“May We Please Be Excused to Go Outside & Play?”


This question was required after dinner when I was a child. For you, too? (Well, not the going outside to play part; just the being excused piece.) Guess who was usually the first to ask of the latter? Yep. I’m not the only Blaha who loves to receive messages & answers outdoors, though! As a computer analyst & programmer, my dad worked outside on a makeshift wood “table” & solved huge computer bugs by walking his 4.5 acres. I imagine he composed a lot of his classical music out there in his mind, too, before he scored it on paper. My mom still loves to walk to the Rose & Rock Gardens near her home at 77 years young. And my sibs enjoy all kinds of outdoor adventures. Maybe it was that we only had a TV for 1.5 years. We voted to get rid of it at that point to return to more co-creative family fun time again, instead. We’re definitely not missing having one today in our home, either. Can’t tell you how many solutions to all kinds of challenges have arrived for us while outside in nature! So if you’re ever feeling stuck in a challenge & would rather be focused on all possible answers or solutions, head on outdoors! You may be surprised how fast your Aha’s arrive. And, “Ahhhh’s”, too. Because, well, Nature, right? Your nature is co-creative, after all, as is Nature. It’s also, in all of its calm, peace-offering, of a speedier frequency. There’s a whole lot of empowering juice there in that peace & joy play then, & it’s all super win/win. So now you know the secret as to why the Angel biz often heads outdoors to play, as well…💥💛💥💫

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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