Your Weekly Tune Up For April 23rd – April 29th!

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Hey, There! Welcome to Your Weekly Tune Up! Ready to play with your Essential Self, Guides, Angels & Quantum? Not connected or have no desire to be in touch with anything outside of yourself? That's perfectly fine, too! Just tune on into yourself & jump on your own Quantum Leaping surf board, then!


World’s Smallest Husky? Or Longest Armed Man? Ah, Perception, You Defining Rascal!

Ever notice that the things you focus on can get all-encompassing & seem massively huge in your reality? And that all that you don't give your energy becomes like specks on a distant horizon? (My Husky agreed to represent for analogy's sake only; he knows he's HUGE on my horizon every single day. Oh, yeah, his Highness, Sir Garçon du Soleil Husky does. That awesome rascal.)