Mille Grazie for Your Video Views!

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Yeah-Ya!! Thank You for the Views! Thank You for the Love!

Hey There!

I am so happy & grateful for your video views on my YouTube channel! Thanks for the love! You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Well, for me it is that you did! Back when I began doing the videos, I did as I do with most new terrains. (Yeah, a bunch of you already know this about me & unknown adventures that could be challenging, &/or super fun. Tee, hee.) I just leaped. I began recording the info I hear from the Quantum, Angels, Guides, Source, etc — without any strong feeling that humans would be receptive or interested. Truth. I get that such content seems absolutely far-fetched & even ridiculous for some. Maybe even for many. Still, I just went for it. When you’re getting nudged strongly by those in & out of form, you know if you don’t do something about it, those nudges will only get stronger. And louder. I clearly remember when I hadn’t even had 50 views. I thought, “How do people ever reach 1,000’s?!?” So, here we are & I wish to give you the shout out in jubilant gratitude. Here’s me, bowing & grinning to you in the fields, thanking you for checking out this Spirit info that could be, perhaps, maybe, sort’a considered super bizarro. Wink, wink, love, love. You still watched though, so hey! We get to be super bizarro together then! Yeah-ya! Cheers! This is also to encourage You!: If there’s Something that’s been nudging you to Just Do & Be as You, no matter how crazy it may seem to you right now, this is your sign to Go for It! It will serve! Oh, yes, it will! — Even if you don’t see or know how in your current reality At All. You might be astounded to discover just how many people are waiting for your unique answers, creations, suggestions, messages, guidance, purpose &/or service. Because we all have that Something. Every single one of us! What’s yours? You are a co-creator, after (& before) all! What’s waiting quietly (or not so quietly, tee, hee) with You to be created? Just remember, you’re never going it alone! Even if you’re not feeling connected to any Angels, Guides, or Source, it doesn’t mean they won’t assist if you ask. Or if calling them in just doesn’t resonate with you, just ask those embodied types around you who really, really get you & have your absolute empowered back. Reach out to The Yay-sayers in your life who truly see You. They may even have ideas for you that you haven’t allowed yourself to believe or even think. Yet. Everything is Possible. So, You Are, too. Take THAT, Limiting or Lack tapes playing anywhere in your mind! Did you see the blaze of sparkles just as you read that? Yep. Because you just opened a window, door & maybe even a wall to your Infinite Self. And It knows: Oh, Yeah, You Can!! What if 1,000’s are waiting for You & your Life’s Message? Then, Yes? Ok. YES. The answer is extraordinarily & unequi-vocally, YES! ☆Note how “unequivocally” says “Vocally Unique” if you switch just 2 letters around & flip the 2 words. Hmmm… That explains that, yes? No two voices, in or out of form, are the same. –Which is Why You So Do Matter As You. So. Let. You. Be. Now. Ya, Hear? Or the call for your one-of-a-kind, original self vocalizing will just keep getting louder. Promise.

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie, your Angel Cowgirl, & the Angels

Wings Up!

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