Do You Challenge Your Life Balance?

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Expand Your Balance Beliefs & You Will Extend Your Life Heights!

Balance ~ Etymology“General Harmony Between Parts”, 1732.

How important is it to you to feel balanced in your life? Wait. First, what does “feeling balanced” mean to you? Probably no two people on this planet would have the same answer. Some may respond, “It’s when I have everything under control.” With that, I usually hear their Guides & Angels saying, “Uh, oh.” And soon thereafter, the person exclaiming, “Hey! What the heck just happened?! Everything just went absolutely whackadoodle in my life!” Why does this happen? Control is driven by the ego. It’s derived in fear that stems from the lack belief that, if you don’t maintain it, you may lose something, someone, or yourself. It carries the illusion that you can get things to stop changing around you. Or in you. If a person is propelling such expectation with those fear thoughts blazing out each day, there is no way such perceived losses won’t eventually occur. Wherever we send our strong thoughts, we’re already co-creating that landscape for ourselves. Anticipate winning, instead. It serves Big. Your happy, peaceful state has nothing to do with your ego. Or control. You may have noticed that when you attempt to control things, they get tougher & more out of hand than ever actually. Exactly. Out of your hands they go smack into the monkey mind of the ego that has a tendency to zealously throw resistance into your own supernatural flow. So the road can get mind-boggling rocky there. And exhausting. Others may say, “I don’t really love to think about balance. It seems confining. I feel restrained by it. As if it’s some limiting, controlling parent telling me that I can’t do a lot of the things that I most enjoy.” Here’s a new one for you, perhaps: Your extraordinary state of balance is your own & you get to choose what it means according to your desired frequency state. For example, you may get up at the same time every day. Drive the same roads to work, errands, etc. Eat the same foods & all of your meals at the same time. Watch the same shows. Go to bed at the same hour every night, etc. And that’s balance — for you. Operating in such a way feels peaceful & happy to you. Others may awaken each day not really desiring to know exactly how the day is going to unfold or what specific thoughts & actions will be called for & taken. They feel most alive & balanced responding to their chi, their own life force, in each present moment of the day. Maybe for them, a balanced day isn’t one at all without some fear faced & sauntered through with giggles over their shoulders as they take note of ego’s wrangling attempts. They see risk as a facet of the air they breathe. They actually look for experiences that challenge them to teeter on the edge of a never-before-experienced terrain, whether physical or mental. Or maybe both. Is one way “better” than another? Only if one is better for you & you let it lead you forward in your happiest, most harmonious state. Because that serves everything & everyone. Especially you. — Which leads to benefit everyone & everything, again, via what you radiate — & thus, how you impact — while you’re in your amped up state. How can you know if you’re controlling your life’s balance or letting go to it to ride through any shifts you may be facing? Ask yourself with each action or practice you do for balance, “Am I doing this out of fear or thrilled anticipation?” Do you get on a scale every day out of fear of losing control & gaining weight? Or do you step on it with all of your winter layers — to include those steel-toed boots & 10-gallon hat — just for a great laugh? Personally, I’ve never owned a scale in my life. Having seen as a very young child the misery & depression on adult faces when they stepped on them, I thought it very strange to have such a daily torture tool. To own something that you actually weren’t required to have in your home that caused such heavy, lingering sadness made no sense to me. I saw how a number at people’s feet could have so much power over their day, happiness & peace. I did use it to weigh dogs, hamsters, stuffed animals, & dolls, though, to be true. Didn’t you?

If you find that fear is driving your balancing acts & control is ruling your show, explore new pathways that support letting go, instead. What if you’ve felt insistent nudges to jump on a trampoline? Walk a tightrope? Rock climb? Bicycle? Surf in the ocean? Horseback ride? Stand on your head on a paddle board? Meditate in tree pose on a teetery stool? You may discover that gripping down on your life no longer serves. What if balance is more about letting go & riding your challenging life waves with your joy rudder firmly in place? If all you do is let go & keep moving forward, taking actions led by your thrill & peace, you may suddenly discover that your life has never felt so balanced. And that it is soooo much easier & more fun, the less & less you attempt to control it. If things don’t feel so fun to you right now, consider stretching & expanding your ideas about what balance means or has to be for you. 15 days from now you may look back & see that what you believed was balance for you has completely changed. It will spontaneously & freely change with you. And grow stronger as you let go to your innate strength. After all, your essential, original (infinite energy prior to any form) self knows no limitation or “imbalance”. Often, the greatest adventures are on the other side of the greatest unknowns. You may just need to walk around or quantum leap over your current perceived treacherous bends so as to be able to see your actual possibilities. And experience them, best of all. You definitely deserve your epic life. Just remember that you get to uncreate & recreate it all anytime, anywhere. Yep, the balance of it all, too. Infinity.

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

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