Your Weekly Tune Up for January 8th-14th, 2019!

Hey There! If we’re not connected on social media, you may not be familiar with my Quantum Leaping Attune to You Tuesdays. Here’s how they roll:

Intuit & select 1, 2, or 3 from the card selection below. For you wondering ones, the cards are picked from a basket of 100’s with the intention that super helpful answers are drawn & served up for the collective’s distinct calls that week. Your nudged choice reflects a specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card) & the potential Quantum Leap (top card) that may be needed by you to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It! 💥💛💥


Have a number that jumps out for you? If more than one lights up, that’s great, too! You may be desiring to see from different Angels’, er angles’, perspectives. Or maybe you have more than one area of life calling to your focus this week. You never need limit yourself to just 1 answer from your Essential Self, Guides, Angels, Loved Ones in Spirit &/or Quantum. The more solutions & answers, the happier, easier & in your peaceful flow you go, yes?

Ok! So scroll down to the card selection(s) you chose & check out what your answers may be for your most powered up week! The extra writings I include with the cards are messaged to me from the Quantum for more clarification & specificity. Those A-List Assistants accompanying all of us love to assist with direct, Earth-tangible info. Enjoy your aha’s! Celebrate all of your grand openings to keep your momentum for them going. Laugh with your Essential Self! Very little shifts your frequency faster than gifting yourself laughter. Most of all: Have Fun!

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If you selected #1, this is Yours for the week!

Have you been pushing on yourself a bit? Thinking that you must have to do more, more, more to achieve the results you seek? Maybe you’ve been struggling with making yourself do things that just aren’t it for you now or anymore. Are you finding yourself dreading some actions & then when you force yourself to do them, you feel utterly spent & exhausted? Yep. Marching through your wise resistance will do that. Rather than fight your resistance, consider it a dear friend holding a blazing, lit up sign high in the air for you to see. It’s saying, “You don’t really want this. There’s another way & you know it. Or you wouldn’t have that keen apathy, irritation, illness &/or drudgery around it. Consider an alternate route for speedier landing of what you truly desire.” The leap this week recommended from your Essential Self, then? To land in your knowing that you already have Everything you need to live what you really, truly desire. So thinking that you have to go out & get more of something in order to be happy isn’t it. You’re being called back to Who You Are in order to see clearly what you most yearn to co-create. Therefore, let go of any berating or beating up of yourself. All of it, yes. Because that just throws up counter-intentional energy to what you have put in motion. Decide to quit any running at Mach speed, too, as it just leads to running further away from yourself. You’ve probably already noted times in your life when you rushed to get to the next thing & it led to “accidents”, either with your physical body or with other physical objects. Those are very clear (& often rather painful) blocks you actually called in to make sure you realized that you really didn’t want to continue in that direction. They were there to help you end any creating of your undesired reality. Maybe they didn’t feel so good at the time; yet, when you look back, you may see how hugely they were actually serving in your grandest favor. So this week is about letting yourself absolutely see what You Already Are. That nothing “out there” could make you better, more valuable or more worthy of what you desire. Slide back into your home plate & lean into You. No one can tag you out, save you, in your life’s plays. Oh. And be sure to dance when you catch your magnificent Self in that mirror you may have been avoiding just a bit. If you don’t celebrate you in your here & now, no one & nowhere else can, either — whether it be in a new career, relationship, home, or anything else. Happy Travels back to You! Let Yourself Be, Hey! Right here, right now, and All of the Way. Yep. That’s how you leap all of your Desired Reality aspects into your Now. And you’ll know that you never have to rush out (of Yourself) & get It somewhere out there ever again. It’s All Here. With You. Infinity.

Attune To You Tuesdays, Tune Up, Quantum Leaping Angel Readings, Quantum Leaping Cards
#2 Popped Out For You? Then These Answers Are For You!

