Happy Full Dragon Moon!

Happy Full Dragon Moon 2018!

Happy Full Dragon Moon! What’s rising up from the Quantum regarding this one?: “Claim your full quantum mind, body, & Spirit right Now. That’s your real home turf. Only One set of keys was made for yours. You are the only holder of them. Take responsibility of anything you’re doing or being. That way you know you are the one who decides whether to keep doing it or being it. Or not. Own your actions. Is Something on your mind that’s not serving your most powered on & up you? Maybe those strong nudges are getting crazy strong. You know the ones. They’re saying, ‘Stop that! There’s no peace, joy or power in that for you!’ Or, ‘Start this! It will ignite your powerful purpose & life even further! Just Start!’ Apply your fire breath. Breathe out all of those limiting beliefs, thoughts, & (in)actions. AND any slow frequency, negating self-speak. Then, breathe in with the exuberance of your knowing that Whatever that has felt stuck, unclear & unresolved, is gone. What a relief, hey?! It’s done. You Decided. It Is Done.” Yeah-ya! High Quantum Fives to You on this Full Dragon Moon! 💥💛💥💫

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & The Quantum

Wings Up!

Fly Up  (to Top of Page)


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