1:11 & Happy Valentine’s!

Love, Valentine's Day, 111
Because Love Really Is For Everyone!

1:11…To your Valentine’s Day & to seeing all of the Love that shows up for you in all of its free forms. Because it’s for Everyone. And blazes voraciously around every day. If we’re keeping ourselves distracted from it, though, it’s definitely more invisible & less tangible. Sitting in the truck with the Huskies, it was a great movie to watch the people of all ages with their peaceful, happy faces walking out of a store with flowers, balloons & cards for their loved ones. Just as with all experiences, our free will chooses whether or not to allow ourselves its frequency, absolutely. Deciding to let it in to your desired reality – from yourself to yourself, especially – is the key to how big the magic gets to happen with You. Let it in & see what happens. Today & on & on, too. If you’re hesitating, feeling old story limiting fear, remind yourself: It’s what’s not love that hurts, not Love itself. So aim, intend & decide for the Love, instead. Then, keep going there. It’s the fastest way you can take back (to) you, your Essential, Original Self, & thus, It.💥💛💥💫

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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