Your Weekly Tune for January 22nd-28th, 2019!

Hey There! If we're not connected on social media, you may not have played Quantum Leaping Attune to You Tuesdays! Here's how they roll: Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 from the card selection...

1:11…To Your Peace & Light x 1,111

Your requests & declarations to the Universe have been heard. Your team of A-list assistants stand with you, too. Infinitely. They honor your free will & await your invite with each choice & decision you make. They see & get you clearly, watching over & supporting you in your determination to never give up. 


Guns & Light

What do we do with all those we encounter who never received that? We remain present & be just as determined to care as they are about not caring.

Laughing While Falling

Do you ever look back & think, "OMA, I'm sure glad THAT happened when it did! I thought it was the worst thing ever at the time."

Yes, Human Hearts in 2012…

There's no such thing as "getting away with" something. At least not forever. Because we never truly get away from ourselves.