Your Weekly Tune Up For March 26 – April 1, 2019!

Hey, There! Ready to attune to You for your weekly quantum leap according to your Essential Self, Angels, Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit & Quantum? Let’s jump!

💥💛💥💫 Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 from the spread (below) to reflect a specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). Your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality with It is right there for you, too!💥💛💥

Ok! Note Your Number(s) Calling To You? Notice Something Different Than In Past Weeks?
Tee, hee. Yep. Good Eagle Eye, You! All 6 Cards That Popped Out Are From The Same Deck!* Their basket home, as you can see, contains many different decks that are shuffled regularly. Everett’s grinning right there with you, too. *This deck came only with the description on the cards; however, those in the Quantum are here & ready to add clarification for your week!

Ok, ready with your pick? Here we go!

If #1 Lit Up, This Is For You!

Have you been feeling as if your flight path in regards to your inquiry, has been a bit foggy, murky, or stormy, even? That the more you ask yourself of what to do, the less you feel you know with any certainty? First, we want you to know that this is perfectly ok. Before new answers & horizons appear for you, decide first to wonder & approach those unknowns with curiosity rather than dread or fear. In this way, you will offset anxiousness, doubt, worry &/or frustration. Wonder & worry are on opposite ends of the frequency scale. Worrying tightens you; wonder opens you. Thus, as long as you’re allowing yourself to be in wonder, you can’t be in a state of worry, vibe-wise. This is grand, since worrying is creating a blueprint & planning for what you don’t want. To expect that you “should” know what to do when such changes involve circumstances you’ve not yet traveled is to be hard & perfectionist with yourself. Your only real task at this point is to give yourself permission to shed any layers or blocks you’re lugging around that could be impeding your knowing: That you do get to choose. The lighter you allow yourself to go, the easier it will be to open & receive the info & messaging you’re desiring from your Essential Self & all of us in the Quantum. If you hang onto that heavy baggage (that was never yours originally, anyway), in order to open the door, you will probably have to set it down. If you keep it close by still though, your door may still get wedged, only partly opening. In your expanding, you may find it challenging to squeeze on through to it & more you. Before you walk through, we encourage you to embrace the discomfort & any irritation. Hug them for speaking up for you to hear. Sometimes, until it gets really intolerable, illusion piled upon your Self is your dearest friend & confidant. It’s showing you with all of its gusto that the mirror reflecting your truth to you is calling for a vigorous, solid polishing. Breathe on it gently. Or feel free to blow on it with your dragon exhale, of course. Then wipe away the fog so that you can really see you. Oh, wait. Did another image appear in the mirror suddenly? Was there an instant of wanting to point at another person for your feeling stuck or cut off from your knowing? Or from your happiest life? That can be the tricky, distorted addition or play of mirrors, yes? How can you come back to you & your power to change anything? Take your eyes & observations away from any & all reflections & projections that aren’t your own & return to you. Know that no one outside of yourself can “make” you unclear, lost, confused, stuck or waiting on a new beginning or new life. You must allow them to do that to you. And then, you see, it’s really still all you deciding for that. So what leap is your Essential Self suggesting for you this week in order to reveal & revel in your spot on, clear path ahead? Create some time with just yourself to get quiet so that you can hear yourself down to your core & up to your Spirit.

“When thoughts disappear, when there are no more clouds around you, when you are in your simple beingness, clarity happens. Then you can see far away; then you can see to the very end of existence; then your gaze becomes penetrating – to the very core of the being.” ~ Osho

