Your Weekly Tune Up For February 12-February 18, 2019!

Hey There!

Happy Valentine’s Week! Are you new to “Your Weekly Tune Up”? Check out the video (above) for the explanation of how it rolls. People have wondered about Everett, the Eagle, too, so I included his significance. If you’ve already played, feel free to scroll down & jump right in!

Tune In To Yourself. Is There Something On Your Mind For Which You’d Love To Receive Some Answers Or Solutions?

Ok, ready? Do you have your Current Reality Focus (Base Card) in mind? Then let your Essential Self nudge you to the number (above) that represents the Quantum Leap (Top Card) that could land you in your Desired Reality regarding It! More than one number may call to you, too. Exxxxcellent! There are 0 limits to the answers & solutions that are available for you! Quantum means, “How Much”, after all; not “how little”, “few”, or “only so much to go around”!

If You Intuited #1, This Is For You!

Perhaps you have been noticing how your thoughts & words keep creating your reality. Or you haven’t & you’ve been believing that, “Tough things just keep happening, just as I worried & knew they would.” Either way, your Essential Self is here to remind you of your power as a co-creator of the Universe. That it’s time to take full ownership of what you’re creating. If it’s not what you desire at all, it’s time to change your thoughts. If things have been rolling along smoothly, then your Essential Self is encouraging you to consider to keep expanding your thought streams of what is possible. We in the Quantum see that those in form often forget that they have such a say in their lives due to extraordinarily limiting conditioning & teachings. We would love to see all of humanity continue to uncreate all of those lack beliefs as they lead to no true peace or joy. What do we mean? We speak of any communications where a person is the giver or receiver of a disempowering message. We are surprised that those squashing statements & “facts” that have little to no good feeling are so easily & often believed. That a person’s healing, happiness, success, love, or any other creations are ever determined by age, gender, childhood, body type, heritage, “statistics”, “heredity”, education, freckles, — Well, you can feel the Big-time Restrictive, Closed Mindsets there, yes? If you’ve been thinking it’s too late for you, for example, to start a lifelong dream, we’d love to see you let that go! Your Essential Self is suggesting that you catch any such “can’t” thoughts so that you can flip them 180 degrees to their, “I absolutely can!” Even, “Well, if it was meant to be, it’d be happening.”, is a very counter-intentional thought stream going out to the Universe. As soon as you say, “Yeah, but it’s not happening.”, you just created more of its, “Not happening.” And any, “Yeah, but ___ .” is you saying, “Yes, I do want this.” &, “No, I don’t want this.” to the Universe at the same time. It acts as 2 boxers in a ring knocking each other out with a single blow. You can see that very little could be created from that. It could leave a haze of self-doubt & confusion, true. And, perhaps, lots of frustration or irritation. Ready to leap to be done with any discontent regarding your co-creative powers & how you’re directing them? Consider that your Essential Self is urging you to scroll through your days this week while you’re witnessing each one with your boldest gaze to note where you decide that certain experiences are “Terrible!” or “Exxxcellent!” See if