Your Weekly Tune for January 22nd-28th, 2019!

Hey There! If we’re not connected on social media, you may not have played Quantum Leaping Attune to You Tuesdays. Here’s how they roll:

Intuit & select 1, 2, &/or 3 from the card selection below. The cards are picked from a basket of 100’s with the intention that direct answers are drawn & served up by the Quantum for the collective’s distinct calls. Your nudged choice reflects a specific Current Reality focus, i.e. question, wish, or concern, (base card) & the potential Quantum Leap (top card) that may be needed by you to lasso your Desired Reality regarding It. 💥💛💥

Which # Lights Up for You? Maybe More Than One Does! That’s Great, Too! No Need To Limit Any Assistance From Your Essential Self! Ever!

Ok! Ready for your Tune Up?💥💛💥💫  Scroll down to the #(s) you picked for the flip & share of the Messages the Quantum & your Essential Self has for You!💥💛💥

If #1 Jumped Out, This Is For You!

First, as you may have noticed on other Tuesdays, there are usually just (2) cards: The base (bottom) card signifying your Current Reality question, concern or focus, & the upper (top) card representing the necessary potential quantum leap to land your Desired Reality. Here & there, extra cards pop out during the drawing. This time, the little card with “Propósito” (meaning “Purpose”) flew out with the other base card, “Awaken”. For those who may not speak Spanish, here is its translation for more specific understanding:

“When we know what our purpose is, the work of the Soul is realized in the best way possible through our body. A clear purpose eliminates all doubts, because we immediately identify what drives us to our goal or deviates from it. The energy of our lives is immense when a clarity of purpose is always present.”

So then what is your Essential Self saying via these (3) cards?

Perhaps you’ve been suddenly awakening to your awareness by leaps & bounds. Your awareness is always on, by the way. Everyone’s is, regardless of how checked out, numbed out, or just out some may appear to be to you. Tee, hee. Are you bumping into some triggers with frustration, anger &/or sadness regarding this exact story of late? No worries! More on that in a bit. It’s just whether we are choosing to be awake or asleep for our fully on & ready awareness that determines where we all are with it. Through all of your awakening, you may be feeling really strong hunches, gut instincts or repeating signs popping in about your purpose, or your “propósito”. Maybe you are even allowing yourself to be led by it, even when it may not make “logical”, “rational”, “financial” or other sense at this moment. Have you felt a bit propelled by it so that resisting it seems to make the least sense? Yay! Good on you! Because blocking your senses won’t bring you closer to your purpose, that’s absolute! Your purpose is strongly rooted in all of your senses & instincts. Therefore, turning away from it is to leave the very nature of who you are. No need! And best not, as that’s how humans often get very ill or with dis-ease. Denying one’s vital life energy does that, as it literally tells the cells they are really not needed. So what’s the leap this week to keep on with your awakening to you & your purpose according to your Essential Self? Catch any moments where you might be judging or condemning others for where they are in their own journey of awakening. The instant you begin questioning others’ paces, it’s really about you not thinking or believing your evolving fast enough. And that will just lead to feeling that nagging, slave-driving, pushing, bullying storm busting apart your own peace & thrill. And what do most of us do when we feel pushed? Yep. Up go the walls, which prevents & stops our smooth flow. We can get a bit stuck or even feel quite paralyzed. The more you awaken, the more you may lasso ego in its drive to separate or divide, attempting to make it seem that some people are at different “levels” than others. As you do, you will notice that your acceptance for all on their own unique paths increases. Respect will be innate, then, to share with anyone. Does this mean you will love everyone’s actions & excuse their behaviors, even those intent on hurting themselves & others? Being awake doesn’t mean that; that’s actually the opposite. Closing one’s eyes & denying pain is a soul map heading in the other direction, away from one’s Essential Self. However, instead of fuming, ranting or raging about others’ decisions, this week the message is about respecting that all are most often doing what they learned or were shown. You standing solidly in your uncreating of what you just won’t live anymore, while creating what you do desire, is the best guidance & accompaniment you can offer. And you can do this, standing solidly at a distance. There is no requirement that says you must be in the vicinity of others who may be choosing to numb out &/or self-destruct & hurt others while they’re doing it. If being with them tanks your frequency because you find it impossible to maintain your own desired one, then you’re not really assisting them anyway be making yourself available for them that way. Those in the Quantum just piped in to say that the leap is also about respecting yourself with your own awakening path & purpose. If you find yourself wondering why others seems so bent on staying where they are or limiting themselves even further, step back. Check in. See if such mirrors are popping into your life right now to show you where you no longer wish to hold yourself back or beat yourself up anymore. A very fascinating aspect of this human experience is that there are many who are very content hurting themselves &/or others. They don’t see it that way, though, which is why they can keep doing it. They really believe that they are doing right by themselves & others — again: based upon what they learned & then fed & filled with consistent limiting beliefs. When we really feel how we are hurting ourselves or others, we will do something to change it. It’s when we deny to ourselves our actions & their results that we can keep our hurt going out. Thus, if you find yourself questioning others’ decisions this week, observe it as more of a movie. Note the roles people play with each other to confirm whatever choices they’re making. Are there some super mysterious dances occurring between people you know or love deeply that boggle your mind? Just remember that all choose to be there, in their dances & moves with others — whether it appears loving or hurtful all around. Some do derive purpose in being consistently abused or rescuing others. For them, it means they still get attention & that they are still “needed”. That somehow, even if they’re complaining regularly about their circumstances, this is how they believe they can at least still matter. — Even if it means that while remaining in those dances, they stay steadfastly attached to being a victim of their own lives. You may have heard years of many determined excuses as to why they must & that they have no other choice but to remain living the way they are. Anytime this week you feel the respect for anyone’s path choices weakening, remind yourself, “Everyone is just doing their dance. Now I get to go & do mine.”  And then, do. Wearing whatever you want. Bells even. Or a singing bowl. Just be sure you keep dancing. Because in this way, you leap that respect right back to your powerful awakening to your purpose. Think Isadora Duncan. Or Gregory Hines. Two incredible people who could leap while dancing with all of their purposeful freedom. As you can. Do. For the Love of You. And All, to be entirely True. Because Your Joy Serves Everyone. Infinity.


