On Asking “When, though?!”

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Your Earth Timing & Divine Timing May Not Always Sync Up. One Is Always Flowing In Your Absolute Favor Though! You Know Which One, Right?

Yessss! Love assisting people to see & clear any blocks to their dream careers, businesses, heart partners, health, peace, joy, & more! 💥 That Earth timing can certainly seem to be playing out some crazy shenanigans at times, yes?! However, consider what those in the Quantum say: If you’re facing such a question of “WHEN will ____ happen, though??” in regards to any life aspect you’re awaiting, either A): There is a better, aka divine You, timing still coming that will bring & offer much more of what you are emitting vibrationally as your true desire(s). Or B) You are not yet in the frequency with that which you may be thinking is It. You actually may be in a speedier frequency than It (or Him/Her 😉), & thus, your Essential Self is leading you to something greater still.

The Guides & Angels consistently say, “Keep your focus on the What of your whole Desired Reality as clearly, specifically, consistently, & vigorously as you can; let us help handle the How & When. We’ll even assist with the Who if you ask.”😊 In this way, you won’t inadvertently get in your own way, blocking any incredible greatness from landing in your Now. So if you’re dwelling on the, “When??” right now about Something (or Someone😉), circle your eager wagon back ’round. Return to receiving the exciting, sight-seeing ride, allowing your Essential Self to take those When reins. You just gaze at your juicy, jazzy, super dazzling What & stay in that unrestrained anticipatory feel of It. That’s all you really need “Do” at this moment. Then, when your Essential Self says, “Now! This is It! Take your action! I’ll help you know those steps, too, that best match You!”, do! Your Essential Self, just like your body, doesn’t fight you. They both just let you know when things truly don’t feel good — or when they feel super fun & fantastic to You. Trust them. They have your back. And your whole Awesome Life, too. If you let Them, that is. 😃😉😊

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie, with the Angels, Guides, & Quantum

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