you can bring them back to their “is-ness”. Ever noticed how 2 people can be in or at the same event & have an absolutely polar opposite experience? How? You know it!: It’s simply & brazenly: Perception. Take just 1 of your “awful” or “hard” experiences this week back to, “This happened.” without attaching an emotional perspective to it. How? Consider it as a piece of film or movie that appears as a slideshow frame. Glance at it as you would a picture of a 3-legged dog you see on social media that has no caption. Did your breath just catch or did you feel badly thinking of such a dog? Or did you see that happy dog running through the woods on her 3 legs, so glad to be alive & free to be? You can even begin this play by observing others’ reactions to events to note how they are framing up their day with their instant “bad” or “good” judgments. Soon, you will catch yourself framing up your day & asking yourself if you want to alter it or let it be more neutral. What we see in the Quantum is that those in form often don’t let themselves get to such a neutral frequency state until they are fed up & exhausted. We hear, “Well, I’m just not going to care anymore. I can’t care anymore.” We would rather people just rested when they desired so that they could celebrate their own is-ness more. When overwhelm is allowed to be “normal” or “just the way it is”, observing all as, “It Is.” — with no emotional attachment — becomes nearly impossible. The leap? Each time you find yourself defining something that then determines whether you are in your feel good power or not, freeze the frame. Consider turning it upside down or into a cartoon in your mind for a different perspective. Or a giggle. The more you practice observing without any attachment for it all needing to be a certain way, the more you will return to the eyes of wonder you had as a child. Children are phenomenal practitioners of “Is-ness”. So are the animals. You can reclaim your practice with It, too. You might even remember wondering as a child why adults made everything so difficult & fun-less. Even the smallest of events could set them off. You may have started to believe early on, that life must be hard if it was so tough for those bigger humans who must know more at their age. Tee, hee. This is your week to get rid of those piles of “hard”. Decide that you get to reclaim your eyes of wonder & that you’ll not give them up again! Judging narrows you & all perceived possibility; wondering expands you & returns you to your knowing of the Infinite. Then, you’ll know us, too. We’re here. We’re those ones cheering you on to let go of any definitions that are holding your life back & limited in any way. After all, think of the word, “Definite”. Etymology?: “Set within limits”. So casting off definitions will free you up. Take a week off from defining all, then, &, instead, see all as “It Is”. The Dog Is. That Co-worker Is. My Mate Is. I Is. Or, I Am, if it rolls out easier for you, of course. Putting on your observing sage hat & repeating, “I Is” might get you laughing, though, which lifts your frequency super speedily. Or you can just play, “Neutral”. And watch how many people around you exclaim, “You seem unfazed by anything! Nothing gets to you. How do you do that?” If we hear you respond with, “Well, I Is…” & then gaze warmly with a grin, you’ll probably hear us laughing along with your silent giggles. Ready? For You? We are! Always. And with you, too. Inside & out, upside down & upside right & all around. Blaze On, ‘k?

