King Arthur : And How To Help An Injured Animal You Find

My mate and I had an animal rescue experience that we wanted to pass along to you in case you're ever in a similar situation. Thank you for rescuing animals!!

A Love Note for Garçon Du Soleil 2006-2022

Oh, my majestic, dedicated, extraordinarily resilient Garçon, we will miss you so. 🐕♥️

World’s Smallest Husky? Or Longest Armed Man? Ah, Perception, You Defining Rascal!

Ever notice that the things you focus on can get all-encompassing & seem massively huge in your reality? And that all that you don't give your energy becomes like specks on a distant horizon? (My Husky agreed to represent for analogy's sake only; he knows he's HUGE on my horizon every single day. Oh, yeah, his Highness, Sir Garçon du Soleil Husky does. That awesome rascal.)


11:11… Are You Truly Helping to Empower or Disempower Another?

Ask, "If I help, will my assistance lead to a more powered up life for this person, or does it just stick a band-aid of rescue & enabling onto his/her chosen patterns of self-sabotage?"