What If There’s Nothing to Fix?

What if there really is nothing to "fix" but only a bunch of whole-hearted accepting to be had?

What If You ARE Enough?

Have fun! Repeat: Have Fun! Now, there's a broken record worth keeping fo'ever!

Plan Joy, Instead!

Regardless of how it may seem at any given moment, no thing or no one out there can hold, keep or control your powerful life force unless you let him/her/it.

Yes, Human Hearts in 2012…

There's no such thing as "getting away with" something. At least not forever. Because we never truly get away from ourselves.

Being Human

The Angels have asked me to speak of this Being Human idea.

Intuitive, Medium, Quantum Leaping Co-Pilot, Animal Interpreter

As Jeannie receives many inquiries for guidance regarding current Earth & personal shifts, she was nudged to begin blogging, sharing the messages she receives from the Angels, Spirit Guides & Creator.