Your Weekly Tune Up for January 15th-21st, 2019!

Select 1, 2, or 3…Or maybe more than one jumps out for you! That’s great!  More answers may mean more solutions for all that holds your focus this week!

Hey, there! Ready for your Tune Up?💥💛💥💫 Intuit & select 1, 2, or 3 (above), to reflect a specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). There for you, too, is your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It! Then, scroll down to the #(s) you picked for the flip & share of the messages the Quantum & your Essential Self has for It’s-All-Possible You!💥💛💥

If you picked #1, this is for You!

Oh, yes. You’re right. Those in the Quantum are being very direct right now with this card combo: That if you were guided to #1, you may be dilly dallying with creating or finishing a project, perceiving your putting it off as “mindfulness”. That, “I don’t want to rock all of those waters.” Or “Maybe they’re just not ready.” Or, “Yeah, but what if I put it all together & no one’s interested?” Or, “What if they’re not on board to follow through with their end of what they’re saying they want to do??” Yeah, those in the Quantum are nodding. And also adding quickly, “If not you, then who?” That you may be using an assumption of others’ not readiness as a distraction or delay to avoid moving forward with your own gut nudges to get going & get creating it already. You know how change rolls. There may be some resistance in front of it, yes. However, once humans decide that they are changing, their new reality has the energy akin to a high speed locomotive busting out of a gate. Thus, if you don’t design that project that’s calling you big-time, what happens when a whole slew are ready? And they’re wondering what happened to that innovative idea or dream they knew they had to find & follow that would impact many more than themselves? Maybe they’re still feeling a bit lost or stuck because they haven’t bumped into you & your big picture plan. Remember that multiple paradigms are criss-crossing regularly & that not all are so cemented in this one often perceived as only 3-D. They ditched their ankle weights back in the 80’s for lighter, speedier cross terrain boots. Therefore, don’t base your audience on any “reality” that stubbornly breathes any kind of fear, limitation or lack. Instead, consider that like you, there are 10’s of 1,000’s desiring to learn of the possibilities you know, know, know exist. And that you can compose your inspired blueprint within Divine Timing so that when you have it available, many will be ready to jump with you. The leap, then, for you this week, according to your A-list Assistants in the Quantum? Pull out all of the stops. Then: All you need do is start. Just start. Or begin again, if you walked away from your creation some time back. If you bump into yourself with doubt or hesitation, turn your rudder. Go do something empowering, that for you, dumps them off. Get outside. Observe nature’s bold actions. Animals don’t question whether humans are ready to receive their messages. They just show up when their called. They plant the seeds & get on their way when instinctively they know it’s the best time for all. Go swimming. Or let water surround you in your shower or tub. Water helps wash away the cant’s & constraining beliefs. Ever notice how some of the greatest answers arrive in the shower? Or any water? Yep. Makes sense, doesn’t it, when we’re surrounded initially by water while we’re being created & birthed? Beginnings are very exciting, anyway — until we’re taught or learn to fear or get anxious about them & any unknowns. So while you’re leaping this week, remind yourself that anything you learned, you can unlearn, too. This becomes especially valuable when you’d really love to unlearn any & all restricting beliefs, thoughts or actions that may have arrived via a parent, teacher, or other influential limiting perspective. Take this week & decide to move forward now. Your Essential Self is encouraging you to cease with the detouring away, especially from yourself. After all, no one came here to be on hold. You may have even been recognizing that there’s no blaming anyone else for feeling on hold, yes? You only wait on yourself. If someone or something out there isn’t available to you at this time, look within. The Quantum mirror says that you are not be being completely available to yourself somehow. That could certainly put your inspired plans on a back burner, yes. To get them cooking again, get really available to yourself. You have the recipe; just make sure you show up to be the embracing vessel from which it can then all be stirred together & created. You’ve looked. And thought. Maybe for months or even years. And designed it all clearly in your mind. Now is the time to leap with It! No worries. According to those in the Quantum, all that has ever been created has always been. It’s just your turn to bring it here to your paradigm so that others will benefit from it big-time with you. A planet awaits. Or what if both planets & other realms are waiting? Even if some might not know it yet. Remember, knowing something & then knowing whether you’re ready to share it may happen in different Divine Timings. It’s just a super fun bonus if they come together at the same time! Until then, Begin. Or Begin Again. Go forth, dear. Because You Do Know. Even if, “But what if I’m not ready?!” is yelling at you in your mind (from ego’s bullying to keep you smaller & restricted). Please leap to your  desired Starting reality now. Thank you, Bold, Courageous One. You’ve got this.


The Quantum

#2’s, this is Part 1 for You!

