What If It’s A Different Limiting Belief That’s Been The Real Block?

You Are Worth It! Go For It Knowing This Is So. You!

What if? Either way, You’re Good! Because you get to not only catch those limiting lack beliefs, you also get to tag them out. By the way, at a frequency of about 500, laughter soars you up waaay past any count to 150 that frustration, irritation or anger have. So laugh with ego’s illusive shananigans. And Love on all of that small self talk. Everything reveals itself easier, heals for good, & leans into its option to shine brighter with Love blazing into it. Then you can go about changing out those disempowering beliefs for empowering ones as fast as you’d desire to change a flat tire to be back moving up the road again. Maybe you didn’t even know those downgrading, denegrating thoughts were playing like a broken record in your mind while you were in the middle of a quantum leap towards aspects of your Desired Reality. Perhaps you found yourself bouncing back to super stucksville, wracking your brain as to what could possibly be causing some unwanted repeated patterns personally &/or professionally. Yep. You’re 111% correct. It’s nothing, “out there”. Or due to “that person”. Every day, we decide & teach the world how we allow & expect ourselves to get treated. We present & stand on our own value precipice. The Big Truth of your matter is, you arrived as far more than enough. You’re actually invaluable & there’s no quantifiable amount that could ever reach or total your Essential Self’s value. Once you know, know, know this of You, then the only question may be, “I wonder when will I decide that I’m worth ____?” Maybe now would be grand! Because it is a decision that you always have & can fully own. No one took it away from you. If you are thinking someone did, focus on connecting more strongly to your power, instead. You will see that no one can really take it or a decision from you. You just lessened your connection to your own power due to some belief that it was necessary to do so at the time.  You can uncreate any such association or frequency state with anyone anytime, no matter what happened between you. And it is entirely possible to do so with no actual physical communication or interaction. All energy, even of just your thought, lands. As soon as you decide to reconnect all of the way to your power, you will. You are actually always connected to it according to your own variance allowance. Therein lies your powerful free will, Spirit & any decision you could have ever made, are making, or will make. Ever. Infinity.

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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