March 2018’s Theme According to Those in the Quantum Fields

Hey, there! How’s your March 2018 so far? Are you sensing the meaning of some pings from the Quantum Fields for us as a collective this month? ¿Sí? Awesome salsa for You! Thanks for your contribution to this planet & beyond!

Did you notice that February seemed to invite & encourage a lot of consistent action towards your New Year & January inspired ideas? That if you stayed on top of your intentions, goals, & plans, the doing got done in a veritably smooth & effortless frequency flow? Yes? Then, we arrived to March. Suddenly, there was this, “Hey! Don’t push! Don’t bypass the call to ease on up the road! Rushing will only put you behind as you check out of your now & miss the fluidity signposts that you only notice when you’re present.” Right? “Forcing things will cause eruptions & combustion. And not only in you!” This month is of, “Pay attention to any resistance & let go of attempts to detour around it or ignore it. Check in, instead & Be Gentle & Kind with yourself. Get off of your own back & bootie! — Or your body will tell you that you are on them with pain, aches, & nerve contractions.” Ever think you would have to get off of your own nerves? Well, this is the month! Especially since this 2018 is about we, as a collective, feeling safe. That we yearn & Absolutely Can & Get To feel safe in our bodies, minds, relationships, homes, communities, world, & planet. To do that, we have to treat ourselves with gentleness, kindness, & compassion. Only from here, we will ever be able to treat others with the same so that all will feel safe with each other. An animal, person, or planet that receives any form of abuse is not going to feel safe until kindness & care come along to uncreate the lack, therein. Such is the calling of this month of March, 2018. Caring for ourselves through & throughout is one of the most — if not The Most — generous offering we can do for this Earth & beyond. It is from this deep care & kind self-attending that we get to caring for others in big ways, too. Regardless of how the media or other avenues are portraying our world, we still decide, together, how it’s landing & will manifest for all of us. So for the rest of this month, listen to your self-talk. Watch closely how you are treating you. You may note that you would never be so hard or mean on another. Today would be a great day to decide that you’re done being that way towards yourself, too. Or your body will speak up & let you know. Maybe it’ll respond even louder than any person has to whom you’ve expressed impatience, condemnation, judgment, degradation or control. If it does contest, thank your body for its no holds barred expression. Seriously. It is doing all it can to support you in your adventures & explorations & be that super polished mirror of how you’re seeing & treating you today. Sometimes though, like a straightforward, honest child or horse, it will protest with pain, illness, or dis-ease — any mean, bullying, or less than loving thoughts, words, or actions you carry or hold against your Self. Especially those done by you towards you. Consider your physical form’s message as the clearest language you could ever desire or need to interpret. The bonus for us is that the body never, ever lies. Our minds may, in order to feed some kind of addiction, lack, limitation or illusion teaching. So our minds can fool our bodies; however, our bodies will forever speak our absolute Big-time Truth. And all lack & limitation are learned, actually. We can unlearn them, too, though, & uncreate their confining, rigid, imprisoning outcomes simultaneously. What’s the speediest, most effective, & permanent way? Loving on Yourself! So that’s the theme for March, according to those in Spirit, Angels, Guides, & the Quantum. And now they just added, “Celebrate every time you are loving & treating yourself with kindness & consideration! Because this doesn’t just serve you! It serves exponentially, raising the frequency of not only you! You impact the entire planet. Every single time.” Yeah-ya! That’s worth being great to You, isn’t it? You are so, so worth this frequency shifting, too!

These cards popped out when I asked of this month’s Quantum Leap for all of us as a Collective. Bottom card represents our Current Reality & the Top card represents our Desired Reality:

March 2018, Quantum Fields, Quantum Leaping, Quantum Jumping
March 2018’s Quantum Leap for Our Planet

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie, your Angel Cowgirl, & the Angels

Wings Up!

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