The Quantum


Did #2 Call To You? Then It’s Ready to Assist Via Your Essential Self!

Have you been observing yourself watching others, considering their stories, seeing clearly how all of us really might not be so “different”? Does the idea of more walls & separation between any peoples seem archaic & thoroughly opposite of humanity’s steady evolution? Have you been thinking about how you can help reverse antiquated ideas that entail any kind of dividing people up as an answer to all living in peace? Are you finding yourself turning away from any forums that are still communicating such limiting, fear-based concepts of where we can go as one human collective? The sense of Oneness with all may be captivating & directing your current reality in ways that are virtually blowing your mind. You may be finding it an utter waste of energy & time to focus your attention on anything that is fighting feverishly & furiously to disintegrate any forward momentum as one humanity. You may even be busting out laughing at the sheer notion that we would all fall for believing in such lack & limitation in our species. “So now what, though?”, perhaps you’re asking yourself. “What can I do? I’m just one person with so many people around me still speaking & investing in the fear that’s being spread & touted as ‘real’.” The messaged leap for you, according to your Essential Self? Blaze On! That is, keep going with your Light! No matter what swirls around you, or how many people say, “Yeah, but aren’t you worried that ________ is going to happen??!!” Your response? “No. Because I’m not going to be a part of planning for that. And worry is planning for what you don’t desire. I have to invest my energy & time in something I can do to bring people together, instead. Otherwise, we’re all creating a world we don’t desire to live.” The instant you own that, you’re blazing. You probably already knew that “news” was originally actually called “propaganda”, whose etymology is, “to spread an idea to advance a cause.” Hmm. No wonder your antennae has been pinging about some illusion your gut says it won’t consume or digest anymore, hey? Something’s been nagging at your Knowing that it could take some doing; however, that it is entirely possible that this whole planet could change & come together if no more energy was directed towards such divisive fear or illusion.  That even if we all decided to remove our attention & focus from such thinking & programming, things could shift fast. Maybe you’ve questioned whether your Light can make that much of a difference. Here’s an easy (& often super fun) test to give yourself this week:  Whether you’re at your job, driving the freeway, grocery shopping, walking through a congested area, or serving in your home, observe where a frequency state of beloveds, acquaintance, or “strangers” may be a bit low. For example, you sense sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, shame, coldness, numbness, or any other slower vibrations with them. Simply send light. How? Intend that your light, or your Essential Self, reaches theirs. That if they wish to shift to feeling better, they can choose to do so & that your light is connected to their own & its gateway to speedier frequencies. Are you manipulating or controlling anything? No. You are simply offering your clearest, most unfiltered, unconditional gift of healing, transformation, peace, love, etc. Then, it’s on them to decide if they desire to feel better & to shift up — themselves. You’re simply reflecting a freeing option. Most do wish to feel good; however, there are definitely those who get an addictive fix from feeling bad as it has derived some sort of consistent attention source.  This attention, even for those barely living, has been perceived as love. You may have noticed that there are those who will regularly choose to feel at unease & take frequent actions towards it. Or that they keep feeding their choices that lead towards one illness or dis-ease after another. That’s ok, too. Our free wills were designed for our souls to be able to select from infinite options. We ultimately decide for ourselves whether we feel good or not, regardless of what’s happening “out there”. It can be really interesting to direct light to a roomful of people. Especially at locales such as the DMV or the long line at the Post Office. Or towards those serving there.  Or in a traffic jam. At the bar. Restaurant or lake.  