Frequently, we hear those in form furiously complaining, exclaiming & regurgitating that no matter what they do, they’re not getting the answers they’ve requested. That to break through whatever barriers they are perceiving as blocking their lives, no solutions are arriving via their prayers, meditations, affirmations, visualizations, etc. What we note, though, is that while the requests are arriving to us, great distractions are being engaged simultaneously — if not before. We would need to utilize jackhammers or drills with messages on the end of them to be heard above them. Yes, please do giggle at that. We do. Your loved ones who’ve passed do, too. You may hear them at times. Or see them gesturing that, in order to hear your messages clearly, the mouth & mind talk may need to be stilled for a bit. Have you noticed that when those in form talk over each other, no one really gets heard? It is the same when your thoughts are interrupting & even counter-intending each other; it makes it very challenging to hear any clear, direct messages your Essential Self & we are sending to you. So please do something for yourself this week that helps you move into a more is-ness, still space with yourself. Maybe running, walking, drawing, singing, painting, or yoga brings you to that. Or a meditation where your focus on directing your breath only, rather than any thought stopping or control. Or take yourself to any place where you notice that life-ruminating drops away; where there is nothing to be done except be in that exact moment where you can be with your whole being, open & receptive. You can’t think of such a place? It’s time to discover it & let in at least one such space for you, then! Such loud imprisonment by the mind will keep you from receiving the unshackled inspired ideas you seek. For some, it is riding a motorcycle that drops the incessant past & future thinking away. Or a horse. A canoe or kayak. Or a sunset. If you cannot feel such serene freedom in your home or workplace, please decide to find where & what it is for you. Bombarding yourself with constant noise, either outside or within you, will disallow your steady, strong connection to your attuned self. It’s always on; however, if your volume is turned up for distractions, your antennae is set to other call signals than to your Essential Self & Quantum. We understand that distraction is often utilized by those in form attempting to move away from & escape themselves or life events. With distraction’s etymology of, “a pulling apart” & “separating”, it does act as a great facilitator for this, yes. The challenge with escaping, though, that we see, is that often the longer people run from themselves, the more they don’t really want to be in form, living on the Earth plane. And truly, while those in form may be able to get away with illusion & deception for a very long time — lifetimes, even — there is no getting away from one’s Self. So we encourage diving deeply & lightly into yourself as often as possible. Come up for air anytime & then just remind yourself that you can let us breathe with you in your answers. We love to help ease your quests for more peace & joy. We’re here to help you see & dump off all that isn’t you so that you can get to the gold of you! That’s where your most alive life resides. It’s In You.

“When we inhabit our own life— stop doing things based on the approval of others— we offload baggage and trade up to joy!” 
― Laurie Buchanan, PhD

Imagine landing in your clarity with so much peace, ease, grace & joy. Oh, yeah, it can be this way. So, what’s the secret ticket?: You’ve been asking for answers. That’s the first step. Have you been opening to solutions containing your infinite possibilities? That’s second. And then third is: Receive. As this is soaring from you to us very strongly, we’ve something to add for you this time ’round: Receive You. All of the Way. Determine that no longer will you live anyone else’ limiting ideas or beliefs. This is your life. You do get to do it your way. Besides, others are not living yours, so how would they know your biggest truth for you? Staying less than, unhappy or miserable for them isn’t going to help them. And it definitely won’t be enough for you for your whole life. Ready, then? Commit to You. Remain Steadfast. Beloved, You Are Perfectly In Time To Receive You. Infinity.

The Quantum

Did #2 Seem To Call To You? Then This Is For You!

Have you been thinking that you’d really love a reprieve or retreat from some life loudness? Has it been a bit challenging to feel steady certainty about your next steps due to the interruptive noise that seems to keep wafting in? Any static or congestion that may be irritating or bothering you in your daily movements are there to let you know that you are ready for some inner peace & quiet, too. Perhaps you’ve been witnessing or receiving the repressed, insidious anger of some silent treatments. Or observing sudden arguments, exchanges at elevated volumes, or all-out yelling battles. These are all signs that you may have some fight(s) going on within you that a silence gift to yourself will reveal. Whenever your reality outside of you feels crazy noisy, something is calling you from within, nudging you to face & walk through it.