First, those in the Quantum wish to be clear: If you don’t have what you might define as a “connection to God”, it’s absolutely, definitely ok. There is no mandate that says you have to have such a relationship anywhere or anytime with any Angels, Guides, Source or even those you know who have passed from their Earth form. They’ve no interest in dumping shame, guilt, condemnation, or denigration onto anyone; they say that is a rigid stick that is carried on the Earth plane, not there & not by them. You arrived with free will & you will always have it, no matter where you leap or what you do. Your Essential Self  would love you to experience the freedom & ease that can come with the assistance, yes; however, it encourages you to let it in only if you feel drawn to it. If it resonates as peace, ease, or joy for you, then go for it. If it feels gross, consider moving towards the beat of your own light, instead. Those in the Quantum just ask that you think of this week’s leap as one for cooperation rather than fighting against, even if it’s just with yourself. Are you dueling with yourself over something? Or with others? If you’re finding yourself attempting to convince another of anything & it’s becoming a great big dispute or even discussion back & forth, it’s showing you that you have some kind of battle occurring within, as well. Ego loves to duel or hold the illusion of duality. Or to even just “make a point”, leading people to believe they can change others’ minds. No one changes another’s mind. Only the person with the mind, changes it. And then it’s really not the mind; it’s the beliefs or thoughts racing through it. Ego also loves to convince that any state of unhappiness or “problem” is outside of the person experiencing it & is being caused by or due to another.


And Part 2, #2’s!

Thus, if you find yourself feeling this week that there’s nothing you can do to feel better because others are pouring their garbage onto you, return to you. Look within. See where you may have ignored, denied, or forgotten to clear out some internalized debris or clutter of your own. In this way, you will be collaborating with yourself, rather than finding others to fight to mirror back an unchecked fight within. Cooperating with your Essential Self, rather than continuing any loud ego fanfare with others could bring you more peace & contentment than you’ve felt for some time. On the other hand, consider that you might just enjoy fighting or debating with others for some reason. Maybe you learned it as a tactic to get clear with yourself. And that it gets you more determined to live what your really desire rather than what you don’t. Or possibly it comes with the illusive notion that it gives you energy (taken from other people) as a temporary fix or fill to someplace inside that feels a bit empty. For just this one week, though, decide to be in cooperation with yourself & others or bust. Exit from those battling exchanges for a few breaths, instead, until you give up the fight. See what it feels to give up the proving, “making them see”; disputing for some rights (that you wholly have until you lessen your own connection to them); catching others (in lies, deception, illusion, etc); or taking any other action that diffuses your relationship to your empowered self. Then what’s the leap for this week? If you decide to come from your guru self, or your Essential Self, instead, you may discover pretty ding dang near immediately that you truly desire to give no more energy to any of those dramas. They may have been great movies for awhile; however, did you ever feel vitally alive & on purpose during them? Or did they seem to cast a distracting, sludge-shrouded veil over those states? Did you find yourself activating your dreams or were you wondering what just happened to hours out of your day with those battles? Yeah. Those fights, outward or within, can really yank you out of your vortex of ambition, perseverance, resilience & more. They can interrupt your flow & create a sense of willful importance while the rest of you asks, “Hey! Where Am I in all of this?! I’m not getting anywhere & I know it.” If you really desire to shift things with those with whom you’re battling or in upset, gaze at the area between their eyes & up about an inch. Often called, “The 3rd Eye” or “6th Chakra”, you’ll be addressing & inviting their Higher/Essential/Divine Selves to interact with you, instead. It also takes you out of any ego threads that may be stubbornly diminishing your own connection to your Essential Self. How can an intention be so effective? Those in the Quantum relay that when you set an intention, it travels at a speed & matter that are stronger & more powerful than thought. Give it a go, then. Decide to do your whole week from your own guru or Essential Self perspective. Remind yourself that everyone, no matter their choices right now, has such light. Note any transformative encounters. What’s different? It may have seemed that it was on them, right? Didn’t turn out that way, though, did it? You allow yourself to turn the tables of your approach & all else will change, too. Why? Because unlike vibes & frequencies can’t scientifically hang out together very long. So either others will rise up to meet you in your new determined peace state or they will mosey along their way. Those in the Quantum note that on the Earth plane, a peaceful, happy person is one of the most threatening life aspects to those who are miserable. Why? Because those in misery then see that there is another option & that they are actually choosing to be unhappy — when they’d rather keep believing that others are what make them hate their life, not themselves. Ready to put on your guru eyes & see how differently your world looks this week? You just might catch the guru in others blazing their appreciating, accepting, peaceful light back to you as they’re being recognized by you. You. The Guru You. Oh, yeah, You Exist!


The Quantum

If you picked #3, this is Part 1 for You!

