Kung Fu Meditation How To

A few years ago, a dear friend from Vietnam guided me through a Kung Fu meditation that he has practiced for more than 20 years. He asked that I share it with as many people as possible. This gentleman personally experienced an immense health transformation & has seen it help heal people of all kinds of physical & emotional conditions & challenges. Here was his step-by-step teaching:

1. If you are able, sit comfortably cross-legged. You can also lie down.

2. Run fingers through your hair at the top of your head, front to back, 10 times. This is to open your crown chakra to your Higher Self, your Angels, Spirit Guides & Creator/Source/Your God Energy.

3. Run either hand over your belly in a clock-wise circle 10 times. This is to help integrate the energy as it can come in surges. It’s best to help the body assimilate it easily to prevent any discomfort in any area of the body during your frequency shifts.

4. Rub one foot bottom & then the other, clock-wise 10 times. This is to help ground the energy & make it Earth-tangible for you as you access & integrate it.

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Kung Fu Meditation is splendid for those of us with super active minds. If you forget to focus on the breath, you’ll probably forget to hold it, too. Every new breath is a reminder to let go of the runaway thought train & return to your breath & your intentional directing of it.
If the Above is not possible because you are driving, in an elevator, at a meeting, etc, then begin with the below:

5. Inhale a big breath. Let your belly fill & extend naturally while holding the breath.

6. As you’re holding the breath, direct the breath to yourself or any situation, person, event, etc that you wish to help (with healing, changing, clearing, transforming, etc) for your/his/her/their/its own best possible outcome.

7. Repeat inhaling, holding & directing your breath at least 10 times total. Your practice may last 5 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on how long you can hold your breath.

Now you are practicing Kung Fu meditation. I absolutely & humbly agree with my friend; it is a very powerful practice. You may discover that you never feel or think the same post-practice as you do right before you do it each time. Enjoy being very able to help shift frequencies with just your own focused, intended & directed breath. In case you ever wonder whether your directed breath thought is going where you intend, yes, it absolutely does! As soon as you think of where you are sending the breath, it lands & is available for the intended recipient. Every thought creates & lands. Thank you for this gift of service for yourself, your loved ones, the planet, & more!

Much Love, Joy, Peace, & Many Blessings,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

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