Have you been feeling that any or all of your earnest efforts are landing you very little or even going nowhere? That no matter how much energy & action you invest, there have been small peanuts of return or reward for them? Feeling as if your Angels, Guides or Loved Ones in the Quantum aren’t hearing your requests or are busy elsewhere? Well, they’re here to assure you that they’re right with you & that you are being heard. They see you. They know exactly where you have been pouring & holding your energy all around your co-creations with all of your heart & might. They understand that things are a bit different on the Earth plain as far as money, personal & professional needs go. Their leap for you this week? To remain steadfast & persistent in the direction of your activated dreams. To keep taking those steps you know deep within you are such a huge part of your calling — no matter how small you may believe them to be serving. That when you feel like throwing it all away or giving up, rest. After all, the last thing they’d wish for any embodied souls is to be overwhelmed or exhausted by their own unique, epic purpose. How can you know when to keep going, taking a few more steps? Trust your chi; your life force energy. When it’s up, go for it. When it feels a bit low, rest. Take care of you. Do something that restores you. Get outside. Away from the screens. Walk, run or be in nature. Stretch out with some yoga, a pull up bar, or hang from a solid tree branch. Hug your pets. Talk with little kids. Remind yourself to gaze through your own inner child’s eyes of wonder. We all had them & can leap them anytime into our now. Take that hot shower & sing from your whole gut to that song that’s been playing over & over in your mind. Instead of asking yourself or your Angels & Guides, “What’s next??”, ask, “What’s now? Where would my energy most beneficially serve right now?” Then act on the answer you receive. You may hear, “Stop. Just be here now.” (With your child, cat, dog, horse, co-worker, or a sudden encounter at the store). Or, “Go. Go to that gathering. Attend that class. Listen to that random conversation for clues or answers.” Perhaps you’ll be very surprised this week by a “chance” encounter or message from a “stranger” & the directional surges it provides towards landing more of your desired reality into this Now. If you’re praying, you’re asking, & you’re being heard. If you desire answers, give meditating a go. The more leaps you take towards your Quantum, or Essential, Self, the more you will know what is needed to activate your Desired Reality aspects. Quantum leaping is such an active meditation that you may feel that things are simultaneously shaking loose off of you & creating as soon as you do it. And they are. You dump off blocks each time as your imagination contains none of those. It doesn’t have any ego to accept or confirm the illusions of lack, limitation & resistance, either. And if you’re just really tired, no worries. According to those in the Quantum, imagining & intending your Desired Reality is actually 90%+ of the “action” necessary to land it. It’s really not in the lack of action that humans get tripped up. It’s in the counter-intending thoughts that race between leaps through the self-defeating beliefs that they hold. So be fierce in your knowing: That there’s no way you’d have kept going with this dream until this moment unless you knew, knew, knew in every one of your 37.2 trillion cells of your being that It has to be. And Already Is! That now it’s just a matter of its taking Earth form all of the way in your life & in front of this world’s physical eyes. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t already exist with you. And because of you. Giving up isn’t really what you desire to do with it anyway. Or you wouldn’t have been guided to pick these cards sent to you from your Essential Self today. How do humans succeed really, really at the end of the day? Ask any of those you admire for their successes. They’ll tell you. They. Just. Didn’t. Give. Up. At least not for Forever. You need not either. Now: Get back to imagining what it will feel like when It does take Earth-tangible form as you most desire. Can you physically feel It, yet? Even if you can’t quite yet, your imagining of It will only activate It more in your Now. Never less. And that’s where you’re most ready to be with It, right? Onward & upward, you go. So Says You. Because your Essential Self is You. In Your Full Glory. Which you can allow Anytime. With It In Your Desired Reality. Right Here, Right Now. Yep.

Attune To You Tuesday, Tune Up, Quantum Leaping Angel Readings, Quantum Leaping, Angel Readings
So #3 Called to You? Awesome! This Is For You!

