“How Can I Stay In My Own Business Full Time?”

“Take the time to hook up & follow your impulse.” ~ Abraham Hicks

Have you wondered how the musicians, artists, spiritual practitioners & other entrepreneurs around you stay in their businesses full time without returning to past careers or adding extra jobs? You might be surprised to know that many of them actually did at one time or another while growing their own successful businesses. Many of us had no actual instruction or training as to how to create & run a business. We didn’t necessarily have entrepreneur parents, teachers, or mentors who had their own full time, abundant businesses. We just started. With a strong, inspired intent, we knew that the passion behind the purpose & service was greater than any fear we held that it couldn’t be. When you decide that the only pathway with your business is forward, you get very good at discovering what is effective  —  while learning what is not at all!  Probably most of us wracked our brains at times looking at our income, diving deeply to see where we might be holding our finances back. That is, there’s no force “out there” that keeps the money from flowing in; only we do that. Those in the Quantum have been asking me to tackle the layers beyond the “Attend business networking groups”, “Advertise”, etc, that may be important aspects, yes; however, many of us would probably share that it’s waaaay more about whether we are allowing ourselves to receive abundance that really & truly makes or breaks a business. Sounds too subtle? Or fluffy? Or doesn’t have enough, “You must take loads & loads of action!” in it? To that, those in the Quantum say, “As long as humans believe they have to push, hustle, & chase the money, they will keep doing so their whole lives. Pushing creates resistance, & thus, actually repels steady flow. And since that kind of action is derived from the fearful belief in lack, no matter how much manic action is taken, only more lack will be co-created & attracted.” Perhaps you’ve noticed such perpetual chasing in some entrepreneurs you know. It actually stems from a belief of, “I don’t deserve to receive. So I must run around taking anything from anyone I can as fast as I can.” Much of the teaching many of us were given was actually that, “It’s all about give & take.” Quantum says, “No. It’s about giving & RECEIVING.” The belief in give & take comes from the lack teachings that we aren’t worthy or deserving to receive for giving; that we have to give & then run out & find something to take to refill our vessels. So are you at that point, questioning whether you need to add a job to your full time business? Let’s be straight up. Entrepreneurs aren’t able to really ever turn off their thinking of their business, no matter what other work they serve & fulfill. The drive is incredibly strong to keep going, no matter how many challenges we co-create for ourselves. It’s just a knowing you can’t really explain in powerful enough words that you were put on the planet to share it, yes? Nowhere in that unique scroll of yours prior to your incarnation did it say, though, “But you shouldn’t receive money for it. Or not THAT much.” Right? Right! So what are the Cut-to-the-Chase Angels highlighting as the (3) main internal components for staying in your business full time? Here’s their checklist to see if you are absolutely open or are blocking receiving the money you desire — & DESERVE, most importantly! — to remain in your business full time:

1. You are readily available & easily found. This means that if a person meets you at the grocery store, park, concert, basketball game, or anywhere, when they ask you what you do, you easily respond, “I’m a musician. My next gig is on ___ at ____.  I’d love for you to come!” Or, “I am hired to play for events such as weddings, Quinceañieras, Bar Mitzvahs & anniversaries!” And then, “Let’s connect on social media!” And you go ahead & connect right then & there. Because why hesitate to share your hugest passion? Your joy serves everyone!  Did you know that nearly 80% of the entire world now looks to the internet FIRST to find out about anyone or any business? So if you’re not on the internet, here’s the first way you are blocking your biz abundance! Sorry, yellow pages & neighborhood circulars: The internet has leaped far beyond your reach & accessibility. The great thing about the internet is that the more places you can be found on it, the more 7.6 billion people can discover your passionate business & hire you! Or by which they can receive a (paid, yep!) consultation from you in your area of expertise. Emphasizing “paid” here, as you may have gifted a lot of free info that is directly linked to your business — & “free”d yourself right out of your own full time business. More on that in a bit. Another wonderful aspect of the internet is that when your prices are clearly stated & found, the dreaded asking for payment is completely avoidable. When asked for your service (for free, too — & especially), you can simply respond by sharing your pricing via your online presence vehicles, i.e. website(s), social media sites, landing pages, etc. Remember the old adage that if a price wasn’t listed, it meant it was expensive & probably out of your price range? A terrific reason to list your service &/or product prices openly, yes? Plus, plenty of our planet would still rather not have to ask you personally about your pricing & look for themselves; this, so they can avoid hesitating, postponing, or declining to you directly. Not pointing any fingers towards any of our Scandinavian friends in the Midwest, here in the US, of course.  Wink, wink, love, love. Tee, hee.

