowledge, strength & perseverance.” All good. It’s ok to be afraid. It’s ok to let your knowing lead you, too. You may see some straight up signs this week if you let go of having to figure it out. There may be some hilarious indicators that bust in as you open to such assistance. Ever have a book title, magazine headline or online article give you an answer in just a few succinct words? Or have a song pop on the radio, in a store or into your head that you may not have heard for quite some time — with just the most direct, clearly stated message for you? Think it’s silly to listen to such guidance? How does such guidance arrive? You actually call it in by inviting or asking for it. It’ll show up in the form that is easiest for you to receive & that you’ll be least likely to doubt or negate. Thus assists & attends to you, your Essential Self. If you’re open to your Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones who’ve passed & Quantum, they’re all doing the same. No, you’re not being hard-headed if you don’t get their messages. Hard-headed, to us, is when you hear, see, feel, or sense the messages & decide that you’re going to stay unhappy & stuck according to your ego’s direction & diminishing, instead; however, you’re still not “wrong” or “doing it wrong”. It’s just that you may not be trusting yourself or your guides’ communications with you right now. Or that you deserve much more & much better. They won’t give up on you, though. Ever. There’s nothing that you’ve done, are doing or will do that would cause them to go — unless you want them to do so; they won’t override your free will. So this week, ask for signs of your best win/win answer regarding your decision. They may not make sense, add up, or seem to pertain at first; jot them down & then glance back at the end of your week. Sometimes, putting all of them together creates the jigsaw puzzle where, when it’s finished, the sky is indubitably formed & clear for you. How can you receive the most signs? Ask. Then Open. And Receive. You have to let them in to receive them. Sounds too obvious? Do you remember everything you drove or walked by today? The details of the trees & which kinds of birds flew over? What sounds you heard every hour? Aaah…  Yep. It’s about getting really present & turning down the volume of any message-overriding distractions. You might be amazed by how loudly you hear & brightly you see your decision sail in. It may almost seem as if it was made for you. And that your next action regarding it is rather easy & simple. That’s your Knowing rising up. Because you’re letting it be. Just as we’re asking you. To Just Be. That’s where the magic happens & the answers abound. Thus, first come back to you all of the way. Then you’ll know your decision. There’s no more beneficial space to be in to make any decision or receive any signs than — You. Ready? Look at your decision now. Is there a Yes! sign in front of it? Or maybe a, “Not Yet”, “Not Sure” or “Nope” sign in front of it? Close your eyes if it helps. You can just go on whether that Yes sign is there or not, too. It’s really the easiest indicator as it will always steer you towards what will feel good & best to you. And there’s no better map than that for moving towards living all of the aspects of your desired reality. Doubting whether what’s felt good to you has been in your soul’s best interest? No matter. Your soul doesn’t judge or condemn you. All of it is for evolution as you chose when you arrived. You get to do it your way. There’s no wrong way. How’s that for freedom in your decision-making? Yep. You’re free. You can’t get it wrong, nor can you fail. You just keep gaining ground & upgrading as you go & grow. Enjoy it, hey! We love it when you remember that you’re infinite & that you can actually decide in favor of it all. And especially in favor of You. We do. Always & Forever. Yes.

The Quantum

Were You Nudged to #3? This Is Part 1 from the Cards’ Books.