Alright! Have you been feeling a bit directionless, yet bound by a lot of, “Uggghhh! Not this! And definitely not that!”? Your Essential Self is assuring you that signs & clues are absolutely arriving for you in your current reality regarding what it will take to land your desired reality. That it just may be that you’re limiting your options. Old lack beliefs may be rearing their defeating statements of, “Yeah, but the reality is _____ .” (Insert any word for “impossible”, “can’t happen”, “not good enough”, “not enough” there.) So your ears, eyes & mind are deflecting the possibilities as fast as they may be rising up, perhaps. Those in the Quantum are asking that you consider that it’s actually your brain that determines how you feel about anything. Your thoughts create the flow of your feelings. Many on the Earth plane believe it’s the other way around. When you’ve wondered how to change your feelings about something that happened, is happening or might happen, the answer is, you don’t. You can, however, & must, really, change your thoughts, in order for any feeling to change. So if you’ve been thinking, “Yeah! But I can’t change how I feel about ____!”, the grand answer is that there’s no need to struggle with that. Instead, consider that some thoughts might need to change in order for you to accept your new direction & desired reality. To settle for less? To anticipate smaller? To lower your expectations or standards? Nope. The opposite. The 180 degree turn of your rudder. Your Essential Self is saying that your perceptions of what can be may be squeezing you right out of your greatness. Your greatest, most dreamed of life. Or even keeping you from dreaming at all. Because your preferences are actually too limiting. So the leap this week? Consider that it’d be a great time to place a stay on any ideas that may be pushing you away from your desired reality. Thinking that you might not be recognizing what they are? Or feeling that they may be slyly disguised as “logical”, “rational”, or “it’s just reality” decisions? Or “healthy skepticism”? Wait! What?? What exactly does “healthy doubt” mean or lead to? Did you just hear your loved ones in the Quantum laughing? Yep. Because doubt is just a lack of certainty or conviction & it doesn’t lead anyone forward. It’s really good at bringing things to stuck & paralyzed, though. And a sense of having no direction can really be code words for just that stuck, doubting state. So update your preferences by casting out any that you know are keeping you small. How can you tell? If it feels like fear, it’s fear. If it feels like joy, it’s joy. What happens in your body when you feel fear? And joy? One closes & the other opens, right? The one clenching isn’t going to let you expand. And the cool thing is, you can clear the fear by clearing the thoughts that are attempting to convince you that you can’t do something that you really desire. Does such a transformation “take time” & “hard work”? It’s not the transformation that does; it’s the resistance in the way of it that can, though. The resistance is the hardness. The transforming of the thoughts to different feelings & different realities happens with one decision. One. So this week, make 1 decision in favor of your Desired Reality. Notice the ripples in the lake that rise up to meet that one pebble decision toss towards More of You. Consider that the direction calling you holds actually much, much more for you than you have let yourself hold in your mind. If you’ve ever believed that you’d love to live your purpose, but, “It just doesn’t pay that well”, “My family would disown me”, “People wouldn’t want what I offer, anyway” or some other squelching, diminishing statement, this is the week to bust that fear out. Look at it straight in its face & decide that you will no longer let it control or dictate your direction (to your Joy). Ever. Again. Living your purpose will never lessen your life. Perhaps you’ll face hurdles. They’re not a fixed “reality”, though. Because you create it. And if you’ve created hurdles for whatever learning you deemed you desired to experience this existence, you can uncreate them, too, right? As far as outside voices telling you what’s not possible, well, just remember, they’re outside of you. And you don’t have to let them stay in your mind’s home forever. Oh! One last thing those in the Quantum are asking that gets mentioned: If you ever receive a message that diminishes what can be for You, whether it’s arriving from someone in or out of form, that’s not a guide or counselor; that’s a be-little-r(egaler). In other words, your Angels, Guides & Quantum will never direct you smaller. They’re connecting with you directly from the Infinite. Thus, they’re well awake to the fact that you have no limits, nor are you lacking anything. Not even today. They’re just here to help you uncover this. To remove any perceived shackles or restrictions of any kind. Ready to let them? And most of all, to Let You Be? Yeah-ya, it’s time. You know it is. Or you wouldn’t have listened to your Essential Self to draw this whole picture of your Self today. Welcome Home. To your vital, vibrant life. It’s always been & will never go away. Ever. Infinity.

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Big Love & Hugs!

Wings Up!

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Your Angel Cowgirl Out of Colorado


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