The Quantum

Were You Drawn to #2? Well, Here You Are!

Have you been wondering if you’re working your life away? Has it seemed that if you give yourself a clarity break away from the “grind”, you might lose ground or become replaceable? Or have you been keeping yourself super “busy” so as to be able to ignore those nudges that keep getting stronger? That if you get still & quiet, you might know that, with all of that time & energy you’ve invested in that particular work, it truly isn’t your calling? We in the Quantum understand that those on the Earth plane still operate many of their exchanges through money. Gifting yourself time space for introspection & veil lifting to align with your real desires may seem nearly impossible. What we often see, though, is that for those who keep running away from themselves, illness, injuries, addictions &/or dis-eases can show up. Denying the Self of its being-ness can land a person in a sudden state of unexpected immobility or stillness. Those in form call those “wake up calls”. It isn’t necessary to experience such dire circumstances, though, to face, appreciate & value yourself & your purpose. You don’t need to have such an experience that you then might perceive as a reprieve that was “mandated” upon you. You get to choose how you let yourself awaken to more of You.  The leap, then, that your Essential Self is suggesting? If you are in a job or career that doesn’t feel to be your calling & you don’t have your answers, yet, to where to go from here, intend that you will still bring your purpose in the door with you. For example, if you’re in IT & know that you are a life coach as a soul, allow those skills to help empower others into the boardroom, emails, encounters, meetings, any correspondence, etc. If you’re a mechanic & extraordinarily intuitive, let that guidance show up to help your customers feel more ease with their vehicles during those “breakdowns”. You may actually enjoy what you do & know that you’re really good at it, & yet, still know that it’s not really your soul’s most lit up service. Or maybe it pays the bills & provides you & your family with peace of mind so that you can invoke more energy into your purpose — wherever you go. After all, you can live your purpose no matter where you are or what you are doing. Just ask your Essential Self whenever you feel cut off from it. You never are, actually. Your connection to it may feel to be on a dimmer switch at times. That’s exactly when it is best to ask, “How may I serve right now?” You might be startled by how fast the call comes in to answer your offer. You could be at the grocery store, a parking lot, park or on a highway headed home. When you feel that that you’re not making the difference you desire & are, just let the Universe know. Then listen & stay present. When your purpose is on full throttle, you’ll notice that time is irrelevant. Earth hours go by in minutes. Literally. Why? You, on purpose, are in your speediest frequency. Linear Earth time is of a very slow frequency compared to that of multi-dimensional space where time doesn’t exist. This is why you may have had experiences where things appear to go into “slow motion” & “fast motion”. With your intention, you direct your frequency to match other states in order to respond with best, most win/win outcome. What do we mean? Have you been involved in an Earth “emergency” where you swear time slowed down long enough to allow you to pull another out of a wrecked car, a frozen lake, a fire, etc? Emergency care providers, for example, tend to be very proficient with bending those strict Earth time rules in order to save others’ lives. Now, what does this all have to do with your Essential Self’s nudge towards these cards for you? We in the Quantum include many who suddenly passed “pushing themselves to death” in their Earth jobs. They urge you to consider an alternate route where you do get to vitally & vibrantly live while you’re alive in form. They said that they obliterated themselves by believing that they had to keep going the way they were in order to provide for their families. They suggest that real rest for self scrolling screen time is essential. That it’s very different than scrolling through everyone else’s life through various screens. Tee, hee. So your home play for the week? Explore new avenues to & for your purpose. Consider new play options that light up for you suddenly through a song, movie, passersby conversation, or your pets. Animals & little kids are very fast to jump into play & actively create as they go. Decide that, even if you’re scheduled up to the hilt with work, that you find some way to play every single day — even if it’s while you work. For the self-employed, we understand that you can have extra doses of those beliefs that if you don’t keep on it rigorously, it’ll all fall away. For all who were guided here, more trust in your purpose-filled endeavors is being nudged strongly here.  That you will magnetize the money you desire, the more on purpose that you let yourself be. Why? How? Have you noticed that when you feel really good, easy flow is right there with you? And that when you’ve chosen things that don’t feel good, road bumps & ditches of “inconvenience”, “shock”, “unexpected expenses”, etc rise up? Yep. Whenever you exit the vortex of your most desired reality, life can feel really tough, hard & crisis-filled. The more you trust your way that brings you the most joy, the more you will magnetize effortlessly & easily. Oh. We just heard, “Yeah. Well, I gave up trusting. It’s gotten me nowhere.” And all of that do-ing? Has it gotten that person happy, fulfilled & “somewhere”? Breathe out the fear with as emphatic of breaths as you wish. Breathe in the trust. Out with the fear; in with the trust. Because it’s about trusting You. Those seeming “breakdowns” are about that, too: You do get to live your purpose & be supported in it in every way you desire, i.e. emotionally, physically, financially &/or spiritually. You don’t have to know exactly what it is to live it. Just let go to it. Besides. How we see it is: You Are Your Purpose. The closer you get to You & the more you allow Your Whole Self To Be, the more on purpose You Are. That’s It. That’s You. Thank you for Be-ing You. We adore You. Right now, just as You Are, YES!

The Quantum



#3 Glimmered At You? Here You Go!

