Your Weekly Tune Up for February 19th-25th, 2019!

Hey There! Ready to Play “Your Weekly Tune Up”? And it’s a Full Moon night, too! Extra zingy blazes for your Quantum Leaps!!

Consider Something that’s on your mind for which you’d love a bit of guidance & then go ahead & see what Number your Essential Self lights up for you from the Selection (below). If more than one does, perfect! There are Infinite answers & solutions available for you from your Essential Self & Others (Guides, Angels & Quantum).  Your Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, is represented by the Base card. The Top Card is your recommended Quantum Leap to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It!

Have your Intuition Hat on? Great! Here Goes! Pick a Number…or Numbers!

Have Your Focus Clearly In Mind? Which # Pops Out For You Regarding It? Or #’s?

Ok! Have your number or numbers in mind? Scroll on down to see what your Essential Self has in store for you this week regarding your point of inquiry.

If #1 Leap Out for You? This Is For You, Then!

Have you been sensing a direction for yourself regarding that which is holding your attention, & yet wading through others’ thoughts to find your own on the matter? Are you riding glimpses of your authentic self? And still feeling a bit inhibited or encumbered by others’ “statistics”, “facts”, “experience”, “genetic”, “age” beliefs or other factors founded in big-time limit speak? Those who wish to hang onto you (or their perceptions of you) & their own static state may often declare that what you intend to alter in your trajectory is not possible. If they’re not content & yet too afraid to move in a different direction, they may declare that you’re being selfish, foolish, or foolhardy; that you’re “irrational”, “illogical”, “unrealistic”, or any other projections of, “Stay where you are! So that I don’t have to lose you & feel badly about staying where I am!”

“If you go back a few hundred years, what we take for granted today would seem like magic: Being able to talk to people over long distances, to transmit images, flying, accessing vast amounts of data like an oracle. These are all things that would have been considered magic a few hundred years ago.” ~ Elon Musk

Meanwhile, that voice within is getting louder, right?: “What do you mean, I can’t do this? Yes, I can! And really, I have to do it so that I can get back to being alive! This drab existence just isn’t for me. I’d rather die than keep going as this robot for life!” And, above all, guess who clearly, solidly & infinitely has your back? Yep. Your Essential Self. That to allow yourself this quantum leap, reclaiming & returning to your own original power, is what will direct & take you there. What does this mean? It means that giving yourself permission to turn away from those disempowered mindsets & disempowering opinions may be essential for you to allow yourself to go & grow. They are not living your life, your Spirit, your job, career &/or purpose, your sense of home safety & peace, your bank account, your relationships, or a frequency state you are compelled to leave behind for good. Are you doubting your strength & stamina? Thinking that you’re just too tired to let yourself move towards those pulls & nudges? Do you know what we in the Quantum see is the cause for any & all exhaustion on the Earth plane? It’s Resistance. Resistance to Self. Whenever humans resist what they truly desire to be, do or live, they end up exhausted on those days. Or months or years. This is why any projected power vices (pills, booze, smoking devices, etc) don’t amplify or awaken their users’ energy towards their vital lives. Casting one’s power for peace or contentment out onto something or someone outside of oneself is a temporary fix, perhaps. We actually see them add to the Resistance against Self’s messages & guidance, as they are most frequently used to ignore or gloss over what is truly desired. So the leap this week? Give yourself a call to your own power within. If something just isn’t sitting well in your heart & gut, you’re right. It isn’t for you any longer. You don’t have to rationalize or justify letting it go. You can decide that being free of it is essential to your well being & feeling alive. Been sick or in pain? Have you had strange nerve twinges or sudden soreness? That’s your body declaring that something doesn’t fit or match you. Trust it. When you resist moving towards where you really want to go, your body will exclaim in protest. You may be able to ignore or deny it for awhile; however, the more you know you cannot take something anymore, the louder your body will say, “Yay!! You’re ready to let this go, so I can, too!” And out it may erupt in waves from your relieved body & being. Your body is an expression of your acceptance (or lack, thereof) of your connection to your Essential Self. It will never lie to you about how you really feel. About Anything. Some say, “Well, no. Actually, the body lies, i.e. when it’s addicted to something that hurts it & still says it needs it to live. Or when it says it’s hurt & it’s not.” We see this as illusion: The brain, in alliance with ego, can lie from any area of the body, if/when it fears some kind of loss. It isn’t the body that lies. It will comply with the ego & brain — for awhile. And then it will raise its own voice back up again. So if you’re thinking that the leap is impossible given the current state of how you feel, breathe out your resistance & breathe in your power. As you breathe, note when your breath begins to feel more free. That you’re not feeling so overwhelmed, overtaken or controlled by fear. Every breath you intend lands. The more you breathe out the fear & resistance & breathe in your power, the faster you will feel your freedom to live as you decide. You can practice this everywhere you go this week, whether you’re at a desk, in a car, running, swimming, meditating, hiking, hoola-hooping, scrolling, or laughing. In every case, you’ll be breathing. At least we see you doing this, no matter what else you’re doing. Hee, hee. During your week of breathing out the resistance, note if anything feels more possible & less insurmountable. What if you not only let something go that was blocking your Desired Reality — You also let in something that you’ve really wanted to add to your life for awhile? Decluttering the stagnate or diminishing elements does this: You create a vacuum to allow in something you desire even more in its space. This is why we in the quantum steadily assure those in form that you can never really lose anything. As you invest your energy, you create. All that you’ve ever created returns to you for your own appraisal & you decide if you want to evolve it further with & through you or not. Thus, if you desire that all ends & begins in the most win/win way for all, when you let go of anything or anyone, do your best to let it all go in love. When that energy returns to you then, it will arrive in more love, too, rather than (perceived) chaos, hurt, drama, or more pain. If you can find a way to see it all as great growth rather than hardship & damaging, your next launching pad will feel to have smoother starts & more joy flames for you. The question we & your Essential Self present to you is, is Now the best time to embrace your Freedom & Power? If not, what are you gaining from putting yourself & your life on hold? The desire for a happier, more fulfilling life has to be stronger than holding onto one that is miserable or depressing. You’ll know when those brakes have to come off in order for you to move forward. Or the resistance will buck up its head in other ways to let you know. Meanwhile, consider yourself in your power. Because you are. Always. Your Essential Self may be nudging you to connect to it a bit more strongly this week. It’s time to live, some beloveds in the Quantum are saying. Half or quarter living is not for you, they’re saying. Let Go. To Your Whole Life. And Your Whole You. Yes, it’s time. It’s Your Time. For You.