2. Your customers/clients are raving fans. They readily express the difference you have made for them in their lives. They are excited to recommend you & refer people to you. You have “regulars” who are thrilled to invest in their service with you as they feel your care & responsiveness for them. They state that their lives continue to change & are made easier & lighter because of what you provide. Have you asked for a written note of their gratitude that you can share on social media, either with their name or initials attached? It can be very powerful — especially if you have challenges describing your work to those who ask — to have others describe your service. Those looking into what you do can then see if they resonate with how you do what you do based upon others’ perspectives & experiences with you. Soooo…Did you believe that being humble & respectful of service meant you were supposed to remain silent or passive about what you offer?  That you would just hope that people would remember to mention your service the next time someone asked them for a recommendation for precisely what you do?

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You Absolutely Deserve To Be Paid For Who You Are!

What if you knew that there are 100’s — even 1,000’s — of those in Spirit around you who didn’t allow themselves to receive payment for a service they offered while in form here? And that they are standing with you, cheering you on to receive! Why? Because they want you to be able to provide your service full time for the planet — & be provided for doing it! Actually, every single time you allow yourself to receive for your soul gifts, you help them, as well. It is in their ongoing purpose to let go to their infinite abundance, too. By you letting it into in your life, you assist them in their journey with this abundance piece, as well, then. So, share! Let people know that you are thrilled to be of service in the way that you are. Express that you love referrals & that you are so grateful for them! If you are not openly sharing what you do, this could be another way you are blocking your full time business from flourishing with you. Many will tell you that your own full time business will be one of your greatest loves of your life. What do we generally do with Big Loves? We rave about them, yes? So, if you wouldn’t stay hushed about your beloved children, friends, pets, mate, etc, why silence your lifelong dream made manifest as your full time business?