“Through the portals of silence, the healing sun of wisdom and peace will shine upon you.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

What we see is that there are quite a number of areas around the Earth where distraction & noise are touted as “achieving”. There is also much taught in the direction of escaping or using something outside of yourselves, rather than diving into yourselves, for peace.  This then becomes an endless chase & cycle of discomfort. As soon as you attain something outside of yourself that you thought would make you happy, you’ll find that you’ll be asking, “What’s next for me? That was fine. Now, I want more.” This holds true for Earth money, career or job successes, ideal weight/body constitution, health, love, material possessions, etc. You say, “No way. If I just had ____, I know I’d be happy!”? Remember when you were happy for it the last time it arrived?…And then that temporary happiness faded into lack thoughts regarding it again? If you identify your happiness with anything outside of you, then all of those things, events or circumstances will continue to hold your power for whether you do or don’t enjoy & love your life. Eeeeek, right? That’s a lot of power projected away from that already magnificent, light-filled being — You! And the more things or circumstances outside of you that it takes for you to be in your peace & joy, the more you have displaced yourself from your power; the weaker the connection you are allowing yourself to it, too. And to You.

“See how nature — trees, flowers, grass — grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls.” – Mother Teresa

So what is your Essential Self recommending for you this week? In order for you to recognize & hear your wisdom on its full blast as it always is for you, create the time & space to be still & receptive. Intriguing, isn’t it, that your inner voice can speak so quietly & yet be heard by only you so clearly & voluminously? That from within you, you are connected to all of the experiences & knowledge of all of your lifetime(s)? And that rather than run out & look for a place to hear yourself think, maybe it’s more about leaping within & letting go of so much thinking! What’s there to figure out if you can hear & follow your directions presenting themselves each day from your very being-ness? Your wisdom is sourced from your whole You, to include your Essential Self, your energy prior to any form. There’s nothing to doubt or fear when you let go to your connection to your Allness & Absoluteness. It won’t lead you astray. It will only lead you to more of your knowledge. We are seeing a wave soar towards us right now from you that is asking what it will take to leap to more of your inner answers. They are always there for you, actually. Even before you ask. From our perspective, it is about trusting yourself. Many of those in form have been talked out of their knowing, due to outside voices that, perhaps, carried a title, degree, or other status that ID’d itself with “knowing more”. We ask you to consider that no piece of paper has more merit or validity than your own gut instincts & intuitive wisdom. Besides, remember that, regardless of titles, all come from their own perspectives of what is possible or impossible. Even “facts” are perceptions that have been stated over & over again. That seems ludicrous? That facts are just facts? Not to the mother, son, sister, uncle, grandma, etc who has seen “facts” dissolve away. And their beloveds live through “impossible” events, including being pronounced “terminally ill” or “dead”. — And they’re still there with you in form, healed & alive. Lots of “facts” get tossed around in your world, that is also stated to be linear, by the way. There are many of you, though, who know that there is much more & you’re not about to cut yourself short or limit what can be. Thus, is your wisdom. There is no limit to it other than what you determine. As long as you allow it to be of its infinite nature & yourself connected strongly to it, your movie will have never-ending, ever-expanding sequels. And if you never thought of yourself as wise, well, tee, hee. As soon as you open to that possibility, we guarantee that it’s going to be a very fun, adventurous, laughter-filled ride! See, it’s not about getting it “right” or “perfect”. Although we’d say you were born alright & perfect for your soul’s free will determinations. It’s about exploring. Leaping & soaring. Giving this & that a go to see what feels best to you. It’s sculpting out what brings you the most joy & peace. Because where does all that lead? To getting You! And there’s no bigger purpose or plan that you could ever offer, do or be than that. Ever. Infinity. Perfect? Absolutely! Yes. You. Are. And remember, we’re the One(s) who R-e-a-l-l-y See You! Welcome to your peaceful, thrilling Wisdom. And Welcome Home!

The Quantum

Did #3 Nudge To You? Then This is It For You!