The Quantum

Did #2 Call to You? Awesome! Then, This Is For You!

We in the Quantum hear a bunch of you busting a gut laughing as you read these cards, as you’re right in the midst of accepting such a mission that’s been calling to you. Some of you are squinching up your faces with dread, as you’re perceiving your next steps in regards to your situation as involving “confrontation”, “resistance”, “dismissal”, “disregard”, or other rejection of your wisdom & leadership. Watch what you expect carefully. This goes for every area of your life. Ever notice that those who expect to be sick, broke, alone, depressed, etc, end up there? If you expect to be disregarded, you will be. If you expect deaf ears, you’ll get them. If you expect that no one will trust your gut instincts, intuition & insights, you’ll end up being very right about that. Whenever you expect people to see anything less than you, that’s all they can see, as this is where you have yourself held. Instead, consider that your gut intuition is infallible. That it’s only when you’ve gone against it that you (perceived that) you failed. We say there is no such thing as failure. Everything keeps you learning & evolving. So how can you or did you ever fail? Ever? Are you still repeating the same way you thought you failed before? Even if you are, it’s not failure. It’s just that the desire for a different life isn’t yet stronger than the one you say you don’t want anymore.

“The truth that you are in charge of your life will set you free only after it really irritates you.”Sky St. John

The desire for the better has to be stronger than the one you think of as “worse”. Or it won’t compel you to take charge of your courage, determination, strength & stamina. You may still have an attachment to something — no matter how awful it feels — that is still fulfilling or feeding you in some way. Maybe you are thinking it is yuck but not quite yucky enough, just yet. That’s ok. Until you know you deserve & get to be entirely happy & at peace, you may hold onto that which is not that for you. And then once you decide to love & accept yourself — no matter what, yes — you won’t accept any less than anymore. Did you know that your intuition is infinitely aligned with your purpose? And that the more you follow it, the more you live your purpose? And that your purpose is you, absolutely empowered, as the soul you came here to be? Yep.

