A Love Note for Garçon Du Soleil 2006-2022

Our 1st Walk Together 2010

Oh, my majestic, dedicated, extraordinarily resilient Garçon, we will miss you so. 🐕♥️

On Tuesday, April 19, 2022, Garçon du Soleil, my beloved Husky, experienced an irreparable rupture in his hip, caused by, according to several veterinarians, vac cinosis, also known as vac cine damage.

Even after nearly dying initially of the 2015 injection and coming through challenging effect after effect, you stayed on for 7 more years with all of your Spirit, humor and determination, Garçon. 

With your ready acceptance to wear our light technology daily, you were even able to get back on your feet after a baby rattlesnake bite nearly killed you a couple of years ago.

You knew if it had gotten to Mikey, he wouldn’t be here today.

So you grabbed it as it crossed in front of us and tossed it into the weeds. 

Unfortunately, it did grab your gum first for a split second.

The next morning, your calls were alarmed. You couldn’t move anything, save for your head. 

Here, again, you wouldn’t let us talk about dying; you were bound and determined to get back up to live and thrive. And you absolutely did.

I am convinced you were and are a Soul with some kind of superpowers. 

Nothing else makes Earth sense.

Siberian Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, and Jeannie Marie Blaha

My Super Hero Deflector of All Slower Frequencies

How else could you undergo such life-threatening events and still get back up on your feet to play pranks, grin, and laugh?

Right up until your last breath on April 21, with 15 and ½ years this lifetime, you were goofing around with us, both in and out of form.

Husky Rescues checking on their human

“See! We Can Find You Anywhere!”

I don’t think you ever believed that you actually came to us from a rescue as a foster. 

Since my previous Siberian Husky, Raja Shikai, had just passed 2 weeks before I met you, I hadn’t intended to be a new guardian quite so fast.

You and Raja had other plans. 

Raja had been in my ear, urging me to consider another Husky, as he said I needed a new business partner to accompany me on my Angel walks and talks. 

Best Business Partner Ever for 12 Years of Angel Walks and Talks!

From the moment the rescue founder came by to lead you out of her car, I knew I was headed to be an epic foster failure.

The rescue lady couldn’t hold you back, laughing, as you bounced out of her grip and bounded into my arms.

 Something in my heart jumped that said things wouldn’t be so temporary with you.

I remember thinking, “Oh, oh. This fostering thing might not be going quite as planned. You seem to have already decided.”

Garçon, I know I heard you answer back, “You’re mine. You just might not exactly know it. Yet.” 

Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, and Jeannie Marie Blaha, Colorado

She’s Mine. It Took Her A Minute to Know This. Not Me!

You had come from the rescue with the name, “Sonny Boy”. You weren’t having that. It wasn’t dignified or dashing enough for you. 

Since my mate and I always let our animals name themselves, we asked that you tell both of us what you’d love to be called then, instead. 

Two days later, Bj said, “You know what he’s telling me? I don’t even know what it means!”

Truth be told, this willful Husky had told each of us separately, “My name is Garçon. And that is what I would like to be called.”

All 4 of our human eyes were as wide as saucers that he’d told us both the same unusual name. 

Thanks to a dear Angel client friend who exclaimed of his sunny countenance and suggested his full name of Garçon du Soleil, or “Boy of The Sun”, this gallant Husky now had his preferred full regal name. 

Jeannie Marie Blaha,Garçon du Soleil, and Mighty Mikey, Huskies adventuring, Wisconsin

Gallant Garçon with Mighty Mikey

This Angel client friend didn’t know at that time that he had come with the name Sonny Boy.

Garçon responded to his new name immediately, laughing about our surprise that he knew it so well from the get go. 

Of course he did. He picked it.  

That Christmas of 2010, I received the best Christmas gift I’d ever received.

My Daddio, his wife, and BJ surprised me with – YOU!!

They had arranged the surprise and paid the rescue organization so that you could become officially mine.

Jeannie Marie Blaha with her beloved Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil

Best Christmas Gift Ever! Christmas 2010, You Were Officially Mine!

Well, and I became officially yours – though you knew it’d happened long before that adoption decree was signed.

By the way, nice touch and sign with the “random” decorated Christmas tree leaning against a post, 1 night after you leapt out of form, Garçon. In April. In Arizona. Ha. Always the funny man, you are, Big Dog.

The adventures we had with you were uncanny. 

Besides 1,000’s of walking and hiking miles, you traveled across 16 states with us on business.

Husky Rescues, Best Traveling Business Partners

Happiest and Easiest Business Travel Companions!

You were always as eager as we were to check out new terrains. 

How you stayed so quiet in those hotel rooms must have been another one of your secret tricks. 

At home, you earned the title of, “The Announcer”, announcing yourself and everyone you met, all along the way. 

Hotel guests told us they never heard you or Mikey or even knew that you two were there. 

Maybe you’d figured out quantum leaping by then and were accompanying us wherever we went on those trips.

Husky Rescues, Moving with their human, Jeannie Marie Blaha

They Never Asked, “Are We There, Yet?” Because They Always Were.

Nothing would surprise me, Superpowers Boy.

I will never forget the day I finally caught you storing food for later in an upstairs bedroom. 

You’d wait until we’d left for errands, meetings, etc. and carefully carry it upstairs from the kitchen to traveling bags, dresser drawers, even to the insides of my shoes. 