You might even notice people turning around to look at you. Why? Because light has a feeling. It’s peaceful. Has joy. Freedom. Potential. Vision. Possibility. The majority of people can feel it immediately, even if they don’t know exactly what it is or from where it came. It can be exceptionally helpful where there is friction. Static between people. Disagreements. Misunderstandings. Hurt. Fights. Before fights. Because it can, indeed, diffuse situations that appear to be escalating or about to erupt. It’s super effective with anything in Nature. Why? Because animals & nature will usually do everything possible to feel good. So when light is offered, hurricanes can dissipate & animals can opt away from attacking (an action that is often a reaction from fear). Sounds crazy? Just give it a go. If you’re doubting your power to direct light, start with something you’d consider “small”. Again, you can’t manipulate or control others with it, as every being & force chooses their own frequency states. There’s no disguised ego agenda, as it’s not to lessen or change others’ power. It may lessen attachments to hurt, lack, limitation, resistance or something else that may be diminishing others’ connection to their Essential Selves; however, no light can ever harm anyone or anything. Then watch. Note any changes in the environment. See if there’s a lightening up of moods, attitudes or presences. Maybe it just brings things back to neutral, too. You might even see some exit, because unlike vibrations & frequencies, as science has proven, can’t hang out very long together. One either raises or lowers to meet the other, or they part ways. You may have even been discovering that you’re not as “social” as you were in the past & that words seem to fall short of what you’d really love to be serving up. So you get quiet & direct light, instead, to those you’d love to see happier, healthier, in more peace, joy, etc. Sometimes — ok, often — it can actually be speedier, more effective & lasting to direct light rather than talking, anyway. Why? Because your light & the big Quantum One serve in tandem, with no confining rules, regulations, or limitation. They are Infinitely available & “On”. Thus, even if you’re experiencing some lows yourself & are finding it challenging to maintain your own desired frequency, the light you direct still goes out unfiltered & full up. Plus, you’ll probably feel a shift faster within yourself, as the light you direct is matched by more. Therefore, if you let it in, you’ll receive a bigger blaze of it, yourself, too. All good, hey? There’s your leap, then! Sometime this week, or on & on if it feels good, observe where some light could be being called or desired. Step up with yours. Or if you’re desiring waves or particles of it, yourself, ask. Ask the Universe, & if you’re connected to your Angels, Guides & Loved Ones who’ve passed, ask them, too. Remember. The Light is Infinite. Asking for & receiving it doesn’t take it away from someone else; in fact, it only amps it up for All. Wherever we direct our focus, that energy grows what’s already there. That’s science, too. Then, when you see or feel the frequency shifts up in others or yourself, give it your all to not doubt the impact you just had! Oh! And those in the Quantum want to mention: If any of it exhausts you, stop. Clear yourself by intending that anything you may have picked up on is released by you from you. We’re not to be taking on or in any malaise from any situation or person. That benefits no one & no world. Begin again with your intention of directing light that helps the world get more connected to its light power. When we take on lower frequency states, we diminish our own connection to our power; thus, the fatigue. Intend, direct & let go. Let go of any need for specific outcomes. That’s just ego’s love for control. Free wills determine outcomes & ego doesn’t exist in the light, anyway. Direct. Observe. Feel. And stop if it doesn’t feel good. That goes for Everything. Or you’ll just create resistance & help others to create it in themselves, too. You are so more than enough, yes! Just. You. Yes! Feel the Peace in Your Knowing of That, Hey! And never again underestimate the power of what your light means & does for this world. Ready? Ok! Blaze on with your Whole Light Self, then, hey! Thank You!!


The Quantum

If #3 Soared Out to You, This Is For You!

