Your Weekly Tune Up for February 5-February 11, 2019!

Hey, there! Ready for your Weekly Tune Up via your own Essential Self, Angels, Guides & Quantum?💥💛💥💫 Intuit & select 1, 2, or 3  (below) to reflect a specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card). Your recommended Quantum Leap (top card) to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It is right there for you, too! 💥💛💥

Is More Than One Number Calling to You? That’s Great, Too! There Are Infinite Answers Available for You! No Need To Limit Them! Ever!

Ok! Have your number(s)? Scroll down to the one or more you chose! See how well your Essential Self & those in the Quantum know you & are accompanying you every step of the way to your whole your Desired Reality! If you’d like it all happening closer to your Now, remember that it’s essential to leap all of that great feeling & thought from your Desired Reality back into your Now. For more clarity & specific How-To‘s on your Quantum Leaps, feel free to jump over to my You Tube channel & subscribe!

Ready for your answers? Here goes!:

If You Were Drawn to #1, This Is Your Message From Your Essential Self This Week!

Aaaahh…Lots of voices are chiming in from the Quantum. Can you hear them? They’re letting you know that they do absolutely hear you calling to them to help you with your current reality desire for assistance. Your subject of inquiry has left you a bit lost as to which direction to turn. There have been some lengthy detours & even some sudden, frustrating dead ends in the actions you’ve taken thus far. How we see it in the Quantum is that when things keep getting harder, harsher & that you’d maybe even rather opt out then keep going, that’s your big, huge sign from your Essential Self that something’s gotta go. Or it’s time to let something into your life. You’re holding on to some jagged pieces that just don’t serve how you desire to live. Making yourself live them isn’t going to lead to your desired reality. Your desired reality towards which you’re quantum leaping doesn’t have aspects that don’t match it. Or you. For something to change on the Earth plane, we see the necessity for (1) of (2) decisions by those in form, then: You either are being nudged to Let Something Go; or you’re being called to Let Something In. The more stuck it feels, the more you may be gripping & holding on to that which isn’t life for you. What this looks like to us is that you’re either allowing or disallowing what you truly desire. Why would you disallow that which you desire? For any myriad of teachings, beliefs or thoughts around deserving such huge abundance, you may have locked it into your being that such lack & limitation for you must be true. Entire systems have been set up on your planet to have you believing in such “getting by” & scarcity living. We understand how illusive & tricky they can be & how believable they have become in their squashing, constricting talk. How many times in a week do you hear, see, or read examples of such conditioning?: “Can’t afford”, “broke”, “waiting for the other shoe to drop”, “real love is rare”, “can’t get ahead”, “kids are such hard work”, “relationships & marriages are work”, “not worth anything if you didn’t work hard for it”, etc. We’ve even heard, “Well, I guess I haven’t been sick in awhile, so I was probably due.” What? You’re due to struggle & be ill at some point? To whom do you owe this? Who does it help empower when you experience hardship, life loathing & not wanting to exist anymore? In truth, no one. Not one being. We ask that you let go of any idea asap that your suffering helps another. You may believe or been told that this is how you had to learn understanding, empathy & compassion. Nope. It is not necessary to learn that way unless you decide it is. You can just let go to your compassion & empathy; you arrived with them as a soul & Spirit. You never don’t have them. You might not choose to implement them as your gifts, of course. Your free will is always engaged. The leap, then? Give yourself permission to really see what it is in your life that has to go. What is really making you sick, sleepless, low on energy, apathetic, lethargic, or entrenched within another slow frequency state? Is it an unfulfilling job or career where you feel far away from your purpose? Is