“How Will My Quantum Leaping Angel Reading Go?”

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“Yeah, but yours are Angel Readings on steroids!”

Hey, There!

In case you’re curious as to how your Quantum Leaping Angel Service will roll, here’s how we’ll fly together:

  • I’ll begin with the messages I received from your Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones in & out of form & the Quantum regarding the questions you emailed me when you purchased & booked. If you’re seeking a quick, cut-to-the-chase answer to one question, the 1/2 hour phone call or mini/cherub text/email could suffice. If you’ve 1-3 questions, the 1 hour phone call could serve. If you’ve 4 or more questions, a 2 hour phone call will be necessary.
  • . As soon as you reached out, I began receiving messages for you & have journaled notes & quotes from those A-list Assistants who actively accompany you. Often, other messages arrive during the service & I will share those, as well. I recommend having a journal & pen ready. Your Angels, Guides, & Essential Self have detailed info for you that can be very helpful to remember or review later.
  • During the last 15-25 minutes, depending upon the time you purchased, we will quantum leap together. As we leap from your Current Reality to your Desired Reality regarding each of your questions, I will provide specific guidance as I am directed via your Angels & Guides. I will share the reflections & echos of what I see & hear to assist you in experiencing all of it, too. Together, we will see, hear, feel, sense, & receive those solid answers from the infinite perspective & wisdom of your Essential, Original Self (your energy prior to any form you’ve chosen) & your Angels & Guides. Once your quantum leap has been deemed “complete” by your Essential Self & your Angels, etc, we will leap all of that info, activation, & actualization back to your Current Reality. What happens in the Quantum with your Desired Reality doesn’t have to stay in the Quantum!
  • That’s it! It goes super fast! If you have more questions than time purchased, I welcome you to return for another Quantum Leaping Angel Session! Jot those questions down for next time! You may also feel guided towards the Wings Up Club, a 2 for 1 Monthly Membership for Frequent Fliers who love to stay on top of their Desired Reality quantum leaps. For more How-To info, please check out my YouTube channel or blog. As I receive guidance from the Quantum, I share it with you! To stay tuned in & up to the latest from those Fields, feel free to subscribe to my monthly newsletter that comes out on the 11th of each month.

A Few Specifics About Your Quantum Leap:

  • We begin our leap in your Current Reality, with the intention of leaping to your Desired Reality to communicate with your Essential Self & Assistants regarding the questions you detailed. Every intention lands, so you will, too!
  • I will have you take a big, deep breath & hold it as long as you can while directing the energy of that breath in your leap towards your Desired Reality.
  • During the leap & your held breath, I will speak of letting go of any & all of the specific blocks or undesired aspects that we covered prior to the leap. I will include any that I am messaged during the leap, as well, so that you can choose to drop those off, too.
  • I will ask you to let me know when you feel you have landed in your Desired Reality. From there, we will speak to your Essential Self, Angels, Guides & any other Essential Selves who have accepted your invite to meet you there.
  • There is no lack, limitation, or resistance in the Quantum Fields, according to the Angels & Beloveds out of form who have chosen to travel or reside there. Not only is Anything Possible, Everything is Possible. And the Quantum is that field of absolute connection to your Allness. Thus, whatever your Desired Reality is, goes. Your Essential Self has very specific info & ways for you to live it in your Current Reality. You may be surprised, startled or even shocked by your actual unlimited choices & possibilities. Might you discover that you need to let go of or let in some things in your Current Reality in order to allow your Desired Reality? Absolutely. Does it have to be scary or overwhelming, though? No. Especially if you allow your Essential Self to lead you. It is only of the lit up Infinite. There is no judgement there. No degradation. From there, you’ll never hear that you’re “wrong” for where you precisely are today, either. Those slow frequencies are just of the Earth plane & do not exist in the Quantum.
  • I will highlight, according to what I am shown from your Angels & Essential Self, the specific ages & events in which you absorbed & integrated any limiting, lack &/or resistance beliefs, thoughts, & programming. This is so that you can see all clearly, too. These blocks were never yours, originally, anyway. It can be such a relief & awesome aha to get to their origination. And especially to dump them off! You may find yourself laughing. A lot! Freeing yourself up to All of You does that!
  • The Quantum Leaps are not “religious-y”. Neither are the rest of my Angel services. Even if you are not connected to Angels, Guides, or Source/Creator, there is no block to your messages or leaps. We can speak only with your Essential Self if that is your desire. And as whether they’re super serious…Ah, most recipients would probably say, “No Waaay!!!” Because we end up in gut-bustin’ laughter. Often. Why? Because the more connected you are to your Essential Self, the more you will laugh & laugh. Just sayin’. Only Earth has such a serious bent. Of course you get to do it that way, too, if you wish. You are a free will co-creator. You get to do, be & live as you decide. Every single day. Every single space, time(lessness), & Now, too.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your Angel service or quantum leaps! Thank You So Much!

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie, the Angels, Guides, & the Quantum      

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