Oof! Have you been being really hard on yourself? Chiding yourself on not being further, healthier, “more evolved”, “more over it” or “beyond it” regarding your subject of inquiry? We in the Quantum urge you to begin by taking in a huge breath & exhaling it with gusto! Direct that breath with all of that self-condemning & beating yourself up out of your body & mind asap! It does nothing, save for hurt you. Have you been experiencing a lot of physical pain or sudden falls or other “accidents”? It’s time to get off your back. And arms, legs, feet, hands, heart, etc. We see that most humans believe that the ego keeps you full of yourselves. Actually, it’s the opposite. Ego tends to have you believing that you are small & only as valuable as the costumes you wear.  It can pull you further & further away from your Infinite, Abundant You. Those who you perceive as arrogant & ruthless? They are actually the furthest away from their whole Selves. And their authentic Power. We hear those in form say, “Yeah, but they wield a lot of power.” They wield powerlessness, in truth. So if you’ve been thinking that you must have to get a tougher edge, a more zealous approach, or a more non-budging demeanor, your Essential Self is urging you to dump those Self-rejecting ideas off. We understand that whole systems have been set up that yell of such as, “Business is business!” That you may have spent years already abiding by or agreeing to such designs that have actually never fit you. It (You) may be nagging at you, that you know you’ll never feel like your whole self in such arenas. And that the pretending or feigning to be something so far away from You is feeling a bit ridiculous to you at this point. Such knowing often shows up as sheer irritation, frustration, apathy, exhaustion & impatience. Holding Resistance against your authentic Self does that.  It can spill over into injuries, illness & dis-ease, too, as well as all kinds of physical, mental & emotional pain. Being something for an outer world while your inner world is defiantly retorting (or screaming) “I can’t do this charade anymore!” can feel to be an utter splitting apart of you. Go gently with yourself here. That which no longer serves your most amped up, enlivened you is, indeed, breaking away. You decided to let it surface & do so. Perhaps it feels as if all that you knew as you is in destruction now. We support you in this. What? Well, destruction’s etymology, its original meaning, is literally “unbuild”. You are unbuilding that which you took on that you now know just isn’t you. Perhaps it never was. So we are entirely with you in this. Be kind to yourself. Please remind yourself that you were doing the best with what you were instructed & then believed all had to be. Now, you’re ready to be whole You. The You that you decide. It may feel as if you’re going crazy. That you need to stop the madness with some pills, smoking, booze, or other power-projected distraction. We urge you to go more awake towards yourself, instead. Continuously replacing band-aids doesn’t make the wounds that want to heal disappear. Consider that when you are wondering if you are experiencing a “break-down”, you are in the middle of a break out. This is why we urge you to disallow anything that slows or detours you from it. We would love those in form to thrill in their break outs, instead. It would make returning to your whole You so much more fun & exciting. You have been told that certain events are “devastating”, while others are “phenomenal”. What we see is that all of it is for evolutionary growth — & never for you only. For this, it could all be experienced as a thrilling baton-passing Earth Olympiad for every soul. Imagine how differently your planet would thrive if more of the focus was on the unbuilding of what doesn’t serve while simultaneously gazing for answers & solutions. Your Essential Self is saying that you are a part of this movement. You’ve done this before. You are in the middle of another leap. We encourage you to keep leaping & allowing more that isn’t you to break or fall away. We assure you that it will hurt no one to do so. When you drop it off in the Quantum it is transmuted back to light, from whence it came. That amps up the frequency of your planet. It, thus, helps all of humanity. Your power actually knows no bounds. The limits are those you cast on it. So please set yourself free. That old life may have felt as if it was strangling your essence right out of you. It wasn’t; however, at times, you pick very direct experiences to thrust yourself out of that which you no longer desire to act anymore. You don’t have to punish yourself anymore if you so decide. There is no such thing as being “too late”, “behind”, or “failing”. Those are more Earth threats to fear humans into complying against their own wisdom. All energy that has ever been created can never be destroyed. You are created; therefore, you have always been & infinitely will be. If you knew you had all of the time in the world to do You, would you let yourself be? See, there is no other right pace for you than You. You’re not “losing time” or “wasting time” in this break out. Let all of that linear, diminishing illusion continue to break away from you. Rest between. Restore. Cry. Laugh. Smirk. Grin. Gaze. Wonder. When you’re feeling the duress profoundly, remind yourself to expand, rather than contract. It’s in the expansion that you will hear your messages & answers from your Essential Self & us. Contracting closes you off & shuts you down. And then you may feel even more hopeless & helpless, as you feel entirely alone without support or backup. In the midst of it, you can even just intend, “Expansion.” Intentions are of a speedier frequency than thought, & thus, travel within you & out to the Universe faster. Go gently with yourself, please. You will see all heal & transform much faster. Your reservoir for life & those you love will fill back up more easily, as well. Your rebuild is in reboot mode. For now, keep making way for more You. Playing could initiate the momentum you crave. Yes, Go Play! Nothing gets you creating & creative faster. Imagination is the conduit for all rebuilds. Go roam. Investigate with glee as you did once as a child. No matter how many time their homes are covered up, those ants rebuild them. You will keep uncovering & rebuilding you, too. We are here with You. All of the Way, Yes.

The Quantum


And there You Be! How did your Essential Self do with you this week? May you know the peace & love that You already Are! Feeling nudged to get some assistance with your leaps to your Desired Reality? The Quantum Leaping Angel Readings are a blast & I would love to lead you in a guided leap! I’ve Valentine’s 2 for 1, 50% Off Specials for such readings that are available through Sunday, February 17, 2019! If you’d love more Quantum Leaping How To’s, I’ve many free videos available, too!

Much Love & Big Hugs for You!
Happy Valentine’s to You & Your Beloveds!

Your Angel Cowgirl out of Colorado,

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!


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