11 Strong Suggestions You May Have Heard or Are Hearing from Your Angels & Guides…

Have you heard some of these suggestions from your Angels & Spirit Guides?

11 Signs You May Be Raising, Know, or Are an Earth Angel…

Have you sensed that you may be raising...or are an Earth Angel?

Take a Walk with Your Angels 2013 Update

Wow!  I can't believe I've been participating in this Angel biz' for 12 years already!! Thank you all so very much!

Guns & Light

What do we do with all those we encounter who never received that? We remain present & be just as determined to care as they are about not caring.

Laughing While Falling

Do you ever look back & think, "OMA, I'm sure glad THAT happened when it did! I thought it was the worst thing ever at the time."

Breaking Down…or Breaking Out, You?

Sometimes when it seems things are just breaking down & falling apart all over the place, it may just be that You are in the middle of a Breakthrough or a Break Out--so that more of You Can BE!

Should’s & Shackles

Sooooooo...Where in your life might you cast off some (more) shackles? It's funny, isn't it?...You could interchange "shackles" with "should's".

Magic & Asking

There's a ton of Magic energy in the air currently, amigos, so for whatever you most desire to shift in your lives now, now & now, Get Up on it--Ask for it! Things are suddenly changing dramatically for many right now, career, health, family, relationship-wise...The secret is to Ask...Put out your Invite--but don't forget that … Continue reading Magic & Asking