Your Weekly Tune Up For April 2nd – April 8th, 2019!

Hey, there! Ready to Play with your Essential Self, Guides, Angels & Quantum?

Your Weekly Tune Up For March 19-March 25, 2019!

Hey There! Ready to play Attune to You to receive your messages from the Quantum? Focus on a question, wish, or concern you have right now in your Current Reality for your *Essential, Original Self. Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 (below) to reflect its theme & message (base card). Your Essential Self's recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is right there for you, too! Have Fun With Your Endless Lands of Possibility!


“How Will My Quantum Leaping Angel Reading Go?”

How would your Quantum Leaping Angel Time go? Here's a bit of info, so that you can fly from the get-go!

March 2018’s Theme According to Those in the Quantum Fields

How's your March 2018 so far? Are you sensing the meaning of some pings from the Quantum Fields for us as a collective this month? ¿Sí? Awesome salsa for You!

A Sky Birthday Tribute for My Colombian Mami

She told me many years later that she really didn't believe in Angels or anything much Spirit until we had met & shared many conversations of such over popcorn & her favorite show, "Magnum PI".


What if we were to suddenly wake up one day & consider just letting all the Love in that was ready to arrive to us?