it a relationship where you & your partner feel to be in very different frequencies, i.e. interests, missions, mindsets, dreams, passions, perspectives, spiritual awakenings, etc? Is it a disappointing or deficit cash flow? If you’re facing an illness or ongoing poor health, relationship, family, bank, job, career, purpose, or other declined reality, it’s time to take note of what needs to go in order for you to fill yourself back up & heal your whole self. Still don’t know? Consider where you have the drag in your life? Where does it feel as if your brakes are on & no matter how hard you push the gas pedal, you’re not moving? We in the Quantum see that you are often instructed that it’s going to take something outside of yourself to heal. We see you as co-healers. All of you, yes. That when you’re told something is “incurable”, or “just the way it is”, it just means that it’s time to dive deeply within yourself; that is where you are going to cure yourself. — In(side)curable, it all is & you can heal. Everything. Your thoughts bring about the dis-eases in your beings & lack to your realities; therefore, by changing your thoughts & feelings, you can change out those dis-eases. And your whole reality. This goes for all areas where you may not feel ease; not just with illness. If you find yourself telling yourself & others that you have no other choice, then you know you have placed yourself into a victim state & are perceiving yourself from there. Take one huge breath right now.  As you exhale, declare that, “If I see myself through my Essential Self’s eyes, I see ______.” Note the sudden blasting away of any of those limitation lies. There are infinite choices. You may have to widen your perspective & decide that your peace of mind & joy are more important for you & your loved ones than the misery you have elected to live. It might feel very unsafe for you to let go of that which you know is not empowering you & your loved ones. Perhaps you haven’t quite admitted to yourself, yet, why some of those temporary “fixes” have you still addicted & are ok by you. We ask you to consider if you really, truly feel safe with so much drama, helplessness, worry, inconsistency, &/or road blocks at every turn? When might you believe that you deserve to live in your peace & joy? All arrived with them, no matter what anyone in form attempts to tell you. Degrees & letters after a person’s name does not necessarily an empowered person or mentor make. An empowered mentor will not tell you that you cannot heal, transform, grow, evolve or achieve whatever you decide. They will not convince you to cast your power to feel good outside of yourself onto a pill, person, food, smoking stick or another power projection object. You know this, already, though. That’s why your Essential Self steered you here: To check in & see what needs to go for you to leap out that which you no longer desire, in order to live what you do. The uggg & heaviness around it tell you everything. If you simply turned your rudder consistently & solidly towards that which feels absolutely good to you, you’d find that the letting go part could even occur organically — without struggle or pain. You might find that those drab, stuck aspects literally waft out of your reality as you choose to shift frequencies. We don’t see any of it as “loss”, as to how it is often referred on the Earth plane. When things are not of the same frequency, it’s not fun for those that don’t want to shift; they feel that they are being pushed or threatened to do so. Letting go of those slower frequency states & those who still wish to live them serves all, then. There’s no “better” or “higher level”; it’s all just evolutionary “is-ness”. Thus, letting yourself shift to speedier frequencies is not about ego. Some, from their own ego’s drive to keep them small, squashed down, or limited, may tell you it is, of course. You can’t pull people into the speedier frequencies, though; nor do you really want to do so: It only increases resistance, & what the world doesn’t need is more resistance, from our perspective. Let them go. Let yourself go. That stuck feeling? It can go, too, then. You won’t be burning out the brakes & reducing the tread on your own leaping tires (or wings, tee, hee) anymore, either. Let Go! So That You Can Go!