Have you been feeling as if you’ve committed immense time & energy to your focus of inquiry & the results you’ve desired are lacking, sparse or non-existent? Are you wondering if you’re wasting your time & heart on it? All along the way, have you kept turning your rudder to adjust for alterations, taken inspired action, & yet you’re still not seeing the impact or return you thought you’d have for your efforts? We recommend that, despite that roller coaster ride of thrill & then disenchantment, frustration & maybe even despair, that you keep going. Keep responding to those nudges that you feel in your gut. It may have seemed that your intuition has been rattling away or drumming resoundingly to keep you staying your course. Something inside of you knows, knows, knows, that if you give up, you’ll be turning away from something incredibly valuable. It’s so valuable because it has your purpose running through it. In the midst of the disappointment, there’s been an almost inexplicable compelling momentum that has continued to pour or invoke energy into it, just droplet by droplet. That’s purpose. You may even have one or very many voices around you chiding you for sticking it out & not leaving it to do something else, instead. You may have felt at a loss to explain why you must keep going with it. You just know, deep in your most whole, fragment-unified being, that wherever this is going, it’s bigger than you. Much, much bigger than you. That it’s really not about you at all. And that to get in the way or stop it would be cutting off multi-dimensional streams of soul blueprints who are all with you for this perplexing & maybe even exasperating evolutionary leap for humanity. Maybe you’re thinking, “Nawwww. No one else is facing & dealing with what I am right now. At least not my specific circumstances. They couldn’t begin to understand the despair & hopelessness I live at times.” You might be astonished to see how many are & do. Every leap you undertake to uncreate those lack & limiting beliefs that you were taught to think as real & “fact” you also take with all others who have decided to cast them off, too. You’re in the middle of the leap, beloved. Keep leaping. What is your Essential Self then suggesting for you this week? You’ve done the showing up. You’ve made yourself available. You’ve stayed steady on — even if you’ve had to step away here & there to restore & regain your momentum. That’s still staying on it from our Quantum eyes. You’ve switched gears when you thought the dead ends were there to get you to do so. Now, what? Ok. This is something we want to highlight because we’re seeing this ripple through your collective of those in form: Consider that it’s time to go bigger. Expand further. Allow yourself to undertake some of those empowering suggestions you’ve heard from either those in form or from your Essential Self, Guides, Loved Ones who’ve passed, or the Quantum. Especially consider those that you’ve heard several times, echoing from those in & out of form. Those who really get you do know your unique gifts & talents. Often, they even know how you could best share them with the world & everywhere.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”  ~ Joseph Campbell

We’ve noticed that a number of you have believed that if you feel exhausted or even ill after such an inspired suggestion regarding your focus of inquiry, that the idea must be “wrong” or “off” for you. Resistance is a tricky, stealthy & strong denier of Self, absolutely. When those in form ask, “I wonder why I’m so tired?” Or, “Man, I seem to go from one awful pain or limitation to another! Or one illness or dis-ease to another! What is going on??” We see that there is nothing more fatiguing, physically painful or illness or dis-ease causing than Resistance to Oneself & One’s Essential Self Knowing. So if you’re in a lot of pain, fatigue or noting that you just haven’t been able to heal all of the way, ask yourself where you are resisting You. Where in your life might you be denying or obliterating what you most desire to live? Where have you cut yourself off from your wholeness? And your whole You? Where are you not allowing yourself to truly do & be what you came here to live? All physical & emotional pain, illness & dis-ease are simply reflecting blocks you’re carrying in front of your own innate full-on flow. They are intensely visible & tangible on purpose: So that you can clearly see & feel when you aren’t choosing in favor of your fully powered up Self & Purpose.  Just as those in form create these blocks to get in close touch with what they truly desire to be, do & serve, they can uncreate them, too. Nothing outside of you is creating the malaise — no matter what you’ve been told by anyone in form. Mother Teresa was told many times in her life that it was impossible for her to enter certain communities or that she would die of a “contagious” dis-ease. She was unstoppable. She joined & helped people heal themselves of all kinds of blocks. And she lived a long & vital life. We see “contagions” as a block which one person decides to take on for another, usually with the perception & intention of assisting or helping to lift the load. Children & pets frequently take on the conditions of the adults around them because they want to see them feeling good. So, now that we’ve highlighted how some resistance may be blocking your way, your Essential Self is piping in again: Consider that it’s time to leap onto one of those avenues that you’ve resisted. Perhaps you didn’t think you had enough education, experience, talent, time, energy, money, knowledge, wisdom, strength, stamina, etc, etc, etc. Or that what you have to offer isn’t really wanted. That you’re too old or too falling apart to begin again or to keep on it. Fill in whatever resistance word(s) & thoughts you’re guided to offer up. Tee, hee. Yes, laugh. Let yourself shift your frequency up, as in order for you to expand into your new horizon, it will call for this. Frequency-wise, those in form don’t generally go from No Way to Infinite Ways thinking & landings. You definitely could. We just see those in form give up much more frequently because they trip back to those slower frequency states & believe those heavy, self-denying default states more. From our perspective, it’s much more steady on & lasting to begin by letting go of the No Way & opening to your Infinite Ways, following your guidance step by step. You might feel as if you’re being hit by mud, rocks or some other emphatic deterrents along the way. That those road blocks & dead ends must mean you can’t or “aren’t meant to do” this. See & visualize yourself as we do, then. Take your ninja, gladiator, rascal self & bend out of the way of those perceived catapulting boulders.

“Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.” ~ Denis Waitley

Remember, your Essential Self is beckoning you to your flexed self this week. Drive down that road with the twists & turns in it, instead. In needing to be present to stay atop your road, you’ll be less apt to get lost in your mind of the past & future & more into your Now. In that here & Now is where all of your power of co-creating is. And being able to hear & receive answers. Beyond this week, every time you experience any waves of exhaustion, illness or dis-ease, have your first questions to your Essential Self be, “Hey! Where am I resisting myself? Where am I throwing resistance in front of Who I Am?” Just asking the Resistance questions will invite the answers to move towards you. Or In You. You may even receive super specific suggestions as to how to blaze that resistance out of there so that you can be fully You. A flexible body can make for a flexible mind, too, so consider taking up a practice that will increase your physical flexibility. Your mind will probably then go to, “Wow. If I can do today what I couldn’t do 6 months ago in my body, where might I be able to go with my mind & its stuck, rigid beliefs?” That’s why we see the physical body as one ultimate blessing for those in form; in fact, it’s why so many want to return as fast as they can to the Earth plane after passing: Your body tells you exactly where you have most predominantly been in your mind over your lifetime. If asked & allowed, it will continue to lead you to all kinds of healing for all kinds of experiences. It is your most honest & loyal & dedicated ally. Now, that’s devotion. And flexibility, eh? Just for You. And, yes, your body physical is always for You, never against or fighting you. For more ease, peace & wholeness, don’t fight it or listen to any of those fight words equated to healing. Eradicate any “fight” words or thoughts from your own speak in regards to your own body & mind; fighting creates more resistance. It’s the opposite, then, of that which is needed to open up flow for steady healing, mind & body.  It’s your peace & joy, actually, that will forever inject you with continual healing. Let go to more expansion this week, dear. We assure you: There will never be an end to the answers for you. Thinking that you “should” know everything right now before you act on your inquiry, then, could actually cut you off from more of your answers, now & later. Take action on at least 1 recommendation this week that has arrived from those who’ve loved with all of their might on your empowered, lit up, purpose-filled Self  — no matter if it’s just one quark of an aspect of it. Do it. If you believe you can’t, you won’t. If you say you’ll try, it’s 1 foot stepping back already to that which you don’t really desire to live anymore. Sometimes the miserable is chosen again & again for its familiarity or punishment. We encourage you to leap off of those diminishing, self-crushing hooks. They serve no one. Especially not You. Whatever you decide that you’ll do, you will do. Every change really is born from 1 Decision. Then, just follow the flexible, fluid road. It’s there for you. As You Are For It. And as we are For You. Infinity.

The Quantum


Alright! That’s it for this week! Have questions? Wondering of Quantum Leaping & feeling nudged to get some guided assistance? I’d love to lead you on your own one-on-one, mind-bending, block-busting leaps! Or check out my many free How-To YouTube videos! I love helping people dump off the lack, limitation & resistance in front of their Desired Realities! It can be super effective to enlist added vision to blaze the light on those blocks — & your infinite possibilities! You do get to live! No one signed up for a miserable or drab existence. Let Yourself Get free! Happy Leaping!

Much Love & Big Hugs!

Your Angel Cowgirl out of Colorado,

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!



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