1:11…To Your Peace & Light x 1,111

Your requests & declarations to the Universe have been heard. Your team of A-list assistants stand with you, too. Infinitely. They honor your free will & await your invite with each choice & decision you make. They see & get you clearly, watching over & supporting you in your determination to never give up. 

11 Ways to Quantum Leap Your Reality

So how much do you really want to leap & change your reality? There are Infinite ways you can. Here are 11 Ways...Just to begin.

11 Strong Suggestions You May Have Heard or Are Hearing from Your Angels & Guides…

Have you heard some of these suggestions from your Angels & Spirit Guides?

Listening to Your Spirit When it Says, “Yeah, Baby!!”

Funny how when we were kids, we wouldn't have considered staying anywhere for more than an hour where we weren't having fun or where others were being blatantly mean or showing complete disregard for who we are.

What If There’s Nothing to Fix?

What if there really is nothing to "fix" but only a bunch of whole-hearted accepting to be had?

Being Human

The Angels have asked me to speak of this Being Human idea.