The Quantum

If #2 Called to You, This Is For You!

Have you recently been finding yourself quick to judge, suspect, compare, condemn or make others “wrong” or “bad” in your mind? Have you been feeling any of those actions or energies being cast your way? How do they feel to come your way? Yucky, perhaps? Just from there, you can imagine how it feels to another. Suddenly, there could be a call to go gentler. Easier. More openly & receptively. Questioning, instead, “I wonder what is causing this person to be acting or coming off this way today?” If you really want to understand & know, you will. As soon as you ask in your mind, you can receive answers from others’ Essential Selves as to what’s brought them to operate the way they do today. You might be shocked by what they’ve been through in their lives. Just as they could be with you. Maybe ego is saying, “Who cares what they’ve been through? They shouldn’t be treating me this way! I’m right! They’re wrong!” Consider that you may be being really harsh towards yourself, & thus, why you’re having a harder eye on others. Are you beating yourself up for something you did in your past? Or for not doing something now that you think you “should” be? Or tearing yourself down for not being “enough”, “smarter”, “wiser”, “thinner”, “wealthier”, “healthier”, etc? All of this self-rejection & devaluing could be being projected onto others to where you have them rejecting & devaluing you. Or you’re rejecting them, expecting them to dislike you as you do before they have an opportunity to connect with you. If you’re noting cold, impersonal or some other disconnect projection sailing your way by others, remember, it’s not about you until you make it so. How others see you is on them & really interprets & translates to how they’re seeing & feeling about themselves. — It’s really not about you. Ever. Until you make it so. If you feel a reaction against what you’re perceiving as ugliness coming at you, then you know there’s some pain within you that’s attempting to surface & be cleared. On the other hand, if you’re observing others with surprising waves of admiration, respect, treasuring & love, you may already be in the middle of the leap your Essential Self is suggesting this week. And if you’re observing yourself with the same, you’re really going for it! So what’s the leap specifically? Consider any encounter or exchange you may perceive as negative this week as a launching pad for greater understanding, deeper empathy & wider compassion. Maybe you won’t get at all, “Why are they doing it like that?!?” Yet, instead of having your energy diffused by ego’s wrangling of it, you’ll browse under the surface. Or you’ll om, instead. See how fast you can’t keep frowning & stewing by humming & saying Om Mani Pad Me Hum in your mind. Watch how soon whatever was irritating you about the differences between you is gone. And seems a bit false. Or just an illusion upon which those in form can get fixated & keep creating it as real. Om. It’s the sound of the Universe, after all. Where all is One. Not separated. Not “us” & “them”. Om doesn’t resonate with you? No matter! Find that which serves you to shift frequencies & then interject it into any of your moments that seem “really irritating”. It could be thinking of a beloved child. Or pet. A place in nature that always brings you back to center. Invoke your own practical, nuts & bolts, git’r done Return to You practice every time. Will you be ignoring or denying what bothers you? No. You’ll be facing all with more presence than if you keep finding ways to check out, numb out, or resign yourself to remain miserable. Then you’ll see that you get to decide how to shift your own frequency, rather than back away, avoid or reject others (or yourself) more. Even this week, you may begin to notice a neutral feeling towards that which had you bothered. Or it may disappear completely out of your focus. Whenever you cease to give anything energy, it will drop away from your spectrum eventually. By committing to your own self-acceptance, you’ll find that much of what grabbed your attention as “wrong” or “bad” will no longer be able to distract you or take you out of feeling good. You may even find yourself opting away from any chosen dissension or fighting as the battle will no longer be raging within.  Could you be in as much ease with peace? Would you allow yourself to live without conflict? Bring all of you together, Heart’s will, Mind’s thoughts, Spirit’s responses & Action’s inspired flow, & you will. Know that you direct it all & no longer will you choose to co-create or be involved with anything that isn’t a win/win for all. Claiming “us & them”, “they’re wrong”, or “that’s bad” only serves as long as those in form choose to disown their own power. Those who are truly empowered will only seek to help empower others. Now it’s your turn. How? Just keep owning that all that happens “out there” is being journeyed within you. If you’d love the landscape to change, you know where it must be altered. Inside to Out. Yeah, you can. You’re Already Here. Accept You with All of the Love You Are. There’s your Home Play for the week. You’ll see the rest of the Play get altered, too, then. By You. And for You, All of the Way, We Are!

The Quantum

And If You Were Being Nudged to #3, Here You Go!