Aaaahhhh…Perhaps your consulting or advising others has felt a bit heavy or too serious to you & you have been thinking of ways to invoke some light-mindedness into the mix. As a knower of the secrets others hold, you may have walked into some of their fear or resistance of late & felt the push back. You may have been pondering how you can help others know that there is no “bad” in them; that you just came along to help them clear the limiting illusion they’ve carried for so long that is holding them back from their powered up life. Maybe you’ve even thought about throwing in the towel & completely retreating because they are perceiving your messaging as a threat to who they believe themselves to be. That you are expecting too much from them. — Even if you’re presenting options with 0 expectation or need for them to change anything. You have no desire for them to change anything for you. Because you know it won’t stick, then. And you’ve a feeling that they’ll probably resent you for any or all of it down the road because they’ll say they felt pushed or controlled, rather than freely evolving. Regardless of their perceptions, they’re really not doing any it for you. And you’re not doing this assisting for some gain. You know it’s not about you. Still, you might be feeling a bit frustrated or saddened, that there seems to be such a “normal” around self-destructive & disempowered living. That many seem to be leaning in with great determination to projecting their power outside of themselves at this point of human evolution. That there are many who believe they cannot live without some outer temporary fix. Or fixes. And then you quietly walked into their lives with a mirror that reflects differently. You suggested — maybe with no words — that there were other paths. That no matter how many generations had gone before doing self-lessening things, that theirs could be radically different. The call for you actually hasn’t disappeared or ended at all. Your Essential Self, however, is recommending a new approach this week. If you sense resistance to your messaging, get playful. Make light of the exchange. Since laughter shifts frequencies immediately, perhaps you’ll find that a block gets busted out faster with a bit of teasing or winking with the person afraid to let it go. Those in the Quantum suggest invoking play as often as possible, as they say it is the optimum state of creation. Thus, if a person has forgotten his/her power of co-creation — & uncreating — playing can strengthen the connection to it very speedily.

#3’s, this is Part 2 for You!

How often do you have those aha moments of awakening further that bring you to bust out laughing? Super fun & funny, right? You can help others reveal their info to themselves in the same way. Remember falling down as a child while playing & laughing & laughing? We all did until someone rushed to us with fearful expressions & talk of how painful or horrible it was. We laughed for no reason, too. Often. Or maybe we knew that life was just not that serious then & that there were many more reasons to laugh than to be down about anything. Thus, if you’re looking for an avenue back to others’ more playful reception of their life, aim for their inner child. Just as we create our experiences & our feelings about them based on how we decide to think about them, we can uncreate them by altering our thoughts. What does this mean? That even the events we might perceive as “horrible”, “permanently damaging” or some other powerless description can be brought forward in a different way. You may already be able to look back & see your most challenging times & remember laughing at how ridiculous or full of illusion they seemed — even while they were happening. You had already decided to take a different perspective that wouldn’t allow you to be waving at your power from a distance. After all, do you think the shadows that you see during the day resent that they are shadows? Do they seem angry or jealous at the sunshine? Or do they recognize that without their slant on things, humans would not be enjoying so much contrast. Nor would the light appear so blazing & bright. So the leap this week from your Essential Self? As the Knower of Secrets, consider revealing those “deep, dark secrets” of others or yourself through humor. When you’re asked what a trigger or other confusing aspect might mean, engage the metaphors spoken from those questioning. Gently direct attention to their powerful co-creative abilities that are in action via the the law of attraction (& any other Universal laws you know). If the statement is, “I am so sick & tired of this. And beyond it, I’ve been sick & exhausted for 2 weeks!”, there’s the gentle Thoughts Create flag to wave in front of their eyes. Highlight the messages you see pouring through their dreams; you can always present info with a lighter as a pointer. Guarantee giggles when you flick the lighter during any aha’s of your own or for others. Imagine how many aha’s happen at concerts. Tee, hee. If anyone tells you that you can’t be that spiritual if you laugh so much, well, they probably haven’t had many encounters with those in Spirit. In fact, so often, those who’ve passed are bent on reaching their beloveds here in form through humor. They know if they can help those here feel less sad, angry, depressed, etc, then they get to get on with accompanying & assisting with all of the wonders & marvels they’re experiencing & want to share & guide. Have you even known anyone to get sicker from laughing? Or more stuck? Or less evolved? Yeah, no.

“You can see the positive side of even the worst tragedies if you adopt a holistic perspective. If you take the negative as absolute and definitive, however, you increase your worries and anxiety, whereas by broadening the way you look at a problem you understand what is bad about it, but you accept it. When people ask me how I find the strength to laugh now, I reply that I am a professional laugher.” ~ His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

So this week, be your spirit-full, Secret Knower Self & share the messages you’re being called & asked to offer, serving them up with some contagious laughter. Watch how differently they’re received. As those in the Quantum often say, we can learn in joy just as well & hugely as through any suffering. One actually creates more resistance, though, often, which equals longer time moving through things. Which way would you prefer to see your beloveds expand & return to all of their power & love? P.S. Laughing helps your singing voice, too. Win/win. Now, go play, hey!


The Quantum

Alright! There it is! How did your Essential Self do for you this week? Desire assistance for your leaps? You can’t overdo them or do them too often! You’ll see that the more you do them, the more quickly you’ll connect stronger & stronger to your Desired Reality. No extra gasoline or looong time in your day is needed, either. Hee, hee. Remember: Everything that you now love in your life was just once a thought in your mind. You saw it. You felt how fun it would be. You took the necessary inspired action &/or just allowed it all in. And now it is. Your quantum leaps are no different. Only they might spring you forward faster as solid intention adds lightening speed (& even faster) activating energy to your thoughts & feels. Have Fun! They are! If you let yourself sail on your own Fun Grid. It’s always available. Infinity.

Much Love & Big Hugs!

Your Angel Cowgirl out of CO,

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!



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