Who Controls or Directs Your Vibe?

Ever catch your thoughts saying, “Man, that person made me so mad!” Or, “If that hadn’t happened today, I’d be fine!” Or, “My life would be so grand if I didn’t have to deal with ____ !” No? Then, good on you! You already know you’re co-creating it all for yourself & that you have all of the say for how you perceive, feel & experience. For those still thinking any unhappiness or upset hinge on & are a result of something outside of themselves, give yourself an empowering gift: Take back your power. Or more accurately, decide to reconnect to it all of the way. You can’t lose it, give it, or have it taken away, actually. You’re never really without it. You can, however, weaken your connection to it through choosing to disempower yourself. Or you can choose to let yourself be as strongly connected to it as is your Essential, Original Self. Reclaim it now & you’ll go forth knowing you’re co-creating it all as you go. Even what you’re perceiving as yuck, yes. Yet, you get to uncreate whatever doesn’t dance to your desired frequency, too. That’s a huge relief, yes? That you’re not a piece of tossed litter, blowing around & landing according to whatever winds arise? You get to co-create all of it, wherever you go. And it gets to be fun. If you let It, of course. Wink, wink, love, love. Then watch how many others you impact as they realize they get to vibe & co-create to their heart’s Desired Reality, too — Because of Your Inspired, Real Life, Earth-tangible Examples. Can’t get more Exact for your life than letting go to your Reclaimed, Realized You!💥💛💥💫

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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Vibes, Empowerment, Frequency, Shifts, Co-Creating
Choose Your Desired Vibe. Decide to Maintain It. See How Contageous Your Powered Up Co-Creating Really Is.

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