Tee, hee. Been thinking about a possible up-and-coming romance? Or maybe even sensing that it’s “here” somehow, yet being kept away from you for some reason? Or pondering how you might be able to grow the romance with a current partner? Your Essential Self wants you to know, first, that love is never held back from you by the Universe, your Guides, Angels or Loved Ones in the Quantum. It’s constantly flowing. You may be blocking it from yourself if you are carrying fragments of past hurt regarding it; those shards often become counter-intentional, negating thoughts that interrupt & detour love’s flow to you. The feelings you carry about love & romance will consistently mirror themselves back to you via your current interest or partner. If you’re longing for more romance, it may be time to step it up a notch from your end. If you’re holding back due to frustrations, disappointments, unmet expectations, “being really busy”, or otherwise, you’re bound to notice that the other person is also pulling back. None of your invested energy has to be anything that doesn’t feel like you. It doesn’t have to be made into some loud fanfare to declare your intentions. Monumental gestures, when they’re derived in “should” won’t lead to more free flow between you anyway. Whenever you do anything against your own grain or truth, you just create more resistance inside of you.  The leap this week? Your Essential Self  is encouraging you to focus on heart expansion, rather than brazen measures to “make something happen”. Enjoy this mysterious time, applying it to tossing out any limiting beliefs about romance & love, instead. Catch where you are declaring that it must not be for you, that you doubt its existence, that you must have to “change” something about yourself, that you’re not enough somehow, etc, etc. It can be as simple as a thought that you need to lose X weight before there can be a new romance or more romance with a current partner. Whoop. You just rejected it. That you’re not set up financially, yet. Rejected again. That you’re a single parent so, “I understand that’s a lot for someone to walk into with me.” Rejected. That you’re not in the best mindset. Rejected. That’s a lot of rejection of what you say you desire, hey? Insert giggles here with yourself. It’s all ok. We see that those in form often believe that they “need to be ready” for love & romance; however, consider some of the greatest adventures, risks, or challenges you unexpectedly experienced this lifetime. Did you really feel “ready” at the time? Now multiply that by 1,111,111.11. Because Love & Romance do that. You don’t just come together & have 1 + 1; you get magnified together. And it radiates out powerfully. Those waves & particles you send out of it are especially beneficial for those who may doubt its possibilities. Thus, this week, instead of thinking of all of the “in the world” ways you can produce it, think of all of the “intangible” ways you can express it. And grow it. Note when you see the magic soaring back & forth between others in their romance. Express gratitude to the Universe & them (telepathically, if you’d rather) that you’re super glad to see it full throttle existing! Play around with the energy of it for yourself. If you haven’t quite met in form, yet, set a place setting at your table. Have pillows for your Love in your bed. If your mate is already there, yet romance times aren’t synching up, consider altering facets of your schedule(s) so that you can have daily body to body, soul to soul reuniting time. Be sure your home says that there is space for another. Stuffed closets, cluttered wall & floor space, filled cupboards, driveways or garages, etc don’t affirm that a mate would easily move & fit into your life. Oh! Some in the Quantum are piping in now to add that they see some of you have kept lowering or squashing your ideas of what can actually be for you in the romance & love terrains. They would love you to declare, “I am perfectly fine with it being monumentally better than I even ever anticipated!” Or any other exclamation to uncreate that down-sizing you were doing with your heart. That is, if you are ok by those worlds of love wonder for yourself, of course. Tee, hee. Perhaps you’ve been considering whether to talk about it with a friend or The Someone; however, you just know in your gut that it might feel a bit better to hold it a bit sacred & quiet for a bit. Do that! You just might find that buoying time space to be the best momentum catapult to land what you know is the big truth for you. And if you do carry your heart secrets to others, ask first, “Do they know love? Are they passionate about loving? Are they into their own romantic lives? Do they have a time frame around the magic & how long it lasts?” Oh, yeah, many do have those frames. We can see them from here. And then their own linear finiteness puts the kabosh onto their continuum possibilities. You don’t need to adhere to those confines, though. So go quietly forward in the direction of your more love & romance dreams if you’re guided. You get to live it all the way that you decide. Romance & Love, too. Yes. There are an Infinite number of us cheering you on, too. We don’t know anything more powerful or greater than love for your planet. Or anywhere else, for that matter. This matter is about You & how much You & your Love do. Matter. Yes. With all of your Absolute Love engaged. So are you deciding to Let It All In Now, too? Just say, “YES!!” Then It Can Be!

The Quantum


So there you have it! And You! Desiring assistance with your Quantum Leaps regarding any particular area of your life? I’d love to help via a guided quantum leaping Angel reading & meditation! You might be amazed by what discovering & dumping off those frustrating blocks can do for landing your desired reality!

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Wings Up!


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