“No one can express who you are and what you stand for more than you do. Don’t leave that to chance or others. If you do so, the likelihood of other people misgauging you is high. Take charge!” Assegid Habtewold

So what if you just let go to your purpose in this matter you’re facing? What if those involved are in too much fear to do anything about it? Let your inner compass, those brazen gut instincts that think in win/win big picture ways, lead you. Then you can lead others towards that greatest good, too. How will you know if it’ll be for the greatest good? Ask, “Will this direction I’ll propose help disempower or empower those involved?” If the move is towards empowerment, it is for the greatest good. Forever. Maybe you’ve never even thought of yourself as a leader. Many cultures & systems don’t offer or educate it as an abundant possibility & essence of life — for Everyone. In fact, many children are taught out of their natural leadership abilities, told that they are being arrogant, bossy or prideful when they are actively & joyfully leading others. If you are questioning your leadership skills, quantum leap back to your childhood. Or to a concurrent lifetime experience. See when you were admonished or even punished for leading others. Therein could be shackled your organic, intuitive gifts to lead. It’s time to free them, says your Essential Self. The focus of your inquiry is calling for you to do so. All of those involved have put it out there that they would love someone to lead them or you wouldn’t be there at this particular time space. Answer the ding, dang call. Tee, hee. To be true, we’re not upset, nor do we ever lose patience or give up on you. We just know that you’re ready, even if you’re not feeling that. We see that those in form often believe that they’re not ready for most of what they themselves have decided to live out of their own free wills. It appears that the not being ready is part of the challenging fun souls choose to experience. Maybe it’s to know that you are leaping forward without those keeping-yourself-small filters. Maybe it’s because you know that it’s a bit funny to think that you have to be prepared for something you’ve not yet done or achieved — at least that you remember from this or another lifetime. Maybe it’s to challenge us to see if we’re really assisting you & to show you that you’re not undertaking such courage jumps alone. Ever. Whatever it is, we guarantee you’ll have many more exciting adventures, abundance avenues, & leaps to your desired reality if you let go of the need to be “ready” for them. Imagine if every Eaglet refused to trust its wings? Eagles don’t know they can fly…until they do. So fly. Decide to just go for it. Take charge of you & your circumstances so that others will see that it’s possible & decide to take charge of themselves & their lives, too. Thank you for leading the way. We understand your hesitation. We applaud & cheer you on in your trail-blazing. We can see it & You from here. And Here You Are. Braaaavo! Lead On!

The Quantum

Were You Nudged To #3? This Is Part 1 of #3, Then, For You!

