Trying Is Not Deciding!

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Trying Is NOT Deciding! You Are More Powerful Than Trying!

“A decision is the focusing of the Energy of desire, and the decision point happens when the desire is powerful enough.” ~ Abraham

1:11 & Fortuitous Friday… Eradicate the words, “I’m trying.” or “I’ll try.” from the language you tell yourself & the Universe. They are sourced & rooted in resistance. They represent that, while you may have something you no longer want in your current reality, that it is still equated somehow to comfort or safety for you. And that its pull is still stronger than something you know would be more empowering for you. You might even believe you still “need” it more than what you authentically desire. Re-mind yourself: Any & all thoughts or beliefs of “I need ____ .” come from a belief in lack. That you believe that you are lacking something. You’re not at all, from your Essential Self perspective. It’s connected to Everything. To which you are connected. All lack is an illusion, then, that we were taught. Or we learned & absorbed its premise while watching others take action (or when they didn’t) based out of their own learned limiting thoughts & beliefs.

Replace those “Try”s every time you catch yourself saying them with “I Decide!” & see your life trajectory immediately altered multidimensionally. Been considering a different, more empowering flight course, pattern, or habit for yourself, your life, & thus, for your family & all connected to you? Maybe this is another affirming sign you’ve been requesting to support you in it. You can reprogram your thoughts about anything anytime. — Even about Change. — Beginning with knowing that all changes entail just 1 Decision. With your resistance-free Free Will so fully engaged, you may discover that you absolutely can co-create & glide into your entire Desired Reality in no flat time. Yeah, you are that powerful. As soon as you Decide.💥💛💥💫

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie, the Angels & Quantum,

Wings Up!

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