We kept looking for the mice culprits. – Until that day and that indelible grin on your face. You even winked at me about finding your, “just in case” food. 

We reached out to the rescue and were told that you may have been left in a foreclosed home and that you probably didn’t have enough food to last until you were discovered.  

We understood why you’d been doing that careful prep.

No worries. I could only laugh and laugh at your clever strategizing and ingenious solution.

Garçon du Soleil, Husky Rescue, reveling in the outdoors, Wisconsin

Meditating for His Intentions and Answers

It was great fun to keep your food bowl full, introducing you to all kinds of organic food and seeing you chomp with a big grin on your face. 

For 12 years, Angel client friends, even on phone calls, would hear your input for their Angel messaging.

You tuned in and contributed with all kinds of affirmational sounds when you were guided. 

Out of the blue, you started talking human with, “Hellooooo!” and, “I love you!” to children. 

You loved to get them laughing in surprise. And then you’d laugh right along with them.

Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, laughing, Colorado

Oh, How You Loved To Make People Laugh!

On the other hand, you rarely sounded off to loose dogs charging you or your pack.

You’d merely hold a stance, gaze at them, and with a bit of your humans’ influence, off the dogs would go, running away. 

Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, gazing, Minnesota

That Gaze. No Dog, Coyote, or Puma Would Trespass His Pack.

Even when your back legs gave out, you were still very clear.

You were alpha to your pack and to any dog that might approach.

You would let nothing happen to your family.

You were the best big brother for Luca, Ginger, Mighty Mikey and Sashi. You showed them that they were safe and encouraged them to be their whole, certain selves.

Dog Pack out walking, Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, MN

Garçon, Luca, Sammy and Ginger

Husky Rescues, Sashi and Garçon du Soleil, Montana

Garçon and Sashi

Great Dane, Maverick, with Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, Minneapolis, MN

Maverick with His Kelly Jo and Garçon

Though Mikey misses you and still stands quietly over the area where you slept, he is very relieved for your freedom.

You and Luca, Ginger, and Sashi must be having a blast, bounding around together, you now with all 4 of your legs back in full throttle mode again. 

Husky Rescues and their human, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Montana

Please Give Sashi A Big Kiss From Us!

When I asked you of your (3) favorite teachings you’d love to leave with our world, you were quick to respond:

1. “Regardless of your circumstance or situation, you can always, always decide to make the best of it and have fun while you’re moving through your challenges. Complaining, wallowing or being angry, bitter or resentful about it won’t make it better or change it. Only you change it by deciding to live in joy and peace every single day, no matter what.” 

Husky Rescues with their favorite Colorado Horse friend

Horses Brought Garçon So Much Joy. Especially This Amigo, Chico.

Garçon du Soleil on his first skate with his human, Jeannie Marie Blaha

1st Time Skating With Me. A Natural At All Things Fun For Him.

2. “When you are feeling pushed up against a wall and believe you have ‘no other choice’, that choice

that you’re facing isn’t it. Decide and know that there is another option. Then, don’t give up or stop until you see and can choose your best option.” 

Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, with his human, Jeannie Marie Blaha, sunset, Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, MN

That “No Other Choice” Is Not Your Choice. Dump It. And Walk On.

3. “Life with your loved ones, your business partners, your community and your world goes so fast. Don’t waste any whole day dwelling on things that are disheartening to you or that bring you to feel angry, depressed, anxious or sleepless. If you truly appreciate all of the people, animals and experiences you meet, you will only feel so much greatness about life. You’re here to feel really, really good. As soon as you decide to do so, you will.”

Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, and his human, Jeannie Marie Blaha, Colorado

Decide To Feel Really Good and To Thrive. And You Will.

~ Garçon du Soleil, Siberian Husky, 15.5

Thank you so much, dear Garçon. I will miss you and your happy-go-lucky self very much.

Yet, I am so very happy for your freedom.

Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, in transition, quantum leaping from his form, with an orb friend's assistance

While Garçon Was Leaping Out Of Form, He Was Assisted By A Friend.

Feel free to bounce by for a visit anytime. 

You changed my world forever. You still are.

Rest in the Heavens, Garçon du Soleil. 

September 2006 – April 2022

Love you. Infinity.

Jeannie ♥️

Husky Rescues and their humans, Jeannie Marie Blaha and BJ Bronstad, loving their meetups with their Horse friend, Chico, Colorado

We Miss You, Garçon!

Important additional note:

♥️ Immense gratitude to those of you who were assisting Garçon to transition.

I so appreciate your sending of energy, prayers, light and love to his peaceful, loving leap, and I know Garçon did, too

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Husky Rescue,Garçon du Soleil, receiving a hug from his greatest caregiver, BJ Bronstad, Colorado

BJ Helped Save Garçon’s Life When This Husky Would Not Give Up

♥️ Extra immeasurable gratitude to my animal loving mate, BJ Bronstad, who helped bring insistent Garçon back to life several times over the past 7 years. 

While helping Garçon get back on his feet each time, BJ rigged up customized harnesses to carry this 60+ lb pound boy around outdoors. 

When Garçon’s immobility reoccurred, BJ quietly accepted many broken sleep hours, even sleeping on floors with him.

This, so that he’d know when Garçon, a dog who would not mess in the house, needed to go out.

Thank you, BJ, for all of the love and care you poured into my very special gentleman, the one and only Garçon du Soleil. 🐕♥️


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