Your Weekly Tune Up For April 9 – April 15

Hey, There! Ready to play Attune to You & hear what your Essential Self has for you this week? Here goes!:

💥💛💥💫 Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 (below) to reflect your specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). Your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is there for you, too!💥💛💥💫

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If More Than 1 Number Pops Out For You, That’s Great, Too! Your Essential Self Has No End To Your Answers For You!

Have you number(s) in mind? Superb! Scroll on down to see what your messages are for you this week!

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Did #1 Call To You? Then This Is For You!

Have you been feeling a bit pitted against, undermined or as if no matter how clear you think you’re being, you’re still being misunderstood or misperceived? Are there areas in your life where you feel undervalued or that it seems as if others are attempting to devalue you for their own gain? Have you found yourself asking, “Why the heck are they acting that way??” Or, “Why are they making this so difficult?” Or, “Man, why would they want to create so much drama for themselves, me & others?” Aaaahhh. You know what time it is. That’s right. Your Essential Self is encouraging you to dive inside to see where you’re at battle, strife & in some way, devaluing yourself. Where might you be projecting that discontent for where or who you are right now out onto others? How might you be holding the love back for yourself & cutting yourself short, thus, avidly noting that perspective arriving from others? Are you diminishing your own connection to your own power by opting for that which you sense isn’t empowering you, i.e. steady low frequency foods, booze, little physical activity, smoking sticks, pills, smashing self-talk, denigrating thoughts towards yourself, etc? You know which does it for you. All that you choose to intake you can feel either expands your energy or trounces it. Sure, sometimes it leads you to neutral, too. The question then becomes, what do you really desire to live, right?

“If you’re not honest with yourself, how can you be truly honest with anyone else?” ~ Paul Williams

Maybe you’ve found it to be about being absolutely honest with yourself about your real desires. Perhaps you’ve thought that if you live what really pulls to you, you’ll end up having to let go of some people, a job, home, career &/or community. So it’s seemed easier to keep (somewhat) showing up, even if you feel deep discontent, dread, frustration &/or resentment in doing so. When we watch you from the Quantum, we wonder if you know of one way that is foolproof to get to what’s real & true for you. Did you know that the body physical never, ever lies? If there is discomfort in the body, there is unhappiness in the being who holds that body. Thus, if you have been struggling at all with getting to the big truth of you & what you & your purpose came to share & serve, have regular meetings with your body. Ask it how it feels about all that you’re deciding to live at every turn. It is a phenomenal guiding steering wheel that you’ve been given.

“As you experience changes and breakthroughs, know that integrity, honesty and truth are the highest vibrating energies to guide you forward. Everything else will fall away.” ~ Molly McCord

This is why those who’ve passed are often so eager to leap back into a form as quickly as possible: Many in Spirit here will tell you that they want to make the most of their wise physical form the next time they have the opportunity. That they forgot at times that it was their most honest collaborator & confidante. They also say that there is no need to make an enemy of ego. Look at how much those projections can reveal. How many polished mirrors can rise up & reflect areas for you that you still hold in unlove because of ego’s blazing projections? Did you know that you are actually inviting souls towards you to help sort out where you have dimmed your connection to your Essential Self? Those “mean”, “inconsiderate”, “abusive” or any other people you’ve deemed undesirable are all there to help you see where you are being this to yourself. Each time you notice words or actions by others that lead to your feeling a reaction of condemnation, judgement, “they’re wrong; I’m right”, contempt, ridicule, or other negation of how they’re doing what they’re doing, it’s ego leaving you a message. Maybe you’re thinking, “What?! No! They are wrong! Everyone would think the same as I do!” Actually, you might be surprised by how many souls in form on your planet observe all kinds of behavior with, “That’s where they are. They’re doing the best with what they learned & they believe this is the way it is & who they are.” There’s not a soul on your planet who isn’t there healing something. To cast a time frame on when they “should get it” is ego. Consider how many times you’ve wondered, “When am I going to get this?!?” Ahhh. There’s a doorway to empathy again. So what’s the leap this week from your Essential Self? Observe yourself with caring honesty & catch any projections of how others should be talking, behaving or treating others & bring it back to you. If you find yourself thinking, “What a berserk! What a wick! What an apple-pole!” (Or whatever you call it when others don’t act as you want them to do. Tee, hee. Yes, we hear you.), stop for a breath. Ask yourself where you are being such with yourself. Or if you suddenly feel intensely mad, sad or hopeless after viewing others’ behavior, drop back inside, to you. Ask where you are maltreating yourself in such a way that is demeaning or saddening to you. Maybe you’re thinking, “I know all of this! It’s not making me experience or see the world or myself differently! My life’s not changing! I’m still making it ok until I can do something about it, if or when I get the chance.” Ah. Then while you may believe it, somewhere you’re not really letting yourself know it.

