1:11…To Your Peace & Light x 1,111

1:11 Peace Light Angels Spirit Guides Loved Ones Out of Form Creator Source
1:11…To Your Peace & Light

1:11… Peace & Light x 1,111 for You this night & every yesterday & tomorrow you excavate & soar… Your requests & declarations to the Universe have been heard. Your team of A-list assistants stand with you, too. Infinitely. They honor your free will & await your invite with each choice & decision you make. They see & get you clearly, watching over & supporting you in your determination to never give up.  However you are letting go to your expansion, know that You are absolutely safe. Because In your Truth, you are impermeable & Inevitable. Enjoy your unstoppable Presence. It is with You forever. Now, imagine that Light! Magical & profoundly magnificent, yes? And, Yes. They Are Talking About You. Exactly.💥💖

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie & the Angels

Wings Up!

Fly Up (to the top of page)

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