World’s Smallest Husky? Or Longest Armed Man? Ah, Perception, You Defining Rascal!

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What If You Knew The Perceptions You Hold Most Strongly Are Creating Your Very Now Reality? You Do? Awesome Salsa, You!

Is this the World’s Smallest Husky?… Or Longest Armed Man? 😄 Ever notice that the things you focus on can get all-encompassing & seem massively huge in your reality? And that all that you don’t give your energy becomes like specks on a distant horizon? Did you know that science says we actually don’t “see” through our eyes? That they’re actually more like a camera, capturing what our minds allow us to see based upon our own perceptions in the moment of our experiences. Years ago, I met a fascinating gentleman who was physically blind. I asked him if given the opportunity, would he desire to regain his eyes’ vision. He replied without hesitation, “No. I’d never want for that. I went blind as a child during an illness. At the time I was very sad because I thought I would miss out on so much; however, I soon realized I didn’t have to miss anything & that I’d gain in unimaginable ways. Like our conversation. I love that I get to meet so many interesting people who may never have approached otherwise. I am not judged for how I look or the clothes I wear & people are very kind & open with me. We have real conversations; there are no empty, superficial ones, because people always jump right into them with me. They know they can as I am not looking at them with judgement, either. And when you can’t see with your two eyes, your other vision opens up even further. You wouldn’t believe the things I see. You also feel the energy around you & of others much more acutely. You trust what you’re feeling far more. People often ask me if I am ever afraid because I can’t see people’s agenda. Nope. Never. Because it’s in their energy & I don’t need 2 eyes to know it. Even before they sit down with me & start talking. Yours is very alive, so I was excited to talk with you. Everyone shares theirs from where they are. You read their energy story & you know their exact intentions.” He was absolutely & definitely not “blind” in his seeing! No one can trick or fool his or her energy to be something else that isn’t where he or she is truly standing. Energy just can’t lie like that for anyone or anything. Why? Because it is derived from your Essential, Original Self (your energy existence prior to any form). That Self presence only shares your truth of your Now at all now times. (My Husky knows he fools no one & agreed to represent here for analogy’s sake only. He knows that he’s HUGE on my horizon every single day. Oh, yeah, his Highness, Sir Garçon du Soleil Husky does. That awesome King of the Rascals.) Maybe the real-it-y question is: Why would we give our Real ‘It’ focus to anything we don’t desire our reality to be? Maybe you’ve not often or never challenged yourself or your mind in this way. Give it a go: When you feel your frequency dropping down from feeling good, redirect your thought gaze to what you DO desire, instead. As often as possible. Or as long as it takes to know you co-create your whole reality & life. And then it’ll just be supernaturally normal for you. An oxymoron, there? Naww. Besides, if it means you feel more ‘On’ for your life with your own super Light, all good, right? Also, for you word origination lovers, the etymology of ‘oxy’ is “be sharp & rise up”. So add those into oxymoron & you get a Be Sharp, Rise Up, More On message from the Quantum here. Yeah-ya! I call such a practice the ol’ 180° Switch & Re-Direct with beloveds like you. The undesired rest can fall away then, because as you move your focus off of what you don’t want, you’re automagically letting it go. What if it’s the easiest way you find to let anything go? To just remove your focus & energy from it? Can you let it be that easy? That’s often the big question. And decision, too. With it, you decide to co-create & let in the absolute reality you do desire, rather than one you don’t. We don’t just “happen” to have the realities we do. No one is causing our current life experiences, except us. Ooo. And, eww, perhaps? Tee, hee. Sensing some uneasy squirming out there with that suggestion. Because it puts all of the ownership on us, right? Yep. That’s a phenomenal thing, though. Because we suddenly get that we have the power to alter our trajectories. And that ONLY we do. — No matter what we’ve experienced, are experiencing, or will experience. Or who’s done or doing what, in or out our lives right now. Our free will is always engaged. Even if we aren’t. Or didn’t know (re: don’t remember) that. By really owning our realities, though, this means no waiting on many aisles with all of those lights blinking. What aisles? Aisle excuses, aisle complain & blame, aisle finger pointing outwards, aisle victim beliefs, or — & often the most bumper car-filled, tricky aisle to navigate — the aisle of negative projection. You know that one: Where internalized, often well-hidden gunk gets mirrored back to us via other person(s). Grand knowing, though, that you can sail around those aisles just by owning your reality & all that you’re co-creating, hey? Because those lines can get really long, ¿Sí? So the next time you’re noting that you’re focused on, what are for you, really disempowering, amping down, numbing/checking out life subjects, just re-mind yourself to switch your gaze.

Certainly, if something’s really controlling your attention & pulling you down while it’s triggering you, get quiet. Maybe you’re feeling super-guided to do something about that specific matter. If it’s consistently on your radar, it’s telling you that it matters to you. Loudly. What if you’re being called to assist? What if you signed up for it before you incarnated here into your current existence? Listen to your Essential, Original Self & those inspired answers arriving steadily for you. There are infinite ways that you can affect & impact in an empowering way, rather than just sit in those lower frequencies, spiraling downward with them. No need to paralyze your inspired action by raging & complaining on & on about it on social media, either. Or elsewhere. You can stay on & powered up, regardless of what’s “happening” (re: you & others are co-creating) around you. And the best part?: You do always have a choice. You’ll find that the more you trust your gut & intuition, the clearer, easier, & more “divinely-timed” those choices are, too. Then it just comes down to a decision. So when humans say, “But change is haaard!”, they haven’t yet experienced it as One Freeing Decision. According to nature, animals, & the Quantum, it’s not the change that is hard, actually; it’s the resistance to it. Because there’s nothing more exhausting or heavy on the Earth plane or elsewhere than resistance. Next time you’re feeling unbelievably exhausted, ask your Self: “Hey, Self! What am I not believing that I can let in or let go of in my life, so I’m resisting doing it with all of my might?” Even new parents can prevent being utterly exhausted. They may not believe that they can rest while their baby’s resting. Or that they can ask for assistance from their vibe tribe. Or that they can &/or deserve to be rested because everyone’s told them that they’re going to be exhausted. Ever have someone tell you that something was going to be exhausting for you? Did you believe it & then you were? Or did you create your own frame up based upon your desire & passion for it? And then you weren’t exhausted at all? That’s the difference between letting go to something or resisting it. It’s literally one decision to think & then feel a certain way about anything. Then, we get to keep choosing whether we’re allowing ourselves to continue to move away or towards it. Or just be with it. About Everything. How’s that for freedom? And experiencing your reality as you determine? Yep. You really, truly, absolutely can. And do. You’re the one & only decider for You. And those in the Quantum want to add right now that you know, know, know this with your whole mind & being: Frequency-wise, your joy & peace serve Everyone & Everything. Biggest win/win you can offer. Here’s gazing at the real You, Incredible Kiddo & Master of Switcharoos! Yeah, You Are!💥💛💥💫

Much Love & Big Hugs from the Quantum,

Jeannie Marie, & the Angels

Wings Up!

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