Have you been suddenly feeling like tearing your hair out? That you “just can’t believe some people!” Wondering why some that you’re no longer so intimately connected seem to choose (your perceptions of) such unloving, disrespectful actions towards others close in to you? Thinking, “Why are they making this so hard? They’re causing the most pain to those they claim to love or value the most!” Or, “If he would only do that — & it’s so simple & obvious!! — it’d solve everything!” “If she would quit doing that, everyone would benefit!” Aaaaah. Tee, hee. We in the Quantum recommend that you bounce back to you asap. No amount of attempts to control everyone else’ happiness & peace is going to land you or them there. What? Yes. Control. The peace in your current reality that you see as being disrupted & yanked from you, is shackled in your thinking. There’s this urgent belief that you must control circumstances that are outside of you, your reach, & your purpose in it all. That your ability to be at peace with your object of inquiry is dependent upon a very specific outcome & according to your view. That if you don’t do something serious about this, things are going to break down, bust apart, & fall in ruins. Are you ready for a different ending? Super phenombulous! Yes, we do create words in the Quantum often to shake things up for anyone desiring a vibrational shift or leap to a different frequency state. Just as you do. We’ve heard you. Your Essential Self’s suggestion for such a leap this week for you? Get Lighter about it all! Play instead of ruminating, dwelling, & chewing on that long old-story bone. Quit thinking or talking about it. The more you let it consume your thoughts, the more energy you’re giving it. That’s just adding more oxygen to a fire you say you don’t want to explode into searing flames. We in the Quantum call Play, “The Most Powerful Arena for Creating”. There’s so much Wisdom that can bust through those frozen, paralyzing fields of control through taking it all much less seriously. Sometimes, it’s just not your job to be Master Controller of The Universe. Hee, hee. By letting it all go, you might find that those you’ve been defending or shielding with your ninja skills are actually at a perfect point to speak their minds & hearts. By stepping aside & letting them, you help them to empower themselves. This is so much more powerful for them (& you!) than running in to rescue where you perceive it is necessary. We know you’re extraordinarily strong & sound & could handle it all, yes; however, decide to remove your hands from all of those controls. Those you’ve been worried would get so hurt are finding their way, too. It will expedite their travels to their power if you stand quietly with them, instead, supporting them in their discovering their own strong voices. Challenge yourself to see the humor & irony in all that has come to light. We see that very little shifts frequencies up faster on your Earth than laughter. Focus on the undercurrents of interplay, instead. Allow for others to have their own dances — no matter how ridiculous, useless, or “waste of time” you may perceive them to be twirling. Here’s a secret about “time”. It doesn’t really exist. It was created to control those in form. Once energy is created, it always exists. Your Earth science has shown this, too. What this means from our eyes, is that those you see as “losing time” in their unloving, addictive, hurtful, etc ways, will awaken at their own pace. They don’t just have the limited time you believe they have. All souls arrive in form with each other with agreements of what they will learn & evolve together. It may seem that they’re breaking their contracts or word with each other; however, in truth, they have no time “limit”. You don’t, either. We understand that many leap in & out of form & forget that they’re Infinite & then get afraid that they’ll “run out of time”, “not finish in time”, or can “lose” it somehow. So, if you remembered you are Infinite, would it change how seriously you take life? Would you get a little more fluid & a bit less rigid with your schedule? Would you allow a portion of every day to be spontaneous & unplanned?  So as to make space for magical, unexpected encounters & communications? Or for your own inspired responses to sudden antennae pings that soar in on your intuitive radar from family, friends, business contacts, etc? The lighter perspective you allow yourself to take, the more such light waves you’ll experience & act upon. There’s a lot of fun in letting go of the (perceived) controls. Wait. Let’s say that more accurately: There’s massive, epic fun awaiting you in your letting go of having to handle it & everyone around you for 1,000’s of miles! Set your intention for continuing your care, support & belief in those for whom you are a bit anxious; then: Go Get Playing! They’re doing what they need to do for the lessons & evolution they chose. Don’t take that away from them with your believing that you know better. They really do know what’s best in accordance with their own free will chosen lessons — & they’re doing it. The most empowering service you can offer is to be in your peace & joy, creating with all of your passion — & dumping off all of that planning for what you don’t want for them! Because that is truly what worrying is. And all need for control comes from fear, i.e. worrying. Let. It. Go. Let You Go! Remind yourself. “Wait. I’m attempting to micro-manage these souls with my beliefs in how it all has to turn out for everyone involved. Back I go to my own Peace. Passions. Joy. Happiness. Thrill. Love. Care. Support.” Etc. Trust the journeys they chose. They’ll then feel you trust them to be who they are — for themselves. Watch your projections. Just because you could never imagine working, playing, acting, loving or living in a way another may be right now, doesn’t make it “wrong” for that person. Remember the dance scenario? Yep. Every single soul is doing his or her dance. All get to do it their way. You do yours your way. Yes, for sure! Dance! Wildly! We recommend flinging your hair around, too. It’s a lot easier on it than tearing it out. Hee, hee.  Are you already letting go & getting lighter? Yeah-ya! We knew you could! And can keep on it! Letting Go & Lighter Getting! You’ve got this! Watch how fast those judgement (Earth calls them ‘frown’) crinkles fade away & beloveds tell you that, “You keep getting younger and there’s this light through your face.” Yep. That’s you returning to your most creative, playful stance for your life & with others. It’s a delicious outlook you get to take anytime. Why not Now? You & all of your ebb & flow beloveds deserve it! One other secret: The light-hearted mischief messaging can make for a lot more receptivity. There’s much less resistance to it than with ego’s hard stance of control & “I’m right; you’re wrong.” We dare you to challenge yourself to begin laughing at the notion that you thought you had to make it all happen in a certain way for Everyone as soon as Now as possible. We mean, really laugh! As soon as you do, you’ll see that you can let go of more, too. Then. Get up & dance. No matter where you are. Because if you’re reading this, you’re probably not driving right now, right? Hee, hee. Dancing shakes off all that you don’t need to carry & shoulder. You can do it in your mind, too, of course, if you happen to be at work. It all serves. Where your mind goes, your body can, too. Let yourself get freed up! You are free as soon as you own it. Doesn’t matter what’s going on “out there”. Aaaah. Sweet relief, yes? That prison of needing control can make for the smallest cell for living evah! The door is open. You just opened it. Now, give yourself permission to go outside & play, instead!

The Quantum

And Part 2 For You If You Picked #3!

 “All we want, whether we are honeybees, salmon, trash-collecting ants, ponderosa pines, coyotes, human beings, or starts, is to love & be loved, to be accepted, cherished, & celebrated simply for being who we are. Is that so very difficult?” ~ Derrick Jensen

Ok, that’s it! How did your Essential Self do for being there with you this week regarding your main focus & your quantum leap(s) for best possible outcome? Love some assistance in dumping off blocks to your Desired Reality? I’m thrilled to accompany you in your leaps! Book with me & we’ll see & cast off what’s in the way of your blazing through to more of the joy, peace, & abundance you desire!

Have an incredible week! Subscribe to my blog to receive Your Weekly Tune Ups in your inbox as soon as they’re posted each week!

Happy Leaping!

Big Love & Hugs out of Colorado!

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!


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