Have you been feeling a bit disconnected from your Essential Self? First, you may be happy to find out that you never really are. It’s just that, at times, you may not be as strongly connected as in other times. How do you know when all systems are go? There’s Flow. Ease. Peace. Thrill. Gratitude. Even sudden, indescribable, inexplicable Bliss. And a powerful nudge to, in some way, help others live theirs — even if very quietly, behind the scenes. The Essential Self is fully awakened to its awareness & the Infinite Allness. With all of that abundant feeling, then, there can be an epic pull to accompany others to theirs. Whenever you feel joy, is your first gut instinct to horde or hide it away? If you weren’t chastised or put down for it as a child — & even if you were — those are probably not your first inclinations. Especially since joy, itself, doesn’t really have caps or limits. Actually, a phenomenal way to turn up your connection to your Essential Self is to help others. In reaching out, you call out your own nature. It truly is human nature to desire to be of service & purpose. Conversely, retreating can be the opposite direction from where your Essential Self is calling to you. If you’re feeling compelled to be quiet & reclusive, consider that your leap this week may be to consider some form of study regarding your relationship with your Essential Self. Perhaps you’re feeling guided to read up on that connection. Or to research avenues that can strengthen it. Maybe a class, practice or workshop has been lighting up for you online or nearby where you live, i.e. Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, or other inner play.  Quantum leap & ask your Essential Self to show you what area of study could lead you through to your next evolutionary flight. Listen, see, sense, feel & then when you receive your answer, leap it back to your now & trust it. Whatever your Essential Self shows you, it’s real. You may catch yourself filtering it with, “Yeah. That’s a super bizarre answer. It’s probably just my imagination.” You’re right. It is. However, think about anything you love in your life right now. Where do you think it originated? Yep. You had to have a thought of it somewhere, sometime. Nothing “just happens” to land in our life. Sometime, either in your current existence or in a concurrent one, you had a feeling (that actually came from a thought first) that you’d love to land that very thing. Our thoughts actually drive our feelings. Thus, our perception of what something might be for us can completely shape the feeling we give it — even before we let it into our life. Therefore, if your Essential Self has a suggestion that you currently believe you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do, consider that you have placed those constraints & limits on, yourself.  Your Essential Self isn’t going to steer you in a direction that will mean a miserable life for you. Quite the opposite. So if you find yourself resisting the answers you receive, question, instead, “Why do I believe I don’t deserve joy & peace? Why do I think I don’t get to have fun & don’t remember that happiness is my birthright? Since I keep choosing to live a life I don’t enjoy, why is my desire to be unhappy stronger than my desire to be in joy? Where did I get these ideas? How or where are they still feeding me somehow? And how soon will I allow myself to let them go so that I am fully in charge of my whole life?” After all, isn’t it funny — and kind of crazy — that we’d agree to stick with & carry on with whatever super limiting instructions & “reality” we received as children from unhappy, unfulfilled adults? Because you didn’t arrive thinking, “There is only so much I can do. I guess I should be happy, even though I’m not.” Nope. You landed very connected to your Infinite Allness. You didn’t begin to question your possibilities until someone told you that there were impossibilities. Your leap, then, through this self-study time, may be to return to You. To get back to your Knowing of your massive amount of brilliance & capability. To reclaim your powerful existence as the actual infinite being that you are. To consider that ego may have been attempting to keep you much smaller than your true desire is to be with all of the light you are. After all, holding yourself back in any way has probably felt a bit selfish & maybe even a little lazy. Could be. There’s a whole lot of energy packed in your light, so if you keep the dimmer switch on it, there definitely may be a nagging whisper that the apathy isn’t cutting it for you anymore. If you restrain yourself from creating, how will others know that they’re safe to let go & soar in theirs? Have your shoulders & back felt a bit stiff or sore of late? Those wings do get ridiculously heavy when not allowed to unfurl. Talk about literally being on your own back. Tee, hee. So now is the time to free yourself & explore. Enjoy reuniting & celebrating with your Essential Self! You couldn’t have a more powerful teammate! And just think. Maybe you didn’t enjoy school prior because so much of it you just knew you’d never apply in your life. Consider that now you get to choose studies that intrigue & inspire you to the hilt! Anything that does is a call from your Essential Self back to You. No aspect of the Real You would choose a miserable, boring, unfulfilled or “just getting by” life. Numbing or checking out will never be it for authentic You, either. And guess what? When you let yourself awaken to You, there is no need for alarms. You’ll find that you don’t need those challenging wake up calls that can show up as “accidents”, “conditions”, or “dis-eases” when you decide to Let Your Self Be. Letting it be easy won’t make it any less worth it, either. In fact, the planet is calling for more ease & joy, don’t you sense? You start. Then others will get their bold on & join you. You know it’s all already here with you. Because You Are. You Do Have Everything You Need. Now let yourself excavate all of it through any digging means that are exciting & fun for you. You are the gemstone you get to discover & hold dear. Your planet is thrilled that You Are Here.


The Quantum

And there it is! There You Are! So say your Essential Self & Quantum! If you would love some assistance with your Quantum Leaps, please reach out. I do guided quantum leaps & they tend to really help uncreate blocks & land desired reality aspects having to do with love, career, purpose, health, money, etc. If you’re nudged, check out my YouTube channel for How To’s. If you’d like to see these & other cards that are in my basket of 100’s, feel free to check them out! They’re available in Spanish, too!

Most of all, have fun! Those in the Quantum regularly state that we can learn in joy as much as we can in hardship. More, if we decide & let ourselves. That the idea that humans have to go through devastating circumstances to grow or evolve is an antiquated belief & choice. So why not have a blast in your leaps?

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Your Angel Cowgirl out of CO,

Jeannie Marie

Wings Up!


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