Have you been noticing some subtle or intense changes in how you’re looking at your life, others or yourself? Have some points of focus that seemed so dire & prevalent in the past now taken a back seat to some new areas of intrigue &/or urgency? Does some of that which had so much precedence even a year ago seem unimportant or even a distraction away from where you feel so nudged to go now? Are different aspects than ever before catching your attention? You might even swear that they’re seeming to light up while other past needs or wants are almost blurring back & away from you? Awesome salsa, you! You have been in an adventure of more awakening to your awareness. Your awareness is always on, by the way; you determine how awake you decide to be for it. Maybe some of it leading up to now you would describe as “painful”, “hard”, or “excruciatingly frustrating”. Now you’re ready to let yourself follow your guidance with more ease, peace & flow. From our Quantum perspective, we see that it isn’t the awakening that is actually so incredibly tough for those in form; it is all of the resistance to the awakenings. Did you know that a synonym for “tough” is actually “resistant”? And that “inflexible” & “rigid” are synonyms for “hard”?  Tee, hee. You know more about where you put yourself than you think you do with your Earth word descriptions for your own experiences, hey? You may have been noticing that as you listen to & observe yourself with more kindness, acceptance, compassion & care, you feel compelled to see & treat many more others with the same. That you’ve found that by yielding all of that pushing, smashing & rushing on yourself, the achievements & successes you desire are actually growing by leaps & bounds in your life. Maybe you’ve even thought, “Man, I just feel like getting to loving on people & stripping away all of the pretense & filters that just diminish it! People who know me are going to think I’m drunk, hopped up on pills, or stoned all of the time!” Yeah, that’s what many who let their physical form vessels be conduits for their divine guidance often feel at first. — Only it’s different in that the action & intention are not applied as an “escape from”; rather it activates a “returning to”, as we see it. You may not be able to look at the store cashier, DMV clerk, CEO, restaurant server, doctor, police officer, or gas station attendant in the same way as you did in the past. The more you look, the more you’ll see & the less “us” & “them” you will perceive. The division & separation from you to others will continue to drop away as you let yourself move through your weeks as a soul; rather than a personality that gets triggered by a line, title, slower frequency state, etc. Ever noticed someone on a bus, in a store, on the street, in rush hour traffic, etc who was visibly upset & acting out from that state? Have you ever decided to just send peace? Or calm? Or, “It’s going to be alright.”? You might be thinking, “Ha! No! I just thought, ‘What a jerk!'” Or some other more pronounced Earth word. Hee, hee. Yes, we know them all, in all languages. Because we often hear them utilized for colorful emphasis. And then you might be wondering what this has to do with the leap your Essential Self is recommending this week. Well, we say it comes down to this: If you’ve been desiring for a loving heart partner or a more fun, exciting, romance-rich connection with your current partner, the most expedient route to that is to get falling more in love with yourself & all beings asap. If you’re not in the frequency state of love with yourself, you won’t be radiating & projecting those waves out for your ideal partner to encounter. And if you’re catching yourself judging others harshly in your mind, “strangers” or not, return to yourself. See where you have yourself in some callous self-judgment. In order to allow in your desired heart partner all of the way, it is essential to keep fishing out any unloving & unloved areas inside of you. Wherever you are holding them within yourself, you are holding them against yourself. Bullying within makes for bullying throughout & “out there” in your daily encounters. That is more of a deflection than an attraction when it comes to you living your vital heart partnership with your beloved. So the leap this week? Pay attention to those signposts that appear on your path from your guidance.

“When we are open to Divine Guidance, we will receive it. It will come to us as the hunch, the inkling, the itch. It will come to us as timely conversations with others. It will come to us in many ways — but it will come.” ~ Julia Cameron

You might hear, “Stop here! Go in that building! Look for the blue store sign! Walk in!” Or, “Wait! You just went past a flower shop! Turn around! Go back & get that Spring flowering plant for your most favorite sidekick & teammate!” Or, “Hey! Did you just see that offer for that yoga/tai chi/meditation workshop? Take it!” Or, “Make room in your home for the heart partner! Your closets are full! The garage space has no room for another vehicle!” Then, just follow that guidance. If you ask & affirm that your desired reality does embrace a heart partner, it will be as soon as you let it. There is no “set time” or “specific day” — although when you look back, you’ll probably see the absolutely divine timing of your encounter. You may laugh. A lot. Because you may see why it couldn’t have happened sooner or at a different locale. You didn’t let it. You knew you really desired to be in your full expansion mode, rather than holding back in any way. Because how could you let in full love if you were holding back aspects of yourself & not fully loving you? Keep preparing the way, lovely one. Cast off anything that isn’t love, shard by loveless shard. We see you & we’re glad that you are accepting far beyond what you ever have of your real love. And that of others. Because everyone is truly doing the best with what they were taught from others’ beliefs. Uncreating any of those limitations & all lack is really one of the most delicious adventures you can gift yourself. In this, you really make way for your whole you. And for your whole heart partner, too. Ready? Let. It. In. All of that Love. And All Of That You.

The Quantum

#3’s Part 2 from the Cards’ Books.

Alright! That’s it for this week’s Tune Up! Wishing to have some assistance in your Quantum Leaps? Never heard of a Quantum Leaping Angel Reading? Yeah, neither had I until a couple of beloved gents in the Quantum nudged me to get going with them (out loud – tee, hee) with Angel client friends! And with Anyone who is done being a victim of his/her life! I love accompanying beloveds to dump off the blocks in front of their Desired Realities! Ready to dive into more of your possibilities asap? There are also many How-To videos available via my YouTube channel!

Happy Leaping until next week!

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Your Angel Cowgirl out of Colorado!

Jeannie Marie

Wings Up!


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