“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Once you know it, you will live it. There will be a compelling, powerful drive in you that you may not be able to put into words that will disallow any cutting yourself & your life short forevermore. You may see others’ hurtful behavior & sense strongly how they were inundated with deeply-rooted disempowering beliefs. Maybe you’ll even observe several generations passing it down & down. You might suddenly feel compassion, instead. Because you’ll see yourself in them & all that you held against yourself before you knew what you know now. Getting so honest is beautiful & the most loving you can be, isn’t it, then? Seeing the light through the mucky muck in others & yourself is the most truth you’ll ever experience & know. Want to know something infinitely cool about the Quantum, your guides, Angels & loved ones who’ve passed? We’ll never lie to you. Why? Because only those in form who believe they might lose something, lie. As soon as your loved ones pass, they know they are connected to Allness & where Everything Is Possible. Therefore, they know immediately that the belief that anything can ever be lost is an illusion. So if you are challenging yourself to get super in touch with the truth of you, ask us! If you ever hear a disempowering suggestion, it isn’t one of us! Now, please have fun with this! So many in form speak to self-introspection & aha revelations as “hard work”. We say it doesn’t have to be that way — unless you decide that, of course, with your own free will. We suggest considering that all of your awakenings you treat as you would traveling to your most desired retreat spot. Let yourself anticipate your inner trips & travels with thrill & joy, instead. You may even end up busting a gut, giggling & laughing until your face & belly are sore with all of your love expansion reality checks. And speaking of reality, watch yours become implicitly less fixed & waaaay more fluid. Remember you body physical through it all, though. All that you decide to heal in form goes with you as a vibrating energy being, too. In fact, we’d say you chose the forms you did to let go of & heal all that you aren’t. So go gently & with great consideration for yours & all that you took form to evolve will occur with greater frequency speed & ease. What it comes down to on Earth is this: The more you love you, the less you will be able to not love others — no matter where they happen to be in their own evolutionary traces. Besides, love will heal eternally more than any criticism ever & infinitely won’t. Thus, perceive any ugliness this week & bounce back to you & consider where you could allow more of your brilliance to be. You will never hurt anyone with loving more — yourself or others. Ever. See the Real Love in You. Then you will notice so much more the Big Truth Love in others, too. Infinity.

The Quantum

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Did #2 Seem To Light Up For You? Then, This Is For You, Directly From Your Essential Self!

Are you getting more & more curious & intrigued about what “reality” means or is? Do you question whether your dreams are “just dreams” & in which state you are actually most “awake”? Have you been wondering how some “spiritual types” get so much intuitive information & wishing that you could, too? Are you believing that there’s no way that you could possibly get attuned or as much as you’d love? Do you think that if you were to receive such downloads from the Quantum, your guides, Angels & loved ones who’ve passed, that it’d freak you out or be “too much”? Or that you’d find out that you’re waaaay off track & not living all that you came here to be? First, we want to assure you!: There is no “wrong” path & no “wrong” choices, decisions or directions you’ve taken. And you can’t really “waste” time when you’re Infinite, right? Linear time is quite the convincing construct; however, it is an illusion best considered an old story that will have little to do with your expanding reality desires. Perhaps, as you’re considering the idea that only your Now truly exists & that past & future fold into it, you will also notice that all that you’re observing seems far more illuminated. It may seem as if you’re suddenly detailing your own vessel after the best washing away of mud (that was never really yours anyway). We would say that there is no faster & easier way to get in touch with your Essential Self & all of your power than to focus on really being present in your Now. What you’ll notice more & more is that any fixed, rigid schedules & timetables actually diminish & constrain what is possible in your daily comings & goings. That is, if you keep your life completely booked out, all of that projectile motion could be sending you away from your Self & into the “future” rather than your Now.