3. Ok, here’s the tricky, sketchy one for many entrepreneurs: Are you “free”–ing or “zero–ing” yourself out of your full time business? That is to say, if your first (2) components above are happily sizzling away, are you bewildered or frustrated that the cash still seems “ok” at best? Are you investing whole days of time & energy attending or responding to past clients or potential clients — with no payment for the exchange? If so, it’s time to take a full on view of your gifting away your service, rather than receiving payment for it as you provide it. How might this be showing up for you? People reach out to you & ask for a response or to get together, “to pick your brain & get your feedback on something.” They say things like, “I just have a quick question.” “I don’t want to take advantage of you, but….” “I trust you & I really want your opinion on an idea I have.” Or, “Well, I’d like to meet you first to get to know you & to hear your ideas & see if we’re a good fit.” “Would it be ok if we meet & I pay you later? — Maybe over the next month or two? I’m not sure when I’ll have the money.” With the powerful tool of the internet, you can direct them immediately to your online info, instead, to see if they resonate & if your payment scales & schedules fit them. Have you noticed that when you’ve responded without receiving a payment for your thorough, detailed answers or solutions, that you received little or no response? That you’ve even had to inquire whether they received your reply? Did you think they would understand the value, time, & energy in your assistance & make a payment on their own & didn’t? You may certainly have those super mindful clients, too, who have absolute gold regard for your business! Why does it roll like this with those who readily ask for your service for free, though? Well, according to those in the Quantum, humans don’t fully value that in which they don’t invest their own energy. In the specific, nuts & bolts arena of an Earth business, this energy invested equates to a money payment. Just as with all of life, if our energy isn’t in something, our focus, receptivity, & appreciation for it aren’t, either. Those not paying you may see you as their cool, free info go-to. They may not have considered that you receive 100’s of requests for your specific insight, knowledge, or gifts & that you could spend hours & days responding to all for no payment. And that you actually have. They may go to another professional & pay them for their next step assistance — with your free consult info. Many of you internet geniuses, designers & creators attest to this. Perhaps it’s been a bit of a grey area for you because you love your customers/clients. Maybe you’d even consider all of them very dear to you. This happens for most passionate business owners. We consider all of our clients, dear friends, as well. And perhaps you think that because they’re so dear, you should keep giving them your service for free here & there. “Just this couple of answers.” Or, “It’ll only take me an hour…” To switch off the “should” & devaluing valve on that one, consider this: You would never expect to go to your mechanic, hairdresser, or grocer, & say — even if you are friends — “Hey, I come to you regularly, trust you & appreciate your service. It’s not much: I just need a free grease & oil change, along with a tire rotation. I mean I’m not asking for a front end alignment or anything!” Or, “Oh, I’m just looking for a haircut, not a whole bleach & tone or anything like that! So it’s free, right?” Or to your grocer, “Well, I really have to see if I resonate with your steaks before I purchase. You wouldn’t mind grilling a couple of them up so I could taste them first? Maybe throw in a few of your potatoes & a green salad, too? I mean, you’re really a friend, & you know I’ll be back! Oh! And you know you can trust me to pay you in the next month or two, right?” You know you’d never do that to any of them with their professions & services!  No matter how wonderful or lengthy your friendship or patronage is with them, right? So why would you do that to yourself? Aaaahhh…Is this one calling your name or tingling your antennae as to why you may have been challenged to stay full time in your business? Well, you are nowhere near alone! This is a super common paralysis of financial flow for businesses. Some business owners actually call it, “Nice-itis.” And that it has put them out of business more than once. If you’re unsure if you’re doing this, ask your accountant! They are very good at spotting when & where you’re “giving away the farm”. Or the ranch, as the case may be for you fellow Coloradans. The more passionate you are about your business, the more it could be perceived that you should just offer it up for free. “It’s so easy for you! You’re so good at it & it’s clear you have all kinds of energy for it!” That doesn’t mean you don’t let yourself receive payment for it! It’s essential, actually, that you do receive. Or your vessel will reach empty without the exchange of energy. (In this business case again, we’re talking payment). And then you will find yourself seeking another means to pay the very same Earth bills that those who ask for free have. They get paid for what they do at their businesses. So as are you to do, so that you can continue to be in yours full time as they are in theirs. Make sense? To your heart, too? Because this is what can get a bit tangled up — at first. At first when you decide to receive payment for all of your time, energy & service, it may be perceived as a little harsh, mean, or something else to those who received free from you here, there, or regularly. Or if they have had the expectation or assumption that they should be able to get free from you between purchases of service or product from you. Where exchanges of energies don’t happen, vacuums are created. The Quantum says that’s where the giving & taking occurs — rather than the abundant paradigms & states of giving & receiving. When you allow your customer or clients to pay you, they are actually investing in themselves. The difference of no payment to payment is similar to the difference between “trying” & “doing”. With “trying”, there is no commitment to Self; a decision of “doing” is an investment in Self from the get-go. Money paid towards a business service is an energy dedication & investment in one’s Self. Without payment being exchanged for the service, according to those in the Quantum, the service is requested & received more like a quick drug fix for an attachment to temporary, external peace or happiness. Again, the Cut-to-the-Chase Angels here: “If you will only allow yourself to be paid for part of your business time & energy, then only a part-time business will you have. Let yourself be paid fully & a full time business you will be.” Yes, that includes payments for consultations in your area of expertise. Your knowledge & wisdom are valuable. Allow yourself to receive for them. And no worries. You can always donate or volunteer your time & energy as an expert in your field. There will be p-l-e-n-t-y of opportunities for giving back. In the meanwhile, receive, receive, receive, so that many years from now, your business can still be thriving & able to give to those causes & actions for which you’re super passionate.

If one or all of these struck an ahaa! nerve chord with your business’ money challenges, leap over any compelling urge to be harsh or ashamed with yourself. Many of us were taught & taught about giving; we weren’t taught about the absolutely essential aspect of receiving.  I cannot tell you how many in Spirit have come to me to state that they passed of cancer or other dis-eases because they didn’t allow themselves to fully receive while in form. While they were phenomenal givers, they say they were just not that great at letting the love in, in return. And that our cells are no different than our bank accounts. That if we don’t let the love return in all ways to our cells, including payment for our passionate business services, that they can only go on for so long. On very little to empty, they come to believe they are unnecessary & unwanted in this existence. Thus, are our businesses; they need fuel to fly full time. At this point in our evolution as humans, this still means money in some form or another. So let it in, let it in, let it in! Your passionate business is so important to this planet! Thank you for keeping on with it! Steady on, Full Time Crusader! Oh, yeah, You Absolutely CAN Do It!!

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & The Quantum

Wings Up!

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