A Sky Birthday Tribute for My Colombian Mami

Colombia, Skies, Colorado, AFS International, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to My Colombian Mother! Even the Colorado Skies Captured the Colors of the Colombian Flag on Her Special Day!

A young man passing by on his bicycle asked, “Do you see the rainbow in the skies, too?” “Yes. It is so cool!”, I answered. I was glad that he had noticed it, too. Not until many hours later when I was looking for a picture for my Mami’s birthday to post to her Facebook page, did I notice that the rainbow’s colors were of the Colombian flag — in the right order & dimension even! Don’t you just love when the Skies join you in your wonder by designing beautifully unexpected & perfect messages? Even from 4,877 km/3,021 miles away from Colombia, these Colorado skies created the best card for her on her very birth day! My Colombian mother so deserves to have the Skies celebrate her existence! She is one incredible, magnificent person. My year staying with her, my Papi, & my 3 sisters for a year as an AFS exhange student framed up my life entirely differently than it would have ever been. I never felt that “at home” in the US growing up, actually, for a myriad of reasons. On the other hand, Colombia felt very familiar & “right” from the get-go. From the day I arrived, I was received with such warmth, openness, & acceptance. My family immediately told me that they considered me their “hija” & “hermana”, daughter & sister. For some reason, they didn’t question, make fun of, or avoid my Spirit-take on things, either. My Mami did gently & quietly suggest that maybe I shouldn’t talk about it all of the time because it might freak people out. Tee, hee. She told me many years later that she really didn’t believe in Angels or anything much Spirit until we had met & shared many conversations of such over popcorn & her favorite show, “Magnum, P.I.”. So huge was her crush for Tom Selleck, that the second time I visited, I brought her a very large poster of him. It was the kind of large that one could clearly see from the other end of the house. — Had it been placed in view, that is. She made sure she swooned & brushed her forehead with the back of her hand when she first rolled that poster open to Tom. And she giggled & laughed heartily. A lot. So sweet. My Papi teasingly told her that she’d have to post it on the inside of her closet door, facing away from their bedroom. It did seem to get moved around a bit in timely accordance & respect of Papi’s exits & returns of managing his 3 ranches.  She said she began to have her own Spirit experiences, too, after I returned to the US that she knew were too real to be any kind of illusion or wishful thinking. Here, 36 years later, los Montoyas truly still feel like my verdadera familia. So for my Mami en Colombia, this tribute goes out to her. ¡Te adoro, Mami! ¡Feliz cumpleaños y qué tengas un hermoso año nuevo de tu vida! I am so grateful for her impact on my life & so many others’ lives…And so are the Loving Skies!

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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