“I guess sometimes the greatest memories are made in the most unlikely of places; further proof that spontaneity is more rewarding than a meticulously planned life.” ~ J.A. Redmerski

Why we call you back so often to your Now is that it is your center of co-creative power. It is where you investigate & design the magic & splendor you have & desire in your life.  Your Now is where you create & uncreate that which you don’t & do desire as your unique reality. It is where you allow your spontaneous reception to be alive & sizzling. It is where your own antennae is most tuned in & turned on. It is where you allow your whole existence most to be. Are you thinking, “Yeah, but I just don’t have time to be that spontaneous.”? What we’ve noticed over centuries & centuries on your planet is that those in form can get very creative & trick themselves into believing they are “soooo busy”. And then when we ask them to observe themselves, no matter what era, they discover that they’ve chosen all matters of distraction away from themselves & their present moments. Today’s era is exceptionally curious & funny that way, from our perspective. In what other time in human history did people move their fingers on a small object over & over again for hours each week to see what others are doing or opining? Tee, hee. Often, we see that those in form don’t notice that they are feeling worse & worse & with less & less energy as they do this. This is why we call you back to your own Now. We would say that the number one cause for depression today is this lessened connection from one’s Essential Self & life purpose. That the most expedient way to face & walk through this state is to dwell with great focus & determination on one’s purpose. And no one needs to know what it is or that it is in order to live it. When there is depression, we suggest getting out into your communities & outside of dwelling on one’s own pain to explore one avenue or another for serving others. All species derive much vital life & meaning by serving others as this is purpose activated fully. In such service, you launch yourself straight on into your now & into all of its spontaneous possibilities. This shifts your frequency state up & helps you to let go of those dense, heavy ones of which depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, & other self-smashing holds are.

“Do not be tense, just be ready, not thinking but not dreaming, not being set but being flexible. It is being ‘wholly’ and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.” ~ Bruce Lee

As you continue to leap into your Now & its possibilities, you may find that leaving your body vehicle via various tactics to a perceived escape no longer feels that great or calls to you. You may also discover that you can hear, see, feel & sense far more answers for all of that you seek. We would like to mention that the most effective state to connect with us in the Quantum, i.e. with your Essential Self, guides, Angels & loved ones, is to jump into your present here & now. Your loved ones who’ve passed in the Quantum are, thus, most easily reached there (here), too, with you.

“Our unseen treasures give us a known peace!” ~ Israelmore Ayivor

So what is your Essential Self recommending in accordance with your focus of inquiry this week? Give yourself space time for spontaneity & watch what new terrains you then allow yourself to explore. See if answers you had never thought or imagined seem to drop right into your focus. What we note is that stress, in general, diminishes humans’ connection to their authentic spiritual wisdom, intuition, & helpers galore. It presents a feeling of hopelessness & paralysis. There can arise a despairing belief that one walks alone without the essential tools they desire to be able to walk on through & forward. Remember that overwhelm is fear of the future. It holds the fear that one cannot accomplish what one believes is needed to achieve a perceived state of peace. Come back to your Now. Breathe out. Get present. Breathe in. Open. Breathe out. Breathe in as you let yourself Receive. You might feel the nudge this week to drive a different way, take care of a task a different day, or do something different than per your usual pattern upon wakening, sleeping, eating, etc. If you allow for spontaneous solutions, you will let them in. You will let us in. And you will let your Essential Self in beyond your wildest imaginations, perhaps. Then, just let in the fun, magic & thrill. Consider that those fixed lines you may have thought were cemented over your life are anything but permanent or even just 1 to 3-D. If you question the actual potential fluidity & flexibility for your own life, start looking up every day at the skies. No two sky days are the same, right? You aren’t either. Did you know your body physical remains in a state of healing at all times? Tissues, organs & entire systems are continuously doing all they can within you to repair & heal. Then what tampers with it & obstructs that healing? That which you are thinking as you move about your day holds all of those keys. Therein lies your magic & your profound gifts to alter the course of all that you draw towards you. Free yourself up so that you set yourself free. Oh! And when you start questioning those, what may have been super unusual occurrences not that long ago, that’s perfectly fine. You might wonder if you’re making it up. Now, you’re really on to it. Because you are making it up & up. You get to create it all as you go along. The only difference between you & others that don’t know it is that: They don’t know it, yet. You’re all making it up. So enjoy your inventions. And re-inventions. There’s no end to You. Just to let it all sink lovingly & joyfully in, though, we’re giving you a very temporary, ever-changing, “The End.” right here, right now. Spontaneously. Tee, hee.

The Quantum

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Were You Nudged to #3? Then, This Is Your Essential Self’s Suggestion For You This Week!

Have you been feeling targeted by others’ darkness? Are you sensing that no matter how much guard you’ve had up. that you’re somehow absorbing others’ slow frequency choices of anger, rage, bitterness, misery, complaining, resentment, victim-mindset, etc? Do you notice that you’re coming away from certain environments feeling heavy & depleted of your natural powered up energy?

