2016! Already?! Wow!

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Have You Experienced Many New Life Moves This Year of 2016?

Woah! Time flies when you are, eh? The Joy Flames blog has been calling me back…

So, here I am. How are you? How have the last 3 years been? One Crazy, Wild Ride? Yep. According to many Angel client friends & family, it’s been this x’s 1111! 4 moves in 1 year for me…plus, traveling around the country with some healthy coffees, teas & fruit waters to help people reclaim their health.

The one thing I’d been noticing for 10+ years is that, while surgeries & meds were on the huge rise, so many people’s health seemed to be deteriorating, rather than healing. With that, their passion, ambition & desire to live empowered & on purpose were greatly diminished. Joy was minimal & fleeting. It was time to do something about it as fast as possible. — Especially, as y’all know, those who’ve passed visit me often to tell me how they died. It has been tough to hear of all of the preventable health crisis & subsequent death they experienced. So, here’s to all of your moves, changes, leaps & determinations over the past few years! Sending out my big love & belief in You!

Now, on to the Joy Flames that have been sailing in, rapid fire!…

Wings Up!


Jeannie Marie & the Angels

^j^ Feeling Nudged to Learn More About Those Coffees, Teas & ActiveBlendz for Water?


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