“Who do you think of first in the morning? Good manipulators do it in the dream plane. The morning practice of meditation increases the aura to ward off negative energy. Meditate before bed if you are being attacked psychically.” ~ Dr. Frederick P. Lenz

Have you had a sense that if you could just be alone & away from it all, that you’d not have to take on any of those undesired frequency states?  Are you feeling compelled to use something outside of yourself to give yourself temporary escape from the unwanted experiences? I.e. via alcohol, smoking vices, pills, low frequency, so-called “food” , or other? That maybe that it’d be easier to just get out of your body & mind for a bit since it doesn’t seem that your presence is really desired &/or appreciated for who you authentically are?

“Remember that ‘needing’ something to change will always flow negative energy and hold it to you. Finding a way to become excited about what it will be changing into will flow positive energy and get the desired revisions started.” ~ Lynn Grabhorn

First, we mention that putting your strong guard up doesn’t serve so well, as not only do you repel the energies you don’t desire to take on; you also repel the ones you love to be around. Suspicion radiates the same way: If you hold & send out suspicion, you will attract those who are, to your mind, untrustworthy. If you expect that others are going to be awful towards you, they inevitably will be. What you expect, you’re bound to receive. Thus, putting up shields & holding defensiveness declares to the Universe that you are ready & expect attack. Have you noticed that on days you expected to be approached poorly, you were? And then, magically, when you were feeling excited about something you had created into your life, you saw happy people enjoying their own dreams & creations? We would lead you to question: Whose negativity are you really wanting to ward off?

“There are many ways to calm a negative energy without suppressing or fighting it. You recognize it, you smile to it, and you invite something nicer to come up and replace it; you read some inspiring words, you listen to a piece of beautiful music, you go somewhere in nature, or you do some walking meditation.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

As you uncover & release old layers of negativity within, the less your focus will go to it in others. The more you hug the fear inside that had you believing that others could disempower you or take your power, the stronger you will know & reconnect with it. The idea that you could ever give your power away will fall away to your knowing that you simply lessened your connection to it in any of those instances. Thus, each time you observe others as doing the best with how they were taught to act & what they were taught to believe — rather than as a personal attack on you — the more gentleness & compassion you will have for yourself, as well. When you note meanness or your perception of ugliness coming towards you, check in & see where you might be acting in such a way towards yourself. Might there be people who still appear “horrible”, “terrible”, or “awful” to you? Sure. Maybe not forever, though. The more you care for you & clear out any unforgiveness, blame, shame, guilt & any nasty self-treatment you’ve held against yourself, the more you may feel an inexplicable understanding for others in their abuse. It doesn’t come out at others until it has been suppressed, internalized & piled up within & then seeps or explodes out. No one on your planet was born in darkness; they came from the Quantum & its all & only Light. Just as you learned how to treat yourself with love or unlove, they did, too. What does your Essential Self recommend this week for you, then? If you get the feeling that you need to barricade yourself away or escape from some hurt, harm or danger “out there”, feel free to do so: Take yourself somewhere where you can gift yourself a quiet, gentle reprieve. Dive into yourself & see where you might be shielding yourself from some areas within that need some love & tender care. Invite those aspects that you might think of as “ugly”, “sick”, “mean”, “evil”, “dark”, etc & let them know that you aren’t running away from them anymore. That you don’t need to project them outside of yourself in order to see them in those people mirrors you draw in. That you shining your spotlight & love dousing rod on them will be the speediest way to clear any self-deception, self-rejection, self-loathing or self-meanness from you. And the more you love your whole you, the more others can, too. Of those shards you think are unworthy of love or “should never be” loved? The only way anything ever returns to love is by love, never by rejection or dismissal. So if life feels really hard & sharp, decide to go really gentle & easy with you. The outer world matches your inner world. When it’s harsh out there, drop within & get loving you stronger. That serves everyone. All love does. Though believed at times, love really can’t be controlled or contained, either. It just Is. Just as We Are. Just As You Are. Welcome to your Come As You Are Celebration. There is nothing “wrong” about you. Keep letting yourself see this. So that you can truly Know & see — You.

The Quantum

Alright! How did your Essential Self do with You? Love some assistance in locating & dumping off some pesky blocks to your Desired Reality? Have some obstacles repeated themselves & do they continue to show up? Join me for a Quantum Leaping Angel Reading to help discover their real roots so as to set them & yourself free! If you’d love some immediate How To info, check out my YouTube channel for many such videos.

Happy Leaping!

Much Love & Big Hugs,
Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!


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